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Balm for a Broken Soul


By: Ryu Katanna




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A/N: A lot of the dialogue will be familiar as the first several chapters do follow the anime and manga. There are more parts that are original to the story, but I’ve done this to stay close to the original while also telling Kagome’s side of the story. There will be more deviations we get farther in.


Episode 3: Evil Spirits All Over?! Part Three


It didn’t take them long to get to the hotel. Kagome looked around as she followed quietly behind Kazuya. They hadn’t spoken since they had started making their way there. She was a bit curious. Why a hotel of all places?


“It’s here.” Kazuya said as he knocked on the door before opening it and walking inside.


Kagome followed behind him to find that they were in one of the suites.


“Oliver, is that you?” A man's voice flowed out from the bedroom, and Kagome could see Kazuya’s shoulders go stiff as he glanced at her.


So his name was really Oliver? Wasn’t that English? Kagome would assume so as that was the language the man had spoken in. She spoke two languages since she was young, but knew just enough English from school to understand general conversations. Kagome zipped her lips to show the teen that she wouldn’t say anything.


“Lin. I’ve brought someone here to see you. Would you like to come out here?” Kazuya asked in Japanese as he tilted his head in acknowledgment that Kagome wouldn’t tell what she’d heard.


“A moment.” The voice was muffled, but this time in the same Japanese.


It was then Kagome felt it. There was demonic energy coming from behind the door. She wasn’t the only one to notice the other's presence. The energy became agitated the closer it came to the door. It followed the sound of the crutches on the floor. Kagome drew in her aura as much as she could so whatever it was would feel more at ease. She was no threat at this moment.


The door opened slowly, and a man who looked to be a few years older than Kagome stepped out. He was a very attractive man with black hair that covered one of his eyes. The demonic energy swirled around him in whisps. They would be invisible to normal people, but Kagome was a Miko. She knew exactly what they were. This man had Shiki, but they weren't the type that those who trained in Japan were familiar with.


She had heard of these from her grandmother when she was young. Someone else might not have been able to recognize the difference, but Kagome’s mixed heritage had taught her about more than Japanese practices. This man was Chinese, and it was there he had learned it. Japanese Shiki were pretty much just dolls manipulated and power by the user's ki. That was not so in China. In China, they tamed demons to act as familiars.


“Why did you bring her here?” The man’s voice was suspicious.


“This is Kagome Higurashi. She’s been working with me on the case. She has healing abilities.” Kazuya answered as the man he’d called Lin entered the room.


“I don’t need it.” He said stubbornly as he looked at her, and Kagome huffed at this.


Honestly, she was only there to help him.


“Gùzhí de rén.” Kagome called him, and he looked back at her at the spoken words in his native language.


“Nǐ shì shéi?” He asked as if testing her.


“Lóng niǎo.” Kagome answered with the name her grandmother had called her by before seeing Kazuya’s confusion.


He obviously didn’t speak Chinese. This short conversation had probably come out of nowhere for him. There was no way for him to know Kagome was of mixed nationality. She hadn’t seen a reason to tell him. It wasn’t exactly important.


“Okay, what’s going on?” Kazuya asked as he looked between the two.


“I called him a stubborn man. Now, will you let me do what I came here for? Knowing my idiot cousin he’s probably trying to exorcise a spirit that doesn’t exist. This case needs to be over already.” Kagome said with some exasperation as she pointed to the couch.


“I do not need your help.” Lin answered, and Kazuya sighed.


“Why is that?” Kagome asked only to receive no answer.


When he still hadn't moved Kagome decided to switch back to Chinese. At least then he had been responding to her.


“Nǐ nìngyuàn nǐ de tuǐ huàile?”


“Are you sure about this girl?” Lin asked Kazuya in English when she won't relent.


“She can do it.” Kazuya confirmed knowing the older man wouldn’t want to remain in the cast for the month or more the doctor had said it would take to heal.


Lin finally gave in and moved over to the couch. Once he was seated Kagome took a seat next to him. She knew he wouldn’t like this next part. His Shiki would only get more nervous even if it was only her healing ki.


“I’ll have to touch you, and you may want to have your Shiki move further away. Miko’s have a long history of purifying demons. Using my ki will make them edgy if they’re in close proximity.” She said only for the both of them to look at her in surprise.


“You can see them?” Lin asked for confirmation.


“I knew about them even before you entered the room. My grandmother told me about the difference between Japanese Shiki, and Chinese Shiki. I do not want to make your familiars uncomfortable.” She explained as she watched them.


At Lin’s signal, two of the four left and went back into the bedroom. The other two, however, didn’t move. Kagome looked up to see that instead of leaving they were coming closer to her. They stopped right in front of her, and let out distinct pulses of demonic ki. Kagome gasped as she recognized the energies.


“Se-Sesshomaru? Shippo?” Her voice was breathless, and Lin looked at her sharply as she said the names.


She looked in both wonder and disbelief at the Shiki in front of her as the other coiled around her. He was snow white, but the on his forehead was the familiar sight of the crescent moon. She had wondered for years what had happened to the demons she had known. Here in front of her was one of them, as the other vibrated in happiness against her skin. Kagome had thought them all to be dead, but Shippo and Sesshomaru both had survived.


“How do you know those names?” Lin asked wearily only to pause as if he was listening to something.


Kagome could only guess that there was a way for his Shiki to speak to him. If they told him anything then this whole situation could be headed in a direction much farther than she had first planned. Lin was trusted by Kazuya. He was connected to both Shippo and Sesshomaru through a familiar bond. They both knew her from her time in the past, and Shippo had known she traveled through time. She wanted to help Kazuya, but at the same time, she hadn’t wanted to tell them about that.


“What did your Shiki say?” Kazuya asked when Lin looked between him and Kagome.


“They said that they know her, and she can be trusted.” Kagome’s eyes widened a bit at that.


Sure, they had been allies against Naraku. She had helped Rin in the past, but she had never expected that Sesshomaru would say she was trustworthy. They had known each other but had never really formed a deep connection like she had with her other friends in the past. What had happened since the well had forced her back to this time?


Shippo, however, it was easy to believe he would say that. He had been only a child in demon years back then, but they’d had a close bond. He had been with her through all he travels. Now, here he was. Curled around her. She didn’t know how she could tell that he was happy. The feeling just vibrated through her skin.


“I think we should all talk. There are a few things I think you both should know. First, let me heal your leg.” Kagome said quietly before reaching forward with one hand and gently placing it on the bared skin of Lin’s arm.


Slowly she pushed her healing ki through him and down to his leg. It was indeed broken, and the skin was heavily bruised. She enveloped the bone first and mended the damage before moving toward the surface to take care of the bruising. It couldn’t have felt very good to had had the pressure of the cast against them. When that was done she checked for any other damage. Finding none she slowly withdrew her ki, and she could feel Lin give a slight shudder as the warmth left.


“If you want to get the cast off I would recommend a different doctor. It would be hard to explain how you’ve healed so quickly. As it is I took care of both the break as well as the deep bruising.” Kagome explained and watched as Lin pushed himself to his feet.


He took a few steps before looking back at her. She could see the appreciation in his eyes though none showed in his expression. He reminded her a bit of Sesshomaru in that way. It made her wonder if maybe it was partly his influence.


“Shippo, that didn’t make you too uncomfortable did it?” She asked softly as she looked at the Shiki who hadn’t moved at all from where he was curled around her.


“He said it was a nostalgic feeling.” Lin answered as he watched how his Shiki curled into this woman like a child seeking attention.


He was surprised when Sesshomaru said that was exactly what it was.


“How do you know them? These two have been with my family for generations.” Lin asked, and Kagome smiled gently down at Shippo.


“I guess you could say that I met them in another life. Kazuya already knows some of this, but I’ll explain so Lin does as well. My name is Kagome Higurashi. I was asked by my cousin, Houshou, to help on an investigation of the old school building that the principal had hired him for.” Kagome said as she gently stroked the Shiki's head before continuing.


“I was born a Miko, and so I am a little different than a trained Miko like Ayako. I was also trained in ways much older than she was. It means that my previous incarnations were also Mikos, and so I have abilities. Like my healing. I can also see other people’s auras. Which is how I know that you are more than you would have others believe, Kazuya.” Lin sat a bit straighter as he glanced at the teen.


“I knew there was something about you.” Kazuya said, not all that surprised.


She had alluded to knowing as much earlier.


“I am concerned though. Your aura is broken and frayed. As if there is a part of you that is missing. I searched the scrolls at our shrine and discovered a few things. You are a twin, are you not?” She asked, and his stillness was all she needed for an answer.


“Why would it matter if he is?” Lin asked carefully, and Kagome reached into her bag before pulling out an old scroll.


“I did not know if you would believe me, and so I brought this with me.” She said before handing it to Lin as he was closer to her.


“What is it, Lin?” Kazuya asked as he noticed the beginning of alarm in the man that was only noticeable to him from his years having known him.


“Your aura is a reflection of you. Of your soul. Yours is broken. There are rare cases in twins when they are literally born with two parts of the same soul. As long as they both are living then everything is fine. They balance each other and make a whole. When one of them dies, however, that balance is no longer there. This can be dangerous for the one who remains.” Kagome explained as Lin read.


“You have an ability as well. Abilities like ours that are outside the norm for humans are connected with our souls. It is very powerful, and I would guess that your sibling did as well. Whatever that ability was countered yours and balanced it out just as they did your soul. However, that is no longer there, and it is pushing just under the surface. If you lose control of it…”


Lin handed the scroll to Kazuya to read for himself. It had told of exactly what she was talking about, and what could be done. If they united the two then she could mend the damage. If not then he could die if he lost control. To unite the two she would have to be in contact with both Kazuya and his sibling. Her alarm grew when Lin looked at her, and she could see that it would not be good news.


“My Shiki have said that we can trust you. Does that mean we can trust that none of this leaves here?” Lin asked, and Kagome nodded her agreement.


She hadn’t planned on telling anyone else in the first place.


“Kazuya has a twin brother. He came to Japan, but has gone missing, and is assumed dead. We are here looking for him. Is there anything that can be done until we find him?” The words were heavy and only affirmed what Kagome had already suspected.


“Without his brother, I can not mend the break. I can stabilize it, and make it easier on him until you find him. The problem is that I would have to have daily contact. Like spreading a balm on a wound. It won’t fix the problem, but it will help by providing a filter. If he were to actively use too much of his abilities than it may overpower what I would do.” Kagome explained as Kazuya finished reading, and when she knew she had his attention she continued speaking directly to him.


“The daily contact would be needed because it is your soul that is broken. Your aura only reflects that. I would have to link myself to you. That way my own soul will act as a temporary substitute for your brother-” She stopped as Shippo and Sesshomaru’s power flared in displeasure.


She looked at Lin to see they were speaking.


“They said that it is dangerous for you to do so.” Lin looked at her sharply.


“For me, it can be. I would be linked to Kazuya. If he were to overuse his abilities it could overpower me, and I may be in just as much trouble as him. That is why I said it would only be a temporary fix. The only permanent solution is to find his brother, but it would help until then.” Kagome answered, and felt Shippo squeeze her a little tighter.


“What kind of contact are you talking about?” Kazuya asked as Lin seemed to be listening to something.


“Just like when I healed Masako or Lin I would need skin contact. I push ki through that contact when healing. What I would need to do with you would be more than that the first time. The first time I would have to form the connection. After that, I would just have to strengthen it periodically, but it would be daily so it wouldn’t weaken too much. It would be a balancing act. Too little and the connection would break leaving you vulnerable, but too much and one of us could die if the other does.” Kagome explained as she recalled everything Kaede had taught her about this in the past.


It was not something to do lightly.


“Why would you go so far for someone you barely know?” Kazuya asked, and both we surprised when Lin answered.


“That’s just who she is, apparently.” Kagome smiled a bit as she knew Shippo had to have been the one to tell him that.


“Shippo knows me well.” She said as he moved up to nuzzle on her cheek.


“When would we start?” Kazuya asked, and Kagome nodded as she knew that question meant he would probably accept her offer.


“I would need a few days to prepare. Now, I think we need to talk about our current case. Have you noticed…”


It was the start of what would be a very long evening.




Kagome yawned as she left the Principal’s office. Kazuya had conducted the first part of his experiment on them, and now she was free for the rest of the day. She had spent most of the evening with Kazuya and Lin only to go home and faceplant into her bed. She watched as Mai followed Kazuya down the hall while Kuroda went back to class and the rest of the small group talked about what to do today.


“Kagome?” The voice was soft, and Kagome looked over to see Masako standing with her away for Houshou, John, and Ayako.


“Masako. How are you feeling?”


“Better than I could have been. Thank you for whatever it was you did yesterday.” Masako said and Kagome motioned her to walk with her so they were moving away from the others.


“You’re welcome. Would you like me to heal the bruising? I couldn’t yesterday because I knew they were calling an ambulance. I could make it a bit easier to move at least.” Kagome spoke lowly so no one else would here.


“You could do that?” Masako asked with some interest, and Kagome could tell from her posture that she was feeling rather stiff.


“If you like. Just please don’t tell anyone. I really don’t like attention.” She entreated knowing that one more of her secrets wasn’t really secret anymore.


“That would be appreciated.” Masako gave her a small smile of thanks and a slight nod.


“Alright. Let’s do that, and then would you like to get lunch?” Kagome asked before leading her outside to her car.


At Masako’s questioning look about lunch Kagome smile a bit.


“We can talk. Get to know each other a bit. We run in similar circles so it would be nice to know a familiar face. Plus, my little brother loves your show. It’ll give me something to brag about to him later. My treat.” Kagome told her only to see her eyes crinkle at the edges in a silent laugh.


“Okay. That would be nice.”




Kagome met up with everyone again at the old building the next day. They all stood outside the boarded up room as they waited to see the result of Kazuya’s experiment. She was pleased to see that Lin had joined them that day as he held a camera up to record the results for later review. He was still using a crutch so she knew he was going to act out still being inured to avoid questions. She almost smiled when he glanced at her as Shippo rush over to wrap around her when she arrived.


“So what’s the plan for today, Naru.” Houshou asked, and Kagome noticed that he had started calling Kazuya by the moniker Mai had come up with.


She was sure he would be stuck with it. Soon the rest of them might start calling him that as it became a habit. Just like she had already heard both Mai and Ayako calling him Monk.


“Yes. Let’s hope for your sake you don’t embarrass yourself yet again.” Ayako said in a tone that made Kagome want to say something to shut her up.


“Now, would you two please confirm that the paper you signed yesterday hasn’t been tampered with.” Kazuya said as he stepped back to allow John and Mai to looked the paper on the boards over.


“Yeah, okay. Looks good to me. What about you John?” Mai asked seeing that it was her signature.


“Fine.” John confirmed before he and Mai stepped back and Kazuya moved forward.


“Alright.” He said slapping a crowbar into the palm of his other hand before prying the wood apart to expose the inside of the room.


“Oh, my lord.” John said as they looked inside.


“The chair. It’s moved.” He continued as they all entered the room to see an empty circle drawn onto the floorboards and a chair that was toppled over on its side nearby.


“Indeed it has.” Kazuya confirmed as he moved over to the computer that was sitting on the nearby desk.


“So what exactly does this prove?” Ayako asked; doubt heavy in her voice.


“Would you care to explain?” Houshou asked as Kagome moved over to a chair near the desk and took a seat.


“I’d like to thank you all for your co-operation. I’ll be finishing this investigation today.” Kazuya said, and that was all Kagome needed to know.


She listened as Kazuya explained his finding, and received a barrage of questions and responses. She relaxed into Shippo’s grip as she let them work it out on their own. She had told them from the beginning that there was no spirit. Masako said the same time, and they had been too stubborn to listen. Kuroda shouldn’t have even been involved in the first place. Kazuya had only allowed it because she claimed to see spirits, and the voice of another medium could have been valuable. Instead, she had been a problem.


Two days before she had told him what she sensed from the doors. There hadn’t been any spiritual ki, but there was a trance of psychic ki. With psychic ki it was harder to detect because it was connected to a living being it left no real residue. It had been a good thing she had stayed behind until the doors stopped slamming. Once she had mentioned it, Kazuya seemed to have come to his own conclusion. She had just let it go after that. Honestly, Kazuya would likely have been able to figure it out without her observation


As far as Kagome was concerned this case had been over two days ago. Now her attention was on stabilizing Kazuya. That took precedence, and she had already started preparations to establish the connection. Shippo shook around her as it in laughter, and Kagome’s attention was drawn to what the others were doing.


“Oh, I had no idea you were so sensitive. Do you have a girlfriend?” Ayako was flirting very blatantly with Kazuya.


“I’m not sure I fully understand your question.” Kazuya replied without really giving her an answer.


Kagome had no doubt that he actually did understand what the woman was getting at. He was far too smart not too.


“I’m saying I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better. Even though you are quite young.” Ayako persisted as she shifted her body in a way she must have thought appealing.


“Although I do appreciate the offer, I must decline. I’m too used to looking at myself in the mirror.” Kazuya brushed off her flirtation and caused the majority of the group to laugh at the same time.


Kagome smiled a bit, and her shoulders shook with suppressed laughter at their amusement before Lin’s gaze caught her eye. She knew he was curious about her. Shippo shifted as he played with her hair, and her hand came up to gently pat his head in affection. Her connection to his Shiki had still not been explained, but he seemed to have accepted the current situation. Kagome had to wonder what Sesshomaru and Shippo must have told him.


Soon enough everyone started heading out. Kagome stood to help Lin as he started breaking down the setup of monitors, wires, and shelves that remained after they had fled the building. Lin and Kagome had the set-up quickly broken down between the two of them. They were working on packing everything away in a comfortable silence when Houshou came in.


“Ready to go, Kagome? I was thinking I’d stop by and see Aunt Maki.” He said referring to her mother.


“You go ahead. I’m going to help finish up here. I drove today so I’ll be fine.” Kagome replied as she finished winding the audio cable and packed it away.


“Are you sure?” Kagome went to respond when Lin chimed in.


“Go ahead. We can handle the rest.” Kagome looked at him before nodding slowly.


“Okay. I’ll talk to you soon.” Kagome asked, and turned to leave with her cousin when he nodded.


“Something I should know about?” Houshou asked after hearing what she said.


“Not really.” Kagome smiled softly as she felt Shippo slip from her shoulders to return to Lin.




If there are any mistakes in the translation it’s all Google’s fault….


Gùzhí de rén. - Stubborn man.


Nǐ shì shéi? - Who are you?


Lóng niǎo - Caged bird (the translation of what ‘Kagome’ means)


Nǐ nìngyuàn nǐ de tuǐ huàile? - You’d rather your leg stay broken?


AN: Well that's the latest, and wraps up Evil Spirits All Over. Next is 3.5 where we will see the connection to stabilize Naru be formed. Hope you liked the Kagome/Lin interaction. I had a bit of fun writing it. My husband has already read and approved 3.5 and 4 so I'll be posting them over the next few days after I review them. Let me know what you thought, and thanks for reviewing.




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