Hunter X Hunter Fan Fiction / Hunter X Hunter Fan Fiction ❯ hxh contuined from last ep ❯ 4 ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 4 awake x reunion x killua
. Killua said what are you doing here
we saw you walk in we didnít know at frist until you bolted down the hall then he saw this
Wait if we all in fuse him with Ďnen he might surive me and gon saved an animal this way

. Ok lets try .beep beep beep beep

. It worked yes hes alive!!. .
The next morning gon woke up with a jerk confused.

Killua said good youíre awake
Were all glad

. Huh whats going on ÖÖ oh I rember now lllumi and you

so im alive .

Yup thatís right

. Leorio ! Wow I havent seen you in a year

. Hey donít forget me in a nice and cofident voice.

Kuripca Youíre here to ahhhhhhhh!!!! Theres a huge line of stitching on my chest !.

Leorio stitched it together

Ya lllumi got ya good ya idiot . but hes not much truble dead is he.

What you killed him how

I donít know power iv never felt before came to me out of rage when he put his hand through your chest


Yup then killua picked you up and brought you to the hospital

Guess you care for me huh killua you saved my life thank you so much frend

Please your embarrassing me

They alll laughed.

But how did you two get here leorio and Kurapica

We were just meeting up this is were my medical school is

Right than me and leorio saw you two rushing into the hospital

Killua was shaking and looked scared [end of chapter 4]
What is it killua