House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ Crash ( Chapter 14 )

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House limped into the elevator and Wilson walked in with him. He saw Cameron walk inside the office rubbing her eyes. House pushed the down button.
“Where are you going?” asked Wilson as the doors closed.
“Lilly's room. I told the nurse whenever she had a visitor to page me.”
Wilson raised an eyebrow. “Stalk much?”
“Ha. Her parents are still driving back from Chicago and most of her friends haven't been by since it's almost Christmas. So that leaves everyone else.”
The doors opened and House limped out as Wilson followed. “That doesn't make any sense.”
“Either her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend is in there or a family member. I'm betting on ex-boyfriend.”
“Why ex?”
“Because a real boyfriend would've already been here or sent something.”
They walked to the nurses' station and House asked, “Who's the visitor?”
“Looks like a boyfriend,” she answered and went back to work.
House and Wilson turned around to see Lilly still in bed talking to a boy. He was tall with dark hair and wore thin winter clothing. He stayed at the foot of the bed also talking. They had to move a little to the left in order to see her since her blinds were closed. The boy was in plain sight.
“Wow, they look happy,” muttered Wilson. “Look at all that distance.”
House rolled his eyes. “Is that your Jewish tenth sense telling you to back away before I hit you?” He held up his cane.
“Oh, please. If you hit me with that I'll make sure you wont get any Vicodin for years. Or for at least this week.”
“Wanna bet?” threatened House.
“Ha. Oh, there he goes to make a move.” House looked up to see the boy move behind the blinds. “It looks like boyfriend material.”
“Trust me. They're broken up like Cameron is.”
“Cameron had a boyfriend?”
“Nope. She's broken up over me though. Remember I'm broken.” He looked back into the room seeing Lilly's feet squirm in almost a kicking way. “Were those blinds drawn before he came?” he asked the nurse.
“No. I'm pretty sure he drew them.”
House now saw Lilly's legs kicking. “Oh shit,” he said and ran to the doorway.
Lilly was now fully pale with her dark eyes in the back of her head. She made no sound as she tried to claw off the strong hands choking her. He made no move to let go even when House ran inside, grabbed him and punched him down. Lilly gasped in air as Wilson and another nurse checked her low vitals. She began to cough horribly once again.
House kept his foot down on the guy's neck. “She's going to crash!” shouted House.
Lilly took one more breath, which paralyzed House completely. “Greg help,” she breathed and flat lined.
The nurses now came pouring in along with two security guards. The guards pushed House to the side and pulled the boy out of the room. Wilson grabbed House and pulled him out of the room as the nurses shocked Lilly. They heard the strong negative live then a heartbeat on the monitors.
“Good call,” said Wilson picking up House's cane from the ground and handed it to him. House was leaning entirely on his left leg and reached into his pocket trying to find his Vicodin. “You overdid it, didn't you?”
He popped a few Vicodin into his mouth. “Next time I'll be sure to skip towards the door,” he grumbled. The pain in his leg felt horrible compared to anything else. He closed his eyes tightly and banged the back of his head against the wall. The Vicodin wasn't kicking in.
“Sit down House,” said Wilson. “Here comes your team.”
House leaned up against the wall and slowly went down to the floor. Foreman, Chase, and Cameron all met together and nearly ran towards House and Wilson.
“What happened?” asked Foreman seeing the security guards dragging away the boy.
“That boy attacked Lilly. Choking her.”
Cameron looked down at House who was rubbing his leg and popped another Vicodin. “I'll get you a wheelchair,” said Cameron and walked off.
“Choked her?” exclaimed Chase. He saw the D-Fip cart being pushed out. “They shocked her heart!?”
Foreman's face fell. “She's going to need the heart surgery now.”
Chase shook her head. “Lung surgery first. It's a lot safer especially if they collapse.”
Cameron came around with a wheel chair. “How badly did you over do it?” she asked.
House glanced over at Lilly's doorway. The last of the nurses were clearing out of her room. He glanced between his team.
“Foreman go inform her about the surgery-”
“She's unconscious,” said Foreman.
“I know. That's why I'm sending Chase to Cuddy to inform her about the surgery.”
“Then why are you sending me to inform her?” asked Foreman.
“To make sure she can wait until tomorrow. Check her lungs and heart and make sure that guy didn't inject her with anything.” He paused seeing them not moving. “Get going before Cuddy gets down here and starts bitching at me for punching the kid.”
Foreman went directly into Lilly's room as Chase went to Cuddy's office. House then saw the boy run across the hallway and down the staircase. The boy was followed by the two security guards. Cameron watched them go then back at House.
“What should I do?” she asked.
He glanced around. “You're going to hold that damn wheelchair then push me out into the snow.”
Wilson pulled House up, saw him buckled and nearly fell back down again if it hadn't been for Cameron who stabled House. He sat down in the wheelchair and grabbed his cane. He pulled out his Vicodin, but Wilson grabbed it before he could pop a few more into his mouth.
“Give me that back,” said House.
“You've popped more than four into your mouth. Trust me. I'm saving you from an overdose. How bad does your leg hurt?”
“Let me finish that bottle and I'll let you know,” said House and reached for the bottle, which Wilson stepped back.
Wilson looked up at Cameron. “Make sure he doesn't OD. House I'll get you something stronger.”
House cocked his head to the side. “Man I love you. Is it morphine?” Wilson shook his head and left House and Cameron. House turned around to face Cameron. “It's morphine. I get it once a year.”
Cameron shook her head. “I would leave you in your office, but I'm afraid you'd overdose.” She turned the wheelchair around and pushed him towards the elevators.
“Then where are we going?”
“To your office.”
Cameron helped House into his armchair in his office. She carefully propped his leg up. House rubbed his leg muscle feeling the no thigh muscle and the deep scar. He groaned biting his lip and hitting the back of his head against the chair head.
“Where's your extra Vicodin?” asked Cameron and went over to his bookshelf. “Lupus right?” She pulled it out and opened the book. A small bottle of Vicodin with two pills left in it. “Two pills left.”
“Leave it,” he muttered. “Wilson's getting me something and I know I'll those later.”
Cameron put the book back onto the shelf. She then walked into the other room, went directly to the refrigerator, and pulled out the ice tray. She popped out some ice cubs, wrapped them up in a towel, and went back into House's office.
“I don't know if it'll help, but here.” She handed him the towel.
“There's no muscle to relax,” he muttered.
Cameron rolled her eyes and pressed the ice on his leg. “Humor me,” she muttered.
House clinched in pain nearly kicking Cameron back. He glared up at Cameron who took a step backwards. “I. Told. You. There's. NO. Muscle!” he growled.
“I didn't know if it'd help or not,” Cameron said quietly. She saw House's anger go away once he looked down. “Do you think Lilly will survive the surgery?”
“Probably not,” he muttered and put the towel on his hand. “See my hand could've used the ice.”
“I'm sorry.”
“It's fine. Some people don't believe hands can't hurt either.”
“I meant about Lilly.”
House looked outside his office to see Wilson walking towards them. “I know. You've said it about ten times today.”
Wilson walked in. “Oh, good, you're still alive.” He then pulled out a needle.
“Well duh. C'mon get me the morphine already.” He held out his arm.
Wilson stuck the needle into his arm and pushed the liquid into his arm. “There, but we have a problem.”
“Cuddy's going to make me write an apology letter to that poor boy?” suggested House. The pain wasn't going away and he began to feel drowsy.
“No. How do you feel?” asked Wilson.
Before House could answer he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Cameron glanced over at Wilson.
“What did you give him?”
“Something to help him sleep,” answered Wilson.
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