House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ 2 Days Until Christmas ( Chapter 11 )

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2 Days Until Christmas
House limped inside the hospital with no sign of his team, Cuddy or Wilson, which was good since he came in a few hours late. Cameron and Foreman hadn't been inside his apartment since nothing was touched or even moved. His books were all over the floor, his refrigerator was still empty, and his stereo was still there. Plus the yearbook was still in the guitar case, untouched.
He limped over to the elevators and pushed the up button when Cuddy came out of the clinic. She stormed towards him.
“Where have you been?” she demanded.
“At home digging my way through snow and ice. It's harder than you think with a bum leg.”
“You're three hours late,” said Cuddy.
The elevator doors opened and House limped inside. “My bike was frozen to the curb, so I stayed inside. Oh, and there was a General Hospital marathon.”
Cuddy frowned. “You owe me another three clinic hours this week then. I don't care if you have to make them up on Christmas.”
“I don't owe you anything. Yesterday two very annoying and one whorish people came and interrupted my sleep time. Technically you owe me sleep,” he said with a smirk.
“Oops! The elevator doors are closing.” The doors closed and went up.
House limped towards his office seeing only Cameron sitting at the table with two other people. Foreman and Chase were gone naturally. House stopped in the hallway realizing who Cameron was busily chatting to, giggling. He groaned and limped into the room.
“So there's Greg slipping and sliding all over the lake and BAM! Right into a tree!”
Cameron giggled and looked up seeing House. Her smile flattened out. “House. Good morning.”
Jamie Bell turned around and smiled at House. Her hair still held the dark color before turning gray. Jamie was finally dressing like a middle-aged woman even though she had turned sixty a few months ago. Chris looked like an old man sitting next to her.
“Greg!” She stood up happily. She was wearing an orange sweatshirt that matched her orange Pumas. Jamie was always big on fashion no matter what her age was. “How have you been? How's your leg doing?”
House returned with a weak smile. “I'm good. Leg's still just a bum leg.”
Jamie hugged House tightly. “I'm sorry, but you seem better if that helps.”
“It does,” he muttered. “I see you met Dr. Cameron.”
Jamie nodded. “She's such a lovely girl, Greg. She just welcomed us into your office while we waited for you to get back from your car accident.”
“Accident?” He glanced over at Cameron.
“Your car broke down,” answered Cameron.
House nodded. “Yeah. Tire blew out which I can't change. Sorry for the wait.”
“Oh, it's fine Greg. We were just telling Dr. Cameron about how you went ice-skating and lost your balance.”
“Oh, yes, that God awful tree,” he muttered. “Cameron where's Foreman and Chase?”
“They're X-raying Lilly's lungs and checking her heart,” she answered.
“Good. Has her parents come by yet?”
“I don't think so. Why?”
“Call them. Go.”
Cameron stood up and said goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Bell. She then left with a quick glance at House.
“She's adorable,” said Jamie. “How long has she been working here?”
“Twenty years. She's about your age,” he muttered. “What other embarrassing things did you guys tell her?”
“They aren't embarrassing, they're funny. Now if you excuse me boys.” Jamie then left the office and went down the hallway.
Chris smiled at House. “I didn't plan on seeing Dr. Cameron again.” He stood up and House saw a blue-green book and a small, thin photo album. “What did good old Jamie talk about?”
“Oh, the normal. Ice-skating, getting hit with the golf ball, and playing those riddles with everyone. Especially the one with-”
“Did she mention Katie at all?”
Chris thought for a moment. “Not that I recall. She did say `our daughter pushed Greg towards the tree', but that's about it. Why?”
“Because recently my friends have been buggy me about it and I don't want to explain to Cameron who Katie was.”
“That big of a deal still?”
“Nope. I just didn't want Cameron saying something to Jamie about the look alike.”
Chris shook his head. “Nothing. I haven't told her either. If I did I'm sure we wouldn't be talking right now.”
“Yeah, I kinda guessed that. Did you bring Katie's diary?”
Chris picked it up and handed it to House. “Here. Greg there's something that we haven't told you about Katie's death.”
House took the diary. “It's fine.”
Jamie then walked back in. “Oh, I thought we were giving you her scrapbook, too?”
“I thought that was a photo album?”
Jamie picked up the thin book and handed it to House. “Nope. Scrapbook. There are pictures of you guys together. There are about ten pictures from Christmas Eve.”
House slowly grabbed the book. “You sure?”
“We have doubles, Greg.”
“She would've wanted you to have them.”
House slowly nodded. “You know about Lilly don't you?”
Jamie showed no emotion in her face. Katie had mastered that technique which killed House when they fought. They never gave anything away. House looked at Chris who gave House an apologetic look.
“I saw her from a distance and it's scary. But then I realized that we have people that look exactly like us somewhere in the world. Maybe this is Katie trying to tell you something.”
“Maybe. Thanks again for this.”
Jamie grabbed her jacket and purse. Chris gave House a weak smile before saying goodbye and left the office. Jamie hugged House and patted his cheek.
“Greg when you read her diary you might be angry at us.”
House raised an eyebrow. “Why?”
Jamie simply nodded at House. “Merry Christmas Greg. Thanks again for the flowers. The roses look beautiful in the snow.”
“Your welcome,” he muttered.
Jamie then left, grabbed Chris's hand, and they left the hospital. House limped into his office and sat down at his desk. He popped a Vicodin into his mouth and opened up the scrapbook. He lightly flipped through the pages seeing that most of it was empty. Katie must've started it right before she died.
He went back to the first page seeing one of last photos of Katie alive. She was jumping over the couch wearing a John Hopkins sweatshirt and a Santa hat. She flashed the camera her white smile. He was about to turn the page when Foreman walked into the office. House closed the scrapbook and looked up.
“I'm glad you decided to come to work,” said Foreman. “We have a problem with Lilly.”
“She wants to talk to you about doing the surgery.”
House frowned. “What did you say?”
“I said it was fine. Cameron said it was unsafe. Chase said it was risky, but also okay if she was well enough.”
House stood up and popped another Vicodin into his mouth. “Where is she?”
“Cuddy's office.”
“Great,” he muttered and limped out of his office.