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--Reality and Truth—
;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; -;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-
The agent tried to find the best way to phrase this... “You better get to the Navy Yard quick boss… There's something you should see…”
;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; -;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-
--At 0500h--
It was an unusual morning for a certain Special Agent, Timothy McGee. Instead of coming into work around the usual 0700h, he came in a couple hours early to get a head start on the backload that surely piled up in his two day absence.
He entered the poorly lit Navy Yard, listening to the repetitive tapping of his feet as his eyes strained to see ahead in the darkness. He tugged on his jacket in response to the chilly morning cold.
He took a deep breath through his nose and blinked before he suddenly gagged. Stopping short with a disgusted face, he looked around for the ranking stench that wafted into his no plugged nose.
When he finally looked to his left, he stumbled back in shock.
There was a bench.
And on that bench was a decapitated head staring right at him with blank, lifeless green eyes. Three red, deep slashes contrasted deeply to the blue pallor of the skin on its right cheek.
In mortified amazement McGee came closer. Neatly folded in front of the head was a note taped to the bench.
Sliding off his gear, McGee dug through his backpack and pulled out some gloves. Quickly putting them on he gingerly reached forward to pick it up. Unfolding it, he read it carefully, and his eyes widened in response.
McGee looked up sharply, scanning what perimeter he could see to make sure there was no one suspicious around the vicinity. Satisfied with the vacancy he looked back down to the note. He came to a decision.
He needed to call Gibbs, and fast.
Pulling out his cell in record time he pressed speed dial and waited for his boss to answer.
The ringing stopped.
“Gibbs,” came the standard greeting.
McGee swallowed thickly, not exactly wanting to be the one to tell his Boss the bad news... “Uhh… boss…?”
McGee heard a grunt come from the other line. “What is it McGee?” Gibbs' voice was demanding.
“Well…” McGee's throat became dry as he tried to talk.
Gibbs growled into the phone. “Dammit McGee,… just spit it out will ya?” His tone was getting curt and irritated.
McGee took a deep breath as he locked eyes with the blank, lifeless ones staring back at him. He stared at the decapitated head, just sitting there on the bench before him, before glancing at the scraggly, messy writing in blood on the piece of paper lain before it.
`Congrats! Congrats! You found the first piece.
. . .
Now let's see if you can find the rest...'
The agent tried to find the best way to phrase this... “You better get to the Navy Yard quick boss… There's something you should see…”
There was a slight pause before Gibbs grunted gruffly. “Be there in ten.” Click.
McGee sighed in relief as the phone hung up. That went better than expected…
Slipping the phone back into his pocket, McGee looked at the note again, studying it once more before turning it over. He swore under his breath. “Damn…”
Piece I
. . .
`I know what you're doing…'
`Now what is that supposed to mean…?' McGee thought silently before pulling out an evidence bag and bag and tagging it.
He knew he'd find out sooner or later…
;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; -;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-
--NCIS Headquarters: Navy Yard—
--At 0800h--
Kagome jogged through the Navy Yard, one hand clutching her visitor badge while the other was rubbing her sleepy eyes. She was dressed up in a loose white coat, plain, long-sleeved green shirt with fitted brown sweatpants. Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun and her backpack was slung loosely across her shoulder. She looked as if she just woke up.
As she approached, her eyes took in the scene of numerous agents, some with dogs and all moving in frenzy. Loud orders were being shouted out urgently, something to do with finding something… that there were still three pieces left out there…
Kagome furrowed her eyebrows, both puzzled and curious…
While noting these observations, a hand suddenly reached out to grab Kagome's shoulder, halting her in mid-step.
She reacted out of pure reflex.
Her hand shot out and gripped the offending appendage as she whipped around fluidly in an attempt to knee the other person in the stomach.
Her attack was halted abruptly as a strong arm gripped her knee securely, less than an inch from her target.
Kagome's eyes widened with start before flickering up to glance at her `attacker'. Sapphire eyes flashed with surprised recognition.
Looking down at her with a dry eyebrow, raised in both amusement and slight intrigue, was Gibbs. A hint of a smirk expressed from the minute tilt of his lips.
“Jumpy?” he queried in a low whisper, studying her intently.
At his in-depth stare Kagome blushed self-consciously, even more so as she noticed the painfully close proximity between them.
Before she could utter a single word, a wolf whistle was elicited from behind.
“Oh-ho… getting frisky with the boss huh?” a joking voice called out to them, tone filled with delight.
They turned to spot Tony grinning wildly at them, eyebrows shrugging perversely. Next to him Ziva could be seen covering her mouth with a palm, obviously hiding a smile by the way the corners of her eyes were crinkled.
Gibbs forced down a chuckle and settled with sending a warning glare to the man. There was an edge of entertainment in his gaze that only his agents could spot after working with him for so long.
Kagome narrowed her eyes though before attempting to lower her knee to step back, only to find it still being held captive by Gibbs.
She turned her head over to give him a flat, pointed look and he chuckled lightly in response before releasing his hold.
Finally able to move freely, her knee lowered and she backed away to a more reasonable distance. She dusted herself off, brushing off only imaginary dust.
As if a light bulb flicked on, Kagome froze. A coy smirk came onto her face.
Peering at Gibbs from the corner of her eyes, she smiled innocently at Tony. “Actually, I'm more interested in older men Tony, if you were really curious…” she commented offhandedly.
Completely baffled, Tony looked at her with his eyebrows shot up, a little weirded out to say the truth. Ziva just blinked as her mind processed that… interesting piece of information.
Behind Kagome, Gibb's narrowed his eyes slightly. “Do you now…” he murmured under his breath.
A small smile spread out on her face as Kagome simply rolled her eyes. “I'm only joking… it's kinda an inside joke back home… you guys probably wouldn't understand…” she gave a light laugh, shaking her head.
Right…” Tony drawled out, peering at her suspiciously.
Kagome let out a small sigh. “Oh, hush.” She surveyed the area once more and waved a hand gesture to it. “So what's the commotion all about?” she challenged, her eyes taking on a more serious glint.
Once again, a voice spoke from behind her. “Special Agent McGee discovered something of interest on his way in…” the voice was sharp and feminine.
Kagome's eyes widened instantly. “Is he okay?” she blurted out in concern, turning around to face the director.
Jenny stared at Kagome with dry green eyes. “Physically? Yes. Mentally? He's a little spooked… but considering the circumstances, that's understandable. At the moment he's handling himself quite nicely.”
If you watched closely, Gibbs' crystal blue eyes flashed in pride for just a millisecond.
Kagome sighed a little, slightly relieved with that, before her eyes narrowed. “What exactly did he find…?” she asked, curious and a little apprehensive. With things going on how they've been, anything would have been expected.
Before anyone could answer, an English-accented voice called out. “Look there Mr. Palmer! We have received our own meat puzzle right here at our doorsteps. Thankfully this time it is quite simpler than our last…”
“Meat puzzle?!” Kagome repeated dumbly, turning to stare incredulously. Her brain registered the rest of Ducky's sentence. “Wait, wait, wait… last time?!?” she exclaimed, bewildered.
Tony grimaced and shook his head slowly. “You don't wanna know…” he assured her.
Kagome studied him curiously, before shrugging slowly. “…O-Kay then... well, meat puzzle huh? Anyone mind explaining…?” she drew out, giving pointed stares to the three agents in front of her.
Tony and Ziva shared looks but Gibbs answered mysteriously. “Why don't ya just see for yourself?” He turned sharply and began to walk away with only an arm in the air to indicate them to follow.
Kagome's face was blank as she gazed at the scene in front of her.
On a gurney was a body, or what they've found of it so far.
Apparently by the time she got there the crime scene pictures were already finished with, and were now continuing on with the search for the rest of the body parts.
The parts that were laid out on the gurney were the decapitated head McGee found; along with it was the left leg and torso. The rest remained missing at the moment.
`Well… that explains the dogs then…' Kagome Thought fleetingly, her mind still off on the drift as it attempted to wrap around what she was witnessing…
This whole case was getting out of hand way too fast…
Kagome's eyes flickered to the side and she saw Gibbs and Ziva studying her intently, one with critical eyes and the other' curious respectively.
The gears churned fast in Gibbs' head as he watched the Japanese woman closely. Most people shown a sight like this for the first time would have had a variety of reactions: anger, disgust, revulsion, horror, fear, shock… the list went on. They would pale, gape, gasp, gag or even cry at the mere first glance…
What no one noticed was the way his icy calculating blue eyes narrowed as he watched Kagome's reaction to the meat puzzle…
Or better yet, Kagome's lack thereof…
“What else have you found? I assume there was something else to tip you off to believe that the head McGee found wasn't the only body part in the vicinity…”
Kagome stared up at Gibbs seriously, her eyes sharp and biting; her tone was direct and to the point.
Whoever this demon is, it needed to be caught soon. Whatever it is, it was getting brave and cocky…
This demon was taunting NCIS… and for what reason she didn't know…
For what reason, would a demon want to mess with the Marine and Navy police, in the first place? It didn't make any since unless there was no actual reason.
Gibbs nodded shortly to her question. “DiNozzo!” he barked out loudly.
Hearing his name said in the `no-bull shitting' tone, the male turned around abruptly. “Yes boss!” he automatically shouted back, looking at him attentively.
“Fill Higurashi in and then go help with the search.” He ordered, giving both his agent and Kagome a nod before making a beeline to the Director, obviously to discuss something important if the face he was making was any indication.
DiNozzo nodded eagerly and turned to finish talking to the other junior agent he was speaking to before his boss called to him. In less than ten seconds he was bounding over to the curious woman.
Slipping a lazy arm around her shoulders with a carefree expression edged with a hint of seriousness, he guided her away. “Sooo… along with the 'present' left for us, McGoo found a little note from our mysterious killer's truly. There was a segment of a message in it… and from what it said; it was only one out of six…”
Kagome blinked and turned her head slowly to stare at Tony, only to find him staring back with a sheepish grimace.
Ziva stalked through the Navy Yard, cocoa brown eyes catching every miniscule movement, breathing through her nose quietly so she barely made any sound at all.
Her eyes zeroed in at every little detail possible, leaving no are unchecked.
A small glint of white glaring at her in contrast to the earthy foliage that surrounded it caught her eye and she froze.
With an emotionless look on her face, she took two strides up to a bush and crouched. When she pushed away some branches, one of the missing arms was revealed to her.
She only took one deep breath before calling out. “Gibbs!”
At her voice, the team all gathered around to find what she discovered.
By now, Kagome was helping by taking crime scene photo's, Tony had the job of bagging and tagging anything he could find, and Ducky was waiting for them to be finished so he could take to leg to the gurney.
McGee was still out there continuing for the search for the arms; which is what they will be doing once they were done.
After Kagome took a picture of the note that was tied to the thumb, she read the front out loud first. “Ding, ding, ding, you found the second prize…”
Her voice was filled with disgust as she read it. She unfolded the note.
In it with the usual bloodied scrawl was another segment of the message. “-… And you should know…” this time, Kagome's tone was confused. She looked at the others.
The rest of them shared the same expressions.
Turning the note over, she examined the back. “There's a Roman numeral number on here… two, which I'm guessing means the second note…” she murmured.
Kagome glanced around. Upon seeing no one but the team she tossed Ziva a questioning look. “Did you find that by yourself…?” she asked.
Ziva nodded curtly. “Yes, I saw it peeking out from under the bush.”
Tony stood up straight and grinned. “You mean sticking out…” he trailed off before letting out a chuckle. “Who needs a search dog when we got ourselves a super duper ninja of our own?” his eyes twinkled teasingly.
Gibbs closed his eyes in exasperation and his hand twitched, itching with the urge to deliver a head slap to his senior agent. Next to him, Jenny rolled her eyes.
Very slowly, Ziva turned to shoot a brutal glare at her partner. “Shut your wrap, or I will do it for you…” she threatened in a low, drawled out whisper.
He held in the urge to correct her, eyeing the hand that was inching to the hidden belt knife secured on Ziva's waist instead.
He valued his life very much.
Back with McGee it appeared that he had his own little discovery on his hands…
And just his luck too… it was his second for the day.
There was a tinge of green hinting at his cheeks as he stared in morbid distaste at the last arm- which was for some reason tied to the trunk of an oak tree…
His eyebrows furrowed in bewilderment. “Why would…" he shook his head, sighing slightly.
He really didn't want to know…
Resignedly, McGee reached into his pocket to fish out his phone to tell his boss of the news.
Before he hit call, a thoughtful look crossed his face. And then a sly expression took over.
Why call the Boss, when he could always call the next best choice…?
Smirking slightly, McGee pressed speed dial for Tony's number and then call. It only took less than two minutes to inform his `superior' of his location and what he found.
Letting out yet another sigh, McGee took out the camera and started snapping pictures.
As he opened the little note conveniently tied in a neat little bow on the pinkie, his eyes narrowed in half-irritation and the rest anger.
In the middle of the frenzy, a red haired woman standing tall and proud observed the happenings occurring around her.
The sound of barking and someone calling out her name had her turning around curtly, her eyes sharp as she searched for the person who spoke.
“Director Shepard! Director Shepard!!” said director's eyes landed on a young woman- someone Tony would classify a `Probie'- as she jogged towards her boss. Her hand was wrapped around a leash as she led the dog with her.
Raising an elegant eyebrow, Jenny spoke. “Yes Agent Healy?”
Swallowing lightly, the young woman pushed down her nervousness. “We found the last leg…” the woman trailed of at the Director's stare turning sharp in response.
“Show me.” She said curtly, making the other agent `eep' softly in response. Jenny's eyes softened at the frightened agent. “Please led the way, Agent Healy…” she asked softly.
The young woman nodded swiftly and began walking.
Unseen by anyone, Jenny's small fists clenched in anger as she followed her agent to the leg.
Jenny stared blankly at the arm that was dangling by a rope off the limb of a tree. Her eyes fluttered to a close as the distinct feeling of displeasure and anger washed over her.
This killer had the gall to play and taunt them?
When they found this bastard…
She let out a sigh and her eyes trailed over to the note tied to the big toe with blood stained thread. When she read it her eyes only flashed in confusion…
Everyone waited as Abby worked on getting the crime scene photos up and running on the plasma.
When she was done, she spun around and stared at them. “Alright, as Major Mass Spec is busy analyzing the rope and paper used for the notes, we can go over the photos. What first?”
DiNozzo strode over to the plasma, “Well, we already have his prints in AFIS to get an id, Ducky's in Autopsy with the body… so all there is, is to figure out how this guy even got into the Navy Yard in the first place…”
From her desk, Ziva spoke. “I have talked to the guards at the entrance; no one unauthorized entered the premises. No suspicious activity was noted. Any agent that did enter from between last night and when McGee found the first body part can be accounted for by the cameras inside the building.”
“And none of the camera's set outside captured anything out of place. It was all done out of range, so it's someone stealthy enough to get pass security and sneak in here and knows where the cameras are to plant the body parts without getting detected.” McGee finished up.
Gibbs scowled unhappily. "So basically we got nothing."
His team fidgeted nervously.
Abby though shook her head earnestly. "Not at all my silver fox!" she gasped out. A finger was pointed up into the air. "Actually, since the killer so kindly numbered the notes up, we can finally read the whole message and finally see what it... said..." she trailed off weakly at Gibbs' brutal stare.
"You think the killer was kind enough to leave us the order for the notes with the body parts he chopped off from our John Doe." he drawled out slowly, his ice blue eyes narrowing on her.
Abby went rigid. "Of course not!" she argued, her innocent green eyes flashed slightly.
"That's not what she meant at all Gibbs and you know that!" McGee was quick to defend Abby as he frowned at his boss, forgetting it was Gibbs he was speaking in that way to...
Gibbs turned on him. "And I also know that I wouldn't give a crap if the killer sent us step-by-step instructions and a freaking map to find the body parts. I just know that when we find him he's either getting a death sentence or my bullet in the middle of his forehead. And the first one's only the last resort."
"Hey. Hey. Hey!" Kagome exclaimed suddenly, stepping up between the two males. "We're frustrated, we all get that, but it's no reason to turn on each other!" she reprimanded them as if they were children. Her eyes stared them down, regardless of the fact that she was shorter than them.
McGee looked away from her guiltily and Gibbs only huffed in anger. But still, they calmed down.
Kagome sighed in relief as Tony and Ziva stared at the three with wide eyes.
This woman just yelled at Gibbs...
And survived...
Gibbs took notice that it was oddly quiet... too quiet for a squad room in NCIS. He turned around to glare at the innocent bystanders and agents that happened to be near to watch the explosion. "What do you think this is? Recess? Back to work!" he barked out at them, sending them scrambling.
Unbeknownst to them, Abby sent McGee a fond and grateful look. McGee smiled in response, blushing slightly.
Tony cleared his throat. "Higurashi is right... Abby can you put up the photos of the notes?" he asked since she was the one controlling the remote.
Abby blinked before nodding quickly. "Yea.. Yea of course I can." She pressed a button and the pictures began to pop up. "Here are the six notes... if you line them up you get this."
The words on the screen made Kagome go unnaturally stiff. Her eyes widened with alarm at the bloody scrawl.
The warning bells were ringing in a flurry in her head. Her heart clenched painfully.
Wench... she hadn't been called that since the Feudal Era anymore... nobody in modern Japan actually still used that word...
Whoever this killer was... they knew her and they knew she was here...
Whoever they were...
...they knew her from back in the Feudal Era...
;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; -;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-
“What are you doing now?”
Kagome jumped slightly and whipped around. Her eyes widened considerably as soon as they landed on the last person she'd expect. “What are you doing here?!” She hissed out at him. “You're supposed to be sleeping!”
It was one o' clock in the morning…
In front of her, Tony only gave her a blank stare. “You're one to talk.” He gave her a pointed look.
Earlier he had passed out around midnight after the long day they had. He didn't mean to- he had just wanted to rest his head for a minute, let his eyes shut for just a second and then he would have gotten back to work.
He conked out the second his eyelids fluttered to a close. After that no one woke him up.
Could you blame him? And them? He'd been pushing late nights this whole and after going on the puzzle hunt anyone would be wiped.
But after Kagome had left for `her hotel for the night' as she had said in a little note on Gibbs' desk, he woke up to bad feeling settling in his gut. Seeing that no one was there at the moment he looked around to find that Kagome's belongings were gone from the office. And then he saw the note...
The bad feeling only intensified from there.
It was only pure luck that when he jumped up and grabbed his coat to leave he found out that she was just about to leave the parking lot as well. From there he was able to follow her…
Kagome's eye ticked. "Go away!" She ordered shortly and albeit a tad childishly.
Tony only rolled his eyes as he stepped forward. "No, not until you tell me what you're doin'." he retorted, keeping a serious blank face.
Kagome glared at him, her eyes flaring hotly with irritation and slight anxiety. "It's none of your business!" she put out quickly.
Tony stepped forward again, his eyes narrowing. "The hell it ain't… you're going after the killer by yourself again, aren't you? I thought we agreed on no more late night suicide missions." His voice was frustrated, exasperated, and just plain angry at her stupidity.
Couldn't she see what a psychopath this freak was?! He was taking down marines as if they were the pins at the end of a bowling lane. She could get seriously hurt...or even worse-- killed.
Oblivious to the concerned ramblings running through his head, Kagome opened her mouth to retort. She didn't get a chance as Tony cut her off, his eyes widening suddenly in alarm.
“Shh!!” he told her hastily, looking past her sharp, searching eyes. Then his eyes locked with hers. “Did you hear that?” he asked her gravely. His body was tensed as his gut was doing flip flops like it was an amateur gymnast.
Kagome blinked, utterly confused. Her eyes flooded with worry. “Hear wha-“
"What the fuck was that?!” Tony exclaimed, shock written all over her face.
Kagome released her aura, checking for any demonic aura but she couldn't find anything. Though something did feel wrong she pushed it aside as her annoyance returned.
Kagome narrowed her eyes, thinking he was playing with her. But his earnest expression of shock was still there. Holding back a sigh she started to turn anyways to see what he was talking about just so he would calm down. “What are talking abou-“
She didn't get to finish.
“Watch out!”
The sudden yell came from Tony as he dived towards her and tackled her to the ground. A dark blur flashed above them; something glinted in the darkness
Kagome gasped and looked up at Tony incredulously. “What the hell are you doing?!” she demanded harshly, her eyes turning to slits.
His response had her tensing. “Someone's here.” He whispered quietly, looking to the side. He looked down at her. “Are you okay?!” he asked anxiously, scanning for any injuries.
Kagome's eyes widened at the concerned question, and she stared deeply into his blue-green eyes. “Yea…” she mumbled softly, stunned. She could feel her heart racing…
Whether it was because of their little tumble or because of their current position, she wasn't exactly too sure…
She never saw this side of him, a more serious, concerned side…
A whipping sound in the wind caught her attention. “DiNozzo! Move!”
His head whipped to the side and his eyes widened as he saw something sharp come after him; he pushed himself off the ground to dodge it.
He managed to avoid a serious injury, but whatever it was grazed him at his side. “Ughh!” he gritted out as he hit the ground with a thud.
Kagome shot up. “Tony!!” she sprinted over to him. “Tony! Are you ok!?” She exclaimed worriedly, her hands automatically going to the wound at his side.
Her eyes softened with relief as she discovered although it was slightly deeper than she would have liked, he would survive until he got a chance to get fixed up.
It didn't mean it would hurt like hell for the time being...
Tony blinked his eyes open. They were glazed with slight pain. “You… you called me Tony…” he mumbled, more amazed at the fact she called him by his name other than the fact they were being attacked.
Kagome rolled her eyes in exasperation. Apparently he wasn't hurt that bad. “Don't move…” she muttered crossly and she turned around and stood. She glared out and around, searching for the attacker. “Show yourself, you coward!”
Tony's eyes widened and he jumped up, grabbing her shoulder and twisting her around. “Hey! Don't do that!! We need to call for back up!" he whispered roughly, his eyes looking past her to keep watch.
Kagome ignored him. Instead she grabbed his hands and pulled them off to turn her back to him again. She focused on her current priority as she closed her eyes and felt around her.
Her eyes flashed with fury and realization. That's why she felt that wrong feeling instead of any demonic aura...
The little bugger was hiding it from her- and still was. There was a feeling of emptiness, of a void that teased at her senses. Her spiritual energy flared wildly in response.
Tony's eyes widened as a bluish-white sphere encased them. In his stupor, he stepped back into the wall, sliding down it as he remembered his earlier pain; his hand trailed down to grasp his waist.
Before long, something hit the sphere before bouncing back, causing a cackling sound. “Kagome! What the hell!”
He was even more shocked when Kagome turned around with her eyes glowing the same color. “Stay here where it's safe, I'll handle this…” she said in a calm voice, almost soothingly.
Now, he thought he was crazy when Kagome's hand went to her side and grabbed onto what seemed to him to be thin air.
Then he came to the conclusion that he just had to be hallucinating.
Because there was just no freaking way he'd just watched her pull her hand back to reveal an image of a sword suddenly shimmering into existence. It was impossible that he saw the sharp blade glinting in the moonlight.
But when he saw how serious and fierce Kagome's face was, and the way her knuckles turned a suspicious tint of white as she clutched to the hilt as if it was a lifeline, he knew he wasn't...
“What are you…?” Tony asked slowly in awe and Kagome's eyes flickered back to her original sapphire for a moment. They seemed to contain sadness… and hurt?
Kagome spoke to him in a cold voice that surprised him… he hadn't heard her talk to him in that tone for a while. “I've said it before… I know many things that you would never dream of…”
And with that she jumped out from the barrier and swung her sword with confident grace.
He sat there stunned and when a clang rang out into the night air he was jolted out of his shock.
He came to a quick decision…
He needed to call Gibbs and the team.
He pulled out his cell phone and watched Kagome fight against something he couldn't see with his own eyes while he flipped the cell open and pressed one for speed dial.
He was surprised he wasn't officially freaking out at the moment.
The first ring didn't even get to finish. “Tony! Where the hell are you?
Tony winced at Gibbs' demanding and threatening tone. He could practically hear the head slap in his boss' voice. “I'm in an alley, the one two alleys down from where the first two victims were found.” he held his breath for the biting response.
Tony heard a dark growl. “I'll be there…" The agent grimaced slightly... wait for it... "Oh, by the way, how big of a dumbass are you?! What were you thinking, going off alone over there?!?
Tony held in a pathetic sigh. “I'm not alone… I'm with Kagome…” He mumbled carefully as he spoke to his boss in a delicate tone.
He wasn't disappointed when he got the response he was expecting. "Well what the hell are you two doing?! Playing grab-ass? Or trying to get your-selves killed?! It better not be either if you favor your most prized possessions." The last sentence was uttered with such deadly calm that there was no doubt to Gibbs' threat.
Tony grimaced and his other hand drifted from his side to a lower placement. “I saw her sneaking out and I followed. We need back up, something … hinky has just turned up…” he didn't know how else to phrase it…
Gibbs voice promptly turned tight. “Explain.
Tony shook his head “…you have to see it to believe it Gibbs…” he warned slowly.
For a moment there was silence. “Where's Higurashi?” he went on
Tony's eyes slid to Kagome, who was still fighting some invisible opponent. Or at least it was to him. “She's… a little occupied boss… playing samurai if you want to be more precise…”
His eyes lit up suddenly and he grinned as he got lost in thought. “ There was this samurai movie I saw once that this brings to mind, it was `Sanjuro' made in '62 starring Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune… it actually inspired Clint Eastwood's character… you know, “the man with no name”? It's is the western version of the samurai character, wasn't really a great movie when you think about it but it had some decent fight scenes…”
Tony took the time to look thoughtful for a second. “But the real thing is much better though, you should really see Higurashi go at it… she's a pro… and makes for a hot samurai…” a familiar perverted grin crossed his face.
The only thing he got back was a click, signifying that Gibbs hung up.
It didn't matter really, Tony didn't hear thanks to the fact that he finally saw who Kagome was going against.
The sharp glinting things that hit him? Yea, it wasn't a knife like he thought…
It was nails… or more like claws. Tony swallowed thickly at the sight.
Blood red eyes with indigo slits were glaring out at Kagome. Fangs protruded from thin lips.
This, this thing wasn't human… and since Kagome wasn't even the least bit fazed he was pretty damn sure that she knew that this was exactly what they were dealing with… not a Japanese gang.
Yet he realized something… no matter the fact that he had no idea what the thing was… he couldn't let Kagome fight it on her own.
Yep, he was freaking crazy.
Gingerly, he got up slowly as to not grab the fighters attention. It wouldn't do to distract any of them just yet- especially Kagome.
He crept his way towards the shimmering blue whit wall, and put his hand to it, feeling it. It felt… weird… like clean, good… pure maybe?
He shook his head momentarily; it didn't matter at this particular moment.
He pushed his hand against it, seeing if he could get through. He blinked as his hand passed with ease.
A grunt caught his attention. His head snapped up to see Kagome backed up against the wall, her sword tossed a good ten feet away from her and her hand clutching her side as her jaw clenched painfully.
Tony looked for the other guy, wary. He cursed and ran towards Kagome. “Kagome!” he shouted out warningly.
Kagome's eyes shot up and she looked ahead, ready to block but noticed that their assailant's attention wasn't on her any more.
No… its red eyes were pinpointed on an easier target; DiNozzo.
“You idiot! No! Back in the barrier!” Kagome blurted out in dismay and started to sprint over to Tony before the demon got him.
The demon saw this and went in for the kill with a triumphant, guttural snarl.
Tony froze and his eyes widened unnaturally. Only one thought was prominent in his mind `Oh shit…'
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