House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ Cuddy ( Chapter 9 )

[ A - All Readers ]

Cameron peeked inside the clinic to see no sign of House. She sighed of relief and walked directly to Cuddy's office. She went through the first set of doors and knocked on the second set. Cuddy glanced up from her desk and motioned Cameron to enter. She walked in catching the last part of Cuddy's conversation on the phone.
“Yes, that's fine. I'll see you on Christmas, Mom. Bye.” She hung up. “What did House do now?”
“It's actually what he's not letting us do,” said Cameron. She stood in front of Cuddy's desk.
“That patient that draws House, Lilly, she needs risky surgery and House said no.”
Cuddy blinked a few times. “Your boss, House, right?”
“Yes. He told us that if we had a problem to go talk to you.”
“What kind of surgery?”
“We have to remove some dead tissue from inside the heart and lungs,” she said quietly.
Cuddy frowned at the dead tissue part. “Not surprised. House gets touchy with dead tissue.”
Cameron sighed. “I know, but he didn't even think about it. It was a simple no and he loves risky stuff.”
“That's strange. When was she emitted? Yesterday, right?”
“Yes. And he keeps calling her `Katie'. Usually House goes through twenty names before picking out the right one.”
“Katie, uh?” Cuddy thought for a moment. “Doesn't ring a bell.”
“That's another thing. A Mr. Bell kept calling House and he finally visited today. They went to go see Lilly, but neither of them went inside to see her. So he isn't the father…”
“I'll talk to House,” said Cuddy. “I'll figure what's going on and if need be I'll give you permission to do the surgery if he can't give me a good reason.”
“Thanks.” She paused. “I think the girl's name is Katie Bell that he keeps thinking about. Ring any bells?”
Cuddy shook her head. “Probably his first hooker or girlfriend in the second grade before becoming an asshole.”
Cameron nodded. “We'll be waiting. Thanks again.” She left after checking for House again and disappeared.
Once Cameron was gone, Cuddy picked up the phone and dialed a number that she hoped Mark wouldn't pick up. She watched the clinic and saw House call another patient. The phone rang a few times before Mark answered it.
“Hi Mark. It's Lisa Cuddy. Is Stacy there?”
“Yeah. What did that bastard House do now? Finally kill a patient?”
Cuddy rolled her eyes. “No, Mark. We're planning to go shopping sometime.”
“Okay. Stacy! Lisa Cuddy is on the line!” he called.
Stacy picked up the upstairs phone. “Mark I got it.” She waited until Mark hung up the phone before saying, “Hey Cuddy what did Greg do now?”
“Actually nothing except not wanting a patient to get surgery,” she muttered.
“Oh, fun. Let me guess the patient needs his leg cut off and House is giving him a lecture not to?”
“No. Cameron said that House doesn't want to treat a patient because she just got out of a car accident and it's too risky.”
Stacy paused for a moment. “Is he off his Vicodin or on something new?” she questioned.
Cuddy could hear Stacy move elsewhere which usually meant Mark was listening or nearby. “As far as I know he's doing what he does best. I actually called to ask you if a Lilly Napper sounded familiar.”
“No. Is she a movie actress that wants to sue him?”
“That's the patient that House doesn't want to have surgery. What about a Katie Bell?”
“Katie Bell…hmmm…now that one does sound familiar. I don't remember if he ever verbalized that name, but I do remember some guy calling him around Christmas every year. Always the same time, too.”
Cuddy looked up again to see House call in another patient. Once the patient stood up House said something to one of the nurses who took the patient away. He called in another patient and limped away.
“A Mr. Bell visited him today,” muttered Cuddy. “Does that ring a bell?”
Stacy paused. “Yeah, actually that does. I've never seen him before, but he always called to say thanks for God knows what. Greg never said why. That's the only thing he didn't tell me.”
“He's never mentioned it to me either,” muttered Cuddy as House walked out back into the clinic. He didn't look any different than usual as he popped a Vicodin into his mouth.
“How is he doing?” asked Stacy.
“The same. I think he's freaked out because Lilly draws pictures of him.”
“Pictures?” questioned Stacy. “Pencil ones?”
“I don't know. I haven't seen them at all. Why?”
“I slightly remember going through a photo album and seeing a young picture of him. I didn't say anything because he hated it when I went through his things.”
House didn't go back into the clinic instead he left. Cuddy watched him leave limping away. Maybe he did look sadder than usual today.
“Thanks Stacy. Merry Christmas.”
“Merry Christmas Lisa.” Stacy then hung up the phone.
Cuddy put the phone down and waited for a few minutes. She picked up the phone and called Wilson. He could always get something out of House.
She hoped this time.