House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ Diary ( Chapter 16 )

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**Hey in this chapter I put in Katie's entries. If the font change doesn't show up I'm sorry. It's suppose to be in a different font. Ok, ENJOY!***
House sat in his armchair with Katie's unopened diary on his lap. He had been staring at this book for about an hour now. Every time he had tried to open this book he couldn't. He looked around seeing no sign of Cameron, Chase or Foreman. He knew something in this book was about Katie's death or else Chris wouldn't have tried to warn him.
He flipped the cover and saw the very first page. It was written in her beautiful handwriting. Almost every letter had a loop at the end just like how she signed her pictures. Just like how Lilly signed the pictures. He went to the first page. In red ink she described her first day of her senior year of high school. House then skipped about fifty pages of just high school and went to the first day of college, which had been changed to purple ink. Nothing new except that Katie's first horrible roommate was apparently a `hunk'.
House turned to the beginning of sophomore year. This time the ink changed from black to a light blue. He read the light blue and smirked. It was how they met.
This evening my new roommate, Barb, dragged me to this stupid skate- boarding thing. It was about the most boring thing in THE WORLD!!!!!!! If it hadn't been for Barb keeping me company I think I would've left, but I did meet an interesting guy there. I'm pretty sure he said his name was Greg Horse? Home? Source? House? It was something like that. He wants to become a doctor in medicine. Didn't really like him at all. First after I told him I WAS a cheerleader he said something about sex and that I probably got kicked off for having a fat ass. I nearly killed him! But luckily I had a few good comebacks for doctors. I think he actually liked fighting with me. Even though he's a rude ass, he has the MOOOOST!!!! beautiful blue eyes! I think that's the only part I like of him. So for now on I'm using this blue ink to talk about him because I have this strange feeling that Barb gave him our dorm number.
He smirked and flipped through the pages. He had called her a stripper not a hooker or slut. A few more small paragraphs about meeting several other times and hanging out. Each changed for the better until maybe the longest entry for this year. He guessed maybe the longest entry was the proposal.
As I've said before Greg and I have been hanging out lately. Even though he likes to be right and loves to fight with me, he's actually not so bad. I know. Barb was shocked when I told her to. Today he found me after my color class and asked me to dinner. I said yes and dinner turned out GREAT! This time no insults except about my major and he thinks that I can't draw either. Even though the mural we sat next to was mine and he said that was the best picture he had seen. I didn't tell him, but I will RUB it in his face tomorrow! HAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! The reason why Barb is totally surprised is that we're dating. All of my friends are completely shocked since barely any of them can stand him. Alice and Vicky like him though.
House raised an eyebrow. He always thought Alice and Vicky hated him. Maybe that was after the crash. I think everyone hated me afterwards. He shrugged it off and kept flipping through the pages. He saw small pictures of them together drawn in by pens and pencils. He saw happy, angry, and sad remarks throughout the journal entries. The many funny ones was how Katie taught House how to skate, his many falling downs, and how he almost cracked the ice one early spring. He got to the end of their sophomore year. This entry was written in light pink. He knew exactly what this one was about: his ruined proposal.
I know everyone else thought it was cute or whatever, I'm actually sorry for Greg. He had this whole night planned out perfectly. He took me to an art gallery, which sold out MONTHS ago! He actually liked the art and asked all these questions. It was amazing! He remembered most of the artists' name which I thought was impossible for him. Then he took me to dinner which was just as fine. I didn't want to ask how expensive it was but I saw the prices and almost cringed. He had no problem paying for everything so I left it alone. THEN he asked me to go skating to show off his `moves'. I'm pretty sure he meant falling down, but luckily I didn't say anything. When we got to the ice skating ring the building next to it had gotten caught on fire, so the ring was closed. Greg was upset for some reason so I suggested going back home. He got down on one knee but as he did someone knocked him over. He had the box already in his hand and it had fallen into the street. I saw it and started hyperventilating and a car runs over the box. When he picked it up it was completely smashed. So I say yes anyway, but then he drags me to a grocery store, buys those plastic rings that comes in those small containers and asks me to marry him! I have to admit it was cute, but I still felt sorry for him. Apparently he had rented out the ice-skating ring and was going to fall down, so I would have to help him up. Then he was going to slip it on my finger!!!!!!!!! He's going to get the real ring fixed, so I get to wear what looks like a fake Barbie ring. Everyone loved it, but him.
House stopped reading. He couldn't read the rest of this entry. His proposal had sucked majority. He almost wished he hadn't done anything after the skating ring, but then again he was glad. They hadn't told their parents at all. Katie slipped it at Christmas to her sister, but that was about it. Her parents had never confronted House about it and if they did know, they weren't going to say anything now.
He was going to flip to the very last entry until Foreman came into his office. “House.”
“If she didn't crash then I don't care.”
“That kid that choked her has been sighted in the hospital.”
House raised an eyebrow. “And you're telling me this why?”
“The nurse told us and she didn't freak out. Symptom?”
“More like drugged up on morphine and didn't care. Next time come get me when something exciting happens.”
Foreman's pager went off and he checked it. “Uh we have another problem.”
“Heart failure?” He saw Cameron walk in holding a bag of candy canes. She glanced over at them and grabbed her pager.
“Lilly's missing again?” stated Foreman.
“How long have you been gone?”
“Ten minutes at least. She couldn't have gotten far.”
“Or maybe that kid kidnapped her. Better call security. CAMERON!” She jumped and looked at him. “GO CHECK OUTSIDE FOR LILLY!” he called through the glass.
Cameron opened the door between the rooms. “I just came in. She still has to be inside the building.”
“Please remember that our security suck. Get going. Foreman as your running go fetch Chase.”
Cameron and Foreman almost ran out of the office. House frowned and put Katie's diary on the floor. He stood up, popped a few Vicodin into his mouth and limped out of the room.