House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ Stacy ( Chapter 20 )

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Stacy Warner walked inside the hospital and quickly glanced around. House wasn't in sight. Good. She sighed of relief and removed her hat, scarf, and gloves. She went directly to the clinic doors, opened and went to Cuddy's office. She saw Cuddy sitting behind the desk doing God knows what in the millions of folders in her office. She knocked on the door and Cuddy looked up. She waved Stacy in.
“Stacy hi. How's Mark doing?”
Stacy tossed her jacket and other winter clothing onto the couch. “ Fine.” She paused. “I told him that we were meeting up and doing some quick shopping. Sorry I wasn't here sooner. What did I miss?”
Cuddy sighed. “You might want to sit down for this,” she suggested.
Stacy down and crossed her legs. “Oh please, did Greg dress up like Santa and dance around?”
“He went up a flight of stairs and is now sitting in a patients room.”
She raised an eyebrow. “I drove three hours-”
“It's the same girl who drew the pictures of him. He went out and found her and hasn't left her side in two hours. He's been acting weird ever since that girl came here. I want you to see her in case you have seen her before.”
Stacy frowned. “This better be worth it Lisa.”
Cuddy, nodding, stood up and walked in front of her desk. “Trust me. It'll be worth it.” She looked out at the clinic in case House had wondered away from Lilly's bed. No House. “Wilson has no idea what's going on either. C'mon.”
Cuddy and Stacy then left the clinic and went over to the elevators. Stacy stopped a few feet away from them.
“Wont it be easier if we use the stairs?” asked Stacy.
“I'm not worried. House hasn't even left the room. He just sits there plus I'm tired of walking up those damn stairs. That girl, Lilly, had us looking everywhere for her.”
The elevator doors opened and they walked inside. Cuddy pushed the second floor button and went up.
“Where did she go?”
“The staircase. She had surgery before that and was lucky enough to break any stitches.” She paused as the doors opened. “And that House found her.”
They walked out and saw Wilson standing off to the side. He was looking into Lilly's room and glanced over. He saw Stacy and Cuddy. Wilson smiled and slightly waved at them. They went over to Wilson; Cuddy glanced into Lilly's room. Both still there.
“Hi Stacy,” said Wilson. “Merry Christmas.”
Stacy smiled at him. “Hey James. Happy Holidays. So which room is Greg lounging in?”
Wilson looked into Lilly's room. Stacy followed his eyes to the room. Lilly, still in House's jacket, was sitting up in bed drawling. She had a small smile on her face as she talked to House. House had his leg propped up with a book lying in his lap. His head was resting on his fist as he listened to whatever she was saying. He had that look on his face that Stacy recognized. Not boredom, not annoyed, but almost a happy content look.
She stared at him then at the girl. “Who is she again?”
“Lilly Napper,” answered Cuddy. “Look or sound familiar?”
Stacy was now thinking harder now. That girl did look familiar. Where had she seen her before? It then hit her. Stacy had caught House looking through an old yearbook. He looked so sad as he simply stared down at the book. When she saw the picture of a girl smiling he closed it. She only saw the RIP before the back of the yearbook.
“Yes, she does.” Stacy shrugged. “Maybe she's family. I think I've seen her mom before.”
Cuddy and Wilson looked between House and Lilly. They looked nothing alike as they talked. More like a couple.
“Somewhere as in a yearbook?” asked Wilson.
Stacy looked at him. “Yes, why?”
“Because that girl died,” he muttered. “Katie Bell made a huge impacted on his life and since Lilly looks like her he's trying to enjoy the company. Funny how those things work out.”
Stacy smirked to herself. “Reincarnation,” she muttered. “She looks exactly like the girl in the yearbook.”
Cuddy sighed. “Maybe the family's is keeping a secret from him.” She looked at Stacy. “Wanna go say hi or something?”
Stacy shook her head. “What would I say for being at a hospital on Christmas Eve? He would know that something would be up.” She looked at House and kept her face still. He had seen her all this time. He had torn his eyes away a second after she looked at him.
Still lonely as ever.
Lilly then glanced over at them. She saw Stacy looking at House almost with sadness and some hint of regret. Wilson and Cuddy were still talking and hadn't looked this way yet. Lilly went back to drawling since House went quiet.
“Who is she?”
House idly looked down at Katie's diary. “Someone who shouldn't be here.”
“Old girlfriend?”
“She wishes. Are you done with that picture yet or what?” He popped a Vicodin into his mouth.
* * * * * * * * * *
Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't updated in forever. I just wanted to write a chapter with Stacy in it. I hope everyone enjoyed it! Probably not one of my best chapters, but its getting there.