House Fan Fiction ❯ A Christmas Story ❯ Wreck ( Chapter 21 )

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House was already drifting as he sat in the chair watching Lilly sleeping. The hospital went quiet at ten and hadn't made a noise since. Lilly's parents never showed up because of the road conditions, which didn't seem to bother her as much. She was still in his suit jacket as he was covered up with a blanket that a new cute nurse had given him while checking Lilly's pain medication. She just simply smiled at House, handed him the blanket, and left. Lilly's drawling of House simply sitting in the chair with his leg propped up laid on top of Katie's diary.
He popped a Vicodin into his mouth. God he was tired and his leg throbbed with pain. Going up those damn stairs really took a toll on him. Then Stacy appearing out of nowhere because of Wilson and Cuddy's concern. God. Such an eventful day.
He fell asleep.
Katie and House had been laughing along with Katie's family. Chris and Jamie were sitting across from Katie and House in their matching Christmas sweaters. Chris was forced to wear his; Jamie chose to. Across Jamie's lap was a camera which held one of the last photos of Katie alive. They weren't bad, but House told Katie that they'd never wear those hideous things. Katie laughed. Chelley and her drug dealer boyfriend at the time, Joe, giggled on the loveseat. No one seemed to really notice that Joe had a faint scent of pot because he had lied saying that his roommate grew it and smoked it all the time. Chelley kept glancing down at Katie's empty ring finger. Katie had told her big mouth sister about the engagement.
Katie reached over and grabbed her mother's camera. She wrapped her arm around House and said, “CHEESE!”
House rolled his eyes and put on a fake smile. Katie elbowed him. “What?!”
“Don't look like a goof! Smile Dr. House.”
He smiled and Katie took the last picture of them together. This picture would later be framed and put away in House's apartment.
“Aw! When are you kids getting married?” asked Chelley with a smirk.
Katie happily smiled as House shrugged. “Right before you get married so everyone likes our wedding and not yours,” stated House.
Jamie laughed. She glanced up at the grandfather clock and frowned. “Wow. It's almost ten o'clock.”
House frowned. They had to head back home because tomorrow it was Christmas at his parents house. Katie sighed and looked at House. “Ready to go?”
“Yeah,” he muttered.
They said goodbye to everyone as and gathered up their gifts. While they had been inside it had lightly snowed covering up the slick ice on the road. Chris nor Jamie said anything about the road conditions simply because Katie's Jeep was made for ice and snow.
Katie jumped into the driver's side and left her parents and sister. House sat next to her in the Jeep pounding away at the heater.
“God, Kate, we really need to get this fix!”
She shrugged. “It'll work better if you'd stop hitting it.”
House rolled his eyes. “Whatever.” He paused. “Ready for my parents tomorrow?”
She grew pale while driving. “Oh, as ever.” She giggled at herself. “Man. And I thought my sweater wearing parents were bad.”
House smirked staring at the road. “God those sweaters are terrible.”
The Jeep drifted towards the left then went back to the right.
He looked over to see a white Katie leaning over the steering wheel. One hand was barely hanging on to the wheel while the other one held her stomach. She looked like she was in horrible pain.
“Katie? What's wrong? Pull over!”
She then cried out in pain and passed out falling towards the left bringing the steering wheel with her. The Jeep spun to the left. House quickly grabbed the steering wheel pulling it towards the right. The Jeep now spun to the right.
The Jeep then fell into the ditch flipping over a few times. Bodies smacked the doors, heads hit the class, arms and legs went everywhere. The Jeep ended up on its side sticking out of the ditch.
It was one of the first times House would wake up in the hospital. He wasn't in pain which meant he was on pain killers. He slowly opened his eyes to hear the busy sounds of the emergency room. He wasn't in the emergency room instead in a nearby room shared with three other patients. House sat up and looked around. His hands were covered in scratches while his arms were covered in bruises. He guessed his face was the same way. He lightly touched his forehead feeling stitches and scrapes. He looked around again.
Where was Katie?
House pulled out the IV and got out of bed. His right leg burned with pain. Not surprised. He only remembered….
A doctor then walked in pushing House back onto the bed. “Well I'm glad your awake, but not up and moving on that leg!” He chuckled to himself. He took out a small flashlight and checked House's eyes. “You hit your head pretty well on that window. Sadly you're going to have some permanent damage to your memory system. Names are going to be a real problem along with-”
House pushed the doctor's hand away. “Shut up. Where's Katie?”
The doctor frowned.
“The girl I was with! Where is she?” he demanded.
“I'm sorry, but she passed away about ten minutes ago.”
House now opened his eyes to see the dim hospital room where Lilly slept. He blinked several times and rubbed his face. He checked his watch; it was twenty minutes until midnight and Lilly was perfectly fine. She slept nicely, still in his jacket, with two blankets wrapped tightly around her. He thought about Katie's death and when he had woken up she wasn't dead yet.
He had seen Katie just before she died. She was conscious as she lay in that bed. Jamie and Chris stood next to her crying watching their daughter die. House was sitting in a chair, holding her hand, trying not to cry. Katie, lovingly, looked at him glad that he wasn't going to die. He remembered the entire conversation even though that doctor had said that his memory was minorly damaged forever.
“Greg,” she had muttered, “you have….the..prettiest eyes….”
“Shhhh,” he said holding her hand tighter. “You've already told me this.”
Katie smiled one last time at him. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” he choked.
“I'll be here forever,” she whispered and then she had died. The nurses and a doctor ran in pushing House and Bells away from the bedside. They tried to revive her, but nothing helped. She was gone.
House groaned and pulled out his Vicodin bottle. He popped a few into his mouth and sighed. He reached over and grabbed Katie's diary. The last page was her last entry right before House and Katie left for her parent's house. He remembered her quickly closing her book, jumped up, and left with him. He flipped to the very back and raised an eyebrow at this entry. It wasn't in her crazy colors of pen instead it was simple black ink. But most importantly, what was taped to this page. He grew pale.
Today is Christmas Eve and Greg and I are going to my parents. It should be interesting. Chelley is bringing her drug dealer of a boyfriend. Greg likes to crack jokes about him. Well anyway tomorrow I'm going to tell Greg. I have it planned out. Before we go to his parents I'm going to wrap it up and when he unwraps it I'm going to yell surprise. I hope he isn't too mad at me for not telling him for the pass two months. He's just been so busy with school that I didn't want him to stress out about it. I love him so much th-
It stopped there. He guessed that's when he poked his head into their room and asked if she was ready to go. No wonder she slammed the book shut. Taped to the page was a positive first take-home pregnancy test.
Everything then clicked. The dirty looks from some of Katie's closest friends and parents. Her parents looks were more like sympatric than anything else. Katie gaining weight those last two months. Even though the weight wasn't that great, she still looked heavier. He frowned. That's why she passed out on Christmas Eve. Something went wrong during her pregnancy.
How could've I missed that? I should've known something was wrong, but I didn't.
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I hope you enjoyed this chapter. We're almost at the end of this lovely fanfic. I wonder what'll happen between Lilly and Greg?