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Coffee and Tea
Notes: My firs Hot Gimmick fic, hopefully not my last.
Warning: Minor OOC plus I haven't read passed volume 6 of the manga so I might be missing so if I miss some important detail or character that appears after volume 6 please forgive me kay?
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Chapter One:
Not Quite Home Alone
`He shouldn't be here,' Hatsumi thought, brown eyes glaring at the `intruder', who was sitting directly across from her.
For his part Ryoki was utterly oblivious that his `girlfriend' was glaring, let alone that she was slightly miffed at his surprise visit. Ryoki was also unaware that the cup of steaming coffee he was partaking of, Hatsumi had intended to drink. No sooner did his lips move away from the rim of the mug did Hatsumi pipe up.
"What are you doing here anyway?" she asked. Looking up Ryoki was greeted by a mixture of expressions, a blend of nervousness and confusion, typical countenance for the young woman. Placing the still steaming mug down on a coaster he paused for a moment before replying,
"My mother heard through the grapevine that your little brother Kari…"
"Hikaru," Hatsumi readily corrected a slight sour note in her tone.
`Seriously, when a guy dates you for almost a full year the least he can do is remember the name of your siblings.' Hatsumi mused.
Ryoki shrugged, "Anyway, he's sick right?"
Hatsumi lowered her gaze to staring at the table, "Yes. We though it was a nasty stomach bug; but when Mom took Hikaru to the doctor this morning they said he had appendicitis so…"
"Mom's at the hospital with sick baby sibling. What about your father, is he still away at work?"
`Why is asking me these questions?' Hatsumi wondered, becoming slightly irritated. Despite annoyance she nodded.
"So that leaves `big brother' and little sister," Ryoki said cryptically.
"You know that Shinogu moved out and Akane is away at a friend's house for the weekend…"
"Which leaves you to fend for yourself at home," Ryoki cut in.
"That still doesn't explain why you are here," Hatsumi stated.
Ryoki rolled his eyes, "As always, you're a little bit slow on the uptake. Since your `family' is too busy to be concerned about you being home alone I am staying over until your Mom comes back."
A stretch of silence nestled between them, the wall clock in the kitchen carelessly ticking the passing seconds away. Picking up the mug of coffee Ryoki took one more sip, this sudden motion jerked Hatsumi back to the situation at hand.
Hatsumi blinked, "Wait…you can't just stay over!"
"Give me one good reason as to why." Ryoki said, however he didn't really seem interested in hearing the answer.
"Well because…there is…you can't…I mean…it's just not right!" Hatsumi blurted out, her face flushing a dark red.
Ryoki's brown eyes narrowed slightly, "So, you're saying its `wrong' for me to be concerned about you?"
"That isn't what I meant…" Hastumi began, her voice trailing off until it was less than a whisper. Her gaze lowered to her lap, where nervous hands clasped together.
"I meant to say that, `I am not a child, and I can take care of myself,'" Hatsumi said, sounding more than a little bit stubborn, however the small tremor in her voice betraying budding self-confidence.
"And I am sure you can," Ryoki agreed, but in the next sentence recanted that statement, "still there is no guarantee that you won't set the apartment on fire,"
"I've never…" Hatsumi began in a scandalized tone prior to being interrupted.
"No? What about that night you tried to impress my mother by cooking dinner?" Ryoki readily recalled.
"That wasn't my fault! She kept flittering around the kitchen, making me nervous…" Hastumi came to a pause in mid-sentence when she heard Ryoki chuckle.
At first she wondered just what he found so damn funny, next she was mad at him for laughing at her, "Hey! That wasn't funny! I could have killed myself if I hadn't found the fire extinguisher in time."
"True, that wasn't funny, but you running around asking if your hair was on fire was."
Hatsumi gave a hearty `humph', crossing her arms over chest, "Just for that I should make you go home," the young woman sulked.
At that utterance Ryoki's laughter died, "`Make me go home?' What am I five? I come here, out of the goodness of my heart, risk getting in big trouble, and this is how you treat my good intentions?"
"Do you even know the meaning of `good intentions'?" Hatsumi asked, a moment of bravery strengthening her spine, "Even before you were `dating' you tried to blackmail me into sleeping with you, so can you blame me for not fully trusting your `noble' action?"
Ryoki gave an exasperated sigh, "Not this again,"
"Yes again!" Hatsumi replied, only to shrink slightly upon hearing how loud her own voice was. Clearing her throat Hatsumi spoke in her normal tone, "Ryoki I love you, really I do, but sometimes…okay a lot of times you do things that makes me feel uncomfortable."
"Like what?" he snapped.
Hatsumi winced, "Do you want the list alphabetically or chronologically?"
"Well this is the first time I am hearing this." Ryoki answered.
"Because I…I didn't want you mad at me." Hatsumi said softly.
"Alright," Ryoki butted in, "I have the solution."
"You're going home?" Hatsumi said hopefully.
"No," Ryoki said, sparing his girlfriend the briefest of glares, “we'll make a deal. I can stay here for three days, but if I do something that you feel uncomfortable with, you can just tell me to go home and I'll go. Does that sound good?"
Hatsumi thoughtfully worried her bottom lip, reluctantly she agreed, since it was obvious that he was determined to stick around.
`Something tells me that this is going to be a rather hectic weekend,' Hatsumi thought. Standing up she turned on the coffee maker again; this time attempting to make a cup of coffee that Ryoki wouldn't `steal' from her.
Casually glancing over her shoulder Hatsumi was struck by how…handsome he looked, sitting there, obviously thinking about something. His face looked relaxed while drinking the bitter brew inside the mug.
`This might not be so bad after all,' Hatsumi reasoned.
Notes: OOC in some places I know, but I promise that things will get better as this fic steadily evolves. Thanks for reading!