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--Reality and Truth-
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She let out a tired sigh, one filled with regret. "And now you know why I tried hiding this, why I tried discouraging you all from working the case. It's nothing you've ever seen before, nothing you could have imagined and it could seriously kill you."
Her tone was bleak, and the Kagome they were so used too when she worked with them the past couple of weeks was replaced with the same cold, stoic woman that reared her head in the interrogation room so long ago.
The room went silent, the team stayed there, absorbing the information.
Demons? Existing? Was it really possible?
Was it really a demon responsible for all of these killings?
And to what end? For what reason would a demon have for killing off marines?
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For Gibbs, all of this was rubbing him the wrong way. Skepticism was pounding through his veins as he regarded Kagome's silent form, observing as she carefully watched the others' reactions of her 'tale'.
From one view point, he could see the reasoning behind the secrecy; if word ever got out to the existence of such creatures...well, can you say panic and riots galore?
But then again, she'd already hid so much before; what's to stop her now? Throughout the whole investigation, she genuinely seemed to work at finding the culprit. If not for last night, they would still be oblivious to the truth.
Her fear and concern for their safety from this killer seemed so real the - but were the feelings authentic, or merely a flawlessly constructed facade?
Or was she just three cans short of a six-pack...?
It was as if she was playing a game of pick and choose, withholding information until it was absolutely necessary to spill.
But the game would stop now, whether she liked it or not.
He was not going to let the lives of his team dangle on a piece of thread; they already gave the Grim Reaper the finger too many times as it is, they really didn't need Kagome's help in an early death.
Obviously, he had to make sure this wasn't just one of her ruses.
"And why should we believe you now?" Gibbs demanded seriously.
They all knew that by 'we' he meant himself of course...
From his position behind the couch, and therefore Kagome, Tony's eyes flickered between the two embodiments of stubbornness and secrets.
He crouched slightly, leaning forward, his breath caressing Kagome's ear and making her stiffen lightly. "You should know that Gibbs' trust is hard to earn and just as easy to lose - not exactly something you should really play with." he informed her under his breath.
Gibbs narrowed his eyes at him and Kagome turned to give him a flat stare.
"Duly noted." she retorted in a dry drawl before turning to the senior agent in charge. "I'm telling you the truth this time." she replied to his earlier question, looking into the icy depths of his eyes unflinchingly.
Unfazed, Gibbs merely crooked an eyebrow at her. "And how do we know that?"
Kagome only stared at him, chin jutted out stubbornly. "You don't."
Abby, who was watching this exchange with great interest, suddenly cocked her head, her green eyes flickering brightly with realization. " you said 'that's why I'm here'...?" she trailed off, eyes narrowing curiously.
Tony followed up, right on the beat. "What exactly did you meant by that?" he asked slyly, catching onto the slip.
Kagome groaned, realizing her grave kept on getting deeper and deeper. "This is what I do; it's my job - to take out any and every demon disturbances to protect the existence of demons. As a priestess, I can...sense demons. I have training, as well as the abilities to destroy them without...a trace." she explained reluctantly, her eyes closing in brief shame.
It wasn't as if she was proud to be practically trained as a killing machine.
Ziva narrowed her eyes. "But I was the one who called you here."
Kagome nodded. "I know. At first, I was hoping it wasn't demonic because we usually pick up on it and crush it before it gets out in the open or too serious. Usually one of our contacts is supposed to report any unusual activity. My job is purely a...countermeasure approach, and rarely active compared to many others."
Tony raised an eyebrow. "A countermeasure..." he drawled out wryly. ”Well, that's one way to put it..."
Kagome merely glowered at him.
Gibbs shot him a look to shut up, which he took whole-heartedly.
Ziva ignored him, pressing on. "Why is that?"
Kagome shifted, clearly even more uncomfortable. She wasn't supposed to be saying any of this but...
She took a look at them, their eyes wide with wonder of the news she dropped on them, mixed with the hint of fear that accompanied them whenever someone found out about demons.
At least they were doing a good job of suppressing the fear and acting calmly. She would hate to deal with five people screaming and jumping around in a panic.
Well, no use holding back now. Sesshomaru would kill her either way when he finds out she let human cops find out about demons...
Kagome sighed. "I'm usually the last resort. A secret weapon of sorts, and only used in delicate situations." she muttered, unhappy.
That piqued Gibbs interest. "That would be because...?" he cut in, eyebrows cocked.
She fidgeted, hesitant to let this out in the open in fear of what they might think of her. "I'm one of the...more higher ranking around, and count into the fact I am more diplomatic compared to others as well.. So I usually get out when dealing with important people and the dangerous of assignments."
Gibbs narrowed his eyes, that didn't specifically explain why she was here. She was dealing with NCIS agents, not SecNav or the Director.
McGee was apparently on the same train of thought. "Then...why are you here?" he asked slowly.
"Because Ziva called in a favor," She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "If it wasn't demonic, I'd be on vacation, probably recovering from a late night at some hot club right about now, or at least checking up my contacts." she muttered, pouting slightly.
She was really looking forward to that vacation too...
A variety of amused looks crossed her visitors' faces.
Another sigh escaped her mouth, and she shook her head, continuing with a tone filled with reluctance. "Since it is, I'm on assignment."
Tony regarded her intently. "So you already reported to your boss." he stated, waiting for a confirmation.
She shrugged, shaking her head. "I only defer to him in certain circumstances. For the most part I go about in my way, only notifying him in special cases." She looked away, pouting lightly. "Anyways, I'm not exactly jumping at the chance to tell him what happened. He'll have my ass on a silver platter when I get home..." she muttered.
Gibbs let out a tired sigh. This wasn't exactly what he was expected to hear - or do - today, this early in the morning. A bed sounded really nice right now. "Is there anything else you want to get off your chest while you're at it?" he inquired dryly.
At this, Kagome looked away, "Well, there is something I didn't tell you, well two things. I mean, not a lie or anything but..." she trailed off, again hesitant to reveal everything, but soon decided keeping secrets would just make matters worse.
Ziva's eyes narrowed. "What is it Kagome? What do you mean?" she demanded curtly, her voice level.
She took a deep breath, her eyes turning to stare at the floor. "You know that video, of the murder in the alley?"
They all stared at her, studying her, before sharing a look and nodding after a moment.
Kagome looked up, blue churning with confliction. "That was my video. I was the one who set up the camera. I was the one who sent it in, after having it altered to...omit some of the more suspicious features that you saw tonight about the killer."
Ziva's gaze turned incredulous, her jaw turning slack, "You what?"
The rest of them stared at her through narrowed eyes.
When her gaze turned suspicious and accusing, Kagome continued quickly, somewhat offended. "There wasn't anything I could do to stop it." She said sharply. "The camera was there to record, track the demons movements and pick up any routines, not to monitor. I was in the middle of setting up cameras the night Tony found me and brought me in."
And thus, the silence made a repeat appearance.
Never one for silence, Kagome peered at them curiously, even a little wary. "Why aren't you threatening to throw me in the loony bin? Aren't you freaked out? Afraid?"
The team shared a look and Tony shrugged. "We've seen some pretty wacky stuff before, guess nothing surprises us anymore." He gave her a cocky smirk.
Abby nodded, grinning. “I for one always thought there was something other than humans, albeit I thought they would be aliens, but still…”
Ziva smirked faintly. “Call me superstitious but I have always believed that there are some things that cannot be proved by science.”
Gibbs paused slightly in his response, still debating between believing her or not. It was merely a moment before his lips twitched in amusement, his decision made. "I've busted serial killers, psychos, and freaks…people who kill their own family for the fun of it and cannibals…like Tony said, nothing surprises us anymore."
He paused, remembering the video tape, the strange wounds on the victims and of course the previous night. "And the proof is in front of us - don't worry, you're not being shipped to the loony bin just yet… "
Kagome rolled her eyes and glanced over at McGee, who stayed silent. “McGee-kun? Are you ok? You haven't really said anything?”
McGee shifted uneasily.
Kagome couldn't blame him; wryly, she could only think that thankfully, at least one of these people had some shred of preservation.
“I'll confess, this is kinda freaking me out, I never did believe in demons, witches and that kind of stuff, but...” his eyes filled with confidence. “I'm not backing out on this, you can count on that…”
Kagome smiled and Abby grinned, bounding over to glomp him. “I'm so proud of you Timmy.”
In the background, a heavy growl could be heard, the rumbling sound filling the room and interrupting the 'happy moment'.
Kagome stiffened at the sound of oncoming footsteps. Apparently she wasn't the only one who heard them because both Gibbs and Ziva stiffened too, their hands inching to their guns.
A Japanese man with long black hair and violet eyes strolled in with a furious face with Shippo at his heels, a frantic one on his. Kagome jumped up and held out her arm as a gesture not to shoot.
“It's fine, they're friends. Co-workers if you really want to be technical.” she rushed out quickly, a nervous look in her eyes.
Gibbs raised an eyebrow to which Kagome only shrugged.
Tony stared between the raging man and Kagome. “You sure know how to pick 'em Higurashi…” he remarked dryly.
Kagome only eyed him up and down. “You got that right…” she rebuked pointedly.
Tony twitched slightly, but was unable to retort back because of a certain pissed off half-demon.
Inuyasha's face was twisted in rage and exasperation, his fist clenching tightly as he glared brutally at every one of them before finally settling for Kagome. His violet eyes flashed with hot fury. “Dammit, wench!! What the hell are were you fuckin' thinking!! Lettin' human cops get involved?! Fucking God damn it you can't do anything right, can you?!”
The team reacted rather badly to that remark.
Gibbs, Abby, and Tony glared coldly at the man who spoke.
McGee was gaping that the person would say such a thing.
Ziva already had her knife out, twirling it around in her fingers as she eyed the man threateningly. Her eyes were trained on him, watching critically. She was one second short to threatening him and another from chucking the blade.
Shippo gave her an apologetic face. “I tried to stop him…” he trailed off worriedly. He knew Kagome was handling a particularly delicate situation…
Kagome only shook her head, giving him the okay but stepped towards Inuyasha, eyes narrowing, “Like I had a choice Inuyasha!"
She took a threatening step forward, eyes flashing hotly and her lips pressed thin. “It's not my job to search for demon disturbances, it's to take them out and they already had the case first!!”
Inuyasha snarled out harshly in response causing Tony's hand to instinctively inch toward his Sig clipped at his waist.
Inuyasha's eyes flickered over to the other man, catching the movement. At that moment, the sun rose and its bright rays shone throughout the room from the slits between the blinds.
The NCIS agents and Abby were stared with shocked wide eyes as Inuyasha's hair faded to silver and his dark eyes considerably brightened into an amber hue. They said nothing, stunned speechless.
Inuyasha however continued on to bare white, sharp fangs at Tony. “Your puny little gun won't work on me, human.” He sneered out.
The `human' word spurred them into action and the whole team whipped out their Sigs.
Kagome's eyes widened in shock and she panicked.
She did the only thing she knew that could settle this whole thing before shots were fired. Her mouth opened wide as she shouted.
Sit Boy!”
Eyes widened considerably as they watched the brash man fall to the ground harshly, and felt the place shake around them.
Kagome sprinted in front of Inuyasha's fallen body and spread out her arms in protection. “Don't shoot! He's harmless!”
In the background they heard an amused snort.
Kagome twitched. “Not the time Shippo.” She gritted out.
“How did you do that?!,” Abby blurted out, eyes wide in amazement. She turned awed eyes onto Kagome. “Can you teach me how to do that?”
Gibbs hid a smile, and Tony and McGee backed away warily, eyeing Kagome and Abby anxiously; their faces were paling white as a sheet at the mere thought of Abby and Kagome both able to do that to them. Ziva flashed a wicked Mossad grin. Nonetheless, they put away their guns.
Kagome blinked at the forensic scientist before laughing lightly, lowering her arms. “No…I don't think I can…it's something you're born with I'm afraid…”
“He said human…” McGee trailed off, staring at them apprehensively. “And you…” he paused, looking uncomfortable. “Are they demon…?” a hint of curiosity was in his eyes despite his tense form.
Kagome blinked, gazing at him softly. She couldn't blame him for being tense - it wasn't everyday you get thrown with the fact that other things than humans exist. “Actually Inuyasha is a half-demon, dog demon to be exact."
Gesturing to Shippo, she continued. "Shippo here is a full demon however - a fox demon." At that, Kagome sent a meaningful nod and Shippo let down his illusion, revealing a pair of orange fluffy ears and nine tails.
Everyone that was human, even Gibbs, gaped in astonishment while Shippo grinned like a maniac, waving cheerfully with his hand of very sharp claws.
While Ziva, Gibbs, and Tony took to eyeing the man with an amount of curiosity, amazement, and a hint of suspicion, McGee just stared in shock, and muttered, "Holy. Shit."
Abby took a more enthusiastic approach. "Oh my God!" she squealed loudly at the sight of Shippo's ears and tails, causing the demon to flinch at the volume.
Kagome winced. "Demon hearing." she explained, tapping an ear when Abby sent her a concerned look.
Abby's eyes widened. "Oh, I am soo sorry!" she gushed out, speaking in a softer tone.
Shippo only grinned, waving her off. "No worries, that happens all the time. It's the ears and tails - drives the ladies wild!" he exclaimed, waggling his eyebrows knowingly at Ziva when she was eyeing him. "I can always show you why..." he said suggestively, winking lewdly.
She scoffed in disgust while Abby only giggled.
Gibbs shook his head at them, but stopped abruptly at the sight of Shippo's claws. "So that's our murder weapon?" he said, more of a statement than question as he stared pointedly a the sharp appendages.
Crossing her arms, Kagome nodded solemnly, "Exactly. And with the different slash marks, it means there is more than one demon out there."
When no one else said anything, Kagome continued her previous discussion. "Anyway, like I said, I'm a priestess, which means purifying demons is my specialty but that's it. I mean, I have enhanced abilities compared to normal people, but nothing else is different.”
Tony raised an eyebrow at her. "So basically a human with super powers," he murmured wryly.
Shippo grinned. "That's it in a nutshell."
A growl filled the air. “Why don't you tell the whole fuckin' world while you're at it Kagome!” he bit out.
The spell was finally letting up and Inuyasha started to pick himself up.
Kagome only sighed. “They need to know what's going on Inuyasha.”
Inuyasha huffed angrily. “No they don't! They didn't need to know anything! You should have just lied!”
Ziva and Tony let out a snort at that.
Kagome groaned out in exasperation. “I already tried that!” she shot back.
Shippo snickered. “C'mon Inuyasha, you know how Kagome is! She can't keep up a lie for long.”
Kagome actually blushed. Tony started snickering under his breath, while the rest of them either raised an amused eyebrow or smirked.
Inuyasha didn't relent however. “It doesn't matter! All she had to do was lie once so that she didn't have to see them again. We could have taken care of this ourselves if only you did it right!”
Kagome scowled and stepped up to Inuyasha, so that they were nose to nose “So what?! I should just let them die?!”
Inuyasha looked away at that, lips thinned tight, and the humans in the room watched the proceedings with rapt interest, waiting to see how this played out.
“It's not like they would have just dropped the case!” She snapped hotly, setting her hands on her hips as she glared at Inuyasha harshly.
Gibbs snorted. She got that right.
Kagome and Inuyasha went on glaring at each other, ignoring the others' presence. “What authority do I have to tell them to just drop it huh? It's not like I can be all like `Hey, I work for this underground agency back in Japan that specializes in taking down demon disturbances, so you don't have to worry about the seemingly random killings occurring all over DC'!" she said, her sarcastic voice taking a harsh turn.
"You could have made up something." he muttered under his breath.
At Inuyasha's huff, Kagome's glare turned brutal. Everyone else took an unconscious step back from the raging woman, watching in stunned silence.
“Who knows how long this would have taken. What if they managed to stumble across the demon before us! I'm not about to let more innocents die if I can help it! Especially when it's my friends we're talking about!” she said quietly, her eyes churning with emotion.
At that, Inuyasha deflated, backing down. Nothing ever came between Kagome in her friends...and he couldn't fault her for something that he was personally grateful for, especially after everything they've been through.
No one else dared to utter another word against Kagome, not wanting the woman to snap at them;
No one except Tony that is.
Tony looked around suspiciously. "Sooo, how many rooms you got here?" he said randomly, trying to break the ice.
Kagome froze. She blinked dumbly as her mind registered the question, before she turned to throw an incredulous look to Tony. "One, why?!" she asked, confused.
Tony's eyes narrowed. "Where do they sleep?" he asked instead.
Kagome's eyebrows furrowed, but Inuyasha and Shippo caught on quickly, if the dog-demon's glare and scowl and the fox's mischievous grin were anything to go by. "Inuyasha sleeps outside, in one of the trees."
That got a variety of weird looks and giggles from Abby. "I take it it's a demon thing?" she ventured cheerfully.
Smiling slightly, Kagome nodded and continued. "Shippo sleeps here."
Tony frowned at that.
Shippo however stepped over to Kagome, slinging an arm around her shoulders and pulling her close, a sly glint in his eyes. "You don't have to be shy about our relationship Kags, you can tell 'em we sleep in the same room - in the same bed to be exact." His eyebrows wiggled perversely.
While Abby and Ziva grinned, fighting laughs at Kagome's obvious blush, McGee blinked in astonishment, Gibbs looked at Shippo as if he was nuts, and Tony scowled lightly at that.
Inuyasha only rolled his eyes, not bothering to say anything - for once.
Kagome narrowed her eyes quick enough and shoved Shippo away, making him stumble back slightly. The grin never left his face. "Don't listen to him - he crashes on the pull-out couch in here." she emphasized, glaring at the kitsune.
Said kitsune only sent her a charming smile back.
Inuyasha narrowed his eyes suddenly at DiNozzo. "What's it to ya?!" he countered and Ziva cocked her head prettily.
"Yes Tony, what is it to you, hmm?" Ziva asked slyly.
Tony shuffled nervously, but otherwise didn't seem fazed. "Two men living with a pretty, young woman? Well, let's I'm just say I'm a little curious about Higurashi, is that such a bad thing?" he offered, grinning disarmingly.
Gibbs rolled his eyes and slapped Tony over the head, muttering incoherently under his breath. Only one word could be understood. "Idiot..."
Realizing this conversation was going off topic to one that was only going to frustrate him further, Gibbs scanned around the place, and his eyes stopped at the kitchenette, lighting up. Without a word, he made a beeline to cupboards abruptly.
Inuyasha stared at the man weirdly. "And people think we're weird..." he muttered softly.
Shippo cocked his head, nodding in agreement.
Overhearing this, Kagome rolled her eyes. Calling out, she spoke to Gibbs, a knowing look on her face, "Last cupboard to the right; Mugs on the bottom shelf; coffee on the one above it."
A grunt of gratitude was her only answer.
Ziva turned a wicked smile at Tony. "Remember Tony, curiosity killed the cat." she purred out tauntingly.
Tony rolled his eyes, shaking his head in exasperation. "You would get that right."
Ziva's smile only grew.
Shippo eyes flashed playfully. "Ohh, can you do that again? Except, this time say something sexy." he said excitedly, giving her an exaggerated wink.
Ziva's smile immediately turned to scowl and Kagome twitched, fed up with it.
Reaching up, Kagome grabbed one of Shippo's fluffy ears and pulled him down to her level. Ignoring the repeating whines of 'Ow, ow ow! Lemme go Kagome!', she glared at the kitsune. "I swear, you spent too much time with Miroku after I left. He completely corrupted you."
Shippo grinned despite the pain. "Whoever said it was only Miroku? I spent most of my time with Sesshomaru...did you know Fluffy is really closet perv?" he shook his head with mock somber. "You should see the stuff he hides under his bed..." Shippo gave a visible shudder.
Immediately Inuyasha paled, choking loudly and Kagome gagged. "Oh my God!," Kagome squealed and slapped Shippo's arm. "I so didn't need to know that!!"
Almost immediately, a peculiar ring resonated throughout the room
Kagome froze at the sound of the "Jaws" theme music rang out in the room.
That only meant he was calling...
Speak of the devil...
Kagome's eyes shot to Shippo and Inuyasha, her eyes flickering between the two. Panic flared in her gaze. "Why the hell is he calling me?!" she demanded frantically, her voice bordering on shrill.
The NCIS team merely blinked at her outburst.
Shippo and Inuyasha shared a look. "What are you talking about? Who's calling?" Shippo asked in confusion.
Kagome scowled. "Sesshomaru!" she exclaimed before running into her room, snatching the phone and making her way back to the group.
Inuyasha and Shippo froze, the same thought running through their minds.
As Kagome answered, Tony looked at the other two. "Who's that?"
Shippo glanced over to him, before shaking his head. 'Not now' he mouthed silently, before pointing over to Kagome.
Kagome spoke into the phone. "Konnichiwa Sesshomaru..." she greeted him, her voice somewhat a little too high pitched due to nervousness.
"Why so nervous, Miko? Something did not happen, did it?" His voice was dry, with a hint of sarcasm and mockery.
Kagome bit her lip. “Course not Fluffy.” She said, trying to act casual.
Inuyasha almost choked at the nickname though. He looked at the girl, appalled she would call him that, even if they're only talking on the phone.
Shippo merely snickered silently, and Kagome shot them both a look to shut it.
“If you think I would believe that, then you have finally gone insane.” Sesshomaru retorted flatly, before growling slightly under his breath. “I have told you many times before; do not call me that inane nickname anymore.”
Kagome mustered up the most serious voice she could manage. "Of course...Fluffy-sama." Blue eyes flickered in amusement and she had to shoved down the fit of giggles once she saw the horrified face Inuyasha was making.
It wasn't helping that Shippo bowled over, shoulders shaking in silent snickers.
A deep, sharp growl was her only response on the phone. Kagome sighed, fidgeting nervously. "Okay, okay. Pet names aside, what can I help you with?"
"Is there anything you might want to share before we start?" Sesshomaru's voice was clipped but all-knowing. It made Kagome freeze.
Just how in the hell did he know?!
However, Kagome answered as calmly as possible. "Of course not! Nothing serious anyways. Everything's under control and going as smoothly as possible."
An annoyed sigh sounded through the receiver. "Kagome, I am not an idio-"
Knowing no other way to dissuade him, Kagome cut him off sharply. "Oh shit! Sooo sorry Sesshou-chan! Gotta go! Inuyasha and Shippo are wrestling in the hotel again!" she said frantically.
"I do not hea-"
She only ignored him. "You know what happened last time! Broken furniture; bloody walls; Curdling screams had the police called. The manager was pi-issed. Bye!" she chirped in record speed.
"They what?! Kagome, do not dare hang up this-"
"Phew! Glad that was over with..." Kagome shoved the phone back in her pocket, grinning sheepishly at the two glares she was getting from Inuyasha and Shippo and the blank stares from the rest of them. "...What?"
Inuyasha cursed under his breath and Shippo groaned. "We never told him about that Kagome!" he wailed. "He's gonna kick our asses!"
Kagome grimaced. "Oops?" she mumbled nervously.
Inuyasha twitched. "Oops?! That's all you can say, oops?!" he gritted out slowly.
Kagome threw her hands up in the air. "Well, what else was I supposed to do?! He wouldn't lay off."
Suddenly Inuyasha got a wicked look on his face. "You know, once he finds out that not only did you got exposed but hid it from him, you'resoo fucked." He reminded her gleefully.
"Shit..." Kagome suddenly felt like crying…
Behind her, Shippo grinned and decided to cut the tension. “So…the “Jaws” huh?” he let out a chuckle. “Gotta say it suits the old dog…keeps you on you're toes.”
It cracked a smile on her face. Kagome shook her head in amusement. “That's the point…”
Kagome went on to explain a little more in depth about the underground agency she worked, giving them only the details they really needed.
It was nearing the end of her explanations that she realized she forgot one little important detail...
Kagome bit her lip, reaching out to grab Gibbs shoulder as he went to the hotel door to leave. Fidgeting slightly at the peering gaze, she spoke nervously and hurriedly. "Oh, and uhm, I forgot. I was about to tell you this, but then Inuyasha crashed our little party and I forgot so I-"
The team turned to face Kagome, anticipation raging through their veins as they prepared for the inevitable.
Another secret?!
Gibbs grunted. "Just spit it out." he said exasperatedly.
Kagome nodded, fidgeting nervously. "Yeah, so the little puzzle we got from the killer? On those notes, it mentioned 'wench'...."
From his seat on the couch, Inuyasha's head shot up, eyes going wide. Next to him, Shippo followed suit with a fit of spitting out the coffee he was in the midst of drinking.
Kagome gulped, ignoring the even more intense gazes boring holes in her skull. "So yeah, I'm thinking that I have a pretty good idea the demon means me, and knows I'm here."
They all stopped, staring at her with wide eyes.
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The chapter is a little shifty, but it's better than it was before, trust me. Lol. I'm not overly enthusiastic about it, but it's acceptable...hope you all like it though. It's more lighter than the last chapter, more funny than angsty (thank the lord!!) I like funny, drama's cool and all, but funny is better ^^
Well, that's that. Now, I don't know when I'd be updating again, just to give you some fair warning. School will be coming up soon, I don't have much of the next chapter written, this one I had practically all the scenes written down already, and just needed to connect them. then add in the fact I really need to update the rest of my stories.
But I'll try, trust me. This is by far my favorite story to write, so I tend to work on this one the most XDD
Till next time!! (Whenever that may be... ^^;;)
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frenchdiamond- Lol, is this soon enough? At least it wasn't months upon months like last time ^^;;; and I would never forget about this fic, trust me!! It's no doubt my favorite one to write. Thanks!! XD