House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ LN ( Chapter 2 )

[ A - All Readers ]

They left House in his office and went down to the patient's room. Foreman quickly filled in Cameron about the new patient.
“What did House say?” asked Cameron.
“He said she was sick and a druggie,” answered Foreman. “The usual.”
“Figures. Next time tell him that she's in a coma or is a model. “
“I highly doubt that would work anyway,” muttered Chase.
They then walked into the room to see her sitting on the bed drawling in a notepad. She had somewhat dark, shoulder length hair, pale skin, and dark eyes. She glanced up at the doctors and kept her hand moving with an IV stuck in it. With her hair back you could see a gash on her forehead, bruising across her chest, cuts and scrapes all her arms and possibly legs. Luckily for her only her left wrist and right ankle was bandaged up.
“Hi,” she said cheerfully and stopped drawling. “Am I all better to go home?”
“How are you feeling?” asked Cameron.
“Okay, I guess. The painkillers are doing wonderful,” she answered.
Chase opened up the file. “Lilly how much do you remember?”
Lilly Napper thought for a moment. “I remember driving and seeing another car. I don't remember the wreck except waking up and of course the pain. Then I'm pretty sure I passed out and ended up here.”
Foreman nodded and checked her eyes with his flashlight. “What's your name?”
“Lilly...uh….Lilly….” She then looked at Foreman. “I can't remember-“
“That's normal. You hit your head pretty hard. Amnesia is common after a wreck like yours. You hit your head pretty hard.”
Lilly carefully nodded to not hurt her stiff neck. “Okay. What is my last name by the way? I know it starts with an N because I sign my pictures by LN.”
“Napper,” answered Chase.
“Your memory should return within a few days,” said Foreman. “By the way who brought you the notebook?”
“Oh, my friends. They brought it to me a few…no, not hours. Maybe about an hour ago.”
“What do you draw?” asked Cameron.
Lilly shrugged and stopped halfway feeling pain throughout her shoulder. She slowly put her shoulders down and sighed of relief. The doctors exchanged looks.
“Sorry my shoulders kinda hurt.” She looked at Cameron. “I mostly draw what I dream and people.”
“Are you an art major?”
“Yeah. Hopefully teaching it.”
Cameron walked over to Lilly's side. “May I see what you're drawling?”
“Sure.” Lilly handed to the notepad over. “It's mostly what I dream and it's always the same guy.”
Cameron took the notepad and flipped through the pages. Each page made her face become emotionless. She then looked between Foreman, Chase and Lilly and turned another page.
Foreman shrugged. “Usually people dream about the same thing because your sup continuous is trying to tell you something,” he stated.
“Lilly may I barrow this?” asked Cameron.
Lilly raised an eyebrow. “Sure. When will I get it back?”
“Well-uh-about twenty minutes or so. I have a friend who loves drawings and these are really good and I'm sure he'd loved them.”
“Oh, that's fine.” Lilly reached over for another notebook. “I was done with that picture anyway.”
She opened the notepad and began to draw once again. The doctors left and closed the door behind them.
“So who's the friend?” asked Chase. “And why lie?”
Cameron flipped back a page and handed it to Chase. “Who does that look like?”
Chase flipped a few pages forward and backward. He glanced back at the girl then at Cameron. “Here Foreman.” He handed the notepad to Forman who took it.
Foreman slightly frowned and flipped threw the pages and backwards once again. “Is this House? This guy's too young.”
“It has to be House,” said Cameron. “They look exactly alike.”
“But younger,” said Foreman.
Cameron took the notepad back. “Fine. I'll go ask him.” She then walked off leaving Foreman and Chase exchanging looks and followed her.