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Balm for a Broken Soul


By: Ryu Katanna




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A/N: A lot of the dialogue will be familiar as the first several chapters do follow the anime and manga. There are more parts that are original to the story, but I’ve done this to stay close to the original while also telling Kagome’s side of the story. There will be more deviations we get farther in.


(Bold) - Chinese translation to English. If there are any mistakes in the translation I blame Google...


Episode 4: The Doll House Part One


It was now about three months after that first case. There had been other small cases since then, but nothing they had needed help from more than one or two of the others. Kagome had become a regular sight in the SPR building as she drifted between Lin and Naru’s separate offices. It had been a strange sight to Mai at first, but she had grown used to it after awhile. She really didn’t have a choice as none of them would tell her why Kagome was there every day.


It was about a month after Kagome had established to temporary connection to Naru that she had been told everything. She now knew who Naru’s really was, about his brother Eugene, and about Lin’s connection to them. It was because of this that she had volunteered to help with the paperwork that Mai was not allowed to handle. There was a lot more of that type of paperwork than what Mai handled, and so that had been the reason Lin was always so busy. With Kagome’s help, he at least got to see the bed in his hotel room a bit more often.


Naru also found her helpful to have around when he wanted someone to bounce ideas off when it came to the debate of science versus spiritual. She had pretty much told him to worry about the scientific part of the investigation while she did the spiritual. They had gotten to know each other, and how the other thought this way. Against her better judgment, she was starting to feel some affection towards the young analytically minded scientist and his guardian.


Now it was a humid morning in July when Lin had texted her about a case that Naru had accepted three days ago. Naru, Mai, and Lin were already there for the first official consultation, and he had sent her the address. It was a private residence this time. Kagome sent him a quick text back to let him know she would be on her way shortly before tucking her phone back into her pocket. She finished sweeping the shrine grounds and stored the broom away in the shed.


Once in her room, she pulled out her duffle bag. Picking out enough clothes for at least three days, toiletries, and anything else she might need she packed them away. Anything else she might need for a case was already waiting in the trunk of her car. With her bag ready Kagome left down the stairs and into the living room where her mother was watching the news.


“I’m going out on a case, Mama. I’ll probably be gone a few days again.” Kagome said as she hefted her bag over her shoulder and picked up her purse and keys from the coffee table.




“Alright, dear. You be safe, and tell those boys to stay out of trouble too.” Mrs. Higurashi said; calling Lin a boy in a way only a mother could of a grown man.


“I will. Bye.” She said before heading out the door.


She checked the address on her phone before getting into the car knowing she had a bit of a drive to make.




About two hours later, and Kagome had just pulled into the drive, and parked behind the SPR van. Already she could see that they had unloaded and set up base judging from the lack of equipment in the back. She had also seen Houshou and Ayako’s cars as she pulled up. Leaving her bags in the car Kagome made her way quickly to the front door and knocked.


“Yes?” A young woman answered the door and peered curiously over at Kagome with a soft expression.


“Are you Ms. Noriko, perhaps?” She asked just to confirm.


“Yes. Oh, you're part of the Shibuya Psychic Research, aren’t you? I think I remember seeing you when I was at the office.” The woman said as she motioned her inside.


“I am. It’s nice to meet you officially. My name is Kagome Higurashi. I’m sorry I’m a little late. I had duties to attend at my family’s shrine.” Kagome apologized as she entered the house.


“Thank you for coming. It’s this way.” Noriko smiled as she led her to where the base had been set up before leaving her at the door.


“-with the woman of the house not getting along with her sister in law.” She could hear Mai’s voice as she entered the room silently.


“Noriko?” Houshou asked.


“I’d buy it. That Kana woman does seem to be a bit unpleasant.” Ayako agreed as she thought of the woman.


“Your welcome.” Mai chimed smugly as if she had just solved the entire case.


“It’s amateurish at best. In cases where a human is to blame for a poltergeist, the culprit is usually a teenager or an adolescent child. Noriko is already in her twenties. So, she doesn’t meet the age requirement.” Naru shot down here entire theory, and Kagome could see her deflate with every word that left her boss’s lips.




“But-” Mai went to object, but Naru didn’t give her the chance.




“It is true that there are women who are sensitive to the paranormal. So I’ll consider that in my final decision.” Kagome shook her head at Mai’s expression.




“You shouldn’t scowl so much, Mai. It can cause wrinkles later in life.” Kagome said as she let them know she was there since no one but Lin and Naru had seemed to notice.




“Kagome!” Mai said as she startled and whirled around to see the woman as she walked passed everyone and stopped by Naru.




Her hand came up to rest on the teen's shoulder; fingers resting against the skin of his neck in a way that might have been considered flirtatious. Yet, Naru didn’t react to the skin contact. He had grown used to he small touches throughout the day over the last couple months. With the exception of Lin, the others in the room stared at the contact. They had seen small gestures here and there but were still not sure what to think of it.




“I just want to read through the case file before I do an initial scan. Where is it?” She asked before Naru leaned over and picked up the file.




“Here you are. See what you make of it.” Naru said as he handed it to her, and she nodded before sliding her hand away to sit in the chair next to Lin.




“ Nǐ hǎo.” Kagome greeted the older man as she usually did before opening the folder.




Kagome had figured out that Lin was more comfortable speaking with her privately. Over the last two months, he had explained that he hated the Japanese, and why. She hadn’t said much more than for him to think of her as Chinese then. He already knew she was of mixed heritage, and she didn’t mind it. She could understand why he felt the way he did. To make him more comfortable she spoke in Chinese when they were alone, and in Japanese when around others. They had soon fallen into a routine that was comfortable for them both as they worked together.


The file wasn’t very long. The house had four occupants. Noriko Morishita, her brother who was currently away for work, his wife Kana, and daughter Ayami. Furniture rattling on its own, knocking sounds, and doors opening and closing on their own were reported by Noriko as what had prompted the investigation. Kagome closed the file. There had to be more, but it might take a few days for anything substantial to happen as they waited. The best thing she could do right now was to look for any residue of spiritual energy.


Kagome looked up at the monitors to get a general layout of the house before standing to find that Ayako and Houshou were both doing a walkthrough. When she turned to look at the rest of the room that had been chosen for their base she found that she was alone with Naru and Lin in the room. Taking the opportunity for what it was she channeled more of her ki through her hand before touching the back of Naru’s to further stabilize the connection.


“I’ll do my scan from here. I don’t want to alarm the family if I find something, and it’s quiet here now.” Kagome said softly after a minute.


At the nod from Naru, she moved to the middle of the floor. She allowed herself to fall into a trance-like state as she pushed her ki outward. First into the room, and then to the hallway to the rest of the house. Kagome felt herself gasp as she encountered residue in every room in the house. Pushing outward, even more, she covered the grounds around the house and found more outside. Multiple energy signatures. Most of them were young, but there was one that was elusive. The sound of crying startled her from her trance, and she jumped. Opening her eyes with a gasp, Kagome’s energy snapped back to her, and caused her to sway on her feet. Two strong hands caught her, and she looked up to see Lin looking down at her.


“There’s something wrong here.” Kagome choked, and Lin led her to the couch where she sat down and tried to get her bearings.


“What did you find?” Naru asked, and she hadn’t even noticed that he had moved closer to her.


She didn’t even notice the tears that had welled up in her eyes at the sound of the cry she had heard.


“This place is coated in multiple signatures. There’s so much residue that I can’t even pinpoint a specific area. Most of them are young, but there was another. It’s elusive, and so I couldn’t get a reading on it. I could swear I heard…” Kagome trailed off as Lin stepped back, and listened with Naru.


At some point during her trance state, Ayako and Houshou had both returned. Houshou cam to sit next to her. He put an arm around her comfortingly, and Kagome allowed herself to lean against his shoulder as she calmed. Her mind was all over the place. She had never experienced something like that before.


“Well? Spit it out.” Ayako demanded impatiently with her arms cross haughtily from her seat on the other couch.


“I’m not sure what that was. I could swear I heard a child crying, but I’ve never had something like that happen. It startled me. When I’m in that state I’m not supposed to have any awareness outside of the energy. Did it resonate with my ki? It shouldn’t be possible.” Kagome said as she looked up at Naru.


“I’m not sure. We still don’t have enough information.” Naru answered, and it looked like he was thinking so Kagome turned to her cousin.


“Houshou could you go to my car and get my purse? I need to call Souta. Maybe the answer is in one of the scrolls at the shrine.” She asked him and sighed with some relief when he answered.


“Yeah. You just rest here until I get back.” He said, and she could see he was concerned for her.


“How long was I out of it?” Kagome asked Naru once her cousin left.


“A few hours. We’re currently waiting for results on an experiment Though I’m doubtful we’ll find anything.” Naru replied as Mai came running into the room.


“Are you okay, Kagome? Monk told me something happened.” The concern was audible in her voice, and Kagome shook her head.


“I’m fine, Mai. Just need some answers of my own.” Kagome assured her before waiting for Houshou to come back with her phone.


She only hoped her brother could find something.




It was almost nine by the time Kagome had gotten off the phone with her brother. He had been both concerned and curious about what she had experienced. Souta had told her he would talk with their grandfather, and get his help searching for an answer. She thanked him for his help, and he had said he would get back to her. Now she would just have to wait.


She was curious to see if she could find out more by looking again but was also wary of attempting it. Kagome didn’t know what had happened or why. She had ignored Ayako’s comments about the reliability of her information. Kagome had just returned to sit in front of the monitors with Lin to keep an eye on things.


“Any movement?” Naru asked Lin as the man kept an eye on the vase they were using for the experiment in the living room.


“Not yet.” Lin replied; he hadn’t taken his eye off that screen since before Kagome had called Souta


The sound of the door opening had them all looking to see who it was. In the doorway was a woman Kagome could only assume must have been Noriko’s sister in law, Kana. She looked to be out of breath as she panted, and must have run to speak to them.


“Come quickly.” She said once she had caught her breath, and everyone except for Kagome and Lin ran after her as she led them upstairs.


Kagome kept an eye on the monitors, but she lost sight of them as they entered a room. She knew that was supposed to be the little girl’s room. They had been asked not to record in the bedrooms, and so there was no camera to show what had happened. Kagome checked the other cameras to see if there was anything going on in the rest of the house.


It was when she got to the living room that she saw movement.


“Lin!” Kagome called his name as she drew attention to it, but by the time he looked that movement had already stopped.


It had happened so quickly she couldn’t believe what her eyes were telling her. They both stared at the screen. They were brought out of their thoughts by the sound of a loud horrifying scream. Kagome’s feet were moving before she even knew why, and she took off down the hall.


She came to a stop just as the others joined her in the doorway to the living room. It was then that she could see the extent of what had been moved in the room. There wasn’t one thing left untouched. Everything from the carpet to the things hanging on the walls was flipped over.


“Classic poltergeist activity.” Monk observed as he looked around the room.


“It’s a simple earth spirit. I’ll have it driven out of the house by tomorrow morning. You’ll see. Night everyone.” Ayako replied before turning and leaving with an arrogant waive.


“Where does she get her confidence?” Mai asked a little dumbfounded as the older woman walked away.


“What’s up, Naru? You look like you’re onto something. Care to share with the rest of us?” Monk asked, and Kagome had an idea already of what the dark haired teen was thinking.


“Don’t you think this response is a little quick? Paranormal phenomena tend to have an aversion to outsiders. Usually, any signs of a haunting back off in the first twenty-four hours of an investigation.” Naru answered as his eyes slowly slid over the room.


“Really?” Mai asked, and Kagome knew she still had so much to learn.


“If you’ve ever watched those tv shows that cover famous haunted houses usually nothing substantial ever happens off camera, right? Normally the spirits will shy away from the visitor initially, but that’s not the case here. I think this is full on hatred.” Monk answered as Kagome moved through the room and stretched her senses.


Once again she was picking up on several different residues.


“You thinking the same thing I am?” Naru asked looking at the monk.


“Yeah. The house is aware of our presence, and it’s quickly becoming angry with us. So if you couple that with these increasingly brazen attempts to scare us off… we’re dealing with a poltergeist that means business.” Monk’s expression didn’t inspire any confidence, and Kagome bit her lip as she kept her ki at a low hum under her skin.


“You think it has something to do with earlier?” Kagome asked as she thought about her attempt to get a read on the house.


“I doubt it. Your reading may have been what tipped it off that we’re looking for it, but I don’t think it’s the reason for this kind of reaction.” Monk said as he ruffled her hair to reassure her a bit; like a child.


“We may have a hard time with this one.” Naru said before telling Mai to reposition the camera as he declared both the Living room and Ayami’s bedroom off limits for safety.




The next day was quiet as they ran more standard tests. The experiment with the vase had yielded no results, and so it was concluded that the cause wasn’t the people who inhabited the home. Kagome spent her time monitoring the rooms with Lin as she waited for the call from her brother that would hopefully give her some answers. It was a school day, and so she knew that unless their grandfather had found something she could be waiting a while.


Ayako had attempted an exorcism, but Kagome was doubtful of her success. She didn’t care much for the woman, and she doubted her capabilities, but she did have some training. They were different in that, and it was that difference that kept Kagome quiet of the matter. There may be something yet about the woman that would prove to be of use on a case, but that didn’t mean that her overconfidence in her abilities didn’t make Kagome want to say something.


There was a stark difference in being confident in what you can do, but you also had to be able to recognize what you couldn’t. What was beyond your capabilities. It was that overconfidence that could one day hurt one of the people she was coming to care about. Kagome had learned a lot from their mistakes in the feudal era. It had come at a cost, and it was a hard lesson learned.


That and the woman's voice just grated on her nerves as she proclaimed ‘earth spirit’ on every case.


Night had fallen before anything out of the ordinary happened. Kagome had stayed to watch the monitors and keep an eye on things as Naru, Monk, and Mai went running as one of the women of the house screamed. Watching the monitors she could tell something must have happened in the kitchen this time, but the problem was that the camera hadn’t picked up on anything unusual except for the flame that suddenly shot out from the stove. Kana had been nearby and could have been hurt if she were any closer.


“Tā shì jǐnggào wǒmen tuì hòu háishì hé wǒmen yīqǐ wán?” Kagome muttered as she replayed the video, and when Lin glanced at her she knew she had his attention.


(Is it warning us to back off, or is it playing with us?)


“Zài zuótiān wǎnshàng de shìjiàn zhīhòu, xiànzài kàn lái, zhè gèng xiàng shì yīgè wánpí de xiǎohái wànnòng èzuòjù, kàn kàn dàrén kěnéng zuò shénme.” Kagome explained and waited as Lin seen to be thinking about what she had said.


(After the events of last night, and now today, it seems more like a naughty child playing pranks to see what the adults might do.)


He looked back at the screen in front of him where the group had just gone into Noriko’s room.


“Nǐ kěnéng yǒu yīdiǎn.” He finally said just as there was a loud banging that sounded like it was coming from everywhere in the house.


(You may have a point.)


Kagome went to stand in alarm as she looked around to try to pinpoint the noise. Lin caught her arm and she almost fell when the house started shaking. Holding onto Lin, the house shook several more times before there was a loud crash from somewhere else in the house. It was only after that the house stopped, and she was able to stand properly. She looked up at Lin.


“Xièxiè.” Kagome said, and it was then she had a random thought.




The man in front of her who she had been working with for the past couple months was damned handsome. She felt her cheeks flush a bit as he nodded and let her go. She snapped herself out of her daze when he turned to look at the monitors to see if he could find out what happened. A few things had been shifted from the shaking, but nothing stood out of place so they went back to work.


I was only once the rest of the team made it back into the room that they found out. Both about the heavy bookcase that had almost crushed Noriko, and how it seemed to be a reaction caused by Ayami shouting.




It was the next day when the team had all gathered in the base to talk about what had happened. Lin and Kagome sat side by side in front of the monitors while everyone watched on as they stood behind them. Lin kept an eye on the readings and activity in the house while Kagome had set to work review and compiling all the footage of activity that they had managed to catch on camera. They were close enough that she could feel when the man next to her would move but blocks out the thoughts of last night as she concentrated on the video.


“So what is that? Two huge failures in a row?” Monk asked Ayako how was standing next to him.


“I guess I’m just a useless waste of space then.” She said before turning and leaving as she didn’t want to deal with him.


“So, yesterday, what was that?” Mai asked softly as if she couldn’t understand what was going on.


“It seemed to react to the little girl shouting, and it could be tied to the image of the child you mentioned seeing it the kitchen.” Monk to her as she turned to look at him.


“I believe that Ayami’s behind this.” Naru stated to give his own opinion.


“I thought the suggestion experiment that you conducted proved the culprit wasn’t human. How much confidence do you put in that test of yours?” Monk asked as he turned his attention away from Mai.


“One hundred percent.” Naru replied without ever looking at him.


“Is it possible the suggestion failed?” Monk pressed trying to get him to admit to the possible failure.


“There no way.” The answer was point blank, and Naru didn’t rise to the bait.


“You know you’ve been wrong before.” Monk growled irritably only for Kagome to interrupt him.


“So have you, Houshou, or do I need to remind you? We are all human, and so we all make mistakes sometimes. Just because you doubt him doesn’t make him wrong.” She said as she turned a gave him a look that told him to stop.


“Kazuya.” Lin said to get the teens attention, and Kagome looked over as well as she dismissed her cousin to pay attention.


“The temperature in Ayami’s room is dropping again.”


“Lin. More sound.” Naru demanded, and the volume was quickly turned up.


“That is intense.” Monk muttered as they all heard the sound of wood clattering and shifting.


Kagome shifted aside so Naru could get to his computer as she noticed that though there were noises coming from the room there was no movement. If there was no movement then what was causing the noise? Could it have something to do with whatever was causing this in the first place?


“Incredible.” Naru murmured, and Kagome’s attention was drawn to what he was looking at.


“What’s that?” Mai asked from the other side of Lin.


“The temperature. It’s dropping unbelievably fast.” Naru told them what he and Kagome were seeing.


“Hold on. Then who could be responsible for doing this?” Monk asked as the rattling continued.


“It’s not Ayami. That’s for sure. No, no human could pull this off.” Naru said as he retracted his earlier statement, and Kagome started putting together the start of today’s observation report.




It was a few hours later when Kagome finally got the call she was waiting for. She was in the base with Lin, Naru, and Mai when her phone rang. The conversation was rushed, and she stood as she hung up. Looking at the others she grabbed her purse.


“Souta found something, but grandpa fell in the storage shed. I have to go back to the shrine to make sure he’s alright. Do you need me to pick anything up while I’m gone?” Kagome asked as she swung the strap over her shoulder.


“There are a few things at the office we could use. Lin, go with her.” Naru said, and soon they were both out the door and in Kagome’s car.


The drive was spent mostly in silence with only a bit of conversation. It was comforting to have Lin with her for the drive as she worried about her grandfather. Kagome pulled up outside the shrine, and they got out of the car with Lin following her as she ran up the stairs. She headed straight for the house.


“Kagome! He’s in his room.” Her mother told her as she walked in.


“Alright, Mama. How is he?” She asked as they took off their shoes before she started in that direction.


“We think his leg might be broken, but he refused to go to the hospital. I’m sorry, honey. I know your working.” She replied before opening the door to her father in laws room and then going to the kitchen.


“I’m here, grandpa.” Kagome greeted him with a little exasperation.


“Ah, Kagome! Would you tell them to leave an old man be? I’m fine, and want to take my nap.” Her grandfather said from his position on the bed.


Souta looked up at her pleadingly, and Lin couldn’t help but be a little surprised. The confident and caring teen that he had met a couple months ago was looking very frustrated and harassed. His hair was all over the place, and he had the beginning of a bruise forming on his exposed collarbone. Souta stood by the side of the bed, and as soon as he’d seen Kagome his shoulders had relaxed like he had finally found some relief.


“Okay, grandpa. We’ll all leave you to your nap just as soon as I have a look at your leg. Souta told me you took a nasty spill, and I’m worried.” Kagome replied softly as she sat down on the side of the bed.


“Ah! You see that? Such a good girl, my granddaughter. Coming home to check on her grandpa.” Mr. Higurashi said as he looked at Lin, and Kagome took the opportunity to start healing him.


“She’s my pride after her father, that one. A servant of the gods, and a protector of the people, that’s what she is. One of the kindest and most beautiful girls. My wife knew she was special from the time she was born…” He continued on talking about her as if he had forgotten she was there before trailing off like he had trouble remembering what he had been talking about.


“Okay. You were right. Nothing wrong at all.” Kagome said as she pulled away.


“Oh. When did you get here?” A pained look flashed over her before it was replaced with a smile.


“A little bit ago. I wanted to come in and see you before I left since Mama said you were getting ready for bed.” She said softly, and Lin watched as the man’s face lit up before patting her head like she was a little girl.


“Your such a good girl. You remind me so much of my granddaughter.” He said with a tender smile before looking away as if none of them were there.


Souta motioned for Lin to follow him out as Kagome followed. She shut the door quietly and walked into the living room with him. She had that pained look on her face now that she wasn’t in front of their grandfather.


“I take it today was a bad one? Are you okay?” She asked before seeing the bruise and reaching forward to heal it.


“He was doing good until a little while ago. It was after he fell that he forgot, and it was a bit of a struggle to get him into the house. The scrolls you need are on the table in the kitchen.” Souta told her as he ran a hand through his hair.


“Thank you. I’m sorry, I’ll be right back.” She said before leaving the room.


“I didn’t mean for you to witness that. Grandpa… he has Alzheimer's.” Souta explained and waited for a few minutes in silence as Lin just nodded a bit in understanding.


“You know, he was right though. Kagome is special.” Souta said when his sister had still not come back and continued when Lin looked at him.


“Kagome was born as what she is. Traditionally, born Miko are protectors of the people, but this isn’t the feudal era anymore. She has a kind heart and gives way too much for others. I just don’t want her to be taken advantage of again because of it. We’ve tried to keep the things she can do a secret because there are people who would use her. She seems to like you and your friend. Just… try to make sure that doesn’t happen?”


It took Lin a few seconds to understand what the teen was talking about. It was a similar situation to Kazuya. If people knew all he could do they would try to get as much out of him as possible. The only reason that wasn’t possible was because he tended to distance himself from others and acted cold. Kagome, however, wasn’t like that.


Kagome tried to distance herself from people, but that was not who she was. She was the kind of person who wanted to help others. She had seen that Kazuya had needed help and had offered that help without any thought of what she could gain from it. Even now she was doing what she could in cases to help the spirits of those who had already passed on.


“As much as I’m able, I will.” He answered just as Kagome returned with her hands full.


“Sorry for making you wait, Lin. Mama made bentos for everyone while she was waiting for me. Thanks for finding those scrolls, Souta. I’ll look at them when we get back. We should probably head out now though. We still have another stop to make, and then the drive back.” Kagome said as she shuffled the bags around before Lin silently took half of them off her hands.


Her cheeks pinked as she looked up at his to say thank you.


“Okay. Be careful.” Souta waved goodbye as they left.




It was several hours later as night had fallen that they made it back to the house. Lin and Kagome made short work of unloading the car and bringing everything inside. Kagome set the bags holding the bentos down with her purse as Lin brought in what they had gathered from the office. She put her purse to the side only to see Houshou poking around in the bags.


“Your name is on yours. Has everyone eaten? Mama made these bentos for us.” Kagome told the others as she opened the bags.


“No, we’ve been busy. Oh, these look good. You said your mom made them?” Mai asked as she looked at the food Kagome pulled from the bags.


“Aunt Maki’s cooking is the best! You’ll love it, Mai.” Houshou said enthusiastically as he pulled out two of them before handing Mai’s to her.


Kagome pulled out three others before walking over to where Lin had seated himself back in his spot in front of the monitors. She placed hers down in front of her seat before putting Lin's down next to his arm. She smiled when he gave her a nod of thanks before turning to Naru. He looked to be lost in thought, and so she pulled his hand away from his chin as she pushed her ki into her skin to stabilize the connection at the same time. This caused him to look at her as she placed his bento in the hand she was holding.


“Mama made this one for you. Everything alright?” Kagome asked; only releasing him when he had a grip on the container.


“We’ll be running another test tonight. Be ready.” Was all he said before taking his food, and so Kagome nodded before she joined Lin back at what had become their station.


She felt a smile tug at her lips as she looked between Naru and Lin. Both took their time to savor their food as they ate without a single complaint. Mama was right. They did appreciate the home cooking over the take-out they normally would get.




Lin and Kagome were filled in on what they had found out while the two of them were gone. Now they sat watching the screen of the doll that had been placed sitting on the bed in the little girl's room. Kagome did sense something off about it when Mai had brought the doll to Naru after the little girl fell asleep. There was definite spiritual residue, and that concerned her. Was it really communicating with the little girl? If so, what did it want with her?


Kagome scowled as she watched the doll be dragged across the bed. When the dolls head broke from the body it rolled to the floor to hit the camera. Mai’s scream echoed through the room, and Kagome only hoped the sound hadn’t woken the house’s occupants.


They were getting closer to the source, and things were starting to heat up.





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