House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ Patient ( Chapter 1 )

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House, sitting at his desk, stared out of the window watching the snow fall. It was four days until Christmas Eve and that meant something would go wrong. Something always went wrong. He frowned like usual as his thought about nothing. To everybody else it looked like House was his usual grumpy self once again.
Cameron then poked in her pretty little head. Nothing fancy today. “House-“
“Busy,” he said without looking at her.
“A Mr. Bell called-“
House glanced back at her. “What part of `busy' don't you understand? Go get a better top or something useful.”
Cameron frowned. “He's called four times already.”
House grabbed his Vicodin and popped one into his mouth. “Fine. I'll go get you a better top.” He pulled himself up onto his feet feeling the now dull pain in his leg. He picked up his cane from his desk and limped away with Cameron falling him.
“No you can't pick out your own top. We've already decided on a hooker shirt.”
“Mr. Bell has called four times today. In the past few days he's called maybe once or twice. He says he needs to talk to you.”
House rolled his eyes. “Or he just likes talking to you. One way or another I'm not calling him back and don't you dare send him some typed up thing with my girly signature.” He pressed the down button to the elevator.
Cameron sighed. “I don't think it's about something medical. I think it's something else.”
“Well since he's a guy I don't owe him hooker money.” The elevator doors opened and he got in. He stopped Cameron with his cane before she could jump in and bug him. “No, no. You stay up here to go through my mail and make sure you take a message for this Mr. Bell.”
Cameron frowned. “Where are you going?”
“Wilson,” he answered as the doors closed. He leaned up against the back wall as the elevator went down. He wished Bell would stop calling him and was just glad that Cameron hadn't remembered him from the previous year.
Bell was just going to thank him once again.
The elevator doors opened and House limped out. The nurses quickly glanced over at him to see what outrageous thing he would do next. He opened the lounge door, limped over to the couch, and laid down. He grabbed the remote, turned on the TV and began to flip through channels.
Doctors and nurses walked passed him glancing up at whatever show he was watching. He always changed the channel when he saw someone actually watching the TV. He stopped on America's Next Top Model on MVT. Tayra was doing God knows what this session.
Foreman and Chase then walked in finding House and glanced at the TV. Chase kept his eyes on the TV for a moment as one girl spread her legs and bent over backwards for one shot. Foreman looked directly at House.
“Didn't you hear your pager go off?” he asked.
“Nope. I must've left it at home,” he answered and turned the channel. Chase now looked at him. “Don't worry there's re-runs.”
Chase raised an eyebrow and glanced at Foreman then back at House. “We have a case.”
House kept his eyes on the TV. “Did Cameron tell you that I was busy?”
“Wilson isn't here,” stated Foreman. “Nor on the TV.”
“Still busy. They're doing swimsuits.”
Foreman turned off the TV. “Girl-“
“Busy,” he said and flipped back on the TV.
Foreman turned off the TV. “Girl came in from-“
“Busy!” he said and pulled out his Vicodin. He popped one into his mouth.
“-a car accident -“
“I'm still busy,” said House and flipped back on the TV.
Foreman then unplugged the TV and tossed the cord up. House frowned. “A girl from a car accident came in here with a fever, shivery, and vomiting. Almost everything is-“
“What kind of accident?” he muttered sitting up now. Every Christmas somehow had to come in from a car accident.
“Her car flipped because she hit the ice and went off the road,” answered Chase.
“And why are you telling me this?” asked House, rubbing his forehead.
“There's no head injuries, CAT scan was clean-“
House stood up. “She's sick then and I'm still busy.” He limped passed them and out the door. They followed like usual.
“She became sick after the crash. Her friends said that she was perfectly healthy before she came here,” said Foreman.
House went directly to the elevators passing the nurses station once again. They glanced up at different times watching Foreman and Chase following him. He pushed the up button.
“Run a toxic screen. See what drugs she's taking and find out if her friends are hippies.” The doors opened and he limped in. Foreman and Chase walked in. “You guys don't have to follow me. I know where my office is. Don't worry.”
“We've already checked. Clean,” stated Chase. “She's not de-toxing nor did she overdose.”
“Then she's sick,” he said again. “Thanks for wasting my time.”
The doors opened and House limped out hoping that they would leave him alone. He went passed Wilson's door and started towards his door. Cameron then walked out with crossed arms and frowned at House.
“Mr. Bell called again asking for you. He wants to know when you're going to call him back.”
House frowned. “And what did you tell him?”
“After you got back from seeing a patient,” she answered. “And since you have call him back.”
“I'm still busy. I got another patient. Foreman fill in Cameron.” He stopped at his door and turned back around. “Better idea. Go interview the patient. See how crazy she is.”
House walked inside his office and watched them leave to see the patient. He sat down, propped up his legs on the desk, and popped another Vicodin.