Initial D Fan Fiction ❯ Initial D: Watching closley ❯ chapter 1: Akinas ledgend ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The cold wind blow across my face bringing same relief to the big bruise on my left cheek witch I received from Simone (Sayuki). We have been dating for almost 3 years now and she still gets jealous when a girl talks to me (even though guys always approach her)
“I can't believe her, “ Yuri thought to himself as he shifted back down to second gear and heel toed the hair pin (heel toe is a technique used for drifting its when you tap the brake with your toe and push the gas with heel, this lets you slow the car down as well as maintain high RPM). “She always on my back about something stupid”, Yuri pulled over to same vending machines on the side of the road to grab a drink. He looked around and saw a sign reading Mt. Akina “So this is where I am, I was so mad with Simone I didn't pay attention to where I was going”. All of a sudden Yuri heard engines roaring and people cheering, hmm those sound like rotaries he thought to himself I better go check out what is going on. He jumped into his RX-7 FC3S and drove up to the top of the hill. When he reached the top the parking lot was full of people and there was an RX-7 FD3S and a 180 SX head to head at the starting line. He parked the car and walked over to the action, Yuri toke a place at the side lines and listened to what was being said by the drivers ``All right I'm starting the count down”,”hold on a second this is the finish line. There's a car coming”. Buzzed a voice through a two way “bad timing but should we stop the countdown till this guy goes by?” The driver of the FD wound down his window and replied, “what is the point these are public roads there may be cars coming up all night.” Yuri looked closely at the sticker on the back of the FD then at the driver, it was K.T. (Keisuke Takahashi) from the Red Suns. At that point same guy with his head wrapped up wearing NISMO racing shirt (Cole (Koichiro) Iketani) walk over to the to the guy with the two way walkie talkie “wait just a minute that could be!……… ask him what kind of make is it?” “Sure” he replied, he pushed down the button and said, “Start to finish. Can you see what kind of car it is?” everything fell silent for a second then a voice came from the radio “Looks like a retractable compact. Older modal, maybe something crappy. Like a Trueno” K.T. had a surprised look on his face h then told the guy with the two way to ask what color the 86 was “the color. Black and white. It's a panda Trueno. I mean who gives a crap? It's a freaking Trueno.” K.T. and the guy with his head wrapped up looked at each other in amazement, “ITS HERE” they both yelled in sink. Yuri didn't have a clue what was going on “ what the fuck” the mumbled to himself, “ why would K.T., one of the Takahashi brother give a shit about an 86. K.T. jumped out of his car “No, hold the count down lets wait for the 86 to get here” he turned and looked at the guy with his head wrapped up again “I wasn't meant to race this Nissan 180 SX tonight, isn't that right?” the guy with the wrap gave a little smile “ Dead right.” The 180 reversed out from the starting line and park on the side of the road further down.
Yuri was get anxious to see this 86 he went for a walk to find a better view when a GT-R R32 V-Spec caught his eye it had a Night Kids sticker on it. Next to it he over heard some dude with black hair (Zack (Takeshi) Nakazato) Saying “Akina wont win the Takahashi brother are the best no one can beat them.. But our team THE NIGHT KIDS” Yuri knew Zack from way back and he knew that he disrespect for a rotary. He paid no attention to him and kept looking for a spot to watch, when he found one the 86 drove past and on the door was written Fujiwara tofu shop Yuri made a mental note of that name waited silently for the race to start.