Hunter X Hunter Fan Fiction / Hunter X Hunter Fan Fiction ❯ hxh contuined from last ep ❯ 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Hey everyone this is my first hunter x hunter fan fic hope you like it leave reviews and enjoy itís a little long it takes place after the last episode so if you donít get some of it then watch the whole series all 90 something

chapter one journey over x life changed x a year

Gon and Killua friends been through everything together since the beginning thought they would always

go on adventures together and live through it until one day

After Gon and Killua found jin freaks jin noticed gon by a quick glance and ran gon said wait but
couldnít keep up.

Gon sobed a little because his long journey was in vain

. donít forget about the card!
Oh ya gon said gon

and they teleported were he was and after a while jin gave up and talked to gon that was one week ago.

Now that gons journey was over killua had no were to go.

What now
What do you mean?

Im mean now that you found your father what are you going to do and what am I going to do?

Why donít we both travel the world .

Ya that sounds great.

A year of travels whent by gon and killua were 13
Read chapter 2 because 1 makes no sense unless you
Read 2