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--Reality and Truth—
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Last Time;
Shaking her head, Kagome looked over at Gibbs. “If you are so determined to get yourselves killed, then so be it. You will probably just continue to chase after the killer anyways, so it's much safer to work together on this then separately. I'll see what I can do.”
Gibbs nodded, pleased that he got Kagome agree. This way, they could have each other's back and no one would be on their own. He smirked. “You got yourself a deal.”
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--The Truth… or not?--
This Time;
Kagome walked out of the building and out of the Navy Yard, heading for her motorcycle. Trying to keep down a yawn she shook her head vigorously.
She couldn't wait till she could get some much needed sleep…
Sadly she still had five more cameras to plant around the alleys if she really wanted to study whatever demon was killing.
Kagome grumbled as she climbed on her bike, mentally cursing Tony and Gibbs half-heartedly.
Because of them she was going to lose even more sleep…
And she still had to make up a flawless cover story for them too…
The actual truth wasn't an option… Sesshomaru would shit bricks if she spilled the beans on the whole `demons really do exist' thing.
Damn did her life suck right now…
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--Two Days Later; Monday--
At 0700 sharp the elevator doors to the floor open and Gibbs stepped through with a blank face. Coffee cup in hand he rounded the corner of the bullpen as he strode over to his desk and sat, bringing his cup to his lips to take a sip of his coffee as soon as he settled in.
Before his tongue could even taste the liquidly hotness his phone rang.
He paused, eyes narrowing in irritation before setting his coffee on his desk to fish his phone out of his pockets. Without bothering to look at the caller id he flipped it open and put it to his ear. “Gibbs.” He said curtly. This better be good or else…
Ziva and McGee, who got in before their boss, peered over at him curiously, wondering if they got a new case.
Gibbs' eyes flashed in anger as he listened to the person on the other line. “Yea, we're on it.”
Pushing back from his desk he stood and grabbed his coffee. “Gear up, `nother Marine was found.” Digging into his pocket, he tossed some keys to McGee. “Gas the truck.”
McGee blinked in shock… it wasn't everyday he was chosen to drive, usually Tony... “On it boss.”
Curving around his desk he passed Ziva as she went to pick up her bag. “Call up Higurashi. Tell her to meet us. Maybe we can hear what she's allowed to tell us by now…”
Ziva's head snapped to his and nodded swiftly as she pulled out her cell.
As Gibbs reached back to the elevators he didn't even have to press it as it already opened.
Striding in, he pushed Tony back against the wall when he tried to exit. Reaching over to press the button, he leaned back and glanced over at the surprised face of his senior agent. “Don't bother, `nother marine was found. We're goin' now.”
Tony's mouth formed an `o' as the words registered. His head jerked forward as the back of his head was slapped. He winced as his boss' gruff voice entered his ears.
“You're late.”
Gibbs leaned back, smirking. He took his first sip of coffee that morning, and he mentally sighed in content. His smirk grew as he heard his agent's response.
“Won't happen again boss.”
Kagome was already there when they arrived and she waited at the caution tape, arguing with the police officer.
“Look, I know I don't work for NCIS, but I'm working with them on this case.”
The gruff, middle aged officer looked at her. “Where's your badge?” He demanded.
Kagome had the decency to look nervous “I don't have one…” she looked away.
The officer raised his eyebrow skeptically. “Identification?”
Kagome fidgeted. “Look, I don't have anything on me, just my cell! I was jogging when this happened! Just lemme through!”
She was telling the truth too, she didn't usually walk around in sneakers, a skin tight spaghetti strap tank, and jogging shorts. Not exactly work attire.
Gibbs chuckled as he weaved his way through the crowd, overhearing the Asian woman's voice. As he reached to caution tape, he pulled out his badge and flipped it open to show the officer.
Kagome blinked in surprise. “Gibbs…” she muttered. Her eyes flashed as she remembered her previous argument. “This guy won't let me in! Tell him I'm working this with you guys!” she pointed a finger of accusation at the other man.
Gibbs held back a chuckle at her childish behavior. The other night she was a cold as an ice cube…
The officer looked at him expectantly.
Smirking, he nodded over to Kagome. “She's with us.”
Gibbs lifted the tape, and gestured Kagome to go first. Nodding her appreciation, she walked through briskly and went straight for the dead marine.
The officer gave him an apologetic look. “She didn't have any ID sir; there was no way I could have known.”
Gibbs chuckled again. “Don't worry, she can get that way sometimes… you know, women…”
Kagome stalked over to the body and she noticed the NCIS Medical Examiner with the victim, along with who she presumed, was his assistant who was currently fiddling at the side with a gurney.
Kagome lightly touched the older man's shoulder and smiled timidly. “Hello, I'm Kagome Higurashi… you're Dr. Mallard, correct?” she said calmly.
Ducky blinked in surprise when he saw the young woman approach and speak to him and he raised a wry eyebrow at her chosen attire. “Hello Ms. Higurashi… and yes, right you are, I am Dr. Mallard, but please…” he grasped her hand and planted a gentlemanly kiss in greeting. “Call me Ducky.” He said in a light English accent.
Kagome giggled softly. “Pleasure to meet you Ducky.” She responded brightly.
Ducky grinned. “The pleasure is all mine my dear. Now what, may I ask, did I do to have a beautiful gal such as you grace my presence?” he acquired curiously.
Kagome smiled, laughing lightly. ” You may…” and her smile turned into a frown as she gazed at the victim behind Ducky. “I'm working with the NCIS team that is in charge of this case.”
Ducky blinked in shock, obviously not quite expecting that. “Is that so? That doesn't sound like the Jethro that I know…”
Kagome furrowed her eyebrows, what was that supposed to mean? She asked him. “What do you mean?” confusion was clearly evident in her voice.
Ducky only chuckled at the girl. “Oh, it is just that… Jethro has quite the reputation of not `Playing' well with others…”
Kagome snorted, and grinned at him. “I think that's an understatement… Ziva is the one who called me in. This is probably just a test to see what I can actually do.”
Ducky smiled. “Most likely you are right… it reminds me of this time back in the day when I was in medical school. We had this group that tested various people who they thought deserved to join the little faction. Granted, the tests were little more… extensive and vulgar that yours of course.”
Kagome raised a curious eyebrow. “Really? How so?”
Ducky's eyes lit up at the fact that she was actually interested. “Well,” Ducky chuckled slyly. “Maybe I shouldn't go into detail right now… it's not exactly the place...” he motioned to the dead body.
Kagome nodded solemnly. “Of course Ducky… may I?” And she stepped closer to examine it
Ducky's eyes widened. “Oh no, please, wait until I remove the body and then you can look for any evidence. No woman should see this... not one such as you.” He said firmly, gently grasping her shoulders.
Kagome looked softly at the man. She couldn't help but be reminded of her eccentric grandfather… even down to the stories he told, the again Ducky wasn't as eccentric as Jii-chan of course... “Dr. Mallard, I have seen more gruesome things than this, my eyes aren't as innocent as they used to be…”
The statement surprised him, but at the same time it didn't. He may be old but he wasn't blind to the ancient look in her eyes, the one that expressed that she has seen much in her life, and it wasn't all good.
It was the dim light in the eyes that only showed when much horror and death has been witnessed. When numerous terrible things played out in front of them, and it was inevitable to take part in them and be helpless to stop them.
It was the dim light that he sometimes saw in Jethro… and ever rarer, Ziva…
Ducky gave her a sad, yet understanding smile and nodded sympathetically. Sighing, he stepped back, releasing her, but not before giving her shoulders a soft squeeze. “If that is what you wish my dear, you cannot blame an old man like my self for trying…” he told her solemnly.
Despite the sudden depressing turn their conversation took, Kagome found her self laughing lightly once again. “Of course not Ducky, not even five minutes of meeting you I can already tell you're a gentleman with a big heart.”
Her response was a charming smile and Ducky nodded, gesturing her to go ahead.
Kagome bent down to take a closer look, making sure not to touch anything to not meddle with the evidence. She was thankful her hair was put in a bun before she left her hotel this morning.
Tony and McGee walked onto the crime scene bickering at that moment and stopped in their tracks as they came upon the scene of Kagome with her rear sticking up in the air, swaying as she moved to look around.
Ziva, who was walking behind them and tuning out their argument, crashed into them. She stumbled back. “Why did you two stop all of a sudden?” she asked crossly.
The only response she got was the two men cocking their heads as they gazed at Kagome's ass and long legs even more.
“Pigs…” Ziva muttered in disgust. “I work with pigs…”
They made no move to protest. The even agreed, giving a non-committal “Mhmm…” “Whatever you say…”
Ziva's gaped at the audacity. “You two are pathetic. We are at a crime scene for goodness sake. Not necessarily the right place to ogle someone's ass and pick out some girls…”
“It's ogle… Ziva…” McGee murmured in awe, his head turning the other way as his eyes were mesmerized with the new view of pale creamy legs and shapely rear. A dreamy smile was on his lips.
Tony was definitely no different. “And it's check out… or pick up… either way it's right, Zee-vah…” His blue-green eyes roved up and down Kagome's figure shamelessly, a perverted smirk played on his mouth.
Ziva's eyes narrowed quickly and she punched the both of them in the gut. As they bent over, groaning in pain, Ziva leaned over and hissed in their ears. “It is especially not the place when it is my friend and she alsoknows how to killyou two in eighteenways with a paper clip courtesy of me.” She threatened them before turning on her heel and walking over to said friend.
That shook them at of their fantasies, and they straightened up, McGee slightly embarrassed, but DiNozzo not even the slightest fazed. “For some reason, I have this strange feeling of being turned on by that little fact… what about you McGoo?” Tony commented breathlessly.
McGee didn't even take notice to the nickname. He nodded unconsciously, the image of his previous attention still fresh on his mind. “Yea…”
Tony's hand reached up to the camera on his neck and he fixed it on Kagome, and pressed the button.
The shutter clicked as it took the picture and a grin spread on Tony's face as he made a mental note to get a copy.
Gibbs came at that moment and head slapped then both as he walked by. “Stop acting like a pair of hormonal frat boys and get to work. McGee, bag and tag. DiNozzo, photos.”
As Gibbs continued to walk on he didn't bother to turn his head back as he spoke. “Oh and DiNozzo? You better hide that picture real good or I will have your balls for Higurashi to get on a silver platter.”
Tony winced, and he nodded even thought Gibbs wouldn't see it. “Duly noted boss.”
Gibbs walked up behind Kagome, studying her as she examined the victim. “Find anything unusual?” he murmured to her, an analyzing gleam in his ice blue eyes.
Kagome glanced over her shoulders at Gibbs voice, before backing up to let him take a look. “Nothing really. By the amount of slashes this man has, this was done by the same perp.”
She continued. “His hands are clear so there's no sign of a struggle really. Was probably caught off guard.”
Kagome took a delicate sniff, and picked up some things other than the metallic aroma of blood that made her face scrunch up.
Blinking she looked around and her eyes narrowed as they landed on something further along by the wall of the building.
Walking over she couched down to look at her find, the team staring after her.
A cracked bottle with the distinctive smell of alcohol.
Seeing this, McGee and Tony walked over. Tony took pictures for evidence and McGee bagging it once he was done.
Distaste crossed her face and she stood back up, glancing back to the victim. She saw a trail of blood, streaks on the ground. Look against the wall her eyes squinted as she spotted faint hand prints.
Hearing more fluttering click sounds of a camera made Kagome turn back to see Tony taking pictures of the source of the other smell she picked up by the entrance of the alley. Pot. And there where more blood trails down there too.
Kagome watched as Tony finished and went on taking photos of the blood and smears as McGee bagged the pot.
Heading back to Gibbs she spoke. “Looks like he was drinking and smoking marijuana when he was either dragged in or just walked in. Dropped the pot when he was first attacked, stumbled to the wall and tried to get away.”
Glancing at the position the man was in she continued. “He went on walking, using the wall to keep him up and dropping his beer in the process, dragging himself more before he collapsed here and died shortly after.” She shook her head solemnly… this killer needed to be caught soon.
Gibbs actually made a slightly pleased grunt before walking off to Ziva, who was taking statements from the person who called in the murder. He hid a small smirk by drinking his coffee.
Ducky glanced up from his spot by the body of the victim. “Very good deduction my dear. What agency are you from?” he asked curiously.
Kagome gave him a polite smile. “Not one from here.” She went to explain how she came to be here.
By the time Gibbs came back, Kagome's just finished her story and Ducky checked the body temp by the liver probe as he chattered away. “This reminds me of this one in the Scotland Yard where I-“
Gibbs smirked and cut in smoothly. “To the point Ducky… TOD?”
Ducky blinked before letting out a small chuckle. “Always straightforward you are Jethro. Judging by this man's temperature, I say he hasn't been deceased for more than two, two and a half days.”
Gibbs frowned but nodded, and Kagome's eyes flashed.
Thankfully, nobody noticed…
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Abby Scuito walked into the squad room with disappointed green eyes. Striding into the room her combat boots clomped and the chains hanging from her black and neon green plaid skirt jingled. The shredded fishnet fabric from her soft shaping gray shirt with scattered skulls flowed freely in the air, along with strands of her pitch black hair pulled up in pigtails. In her finger gloved hands she tightly clutched a manila folder, the rings she was wearing gritting together.
Her emotions were going haywire as they conflicted in her mind. Stress, frustration, defeat, loss. Damn it! She didn't know what to do!
She couldn't believe it! Science was the one thing she rocked at. She was pretty much the best! Always figuring out even the smallest things. But this time, she was beat by her own game, and damn did it just suck.
Was it her fault?
It had to be!
She couldn't find one piece of evidence that linked to something. This killer, whoever he was, was clean as a whistle, hell even cleaner. It was like he was nothing coming from nowhere. Only thing he left was a partial fingerprint, and it wasn't in any records, not in AFIS, Interpol, police records. Dammit nothing!
Nothing else on the marines' uniforms had anything that could link to something. There were no poisons, drugs, unknown substances of some kind. No unaccounted blood or DNA. There was nothing that linked the victims together except the fact that they were marines. Ages, genders, life styles, positions, they were all DIFFERENT.
The only thing that she could come up with was that the killer was just targeting whatever marine they landed their sadistic eyes on.
And now she had to give Gibbs the sucky news of how she, yet again, didn't find a spec of anything that could help the case. She dreaded this part of the job, really.
She rounded the corner of the bullpen she was looking for and stopped in her tracks, puzzled.
Who was that?
The whole team was gathered around a Japanese woman, and said woman was reprimanding Tony like some little kid who got caught sticking his hand in the cookie jar.
Abby smirked, she liked this woman already.
She walked up behind Gibbs and McGee, and tapped them on their shoulders. They turned to direct extremely amused eyes at her. Abby gave a pointed glance to the unfamiliar woman. “Who's the chick grilling Tony?” she said, grinning.
McGee grinned back at her. “That's Kagome Higurashi, she's a friend of Ziva, who called her in to help with the case.”
Abby's eyes widened in excitement. “She can help?!” she exclaimed.
Gibbs just gave her a shrug. “I'm not too sure, but Ziva sure thinks so… all I'm sure about is that she knows something…” He didn't think to mention that she tracked down the killer… it could have been a fluke for all they knew…
Abby cocked her head at Gibbs, her eyes narrowing in thought, before waving it off. “I'm sure she could help, especially if Ziva called her in. She wouldn't have bothered if she thought otherwise!” she reassured Gibbs.
Gibbs shook his head at her. “Don't get your hopes up.” He warned her.
Abby smirked at him. “Too late!” and she bounded over to Kagome to greet her.
Abby crashed into her and gathered her into a hug. “I know you don't know me and I don't know you but I am so happy you're here to help us out! We sure need it!” Abby exclaimed.
At the contact Kagome's eyes widened in complete shock, and gaped at her. It wasn't everyday you get randomly tackled into a bear hug with some unknown woman.
As Abby's words clicked in her head though, she grinned and patted her back in response to the hug, laughing. “Ahhh, so you must be Abby, the Forensic Scientist... I'm Kagome, and I'm happy to help out.”
Abby released Kagome and stepped back, grinning as well. “Ziva told of me? Awesome, we can skip the detail introductions about me then! But what of you?” she prodded hyper, before she took a closer look at Kagome.
After leaving the crime scene this morning Kagome went back to her hotel room to change. Today she went for the more casual look again, but this time she was wearing a dark red fitting shirt, fitting grey jeans, her dark navy sneakers, and her black hoodie that was left unzipped. Her nails were painted black, and she wore a long chain around her neck with a crescent pendent hanging on it.
Kagome did the same thing, taking in her outfit.
“Nice threads.” They commented simultaneously, before their eyes blinking in shock. They smirked at each other and laughed together.
Tony stared at the two women in surprise. “Those two could be sisters… Higurashi is like an Abby double.” He muttered to McGee.
McGee cocked his head, appraisingly. “Hmm, I guess so, but Kagome seems mellower than Abby though.”
It was true, Abby went more out on her clothing style than Kagome, who wore her clothes more toned down and comfortable. But they had their nails painted black, wore dark toned clothing, had tattoos, and they didn't miss the numerous piercing Kagome had on her ears. And you could tell they had some similarities in their personalities, though.
Tony nodded. “True… she's kinda hot too if you didn't notice, nice bod, pretty face... exotic you could… say…” he trailed off as he got the sinking feeling that Gibbs was behind him, looking down at him sternly.
Tony turned around to discover that yes, he was right. He chuckled sheepishly. “Hehe, hey boss…” he offered weakly. He was already wincing, waiting for what was coming next.
Gibbs gave his senior agent his `Gibbs Stare' and head slapped him. “Stop fantasizing on the job, DiNozzo.” He said gruffly.
Tony looked forward, not daring to look at Gibbs at the moment. “Stopping boss.”
The sound of snickering caught his attention, and looked back over to the two black-haired women, and his eyes narrowed. “What are you laughing at Higurashi?”
Kagome lifted up a thin eyebrow at him, before walking over to Ziva's desk, deftly ignoring him as she pulled Abby with her.
Tony's eye twitched and he walked over their quickly, coming up from behind Kagome. Leaning over he whispered in her ear. “I asked you a question Higurashi, I expect to be answered.” He picked up a piece of her hair that out of place.
Feeling her personal bubble was invaded, Kagome tensed and her hand shot out to catch Tony's wrist, tightening her grip on his wrist painfully so that he released her hair.
Whipping around, she somehow twisted Tony's arm behind his back and Tony found himself face first against the top of Ziva's desk.
A heated whisper swayed into his ear. “I thought I warned you To-ny… I have no qualms about kicking your ass. Try that again, you'll find yourself on the floor.”
Not one to let someone else have the last word, he responded. “Hopefully with you on top, right?” he piped up despite his uncomfortable and vulnerable position.
He was surprised when he heard a soft sly laugh. “Maybe… I do like to be the one on top… it's a favorite position of mine… and dominancy does happen to run in my blood…” Kagome trailed of suggestively.
Tony swallowed thickly at that. He wasn't expecting that kind of answer… and neither was DiNozzo Jr. “R-really now…?”
Kagome smirked, and looked up to Abby who was grinning crazily at her, trying to hold in her laughs, and Ziva who had an eyebrow raised at her friend. Kagome winked and leaned towards DiNozzo. “Yea… it makes it cleaner for when I slit their throats…”
She grinned as Tony tensed and she shoved him against the desk for good measure as she got off of him.
Tony shot up to look at her, and scowled at Kagome when he realized she was just kidding by the grin she wore. Rubbing his face, his eye glided to Ziva, who was smirking. “You taught her that didn't you?” he asked accusingly.
The two women only grinned mysteriously, and Kagome walked over to Ziva, her eyes glittering with mirth. “Oh yes… that and more…” she trailed off and grinned seductively at him.
She wrapped her arm around Ziva suggestively, and Ziva, her smirk growing as she realized what Kagome was doing, played along. Tilting her head against Kagome's shoulder, she smiled at Tony. “Yes, we became very close back in Japan… it was only natural we taught each other a thing or two.”
An amused snort escaped Abby's mouth, and her hands flew up to her lips as she held it in.
McGee grinned at them, his green eyes sparkling like a kid that just got his favorite ice cream cone; he loved it when he wasn't the one getting messed with.
Gibbs smirked at his team and the tag-a-long, Higurashi. This girl really knows how to work people's buttons, even Ziva didn't go that far… and she usually settled with death threats.
Tony gulped at the scene the two made… and he could feel his pants tightened considerably. He held back a groan… he was definitely going to be blue-balled the rest of the day if they kept that up.
Kagome couldn't hold it in anymore, the look on Tony's face was just priceless. Giggles spilled out of her mouth and she broke away from Ziva to cover her mouth as she let out her laughter.
Abby was giggling along with her; she really did like this gal! Anyone who can make Tony fluster was alright in her book!
Ziva was snickering at Tony's discomfort… she knew how their little stunt affected him…
Their laughter was cut short as their heads received a sharp slap courtesy of Gibbs. “Don't encourage him…”
The two women froze, before Ziva shook her head in amusement, the smirk back on her face; she was used to it.
Kagome however was a different story, never having been head slapped. She turned unbelieving wide eyes over to Gibbs. “Di-did you justslap me?” she asked incredulously.
Gibbs only raised a graying eyebrow at her. He didn't need to state the obvious.
Kagome gaped at him, before she pouted cutely. “I'm not even on your team…” she muttered to herself quietly.
Tony snickered at her, happy that he wasn't the one that got head slapped this time.
Gibbs actually let out a chuckle at the scene she made. “You're working this case with us, which makes you a temporary team member.”
A sharp call from an authoritative voice from above made them glance up suddenly.
“Agent Gibbs.”
Kagome blinked at the older, elegant red haired woman coming down from the stairs, noting the way her green eyes shifted from herself and Gibbs repeatedly.
From the way the woman carried herself Kagome could tell she was confident and brave, the way she eyed Gibbs and herself so boldly spelled out assertive.
From what Kagome could deduced, this woman was either the boss of the place, or Gibbs girlfriend, lover, or wife… maybe an ex of one those…
Any one of those would do perfectly really...
“Director Shepard.” Gibbs' voice was neutral in his greeting.
Kagome blinked. Ah, the boss.
How fun.
“Who's our guest?” Jenny's voice was curious, but it held a suspicious undertone.
Kagome didn't mind, she understood actually. Stepping up, she bowed in greeting. “Gomen- ahem, I mean, sorry. My name is Kagome Higurashi, a pleasure to meet you Madame Director.” She furrowed her eyebrows when she saw the winces from the others, and Gibbs' small smirk.
Ziva came up behind her and whispered in her ear. “She hates being called Madame.”
The confusion cleared up from her face. “Oh…” she mumbled, and gave a nervous laugh. She looked up to see Jenny give her a tight smile. “Sorry again, I didn't know…”
Jenny nodded. “It's fine Ms. Higurashi. May I inquire as to what's going on?”
Kagome blinked yet again. “No one told you?” She looked around to the others who happened to look anywhere but her. Lovely.
Turning back to the Director she saw a raised eyebrow and shrugged. “Well, I guess I'll tell you. I'm here to help on a case really.”
A look of mixed and surprise crossed the woman's face. Jenny turned to look at Gibbs. “Was anyone going to tell me about this? Jethro?”
The smirk on Gibbs' face grew, and he held up his hands in mock surrender. “Hey, don't look at me. Ziva was the one who called her in.”
Now shock was the only evident emotion on Jenny's face and she turned to her friend. “Ziva?” she prompted patiently.
Ziva threw a cross look at her boss before giving the explanation of Kagome's presence.
Once finished, Jenny had a thoughtful look on. “Do you have any idea what's going on?”
Kagome went to answer but was cut off by Gibbs. “Yea, did you find out what you're allowed to let us know yet?” he said with disdain.
Kagome mentally twitched and she frowned. “That was unnecessary Gibbs. You should know how things go, you have your boss and I have mine. And to answer your question, yes.”
Gibbs narrowed his eyes, and grunted.
Jenny sighed. “What he means is, may you elaborate?”
Kagome let an amused smile cross her features. “Of course. “ She stepped back, leaning against Ziva's desk and arms crossed as she pondered where to start. “Alright, what's been happening here corresponds with gang or cult related activity over back in Japan.”
None of her features changed as she lied flawlessly and kept a neutral face. “The red eyes, the use of knives, killing and dumping the bodies in the alleys, and the randomness of it all. Have you noticed how all the victims have nothing in common but being enlisted in the Marines?” she questioned quietly.
The skeptical looks being thrown her way told her they didn't believe her one bit. “You're tellin' me that this is all being caused by some gang?”
Kagome glanced over at Gibbs calmly. “I take it you don't believe me?”
A loud snort was her answer.
Kagome shifted a bit and let out a sigh. “Look, it's the same thing that attacked Ziva back in Japan. This gang, or cult, group, whatever they are… they zero in on authoritative, government centered figures. “ Another lie. “At first even I didn't think it was possible, since this originated in Japan, but maybe they're trying to spread out and build up numbers and influence.”
Kagome took in their reactions and silently patted herself on the back when she saw McGee, Abby and Ziva believing her. Tony was starting to and Jenny too. Gibbs was the only one who really seemed to see through her act.
The man shook his head firmly, eyes fierce. “No, this just doesn't feel right. It seems too… neat.” He grimaced at the choice of words.
Kagome had an answer for that already. “This gang is very well trained in what they do. Leaves no evidence and kills in the cover of night. They're like assassins, but they don't have any specific hits, just do what's available. Then again it could even just be a person separated from the gang, someone who had to leave Japan but couldn't squash all ties.”
Jenny nodded slowly. “It is plausible…” A thoughtful look crossed her face. “Since you could have just said this over the phone if it was only information you could offer, I take it you have other reasons to be here?” she carefully deducted.
Kagome nodded. “I'm here to help track whoever this is down. I know the patterns, how they go about, and among other things. These guys are dangerous and let's just say I've been specially trained…”
Taking the hint Jenny nodded. She wasn't going get anything else out of the other woman, and since Gibbs wasn't arguing about Kagome's presence, she'll trust him like she always has, Ziva too.
“Well, I hope to have this case wrapped up ASAP. SecNav is constantly checking up and I would love to say something other than `We're working on it…” Jenny murmured, before checking her watch. “Ah, well I have a meeting up in MTAC. I trust you'll keep me a little more updated Jethro?” There was a hidden threat behind her overly sweet tone.
Gibbs only gave a taunting smirk. “Of course, director.” He said casually.
Jenny's mouth quirked up into an amused smile and shook her head. She walked up to Kagome, and held out a hand. “It was nice to meet you Ms. Higurashi, I am relived to see we have someone with your expertise working on this case, though I do hope you'll stay in one piece during the investigation.”
Kagome shook her hand. “It's just Kagome, please.” Thinking back to the rest of what Jenny said she couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. “Should I be worried…?” she asked slowly.
Jenny's eyes twinkled before releasing the other woman's hand. “Only of Jethro…” she confided before turning to leave.
A small chuckle escaped said person's mouth.
Before leaving the bullpen Jenny slowed and looked over her shoulder. “And if you insist, then call me Jenny, Kagome…” And with that went upstairs up to MTAC.
Once she was out of sight Gibbs turned on Kagome. “Speaking of tracking, we're gonna have to set some rules for you if you're gonna work this case with us.”
Kagome frowned; she didn't like the sound of that. “What kind of rules?” she said sharply.
Looking between her boss and friend Ziva backed away slowly, as if she was in the presence of some killer animal. Tony and Abby noticed and followed suit, seeing her wary expression, and Abby had to tug McGee along with her.
Gibbs gave Kagome a long hard stare. “The kind where you do nothing without us. No nightly slips to track the killer unless you have backup. No going off to do something without telling us. No-“
Kagome cut him off. “Basically no doing anything on my own? I'm not sure if you've noticed Gibbs, but I'm not someone to be put on a leash.” Her eyes were flashing wildly.
Gibbs scowled. “Really now?”
Pushing herself off from the desk Kagome marched up to him and looked up at him square in the eyes. “Really. You're the one that wanted me working with you guys, not the other way around. I'll work with you but I'm not letting you have free reign, we're equals on this, you got that?”
Gibbs had a gleam of amusement in his eyes. “Sure.” He said simply. “But I stand by you not going after the killer yourself, got it?” he told her with a look that said he wasn't going to back down.
Kagome met his look unflinchingly. “Fine, but when we catch this person, dead or alive, they're going back to Japan with me. That way if they're not dead yet, they will be over there.” `And they won't be able to find out about demons either…'
Gibbs wasn't fazed, he only shrugged. “I just want to catch the bastard; whatever you do to him afterwards ain't my business.”
Relief rushed through her and she smiled. “Wonderful…”
Having other things to do, Kagome left soon after for her hotel.
Once gone Gibbs turned his full attention on McGee who had his eyes glued to his computer screen.
Feeling the sense of someone staring down at him, McGee ripped his eyes from the screen and straightened up almost automatically when shocked green orbs met contemplative blue. “Yea boss?” he rushed out.
A small snort slipped from Ziva's mouth as she tried not to laugh, and she looked away.
Tony grinned outwardly though. “Why so jumpy McScaredyCat?”
Ziva hid a grin. Poor, poor McGee.
McGee gave him a scathing look. “Shut up Tony.”
Tony's grin became wicked. “Oh but I haven't even started-“
Gibbs glared at Tony. “Shut it DiNozzo.” He warned.
Instantly Tony's grin turned down to a mix between a frown and a pout. “Right boss.” And he turned back to his work on his own computer, only to glare across the bull pen at Ziva when she started snickering.
Gibbs turned his attention back to his other male agent, before getting up and walking up to his desk. Looking away in the other direction of his other agents, Gibbs spoke to McGee quietly under his breath. “McGee, think you can find some information about gang or cult activity in Japan? See if anything matches up with what we got?”
Furrowing his eyebrows McGee stared up at him in confusion. “Why?” the word slipped out before he could stop himself.
Gibbs turned his head sharply to give him his signature stare. “Can you do it or not McGee?” he asked in a slightly harder tone.
Blinking, McGee hurriedly answered. “Of course, there's got to be something on the internet.” He turned his attention to the computer, typing furiously.
Gibbs smirked. “Good.” He looked away again before continuing. “Just don't tell Ziva and Abby…” His eyes narrowed suddenly. “…or Tony for that matter. Just keep it to yourself.”
McGee paused in his typing suddenly, and looked up at Gibbs with an anxious look. “Then what do I tell them?”
Gibbs gave him an exasperated look. “You're an agent McGee…” he trailed off as he turned to return to his desk. “Figure something out…”
McGee stared after him and mentally groaned when his eyes trailed over to his other teammates, noticing the curious looks they sent him.
Ignoring them he went back to work, hoping they wouldn't bother him…
;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; -;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-
Keys jingled slightly as Kagome worked on opening the door to her homely hotel.
Grinning when she heard the resonating click she entered the darkened room with the urge to just jump on the couch, stretch out, and just relax.
Imagine her surprise when she saw the dark blur of someone already occupying it and feeling the familiar presence of a demon hiding their aura. Setting up an invisible barrier and slipping into a defensive stance she called out in the dark. “Who are you?” her voice was neutral but sharp, holding no emotion.
Eyes shot open and all Kagome could see was gleaming amber before she felt a force ricocheting off her barrier from behind.
Turning, Kagome let out a surprised gasp. “What the…?!”
A groan filled the following silence and Kagome stiffened when she heard footsteps.
Soon a click was heard and light filled the room and a surprised gasp slipped from Kagome's throat, followed by a more shocked, strangled one.
;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; -;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-
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