House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ Wilson ( Chapter 10 )

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House sat in his armchair with his legs up on the footstool. The blinds were still drawn giving it the darkness and the only light came from the window that let in the daylight. The snow fell lightly to the ground as he stared out the window. The team was doing their own thing, which was good. He didn't want to listen to Cameron caring about how the patient needed surgery along with whatever other information she had gotten out of Lilly. Foreman wouldn't stop talking unless House disappeared into a room with Foreman on the other side of the locked door. Chase would just float around giving his opinions.
He closed his eyes and began to drift until he heard his office door open. “House,” said Wilson and let the door close.
House groaned and shifted away from the door. “Go away,” he muttered.
“We need to talk.”
“Make an appointment with Cameron,” he muttered.
“Who's Katie Bell?” asked Wilson.
House stiffened. “I don't know,” he muttered. “Go away.”
“I'm not leaving until you tell me,” said Wilson and flipped on the lights.
House frowned, opened his eyes, blinked a few times and glared at Wilson. “I had forgotten how annoying you could be.”
“Who is she?”
House shrugged. “I don't know, you tell me. I'm all drugged up on Vicodin.” He popped a Vicodin into his mouth.
Wilson sighed. “Either you tell me or-”
“Or what?” snapped House. “Go and tell Cuddy that I wont tell you about some girl that I don't know about? You have fun with that.”
“More like I'll have Cameron and Foreman tell me what they found at your apartment,” said Wilson.
House raised an eyebrow. “Is this another late intervention about my nonexistent drug problem?”
“You trashed your house because of a yearbook.”
“You trash your marriages because of dying patients,” countered House.
“You keep secrets from your friends or in this case friend.”
House rolled his eyes. “Right. I'm keeping a secret from you about a person that I don't even know about. It makes perfect sense! Now get out of here and go save dying children.”
“Whatever. I'll find her in a yearbook.”
“If you can find that yearbook,” muttered House and stood up. He limped over to the other room's door and peeked in. Still no team. “You actually sent them to my house?!”
Wilson stared at House for a moment. “Who is Katie Bell?” he asked again.
“No know that you knew nor cared about,” snapped House and limped back over to his desk. He picked up his cell phone and called Cameron. Before she could say anything House said, “Don't you dare let Foreman steal my new stereo or TV!”
“Don't worry. Jimmy told me all about it. And don't eat any of my food!” He then hung up and saw Wilson dumbfounded. Did everything he do still shock Wilson?
“When will you let Lilly have the surgery?”
House set his jaw. Who kept telling Wilson these things? Cameron. Foreman. Or Chase? Hell, maybe even Cuddy. “Why do you care? She doesn't have cancer.”
“Because you not doing risky surgery is unheard of.”
“Cameron talked to you,” muttered House, eyeing Wilson.
“Just because it's risky doesn't mean she'll die.”
“I know. I'm not a clinic doctor, duh.”
Wilson shook his head. “You're too busy trying to figure out who this girl is that you can't make decisions. Don't let her die.”
House frowned. “I wont let her die, promise, Uncle Jimmy. Now get out before Daddy kicks you out.”
Wilson rolled his eyes and turned. “Cuddy's coming,” he muttered.
“Great. I'll hide underneath my desk while you go stick your hands in a colon.”
Wilson turned back to House who was now sitting down. “She looks mad. What did you do?”
Cuddy opened the door. “I just saw Lilly Napper's charts. Why isn't she getting surgery?” she demanded.
House sighed. “Cameron told you and you told Wilson,” he muttered.
“She's fine for surgery. Just do it already!”
“Fine. Since I outrank you I'll schedule her for surgery and get it done.”
“If we take out the dead tissue INSIDE her lungs then her lungs collapse meaning death. If we take out the tissue INSIDE the heart and that stops working, well, you know she might DIE.”
Cuddy's mouth slightly opened and simply nodded. “Fine. When do you think she'll be fine for surgery?”
“After Christmas. By the way did you know that Wilson sent drug dealers to plant drugs in my house then called the cops?”
Cuddy's forehead crinkled. “No. Should I care?”
“Yep because I'm going home.” House grabbed his jacket, scarf, bag, and the tin box that Chris had given him. “Tell the kids to leave my door unlocked.”
House limped to the elevator leaving Cuddy and Wilson alone staring at each other.
“Did you get anything out of him?” asked Cuddy watching him limp away.
“No. I don't think he'll ever tell either.”