House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ Lilly vs. House ( Chapter 12 )

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Lilly vs. House
House limped into Cuddy's office seeing Lilly sitting on the couch. She sat straight up with her dark hair draped over her shoulders. That's not Katie, he told himself once he stepped through the doors. Foreman was right behind him. Cuddy stood in front of her desk with her arms crossed. Cameron and Chase sat on the opposite couch.
“Nice of you to join us,” said Cuddy. “Lilly wants the surgery.”
“I know. My slave just informed me.” House looked at Lilly. “It's dangerous and you're not getting it done.”
Lilly frowned. “Besides being dangerous what else?”
“Lilly Dr. House is very-” began Cuddy.
“For starters your heart will give out and you'll die,” said House, ignoring Cuddy.
“Are you one hundred percent sure that my heart will give out?” she pushed.
“Yes. The tissue is inside of the heart.”
“Dr. Chase said that there have been numerous operations that the patients have made it through.”
“Yeah. Numerous meaning like ten!”
Lilly stood up and folded her arms. Something else Katie had done while they fought. “Ten is better than zero! I want the surgery done.”
“Both surgeries?” asked House.
“At the same time?”
Chase began, “At the same time would be-”
“If it's possible then yes.”
“Doing those surgeries together will kill you.”
“And how do you know that?” she countered.
“Because I'm a doctor unlike you!” he snapped.
“And I know what I want to do because it's my body!” she snapped back.
“No you don't know!”
“Yes I do! Then tell me oh Great One, when would I be able to have the surgeries?”
“After Christmas when your body is healed.”
“That's in two days! You think my body can actually heal itself completely in two days?”
“No, but it'll be a hell of lot safer!”
“Why then and not now?”
“Because it'll be safer! I don't think you want to die, do you?”
“No, but I don't see a point in waiting two days!”
“Damn it, Katie! Why can't you just listen to me?! I'm telling you that you'll die on that damn table if you have the surgery NOW!”
“It's LILLY, Greg! Get that right!”
“You're art sucks! Hence you're heart and lungs will suck if you get the surgery now!”
“Oh, please! It's not that dangerous! And my art doesn't suck! Your reason sucks more than my art!”
“You're an idiot!”
“Go to hell!”
“Fine! I'll meet you there when you die on the table!”
“Haha! Funny! I'm not going to die on the table!”
“Yes you are! You're not getting the surgery!”
Lilly marched up to House and looked him directly in the eyes. “I'm getting the surgery weather you like it NOT!”
“Wanna bet?” hissed House.
“Yeah, I DO! I'll take away your cane.”
“I'll remove your nerves so you can't walk!”
“I'll break your other damn leg!” she hissed back and made fists at her side.
“How are you going to do that? With a stupid paintbrush?”
Everyone had watched this fight. Even some of the nurses saw a patient standing up to House and heard the yelling. No one had actually seen this before. Cuddy stood at her desk with her mouth slightly opened glancing between House and Lilly. This was amazing to her in more ways than one. Cameron stared, unbelievable, at this girl. Chase and Foreman did nothing as they watched the fight. They fought like an angry couple.
Lilly then began to punch House in the chest. Foreman took a step forward, but stopped seeing that her punches did nothing. House didn't even flinch at the punches that felt like weak tapping. Lilly then began to cough wildly and House stopped her fragile hands.
“If you can't even get in a good punch then you wont make it through surgery,” he muttered over the coughing. He gently pushed her back onto the couch.
Lilly sat down and felt the air disappearing from her lungs. She kept coughing for a few seconds more then stopped feeling her lungs opening up. Foreman had stuck something in her opening her lungs up.
“Take Lilly back to her room,” said Cuddy. “House you're staying.”
House rolled his eyes and popped a Vicodin into his mouth as his team took Lilly back to her room. She glanced back at House with some humor in her eyes. He knew that look. It was excitement from fighting with someone who didn't back down. He lightly smirked back at her before Cuddy saw it.
Once they left Cuddy said, “Well that was interesting!”
“So interesting that you didn't stop it or even back me up.”
“She wanted the surgery done and you two looked so happy smiling while you fought.” She paused seeing no change in House. “Why didn't you stop her by saying that if she did the surgery her head would explode and she'd develop cancer?”
“Because my boss hates it when I lie to patients,” he answered.
“Well whatever the case may be, I've never seen you actually fight with a patient. Usually you stab them with a needle and I have to call a lawyer.”
House shrugged. “Sorry, I lost my beauty sleep yesterday.” He limped towards the door.
“Where are you going?”
“Break time,” he answered. “Plus Wilson owes me lunch.” He left Cuddy in her office.