House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ Drawings ( Chapter 7 )

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He opened his office door and limped over to his desk. He stopped to see Lilly hiding behind his desk, but in a way that no one from outside or in the other office could see her. His blue bag sat next to her with her notepad at her feet. Lilly's head rested against the wall, her body limp, as she stared at House. She was paler than normal and she looked exhausted.
House glanced around making sure his team hadn't come back yet; they weren't in sight. He looked back down at her.
“You're ruining my life,” stated House and picked up the phone. “But you're also ruining my team's life which is wonderful.”
Lilly grabbed his pant leg. Her hand still had tape and a needle stuck in her. “Please don't make me go back there. I can't sleep…”
“Well if you would've waited a nurse was going to put you to sleep,” muttered House putting the phone down. “You do realize there's a perfectly good chair right there, right?”
Lilly nodded. “They would've made me go back if I sat there.”
“Yeah. Patients aren't suppose to leave their rooms. How are your shoulders?”
“They hurt still. Not as bad as yesterday though,” she answered quietly.
“Good. That means you didn't find my Vicodin. Want one?”
“Will they make me sleep?”
House shrugged. “There's a very strong possibly that they wont.” He limped over to the blinds and closed them. He limped back over to his desk and sat down.
Lilly relaxed, grabbed House's pant leg, and closed her eyes. “Thanks,” she muttered and slowly drifted away. He looked down at and saw her hand tighten onto his pants. He reached down and unhooked her hand, rolled over to his coat, grabbed it and rolled back over to her.
House covered Lilly up with his jacket and grabbed the notepad. He flipped it opened to the very beginning hoping that something would trigger his memory of her. He started at the first page which he was really young maybe twenty or a little bit older. He looked so sad as he stared off into the distance. The background was simple: a bench which he sat on and a tree just above him.
He flipped through the next few pages seeing himself in random places. Some were sad, others were happier, and one was of him actually asleep on a bed. He stopped at the sleeping picture one. He wasn't in his home, but elsewhere. He looked closer and finally realized where that picture was. His old dorm room before being kicked out at John Hopkins. He kept flipping through the pictures and stopped at one that was completely different than the others. He was with another person. It wasn't Stacy since he had met her more than five or six years ago.
It was Katie. House was actually smiling in this picture as Katie played with his scarf. Around that picture were other mini pictures of them. Katie flipping her hair behind her ear; House laughing at something. Then random facial expressions throughout this scene and that.
House turned the next few pages seeing himself alone again. He stopped at one page which was once again different from the others. He was bent over, what looked like screaming, and holding his leg. He looked down at Lilly who was snoozing away. He turned back to the notepad and continued to gaze through the pictures. His beard grew and was shaved again and again. Then the scruffiness came back. He stopped at the last page where he was standing on the stairs looking down at something. She had filled in the space around him, but the picture wasn't quite finished yet.
He sighed and stared at the picture for a while. Lilly slept peacefully as House started from the first page again to relook through the pad. That's when his team walked in.
“We can't find Lilly,” said Chase. “She didn't leave the building we know that much.”
Foreman looked around at the darkness. “Why is it so dark in here?”
House glanced down at Lilly then back at the team. “Apparently Lilly couldn't sleep anywhere except behind my desk.”
“You let her sleep when she has a concussion?” exclaimed Cameron and stomped over to the desk. There she saw Lilly sleeping peacefully. “How long as she been asleep?”
“About an hour,” muttered House. “Just let her sleep.”
Foreman and Chase went over and saw Lilly asleep with House's coat over her. “How long has she been here?” asked Chase.
House shrugged. “Whenever she left her room which you should've been in checking her heart!”
“Cuddy wanted to see me-“
“Cuddy wants a sperm donor. Say no next time,” he said and popped a Vicodin into his mouth.
“So you just want us to leave her sleeping behind your desk?” asked Foreman. He picked up the phone and held it to his ear.
“Of course. Maybe she'll draw me from a different angle catching my rad hairdo.”
Foreman rolled his eyes and called security telling them that they had found Lilly. “Why didn't you at least call security?”
“Where's the fun in that?” asked House. “I like it when Cameron runs around in her black pants.”
Cameron frowned at House. “She needs to get back to her room.”
“Fine. Pick her up and carry her there. I'm busy.” He stood up, grabbed his cane and the notepad, and limped towards the door.
“Don't you want to hear what we found out?” asked Cameron.
“I already know. It's not neurotically nor allergic. Find me after Chase checks her heart.”
House limped out of the door and down the hall. He could care less what his team did this moment. All he wanted was to forget about this girl and hoped nothing else went wrong with her before Mr. Bell came up. He went directly back to the coma room hoping that no one found him there for another few hours or unless Chase found something interesting.