InuYasha Fan Fiction / Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Breaking Through the Ice ❯ Chapter 1

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Title: Breaking Through the Ice
Author: inuyashagirl5
Rating: T (Rating may change... Not sure yet.)
Genre: Action/Romance
Pairing: Kagome/Toushiro
Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or Bleach. InuYasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi and Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo. I only borrow their characters for my own amusement and the amusement of the readers.
A/N:  I am not up to date with the Bleach manga. We're going to play pretend with this story and say Aizen is gone. If I happen to use a character that dies in the series, DO NOT tell me, please. Just continue to play pretend for my sake.
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Chapter One

He had been in pursuit all day. Once he had disposed of one hollow, various others popped up in different locations, leaving him to hurry off in the direction of the closest one. He wasn't alone in his duty. He knew Ichigo and his typical allies, including Rukia and Renji, were in other locations all over the city fighting against the same massive hoards, as were numerous other soul reapers. Where the hollows had all come from was the mystery he hoped someone would solve soon. He could feel exhaustion slowly creeping in and if he, as a captain, was feeling this way, he knew the others had to be feeling the burden too. There were just too many and there didn't seem to be an end in sight.
Sighing and scowling, Toshiro cut down the next hollow with ease, it being smaller than himself and not at all fast. Without taking a moment to catch his breath, he was off looking for the next one. It wasn't hard to miss them. Their cries were the only sound filling his ears and their auras permeated the place.
His next targets were found stalking small children outside of their school while they ran around oblivious to the threat. He cursed watching one of them poise to strike a trio of boys. Leaping over them, Toshiro slashed the mask in half cleanly and turned to take on the second. The second was taller, reaching at least two stories high. It had several tentacle-like arms waving about madly as it gauged its opponent. Confident that he had the hollow's attention, Toshiro began leading it away from the school. He couldn't allow it to harm the children and the hollow was clearly eager to devour a much more enormous power like his own.
It hadn't been expecting the hollow to be able to pull its body apart so that more of the arms could generate. It still had its one head, but now that head had three bodies off of it and too many limbs for his liking. It took all of his strength and effort to deal with it and he wasn't even sure he would be able to win, when something else caught the hollow's attention. It turned its head slightly to the right in an effort to find what he had detected. Toshiro could feel it now too. Just along his senses there was something incredibly pure and overwhelmingly powerful. It wasn't hurried, meaning it probably didn't know what was occurring and it was likely a human with a high spiritual aura.
The hollow struck at him first, slicing across his chest and cutting the flesh open. Before it could escape and search out the newer meal, Toshiro used the last of his strength and effort into one final attack on the hollow, freezing it and shattering its mask in one hit.
He coughed and slumped down to one knee. He was injured badly and needed help immediately. He just hoped help could find him.

Kagome furrowed her brow as she walked. Honestly, the day had been a totally awkward and annoying. All day her friends were trying, yet again, to get her to hook up with Hojo and go out on a date. It was the same thing on a different day, but for some reason, today it just annoyed her more. It didn't help that she was feeling off, like some sort of mysterious power was just welling up all around her and practically suffocating her. She wasn't sure what it was, but she was sure it was linked to the muted shrieks she kept hearing.
She had been on edge since shortly after arriving at school that morning and unfortunately, for her friends, she wasn't in a good mood and let it show. She grew rapidly frustrated at her friends and their talk about Hojo to the point she had snapped at them and ended up making Yuka cry. She did feel bad about it and apologized, using the excuse that she was very tired and had spent too much time the night before studying that she didn't get the proper rest. She gave the nurse the same excuse before excusing herself from the rest of the school day. She couldn't stay there and possibly cause a bigger gap between her and her friends, or possibly even make a few enemies. She didn't need that stress when she was home.
Now she was walking home, keeping a close eye on her surroundings. Something was off and she needed to be prepared in case something jumped out at her and tried to attack her. She pressed her senses out, locating many small auras of wildlife or humans with very low spiritual auras. As she pressed further out before her, she gasped as she brushed against a set that were definitely not normal. One was bright and white, a vibrant pulsing of power that was encased with another aura, one that was bluish and dragon-like. The other aura was darker and felt a lot like the manifestation of the feeling she had been dealing with all day.
What ever they were, she knew they were not demons, though the dark aura was similar to Naraku's, but different. Naraku's aura was mostly black, but laced with bits of purple that she associated with his human heart and a tad of pink which she knew was the piece of the Shikon Jewel that he carried. This creature her aura was brushing against was pure black and had nothing but bad vibes about it.
She paused in her steps as both of the auras pulsed wildly before the darker one vanished completely with a horrifying cry and the white one weakened incredibly. It remained stationary and Kagome wondered if she would be able to get a glimpse of just what was ahead. Quickening her steps she hurried forward, racing towards the still weakening white aura.
She stopped short when she saw the younger boy lying on the ground, one hand pressed against his chest and a long sword lying at his side. A pool of blood was gathering under him and staining the white robe he wore. She wasn't sure what he was, but it was clear no one else could see him by how the few humans nearby reacted. Once the coast was clear, she rushed forward and knelt beside him.

Toshiro cringed as the pure aura approached his location, faster than before and he was sure he was about to be discovered by something that may or may not harm him. At this rate it probably didn't matter. He was losing a lot of blood and he didn't think help would come in time.
He closed his eyes as the aura came upon him, though now it seemed altered and he felt a warm sense of calm wash over him. He lifted his eyes as a body knelt next to him and was startled to see a young girl, probably not much older than himself, staring back at him. Her bright blue eyes were full of worry and concern as she gazed at the wound on his chest.
"Hold still I'll help you." Kagome fussed over the injured boy below her. His torso had a long gash across it and his bright aquamarine eyes were wide with fear and confusion. "Oh dear. You're bleeding everywhere!"
There was a piercing howl behind her and her hands stilled long enough for her to glance behind her. Her eyes landed on a small, yet horrifying creature. Its white mask was split in half with a terrible grin.
"Run..." The boy below her groaned and struggled to move, his hand reaching for the sword at his side. She placed her hand to his shoulder to keep him still, her eyes never leaving the creature poised to pounce. "You don't... Don't be stupid... Just run..."
She flinched when the creature leapt from its spot, howling again as it dove towards her and the injured boy. What ever it was, she had no intention of letting it anywhere near them. Claws poised to strike, the creature was blasted to dust as it made contact with the shimmering, pink barrier shielding its intended targets. It was in that instant that Kagome was glad she had been training with Kikyo. She would thank her when she returned to the past.
"I live near here. Can you get to your feet at least and I can carry you on my back?" Kagome asked, turning her attention back to him.
"Yeah." He replied quietly, his eyes never straying from her. Whoever she was, she was immensely powerful. He allowed her to help him sit up and he shook his head to clear the fuzziness from blood loss. He was feeling faint and needed to get in touch with someone who could come get him and bring him back to the Soul Society.
"Hold on as tight as you can." Kagome said as she lifted the boy's sword. The hilt was freezing cold to the touch and she could feel the power it held buzzing along the surface. "You should hold onto this. I don't think I'd be much help to you if my fingers had frostbite."
He tried to stay conscious as she carried him, but before long darkness claimed him and he slumped against her back.
Kagome hurried past the curious eyes of her family and issued out commands. Her mother and brother looked at her like she had grown a second head, but her grandfather moved into action immediately. He ordered his grandson to bring a bowl of warm water and a cloth up to Kagome's room. Souta hesitated, but only briefly. Though he didn't see any physical being on his sister's back, he knew something was there.
Kagome set the boy down on her bed and placed his sword beside him. She carefully pulled the torn fabric of his white robe and the black yukata beneath, surveying the extent of the damage done.
"What is it, onee-chan?" Souta asked as he set the bowl of water down on her bedside table. "I can't really see it."
"You can't?" Kagome was surprised. How was it possible that her brother couldn't see the injured boy lying unconscious on her bed? His aura had to be strong enough for this at the very least.
"It's more like a shimmering... thing. Mom can't see it at all, but gramps can. He's gathering bandages and telling mom to trust him."
"It's a white-haired boy with a sword. He doesn't look much younger than me to be honest. He was injured badly in an attack." Kagome reached for the damp cloth and gingerly wiped away the blood from the wound. "Tell gramps to forgo the bandages and to make some herbal tea instead. The wound is too big for bandages. I'll have to heal it myself."
"Can I watch?"
"After you speak to gramps."
His life was in her hands and Kagome knew now was not the time to doubt herself or her abilities. Steeling herself, she placed her palms over his wound, closed her eyes and pressed her power outwards.
She didn't know how long she had been working on healing him, time often got away from her during these things, but her eyes opened when a cold, calloused hand grasped her wrist. His eyes were open and staring up at her with confusion. She brought her gaze lower to check on his injury, only to find the flesh healed and scar free.
"Onee-chan, do you need something?" Souta asked, startling her and bringing her focus to him.
"Uh... Yes. Water please? Two glasses and um... The tea I asked you to ask gramps to make."
Once Souta was out of her room, she faced the boy still holding her wrist. He was examining her palm intently.
"You are a priestess?" He asked, his bright eyes lifting to meet hers directly.
She gave a nod. "Yes. I am."
"You purified the hollow..." His eyes slid to the side as he recalled the events from earlier. "You could have been killed. Why did you risk your life so needlessly?"
"You were hurt." She defended herself. "I couldn't leave you there. That thing was hunting you."
"It could have killed you." He stressed. "Do you not understand that?"
"This is a terrible way to thank someone for saving your life. You're such a rotten, little brat." Kagome jumped to her feet, content to flee, when her legs gave out and she crumpled to the floor. "Dammit. I used too much."
"Idiot." The boy scowled, but lifted her from the floor and set her back on the bed. "You aren't very bright, are you?"
"You're free to leave, you obnoxious, ungrateful, little..."
He cut her off by placing his hand over her mouth. Still scowling, he glared hard at her. He was being rude and she deserved nothing but respect for risking her life when she hadn't needed to.
"I am thankful. If you hadn't been there, there is no doubt that the hollow would have consumed me. However, try not to be so reckless in the future. It'll get you killed."
He released her mouth and sat back on the bed. He was tired and he knew he'd need a night of rest before he could return.
"Onee-chan, gramps said...” Souta paused inside the doorway of his sister's room and blinked at the white-haired boy on his sister's bed. "Whoa! I can see him now!"
"Set the water and tea on my desk and head to bed, Souta-kun. It's late." Kagome ordered gently. Souta made a noise of protest, but one glare from his sister shut him up.
"Your brother is strong for his age." The boy commented, watching the door Souta had exited through. "He'll make a great priest."
"Soccer player actually. I doubt he'd ever follow in my grandfather's footsteps."
"And you?"
"I have other obligations, and no, I will not tell you what they are. It's complicated and I doubt you'd believe me anyway."
"Hn. That's quite presumptuous of you. It's fine. I do not want to know your secrets anyway, just your name." He said calmly, "My name is Hitsugaya Toshiro."
"Higurashi Kagome."
"Thank you for your assistance, Kagome-san."
"You're welcome, Toshiro-kun."
"I do not wish to burden you for longer than I have to. As soon as I have regained my strength, I will leave." He explained. Kagome could see how tired he was and knew she would need to give him a place to sleep. Her room was out of the question. Her blankets were stained with his blood and would need to be washed immediately and she especially doubted InuYasha would like showing up and finding an unknown male in her bed. Though he had made his choice and chose Kikyo, he was still fiercely protective of her.
"I can set you up downstairs in the living room." She moved to her feet slower this time, but she had enough strength to move. His hand on her elbow steadied her, though his eyes wouldn't meet hers. It was a kind gesture of help and she was already reassessing her initial thoughts about his attitude. Perhaps she was wrong and he wasn't a jerk?
Her mother stared at her as she reached the bottom step. She looked concerned and Kagome felt bad for making her worry.
"There is still some dinner left if you and your guest are hungry. Do you need me to get anything for you?" She asked.
"Spare blankets and a pillow please? I know you can't see him, but he really is there. He's only staying long enough to recover his strength."
"Your mother has no spiritual aura at all..."
"It's from my father's side." Kagome said over her shoulder, and then cast a quick, apologetic smile at her mother.
"Alright, dear. If your friend can eat, then you should do so. Food is energy after all." Her mother smiled as she walked away, moving to the linen closet to get the extra bedding supplies.
"Are you hungry, Toshiro-kun?"
He scowled at the affectionate tone to her voice. She was treating him like he was a kid. But, he was hungry and he supposed, for now, he could deal with her treating him as such. It wasn't like he was going to be there long.
She motioned towards the kitchen and he followed after her. "Have a seat. I'll make you a plate."
She set his plate and a bowl of rice before him, and then set her own down in front of her seat. He thanked her, and then readily dug into the food. He was starving from the blood loss so he made short work of the food, much to Kagome's amusement. Her giggle didn't amuse him much though.
"What are you laughing about?"
"Nothing. Nothing." She waved her hand dismissively. "Would you like some more? There is more than enough left."
"Yes, please."
She refilled his plate and bowl of rice. This second course he ate slower and Kagome felt now was a good of time as any to ask some questions.
"Where are you from, Toshiro-kun?" She asked. He stiffened and she knew he was going to be difficult.
"None of your business." He scowled again and she wondered if his face knew any other emotional expressions. "It's best you know nothing."
"Who gave you the right to decide what is best for me?" She asked calmly.
"Why do you have to be so stubborn?"
"Why are you avoiding my question?"
"I told you. It's none of your business where I am from. Leave it be."
"Fine. Then at least tell me what you are." She demanded and as expected, he opened his mouth to protest. "Nu-uh, Toshiro-kun. Tell me, or I'll purify you from existence."
"You're bluffing."
"You don't know me very well."
She had him there. He didn't know her very well at all. She didn't seem like the type to harm someone for such a ridiculous reason. The way she spoke to her family, the way she had rescued him and endangered herself, it told him that she was kind and protective. She was, he guessed the best word would be, motherly.
"I am a soul reaper, but that is all you are getting out of me. Quit asking questions." He rose to his feet, taking his dishes to the sink.
"I was wrong again. You ARE a brat." She mumbled mostly to herself, but he heard her clearly and glared hard at her. She rolled her eyes and gathered her dishes. They could wait until morning to be washed and she still needed to change her bedding and get it into the wash.
The couch was already made up for him and he was thankful to be able to get some rest and get away from her. He would only sleep for a short while and then be on his way. He didn't need to stay any longer than he had to and he was already almost at one-hundred percent. A little nap would do him good.
"Thank you again, Kagome-san. Goodnight."
"Goodnight, Toshiro-kun."
She left him alone and as she was reaching the door to her bedroom, she could feel his aura relax. The boy had been more than just tired. He had to have been exhausted. She smiled softly to herself, and then went about changing her bedding. She too was tired and she knew it would only be a few hours before her hanyou friend would be at her window, ordering her to get her backside out of bed.
Sleep came easy for her thankfully, but her dreams were less than pleasant. Various white-masked creatures circled around her and a woman with hair as blue as the sky. She couldn't hear a thing, but the creatures circled them over and over again, never moving closer.  She turned to watch the other woman, taking in her tall, lithe appearance. Her silver eyes were what stood out the most.
"Listen... You have to..."
Kagome couldn't understand what she was getting at. Her words were fragmented, making it difficult for Kagome to grasp what she was trying to say.
"Dammit, wench. Get up." InuYasha gave her a slightly more forceful shake, startling Kagome awake. "'Bout time. I've been trying to wake you for twenty minutes at least."
"Inu... Yasha?"
"Who were you expecting it to be? Get up and get a move on. We ain't got all day."
"Fine. Fine." She muttered and sat up. After a yawn and a stretch, she got up, disappeared into the bathroom for her normal morning routine and then gathered what they would need on the trip.
As they reached the ground from her bedroom window, neither noticed the multiple sets of eyes watching them from afar. Toshiro frowned seeing the unusual male leading Kagome away further onto the shrine grounds.
"Is she the one who saved you?" Rangiku asked, watching the pretty girl as she walked away.
"Yes, but I do not know who that male is." Toshiro shrugged. It wasn't any of his business. "Let's get back. I have work to do."
Toshiro gave one last look in Kagome's direction. Though it was none of his business, he wished her well and hoped she took his words of caution to heart.
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