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< br> She was halfway torn between simply walking back out the door and inquiring if the reddish haired man who had summoned her from the sanctuary of her family's shrine was nuts. Said red haired man himself had once, years ago, been an associate of her father and when that man had perished in an event that she herself had not quite come to understand even now… Paul had all but adopted her family as his. Although it was a little difficult when the red haired man happened to live here… but still it didn't mean that there wasn't a monthly check in the mail to supplement whatever her family was capable of gathering from sightseeing tours of the shrine and other such events held there.

It was only that that usual fee, those tours and the other traditional ventures, had decreased considerably in number since the year following her own grandfather's death that Kagome had accepted Paul's invite to come here. She had been to the Honky Tonk a number of times during the two years since she had finished her quest and had found the place interesting, having immediately struck a friendship with the negotiator, the blonde haired woman, Hevn for taking no guff from one of the other's employees that had surprisingly worked in getting the tempermental retriever to be quiet and listen to Hevn's reasoning.

That had been amusing given as she herself was a hakobiya now... and if she was to believe what she had learnt her former partner had fought against the retrieval pair recently.

By and by, since the feudal era had ended, she had come and gone as she liked... her adoptive father may not have approved of her partners but hadn't said so outloud. And yet there was no denying that this task was something akin to punishment... indirect punishment but punishment nonetheless. But even so Kagome supposed that with the lack of work, attributed she supposed to her grandfather's death and the turmoil that had struck the family, there was no other choice with respect to what Paul Wang happened to ask of her now. Otherwise she would have told him… despite been a friend of a family since she could remember… where to shove it.

"You're still a bastard."

Another being would have taken offense but Paul merely shook his head. "Now, now… lil' Kagome. Is that anyway to talk to your…"


Frustration, a heavy annoyed sensation, trickled through her mind and shut her mouth as effectively as a steel trap would have… her lips pursing together.

Since she had escaped from the timeline of the feudal era, the quest to complete the Shikon no Tama finished with the death of Naraku and not surprisingly with Inuyasha going to the hells with Kikyo, Kagome had become a rather independent woman. She had Sesshomaru, who had adopted her in everything but blood as his sister once she had returned the dai inu-youkai's arm to him, to thank for that for the inu-youkai had ensured she had been properly trained for the final battle. She may not look like much but she was more than capable of handling herself if a fight was to arise… and so this arrangement was really getting on her nerves.

And it hasn't even begun.

But Paul knew… he may not know of the Shikon but he knew she was no longer the clingy girl she had once been years ago. At twenty, two years after completing the quest that had dragged her into the feudal era, she was…

"Really Paul I think it's cruel you're sticking her with Ginji and snake-handler."

"Shido," a vicious grin was her response as she turned to the dark haired man slouching against the countertop, "shut it…"

Shido Fukuyi was something… else. She had met the 'beast master' when she had arrived in the early morning expecting to find no one else within the Honky Tonk but her adoptive father so that she could converse about his request. Maybe it was the fact that she had gotten used to difficult men, Inuyasha was one, over her time trapped within the feudal era but she had taken the Beast Master's intense starring with rather calm indifference. For about half an hour… then she had treated him like any misbehaving animal and flicked his nose giving him… despite his surprised expression… orders to mind his own business.

Of course that had just caused him to laugh and ask where Paul had found her, referring to Kagome as a "little spitfire."

"I mean she'll eat them…"

Shido stopped, though it wasn't necessarily out of surprise as his voice was drowned out, as whirlwind… two awkward young men… more or less erupted into the Honky Tonk. "Hey Paul…"

The rest of the sentence was lost, as a pair of eyes flickered towards where Kagome was sitting.
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Little bit of a time skip

Oh Gods what have I gotten myself into?

Breathe escaping through tightly pursed lips, the way she was sighing she was going to be an old woman before the day was done, Kagome turned her gaze upon the two who had arrived within the Honky Tonk but an hour ago.

One a lanky bumbling twit with hair the color of straw, a bright blonde hue, with kind brown eyes that was said to be a human electric-eel… she'd admit creating electricity through one's own body was rather unique. He was adorably cute, particularly when he happened to want sympathy… though she would not quite admit that out loud knowing that the blonde would read too much into it and probably latch onto her waist and simply not let go.

He had done that once, nearly a year ago when Kagome had visited the Honky Tonk at Paul's insistance, not the first time for with her grandfather's failing health and inability to do much she had felt rather useless, and the result for the blonde had been upset and seeking sympathy had been a leak of his unusual powers. And Kagome sporting hair that literally looked as if she had struck a dime within an electrical socket.

She'd almost murdered the cause of such commotion… particularly when she had realized he was laughing at her.

Taller than the blonde though Kagome had sloughed that off as been due to his gravity defying hair, and which she had avoided his sputtering protests by commenting she couldn't hear him as she had gone about fixing tea for herself and Paul, the brunette was not quite easy to label as cute as he was…... confident. No… he was rather full of himself. Oh he had greater endurance than most, he had to in been capable of taking Ginji's retaliating electrical shock and stay on his feet. And his strength was phenomenal. Then there was that Evil Eye technique of his.

Ban Midou was also frustrating beyond belief.

Another sigh escaping her lips Kagome turned back towards her adoptive father, knowing that even through the tinted sunglasses the owner of the Honky Tonk had been watching her. Paul hadn't said a word since about what he had asked her to do, in keeping track of these imbeciles, since she had stepped through the doorway but she knew him.

"I want'a raise." Kagome paused aware of, but choosing to ignore the two new pair of eyes, that had swiveled at her voice. "I'm not getting paid enough to baby-sit."
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Bit of Information

Kagome - quest ended when she was 18, she is now 20 - sometime in the past, feudal era, she was trained to fight by Sesshomaru after returning his arm to him

Kagome is Paul's adopted daughter due to an unnamed connection between Paul and her deceased father... as such she knows the Get Backers through Paul.

hakobiya - translation - transporter, same as Akabane and Himiko

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