House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ Plan ( Chapter 18 )

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House limped directly towards the nurses station as Foreman wheel chaired Lilly back into her room. He smacked the counter and said, “This is the second time I've found her. This time do your job and keep your eyes on here.” He then limped to Lilly's doorway watching Foreman help her back into bed. “And you. Stay in bed. I refuse to walk up a staircase looking for you.”
Lilly, smiling, nodded. “Yes, doctor,” she smocked.
“Foreman let's go,” muttered House.
Foreman sighed and left with out. He closed the door. “You climbed stairs?” he questioned.
“Does it really matter? The girl's had surgery.” He paused and glanced over at the angry nurses. “Hook her up to a heart monitor and make sure someone is with her for the rest of tonight. Coughing can indicate fluid in the lungs. Check her heart and lungs again. You got plans tonight?”
Foreman shrugged. “If you want me to stay I can.”
“I was just wondering if the plantation wanted you back or not.” House checked his watch. “After two hours of being with her switch with Chase. Tell Chase after he spends two hours with her exchange with Cameron. And then I'll tell Cameron to leave. After you're two hours are up you can leave.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah.” House limped towards the elevators and Foreman went back into Lilly's room.
He saw her wearing House's suit jacket. He began to hook up the heart monitor. “So how did you get up onto the stairs?” he asked.
Lilly leaned back against the pillows. “I mostly walked,” she muttered. “What are you doing?”
“Hooking you up to a heart monitor. People who have heart and lung surgery shouldn't have walked up stairs just yet. You're lucky nothing bad happened.”
“That's what Dr. House said. What could've happened?”
Foreman heard the soft beeps coming from the machine. “Heart attack or lung failure. Maybe both.” He put on his stethoscope and set it on her lungs. “Take a deep breath for me.”
Lilly breathed in and out. She then began to cough. She took another deep breath. Foreman then put her on oxygen helping her breath.
“Lots,” she muttered. “Could you hang me back my notepad, please?”
“Sure.” Foreman grabbed it from the table seeing the picture of House standing on the stairs and Lilly wearing his jacket. “These pictures are good.”
Lilly smiled and took the notepad. “Thanks. I hope I can make some money with these one day.”
“You probably will.” He paused. “Have you known Dr. House before coming here?”
Lilly shrugged. “He looks familiar.” She looked at Foreman. “It's because of the pictures isn't it?”
Lilly simply nodded. “It freaks me out too.” Foreman sat down and she flipped to a different page. “I can draw you if you want. I know you'll love it.”
Foreman smiled. “I'd love it.”
House limped out of the elevators and down the hallway to see Wilson and Cameron in his office. He guessed Chase was still covering his own hours now or the clinic was overfilled. He limped inside.
“Where was Lilly?” asked Cameron.
“Fifth floor by the vending machines,” he muttered. “Have you finished your clinic hours for tomorrow?”
“I was planning to come in,” she answered.
“Go get them done,” ordered House. “You'll be leaving about five anyway.”
“Okay.” She stood up and left without protesting.
Wilson overlooked him. “Where's your jacket?”
House sat down and rubbed his leg. It didn't quite hurt yet, but it was getting there. “I sold it on E-bay. What are you eating for lunch?”
Wilson rolled his eyes.