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" But okaa-san I don't want to go with them!" cried a ten year old Kagome Higurashi as she stomped her foot into the living room floor and stared straight up into her okaa-san's eyes. "And if I go with them then I won't see you, otouto, or jiji-san again until I graduate!"

"It's alright dear. If you really want to see you only have to do is be the best student award in your class," said Mrs. Higurashi, Kagome's mother as she knelt down to give her musume to give her another hug.

"Yes Kagome, all you have to do is be top student," confirmed Kagome's jiji-san who also nodded his head to attest to this statement.

"Hai okaa-san, jiji-san," Kagome replied sullenly knowing she won't get of going to her new school.

"Kagome, child I also have some good luck charms that I wish to give you," said Jiji-san as he rummaged through a light cream colored bag tat next to him on the coffee colored couch and pulled out a slightly smaller bag full of fake sutras, talismans and pieces of dried demon flesh.

"Ano saa . . . it's okay jiji-san I appreciate it demo I don't think I will need it that badly," said Kagome with a slight sweat drop on the back of her head as she placed both of her hands in front of her to placid her jiji-san.

"Kagome-chan," said Mrs. Higurashi as she looked out the window of their living room. She turned her head to her musume, and she continued, "They're almost here."

Nodding her head to indicate that she heard her, Kagome turn to face where her suitcases, trunks and messenger bag were laid and slowly walked over to them. Each one of her trunks were a beautiful sapphire blue with falling white sakura petal pattern and on the rims and edges of her trunks was an ice blue colored trimming. Just as Kagome was about to bend down to pick up her messenger bag before she was bowled over onto her back by a little body with a mop of messy raven tresses and a little body of cream and black colored fur. Her only warning had been a cry of, "Onee-chan, onee-chan!" before she was bowled over. While she lied on her back she heard her okaa-san yell, "Souta! Don't run into your aneki like that!"

Same time in the living room with Kagome's Mother

"Otou-san, do you think it is such a good idea to let those people take Kagome?"asked a very concerned Kun-loon. "you remember what happened to nee-chan and her son Subaru ne otou-san?"

"Hai musume. But we can do nothing to stop them from taking her. They would have found out eventually," stated Higurashi-jiji as he was reminded of his eldest daughter who had also had her children taken from her.

"Hai otou-san. Demo . . . I wish that it could be later instead of now!"

"I know Kun-loon-chan, I know."

After her small break down, Kun-loon composed herself to send her musume off to her new school and home, when she saw heard the swift footsteps of a child running in the halls and the cries of onee-chan. Turning around to face the source of the noise, Kun-loon saw her musuko collide into her musume's body causing Kagome to fall flat on her back. Barely being able to control her anger and sadness from entire day, she was barely able to, without her sadness, yell, "Souta! Don't run into your aneki like that!"

Present Time

The now identified Souta ignored his okaa-san in favor of hugging his sister's leg and burying his face against it as she got up from her position on the floor. As his sister dusted herself and her clothes off of any invisible dust, Souta was bawling his eyes out and had lifted his head from his sister's leg and cried, "Onee-chan, onee-chan I don't want you to go!" as he once again buried his face into Kagome's leg.

Kagome put up a brave front for her otouto as she knelt down to Souta's height and eye level. She then picked him up and the tiny body of the cream and black colored kitten. She then placed them both at the traditional places, Souta on her hip and the kitten on her shoulder. Calmly and lovingly Kagome soothed her little brother knowing exactly how he felt at the moment. She also felt and knew the sadness her otouto was feeling right now because she would be leaving today to her new 'home.'

"Souta-chan it's okay, it's okay," soothed Kagome as she stared into Souta's little face.

"Will I see you again onee-chan?" hiccuped little Souta as his tears had come to some what of a stop at hear his onee-chan's voice and being picked up.

"We will someday, but right now I need you to be a big boy for me alright?"


"Now I have something for you." As Kagome said that she knelt back down and placed Souta back on the ground she then opened one of her trunks dug through it until she came upon what she was looking for. " Aha! Here it is," she yelled as she pulled out a pure snow white stuffed ookami. Turning to face Souta she once again knelt down to his eye level and held the stuffed animal in front of him.

"Souta this is one of my favorite stuffed animals, his name's Ryuu," said Kagome as she handed it to her little brother.

"Hai onee-chan, demo. . . what do you want me to do with him?" asked a now completely curious Souta, who had temporarily forgotten the whole reason why he had been crying.

"I want you to have him and take care of him and our family for me until I get back from school."

"Hai onee-chan!"yelled an ecstatic Souta. By the time Kagome had finished talking to Souta the rest of her family was surrounding them and Kagome had left to the kitchen and had brought back crimson and black colored pet carrier. Kagome placed the carrier down and picked the kitten from her shoulder. As she placed the kitten gently in the carrier she said, "Don't worry Kirara you won't have to stay in there for very long." As soon as she locked the metal cage door to the carrier there was a sound at the door.

Knock Knock Knock

Hearing the knock Mrs. Higurashi stepped up to the door and opened it. At the door was a man with plain brown hair dressed in completely black suit with matching sunglasses and hat. Behind the man were few more similarly dressed men.

"Higurashi-san we're here to pick up Kagome-san," stated the man

"Ano. . . alright. May we have a few more minutes to say good-bye to her?" asked Mrs. Higurashi.

"Of course Higurashi-san. But we must take the luggage first."

"Hai, of course."

With that the men dressed in black walked into the house one by one and each grabbed a suitcase or paired up together to take a trunk. By the time they were done the only bags left were the Kirara's pet carrier and the Kagome's messenger bag.

Kagome turned to her family once again and hugged each one and told each one of them that she loved them. With tears in her eyes she grabbed the carrier and her messenger bag, turned and faced her family one last time and as she walked out of the house backwards she shouted, "Sayonara minna and aishiteru!"

And with that Kagome turned around, with her black blue locks swishing behind her, and then walked out of what had been her home for the last ten years of her life. As she descended the stairs of her family shrine, the tears that she had been holding in for these past few days slowly made their way down her face. Still crying she stepped into the limo that would take her to her new home for possibly the next seven years of her life.

Japanese Terms:

Gakuen= academy

Hai= yes

Ano saa= um


Ookami= wolf

Ryuu= dragon

Sakura= cherry blossoms

Minna= everyone; everybody

Jiji-san= grandfather

Okaa-san= mother

Otouto= little brother

Onee= older sister

Aneki=respectful version of older sister

Musume= daughter

Musuko= son

-kun= suffix added to the end of a boys name to show closeness or endearment

-chan= a suffix added to the end a female's or a child's name as a sign of endearment

-san= a sign of respect for people one hardly knows or just as respect

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