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FATW Chapter 4: Speed Kills...introduction to the battle start
sorry for the long time for an update, been busy on the art front and other things (if anyone is even remotely interested in what art I do, just go never mind...I don't think they would allow me to put up URLs anywho...), not to mention I had put a version of chapter 4 with a writer's meeting that went thru the obstacle coarse and failed as far as I felt, not to mention a blow to my ego despite how I was uncertain about that chapter, I may put it up someday bout doubtful because some car freaks will go over it like black on beans. Not to mention it was indirect bashing on Fast and Furious style cars (I didn't hate the movie but I didn't love it either......)...then again it's the very same case for this re-worked chapter...oh well I suppose...chapter is going to be a bit crappy but it's a first-race chapter and they always are crappy...first times for most things save for few things usually just try to enjoy...enough of my words...just go on and read...please?...4: Speed Kills...introduction to battle start10:25 PM ESTKaris MountainXXU.S.A.Striker Street team vs Stingrays Racing Team1/4 (400m est...) drag race, Uphill mountain run, Downhill mountain runconditions: Best 2 out of 3and drivers- Mazda RX-7 FD3S - 490bhp - Will run uphill- Toyota MR2 GT-S SW20 300bhp... - Will run downhill- Nissan 240SX RPS13 - 500bhp - Will run drag race- Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 - 580bhp - Will run Drag race and Uphill- Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - 330bhp - Will run downhill (note: has yet to actually know he will do so...)close to pitch black over Karis mountain... the mountain itself is fairly rough with dense forest covering the majority of it. Only 2 actual roads have been built on this mountain...and despite some matience, it's rough and coarse, and due to the heavy forest, it's prone to constant debris from the trees, leaves, branches, and sticks sticks, can litter this road making it difficult for normal travelers, and a nightmare for any racer.roads themselves are barely 2 lanes wide, from the top to the bottom, although there are not as many corners as other mountains, the turns themselves are sharp and steep, often blind and sudden, making up for their lack of quantity in quality as far as difficulty and danger were concerned. City planners for the mountain never assumed at the time that anyone would attempt any race here, it's a dangerous road reserved for only seasoned drivers or those who were incredibly cocky or stupid. Infact, most of any 'popular' races were only held at the mountain summit, one of only 2 places across the entire mountain where there is a stretch of strait road long enough to do a drag race. Many seldom ever took on driving the route for the uphill or downhill.for the Stingrays, they hold the 'official' track records for the uphill and downhill. The uphill and downhill records were set by 2 different Corvette Stingrays tuned for each specific run. Exactly what 2 Stingrays was never taken into account at the time. Only Jack Arzan and Michael Jonathan, 2 of the best of the team know that. To this day few ever try to take on the team on these roads due to just how dangerous they are. Most racers and would-be racers just take to the drag strips.however was a different story as 3 racers decided they can take on and defeat the stingrays on all 3 fronts. A German American who went by the name of Jeager, whose name meant 'hunter', who drove a Mazda RX-7 FD3S in yellow and black.course it's no ordinary RX-7 FD3S, externally, it had a lower ride height, a modified rear wing and other external changes. It's paint job of yellow and black was in an extranvangant fashion that looked like something out of a certain movie despite how that movie would not be out for half a decade. Internally, a modified suspension, transmission and engine were also other changes. The FD's rotary engine had strenghed internals and a turbo kit that boosted it's power north of 450 brake horse power. This was at the cost of engine response...he could only use all 490 or so horses at around 6000 revolutions per minute. Same for the torque, and above 5000 rpm was when the turbo kicked in full swing.years Jeager had trained hard to deal with turbo lag, but even with what he had...his car could still be only at it's strongest on the straits...even with his skill, the turbo held him back by a great deal. But up to this point, he had no opponent on the uphill or even downhill who could follow him from start to finish on straits or turns. In the middle of the US, he was considered one of the best if not the best out there. Today he was going to get a rude awakening to the major flaw of his car.downhill spealcist of the strikers is Brandon. Of African American decent like Kile whom drives a MR-2 GT-S or an SW20. The SW20 has a turbo like the RX-7 but is a smaller, less powerful kit compared to the RX-7's, more for the case of downhill running as just over 300 horses are generated just over 6000 rpm. Being a MR, this MR-2 had an advantage compared to most cars and with Brandon's was very fast. Like the RX-7, it had a few changes such as a body kit and a replaced rear-wing, but most changes were forced internally, including a triple plate clutch and racing fly wheel, in addition to a well tuned suspension. Overall a packed nearly perfect for taking on any place as far as he was his leader, he feels he has no opponent too great...but like Jeager, he's going to get a challenge that would make him-re think what he thought before.of American decent drove a 240, a.k.a. the 180 in Japan, his 180, like the MR2 and RX-7 had some extravagant external changes, out of the 3, this looked like a car that would quite need all the external changes that some would call a 'ricer' if they were ignorant to it's heavy modifcations under the hood and elsewhere. It's engine is a 2.0l Inline 4 Turbo, a SR20DET, but not ordinary by any means, a number of heavy internal modifications, including a very powerful and large turbo kit, boosted power north of 500 horses, but this power could only kick into full force approaching the redline. But given how this specific car, unlike the other 2 were tuned to run a drag strip, this would be no addtion...he (and the the other 2) had a dirty upper hand if he ever found himself outclassed in strait away acceleation...a secret that is today known thanks to a movie that would come out just after the turn of the century...least to the masses anyway...the opposing side were 2 cars. One of them was the Corvette ZR-1. Unlike the 3 Japanese cars, this ZR-1 showed as little show as possible and even compromised a bit of it's potential to conceal what it could do. Internally, it's shy of being a GT-1 racer, besides a near bare-bones cockpit, heavy engine modifications to the LT5 5.7l V8 had power cranking over 580 horses near the redline of 8000 rpm. For the rest of the car to handle this, modifications to the drive train and the rest of the structure were made. A racing grade transmission, fly wheel and triple plate clutch were part of the package, in addition to a proper suspension setting perfect for not only the drag strips, but running the uphill for this road.again almost no show, the ride height was lowered a bit and racing quality mufflers replaced the originals, and at the speeds it could reach on even the uphill...would actually require a wing and body kit to keep the car on the ground...least on the downhill...if he ever thought about running a car of such high power down the the least, a body kit would be of some necessary requirement...but since that car was tailored just to run the uphill and drag strip...more emphasis on the uphill...he opted not to have it on this car...not yet anyway...the Camaro Z28... a recent addition to the roster of Stingray cars, a 1994 model, equipped with de-tuned LT-1 motor from a Corvette. Standard, 285 horses stem at just over 5000 rpm, while a bone shattering 324 pound feet come at 2400 rpm, and lasts for a sufficient time, it's high end power combined with low end torque give it incredible response for a giant engine. The only modification so far to the engine has been a racing intake and exhaust system, boasting power just north of 330 horses, and a equal amount of torque increase approaching 380 lf-ft if not over it. Even with it's weight of 3500lbs...and with stock's cornering ability is within the same league as a Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R, regardless of the track it could be raced on.changes included an adjustable suspension set, same for the racing transmission in addition to full customize Limited Slip. The transmission has with it a double plate clutch and a racing flywheel, the original driveshaft is also replaced with a carbon fiber real change has been done to the car save what can't be unnoticed for internal changes, in addition to 5 spoke rims that were black like the car. This was Kile's machine.himself is still a relative rookie even with what experience of cars he has under his belt, he had ways to go, especially with a car he barely had 2 weeks to get accustomed to. Despite adapting quickly...he needed more experience...not just necessarily time wise...but also on impact on undergoing a certain event...father...if Kile did arrive at around 10 PM...would decide if Kile will run tonight or not...and Kile has close to no clue about it...close to 10:30 PM this would have been nearly pitch dark save for street lights at the mountain summit...if not for the a few hundred lights made by various cars, flares, flashlights and other means of illumination as a few dozen cars were parked at the 'meeting' area of the mountain route on one of the 2 stretches of strait road suitable for drag racing. Many of the cars there were import models, namely those from Japan including Hondas (many, many hondas), Toyotas, Nissans, Mazdas, etc... some of them having the 'ricer' look of excessive external modifcations...some of them showing almost none...some of them suggesting they may be 'sleepers' and all else in between... a few models on the other hand were domestics but oddy enough did not get the same attention...many more people were here too...a lot of them in this area...but some deciding to actually go and sit along the side off the road on the route selected for the uphill and downhill runs. There were some suggested spots for spectators known otherwise as 'galleries' and because the Stingrays were the fastest in this area, many came to see how they would fair against an outsider. Due to just how dangerous Karis mountain is, if not for some lights and other things...these people were almost invisible in the depth of the end was the Strikers, their 3 cars and 3 respective drivers waiting...on the other were the ZR-1 and Stingray Corvettes. Jack and John calmly waited just beside their cars...John pulled up his right hand to reveal to his view his watch as it read 10:28...John...!"... Jack called... "You sure he'll be here?"... John merely smiled... "He'll be here." He replied with calm attitude and absolute calmness... and even a bit of confidence mixed with arrogance... as he walked up to ready?" John asked...course..." he replied... " know...I doubt either of those cars will stand a chance against us...the fastest on this mountain perhaps the rest of the world is not you or anyone else but us."blah blah..." John thought... "...we haven't raced no one can say much of anything...espically the challenger. You can't make such a claim. No one can, you can only find out if you race."that supposed to mean?"see."then turned his head nearly the opposite way as he heard the faint sound of another V8 before it got louder...I think our downhill runner has just arrived." John continued with a smirk...Jeager replied confused... as the black Camaro Z28 pulled in...everyone started to stare at the car as it pulled closer to the cars scheduled to race tonight as Kile stepped out. Some all around gave gasps and other comments...he's cute..." one girl said... "...he's young..." said someone else...could barely hear just what they were saying...but at the least it occurred to him they were looking at him and talking about him for a reason as he looked almost dumb foundedly at the challengers before looking at his everyone looking at me?" He started...only smiled... "That's because you're to run the downhill tonight."Due in part to the fact he had close to no idea he would race...this caught him off guard...a second...I know you said before sooner or later I would have to race!?...but..."buts son...just drive you usually do, I promise you wount lose."you searous!?" Chris started...he was not the slightest impressed by the presence of the Camaro...nor was he by any of the other domestic machines...LITTLE punk is supposed to race?..." and breaks into laugher... "...this is a joke right?...he's only what?...18?...and he's going against US?..."Chris..." Jeager interrupted...really think this kid has got what it takes to beat this team?...with a Camaro Z28 of all cars?...he might as well get a Mercedes...both are good only for looks..."Kile thought...those words came back like a well get a Mercedes...both are good ONLY for LOOKS...'struck a nerve with Kile as his eyes suddenly narrowed and anger started to show in his face...I'm pissed!...he's not getting away with that!' he thought to himself...before he could walk over and say his suprise Jack was already in his way stopping him from going even a foot...kid...don't lose your temper, it's not worth the lost brain cells." Jack simply replied...he--"John continued... looked at his father and Jack confused for a second before his his anger stared to the downhill and don't smash up the car. If you don't'll win."sighed... "...alright..." not even sure if he should say anything else as he walked towards his car...the hell he is...he's got some nerve..." he thought as he got into his car... as he was fastening his seat belts... a 6 harnesses as he laid his hands on the steering wheel... "...this is not a bad's a good car...I wount lose to ANY car with this one...espically to close minded idiots like that guy..."was then that Jack walked up calmly to the driver's side of Kile's let you know're going to have to wait a bit...we need to get the drag race over with...then I'll run the will run the downhill...okay?"nodded... "Okay..."few minutes later...the 240 lined up at the starting line along with the ZR-1, both their engines reved...the high pitched wail of a turbo could be heard in the Nissan while a ear splitting shriek was heard from the ZR-1...Jeager walked between the 2 cars just ahead as he put his hands up...start the countdown!" he shouted...seconds!...Ten!...Nine!...Eight!...Seven!...Six!...Five!...Four!. ..Three!...Two!...One!...GO!!!"car's rear tires spun with great speed as smoke was kicked up in the instant felt like forverver as an instant later...both cars were off...both drivers were forced into their seats by the sudden forces as a result of the sudden acceleration...Jack had taken the lead 200 feet down and was nearly a car length away when he got down 500 feet...a second later...he was nearly touching 170mph as he upshifted into 6th gear and the finish line another 430 feet to go...everything was a blur around him with his eyes only concentrated on what was ahed when suddenly...the 240 had suddenly gained more acceleration than the vette and rocked by the car doing well over it crossed the line...and Jack had noticed from the exuast...crimsom blue flames...he immediately braked...feeling his insides want to escape his body, held back by his ribcage...and his whole body held in place by the seat belts as his car came to a stop in a few hundred meters. He waited a second before undoing the belts and getting out. His body still feeling a bit of the after-affects of the sudden acceleration and de-acceleration of the 9.954 second 1/4 mile race as he looks at the 'winner' of the race, Chris as the crowd gathers around him, cheers could be heard all over the cheating little..." Jack's eyes narrowed... " wonder..."instant replayed in his mind as the sight of that 240 blurred by him...must have boosted his horsepower by just enough to out do-my car's acceleration...I hate to see the condition of his engine now...he must have injected a lot of it to have that amount of acceleration just long enough to pass me...I wonder...are any of their other cars tuned in a similar fashion..."old man!" Chris started... with a giant silly grin on his face...Jack on the other hand did not look the slightest bit amused... "How does it feel to know American cars can no longer rule strait roads anymore!? Now you're just out of luck about finding dominance, eh!?" He continued... Jack simply ignored him... and thought about something...know kid...American cars aren't always about the 1/4 mile. Just wait till the uphill and downhill races begin. Then you'll see...your team is only good for the 1/4, and it doesn't matter just where your cars come from." He calmly replied before he got back into the ZR-1 and was busy putting back on his seat belts... Chris looked confused as to what he meant...before he ran over to the driverside just as the engine started...a second! What do you mean?! We beat you just now!"only won the drag race...and that's all your team can do against us. You're going to see what happens when you try to take us on turns kid. and next time when you drag race...put away the Nitrous oxide."Chris could even think of a reply...with a roar the ZR-1 took off as it was on it's way down to the mountain base... Chris looked stunned... "...he knew my car was using N20?...but how?...shit... if he knew...then that means..."the ZR-1 was making it's way down...Jeager had been talking over with someone at the end of the stretch of road with a walkie talkie...and walked over to the has won the drag race." Jeager started... "and Jack is on his way to the base to get ready for the uphill."simply noded...while some of the observers gasped... saying various random words... despite the fact the drag race was only the starting attraction...the real race was yet to come...see..." John calmly replied not long after nodding...figured they would have some advantage...and it was Nitrous oxide..." he thought... "...on the's one thing... on's sucide...if they have any brains...they can only use it on the drag...and on the strait road between here and the base...this may be harder than I thought..." he thought... before he chuckled inside...they can't be that crazy...a win is one thing...a life is something else..."he turned back at Jeager... "Then I will get our downhill runner ready so we can start that race as soon as the uphill is over."with me." Jeager replied as he got into his RX-7 and headed off for the mountain base... the instant John could no longer hear the rotary minutes later...he walked back to his Stingray Corvette and picked up a radio...there with those tires?" He started speaking into it...the mountain was a similar scene to the summit as many were gathered around in a variety of cars...most of them foreign... seaimgly out of place on the side was a white Ford Econoline van. It was white with standard tires, but what made it stood out was written on the side... 'Stingrays'... this was a support van...sitting in the passenger side was a tall his early 30s of Caucasian decent...wearing a hat that concealed nearly all his hair, and had brown eyes. He wore a white shirt with blue genes. He had in his left hand up to his head a radio as those words were received...they're ready." The man replied... "As soon as the ZR-1 gets there, we'll change them and it'll be ready to go."good."also run an engine check just to be on the safe side... tell me...what did you find out about the team so far?"what I can tell?...they aren't joking when it comes to some searous performance. But they are using Nitrous oxide."man raised an eyebrow... "Nitrous?...that's only suitable for--"know...and there's only one strait on either route long enough to use it even besides the summit and base."they even try... it will be harder than we had anticipated to beat them then."know that...but we wount lose."sure this Kile fellow is up to the downhill?"gone up and down this mountain enough times..."this is the first time he's done it with a different ca--"me...he will win."just have faith in your words...well...see ya at the end of the uphill."James, later."man turned off the radio. He opened the passenger side door and got out. Standing there were 3 other men. The other 3 had typical mechanic clothes in blue. All of them were of American extraction like James.the ZR-1 is gonna be here in a few minutes. We simply have to replace the tires and do an engine check. No muss, no fuss. We should be finished in about 2 minutes at the most. Is that clear?"3 nodded...few minutes later... the ZR-1 arrived and was having it's tires changed by the mechanics. Jager whom had arrived a bit later could not help but notice the work done on the car...he stated to have second thoughts about this whole challenge...drag race is one thing but... this team... they act so far like professionals...they had a support van for just this one car. And they treat it like it's the most vauble machine in the world. That driver... I his technique any good... if so... I may have underestimated these guys... but I can't just go and use 'it' point playing dumb...that drag race revealed everything..we can only hope to use that to win... so what if it's nitrous oxide...a win is a win right?" He thought... just as the last tire was put on and the car was lowered back down again off a number of jacks...ready." James said to Arzan...whom was waiting by the VanHe replied as he walked back to his he got back in...he did the usuall routine of fastening his seat belts and making sure everything was in place as he started the car...he reved it a few times before putting it into reverse and backing out slowly... when Jeager saw this...he got into his RX-7 and pulled up to the starting line around the same time as Jack...while Jack simply pulled up with barely a mummor coming from his car...Jeager was revving the engine several times... Jack was not the slightest bit fazed by this... his face showing great concentration...his mouth closed...his eyes narrowed...focused...random man had walked between and infront of the 2 cars...start the race!" He started... "15 seconds!"that said...Jack started revving his engine now...V8 gave off a loud high pitched shriek as the LCD tachometer reached just over 9000rpm before Jack let off the throttle...before he reved it a few's time to see what I can do." Jack thought...seconds!...Ten!...Nine!...Eight!...Seven!...Six!...Five!...Four!. ..Three!...Two!...One!...there we end chapter 4. This took much longer than usuall due to a lot of crap. But it was worth it taking the time to get it done the right way, least for now.aware that Nitrous on a mountain is more or less asking for death... there's only one strait on Karis mountain long enough to use it well on either I figured that would be one way an opposing team would find to try and beat someone they were going to lose against in normal terms ,or simply better said, they lack skill...on the other hand...that was a drag race...but you'll see what I mean in the next chapter. That one will most likely be better than this one for obvious reasons.for any FNF fans out there, I mean no offense, even with the flaws the Fast and Furious Movie serries has and what stuff it's spawned that I'll not bring up for too many reasons, But Nitro or NOS as some would put it is not something you would want to take on a mountain unless a given strait is at least a kilometer long and it depends on the car in question...not to mention the judgement of the driver and other factoring stuff...that... well...I hope you enjoyed this chapter (despite it's length but well...)... and until next time...