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Balm for a Broken Soul


By: Ryu Katanna




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A/N: A lot of the dialogue will be familiar as the first several chapters do follow the anime and manga. There are more parts that are original to the story, but I’ve done this to stay close to the original while also telling Kagome’s side of the story. There will be more deviations we get farther in.


(Bold) - English translation. If there are any mistakes in the translation I blame google…


Episode 5: The Doll House Part Two


The rest of the night had passed quickly. As soon as they had lost picture Monk, Mai and Naru had gone running to Ayami’s room to see what had happened. Lan and Kagome had been sent scrambling with the equipment as they tried to figure out what had happened. While Lin got the video back online Kagome tried to recover the footage. The only problem was that no matter what she did it was just gone. Nothing had recorded.


Naru had not been happy when he found out there was no video. The image was nothing but static since just before the doll had moved. It seemed like the spirit was toying with them. The doll had been returned to Ayami having never known they had borrowed her. The doll had been undamaged and still sitting in the same position they had left her at the start of the test.


Now, it was day four of the investigation. The morning had been quiet as Kagome read through the scrolls Souta had found for her. Her attention was fixated on the words as Lin typed away at a report from the night before. Naru was going through the various readings they were getting while Houshou slept. Mai had wandered off shortly after Ayako had returned to the house.


Kagome couldn’t believe the words as she read them. She finished the last scroll before rolling it back up and placing it carefully in her bag. Her mind was swimming as she looked up at Naru and Lin who were still steadily working. What would they make of it?


“I won’t be able to do another reading in this house.” Kagome spoke softly, and both of them paused to look up at her.


“Did you find something to explain what happened?” Naru asked as he seen Kagome clench her fists.


“Yeah. This house is coated with spiritual ki. So much that I can not tell how many there are. While I’m in a trance state like that all other sensation is cut off. My pure ki spreads through the area and picks up on other energies. The reason that I heard what I did was that my pure ki resonated with another. There is a chance one of the spirits in this place was a born Miko like me.” Kagome said softly before glancing at the door to make sure no one else was coming in.


“Isn’t that really rare? You said born Miko have to live and die several lifetimes training as a Miko to be born as one.” Naru said as he remembered the conversation they had gotten into about the differences between Kagome and Ayako’s abilities some time ago.


“Yes, and born Miko can go one of two ways in life or in death. As long as we serve the gods we remain pure. A born Miko who has forsaken the gods becomes dark. The ki bestowed upon them becomes corrupted and slowly poisons them into insanity. The ki I felt scared me back into physical form. Whatever is holding the soul here is tainting it.” Kagome explained as she thought o the crying she had heard.


“What would happen if you were to try again?” Lin asked as he thought about what her little brother and grandfather had said.


“While my aura resonates there is the possibility that the taint on the other ki could mingle with my own pure ki. The scrolls say that my pure ki could become tainted from the contact if I were to mingle with the other ki for too long. I doubt you want an insane dark Miko around.” Kagome said as she finished her explanation.


“There are other ways to get information. Do not risk yourself. For now, just continue to assist Lin with operations in the base.” Naru said not wanting her to endanger herself.


They had grown closer over the time they had been together. Naru had started to think of her more and more as a friend. It was odd for him sometimes. Lin had been the only person he could really call a friend for so many years. He had not meant to get close to anyone while he was in Japan searching for his brother. Yet, with Kagome, he could feel his walls lowering to let her in as more time passed.


She hadn’t wanted anything from him since the beginning. She hadn’t cared about his name, his family, or what his abilities were. She hadn’t blinked an eye when they had finally told her his real name. All she cared about was helping the person in front of her.


Kagome wasn’t like anyone he had met before. She took on tasks at the office to help lessen Lin’s workload. She was a diligent worker and wasn’t one to talk more than was really needed. When she thought something needed to be said then she would say her piece, but she usually did it in a way that caused no hurt feeling with others. Even now she was helping him every day by using the connection with him to make sure he was stable. He hadn’t felt so in control since he had been in England.


No, they didn’t know her as well as they could, but after the last few months, he was starting to realize how lucky both he and Lin were to have stumbled across someone like her. He had even noticed Lin had been speaking to her more than he would anyone else in the group outside of himself. He had to wonder if Lin’s Shiki had told the man something about her because he had accepted her so easily at his side. There was just something about her. She was twenty-three and still such a pure person. He wouldn’t ask her to do something that could change that.


“Okay,  but if something else comes up that I can help with let me know.” Kagome said as she stood to take her place at the monitor next to Lin just as Mai came through the door with some information.




It happened as Monk was trying to exorcise the spirit they suspected was attached to the doll a few hours later. Ayami was in bed with Ayako watching over her when there was a scream that rung through the house. Kagome searches through the images of the different cameras to find that whatever had happened was somewhere the cameras had not been set up. After a few minutes, Naru came back into the room.


“What’s happened?” Kagome asked wanting to know what the scream had been about this time.


“Mai and Monk found her in the hallway. It seems her ankle has been dislocated. Dislocated. Monk is taking her to the hospital.” Naru replied as he set a camera down.


“The hospital? I can treat her without having to do that!” Kagome said as she stood and moved to leave the room, but was stopped by a firm grip on her wrist.


Brown eyes traveled up the arm stopping her to meet with a single grey eye; the blue one being concealed by black hair. She looked back in surprise. She hadn’t expected Lin to stop her.


“Lin?” She asked a bit unsure.


“Your healing should only be used when the injury is life-threatening.” He said calmly but refused to release her until he was sure she wasn’t going to run off.


“I agree with Lin. You shouldn’t use that ability too lightly.” Naru said, and the tone of his voice told Kagome he knew something about that.


“Okay. I understand what your trying to say, but I can still do something without that. I’m certified as a medic. As long as it’s only dislocated then I can treat her without having to go to the hospital.” Kagome told them and felt as Lin released her.


She would have liked to heal Noriko’s ankle for her, but she understood where they were coming from. It was one of the reasons she had kept what she could do a secret since returning to the modern era. Now there were three outside of her immediate family. Masako had agreed not to tell, and now both Lin and were trying to stop her from something that could expose her to the rest of the group. She smiled softly before taking both of them by the hand.


“Thank you. For looking out for me. I promise I won’t do anything stupid, but I want to help where I can.” She said squeezing their hands lightly before turning and heading out of the room to catch up with her cousin.




Kagome had caught them just before they had walked out the door. She explained that she was a medic, and would like to treat Noriko’s ankle for her. Monk was sent to get her med kit out of her trunk while Kagome got Noriko into the dining room to sit down. She examined her ankle gingerly to see the extent of the damage.


“Well, it’s not really that bad. It’s not broken. You won’t need surgery, but it’s going to hurt when I relocate the bone back into the socket.” She told Noriko as Monk walked in.


“You really come prepared, don’t you? Your trunk is full of all kinds of things. Luckily this was easy to find.” He said as he held up a rather large bag and placed it on the table.


“Houshou, I’m going to need you to keep her still. I can’t have her move while I do this.” Kagome told him as she ignored his comment, and waited until he was in position.


Quickly she applied pressure to key points without any warning. Noriko shouted in surprise at the pain, but it was over just as quickly as it had started. Kagome steadied her ankle and kept it elevated as she looked up at them.


“Alright. Almost over now. Grab me the splint out of my bag, and some bandage wrap. Then go and get her a glass of water, and an ice pack.” Monk did as she asked without complaint seeing that she knew what she was doing.


Once the splint was in place, and her ankle wrapped up to almost her knee, Kagome used another chair to set her foot on. Turning to her bad she pulled out some pain meds. By then Monk had returned with the items she had sent him to the kitchen for. She placed the ice pack gingerly on Noriko’s ankle before handing her the pain medication and water.


“Okay, the worst part is over. You're going to need to ice it three to five times a day for at least fifteen minutes each time to keep down and inflammation and swelling.  No unnecessary walking or standing for at least two to three weeks.” Kagome listed off as Noriko accepted the medication and downed them.


“Thank you, Kagome. That wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it would be.” Noriko said softly as she looked down at her leg like she was still trying to comprehend what had happened earlier.


“Good job, Kagome. Aunt Maki told me you had gotten your certification as a medic, but I didn’t know you knew how to set a dislocated bone.” Monk said with a smile as he swung an arm around her shoulders.


“It’s not something all medics study for. She is lucky. If it had been broken then she would have had to go to the hospital, and she would have been in for a longer recovery time.” Kagome replied as Monk ruffled her hair affectionately.


It was true. Usually, Noriko would have had to go to a doctor. Kagome had studied how to treat many kinds of injuries simply because of the life she led. Her time in the feudal era had taught her a lot about what she would need to know to survive. She and her friends had been hurt in the battles against Naraku, and fighting with others to gather the jewel shards. Her healing couldn’t always be depended on and so Kagome had studied as much as she could.


“You two are related?” Noriko asked while she watched Kagome pull Monk’s hand from her head.


“Yeah. Kagome is my little cousin.” Monk laughed as he pulled the woman closer only to have her give a huff of exasperation.


“That must be nice. Working with family to help others.” Noriko smiled softly as she watched the two.


Kagome pulled away to clean up and close her bag. Monk just continued smiling even with Kagome’s distant expression. Neither really answered, but Noriko continued to smile anyway.




Monk and Kagome left Ayako with Kana to return to base. They found the others in the room when they got there gathered around the doll that was sitting in Kagome’s chair. Naru told them that he and Mai had spoken with Ayami, and there was some new information. Kagome stared at the doll as Naru told them what the child had said.


“She’s definitely causing this. Makes me wonder me wonder if the previous owner died of an illness and then possessed the doll.” Monk gave his opinion as Kagome leaned back against the wall as she tried to keep herself from testing the doll with her ki.


She was under instruction from both Naru and Lin not to do anything like that. Not while the spirit of the other born Miko could resonate with her own ki. She really wanted to find out more about the other Miko. What was her name, and why did she remain here? Yet Kagome wouldn’t be able to find out any of that on her own. It was too much of a risk.


“That thing gives me the creeps. This is exactly why I’ve hated dolls since I was a child.” Ayako had her arms wrapped around her as she shivered to emphasize her point.


“Minnie is not the one behind this.” Naru said with clear certainty, and Kagome knew he was right.


It wasn’t really the doll itself.


“How can you say that after what we’ve seen?” Monk asked causing Naru to look over at him.


“Because the doll is only being used as a vessel. There’s a restless spirit that’s possessing this house. Until we can find a way to discover it’s true identity Ayami is in grave danger.” He replied with a glance at Kagome that she knew meant her and Lin were in for an all-nighter doing research.


“Mai!” Noriko’s voice called in desperation from outside the room.


Their attention shifted away from the doll and to Mai as she stopped just outside the door. Kagome followed her when she heard Noriko pointing out something. When she got into the hall she looked to where Noriko, Kana, and Mai were all staring in both shock and some fear. There, written on the wall just on the other side of their base, was ‘Bad girls will be punished.’ written in what looked like a red crayon. The lettering was written in a sloppy handwriting that a child would have.


“Ayami just confessed to me something that she was warned to never speak of. Minnie believes that Ayami has betrayed her. Mai? I want you to be with Ayami at all times.” Naru said seriously as he came out of the room and looked at Mai.


“Right.” Mai replied as Kagome turned to look at Naru before walking back into the base and eyeing the doll in her chair as he followed her.


Monk came back in with Naru while Ayako went to stay with Ayami once more. Mai had gone with her as Naru had instructed. Lin looked back at them as they entered, and it was only once the door was shut that Kagome spoke.


“That was a warning to all of us. The spirit will be actively targeting the little girl now.” Kagome said as she clenched her fists at her own ineffectiveness with this case.


“I want you and Lin researching the history of this house. There may be a clue there. Monk, keep an eye on Minnie. Don’t let her anywhere near Ayami or Kagome. Have her destroyed in the morning.” Naru replied as he picked up the doll from Kagome’s chair before handing it to him.


“I get why I should keep her away from Ayami, but Kagome?” Monk asked with a glance at his cousin, and Kagome sighed a bit.


“Whoever this spirit is has a ki that resonates with mine. I’m effectively grounded for the rest of this case.” She explained, without really telling him anything, before taking her chair and getting to work.


The last thing she wanted or needed was another person watching her every over. She already had that with Lin and Naru.




It was around noon when Kagome finally stopped to take a break. She had sent Lin off to get some sleep a few hours before. He had refused at first, but Kagome had been adamant. He had been up for the last two days. Sometimes she worried about him. She didn’t see how he got much sleep with all the work he was always doing, and that really couldn’t be good for anyone really.


“Kagome! Noriko asked me to get you. Ayami fell in the pond!” Mai called to her from the doorway, and Kagome was out of her seat quickly.


“Ayako, if anyone comes back would you tell them to wait here? I’ll be back. Where is she?” Kagome asked noticing that Mai was sopping wet as she grabbed her med bag that she’d kept in the room.


“They’re in Noriko’s room.” Mai replied before following the woman as she headed down the halls at a quick walk without even waiting for Ayako’s response.


They came to the open door of the bedroom not long after. Ayami was crying as Norio held her in a death grip. Fear was plain to see on the woman's face, but a hint of relief showed in her eyes as Kagome stepped into the room. Kagome came to kneel next to the two as Noriko spoke, and she placed her bag down next to her.


“Ayami. Kagome’s here. She came to check on you.” She said as the little girl shivered before looking up at the woman who had just come into the room.


“Hello, Ayami. We haven’t really met yet, but my name is Kagome. I’m part of the team that’s here trying to help, and I’m a medic. Would you let me have a look at you? I’m sure it would make your Aunt Noriko feel better to know your okay.” Kagome’s voice was soft as she spoke to the little girl.


“Please Ayami?” Noriko asked when she shook her head and hid her face against her aunt’s shoulder.


“Kagome’s a good person. I promise. She’s the one that helped Noriko when she got hurt.” Mai said as she also kneeled down on the other side of Kagome.


Ayami looked up at Mai before looking at Noriko. When Noriko nodded the girl turned to look at Kagome. This lady was the one who had helped her aunt?


“It’s true.” Noriko confirmed as she ran a hand through the girl's hair soothingly.


Ayami seemed to be reassured enough that she turned toward Kagome and nodded. Kagome opened her bag to pull out a stethoscope and put the ear tips in her ears. She steadied Ayami’s shoulders as she placed the drum against the girls back to listen to her lungs. She shifted the position a few times before pulling bag.


“Well there is a little water in your lungs, but it doesn’t sound like enough to be worried about.” She said as she took the tips out of her ears and then tucked the stethoscope back in her bag.


“What happened?” The voice startled her a bit as it came from the open doorway behind her.


“Lin. Mai and I have it covered. Would you find Naru and Houshou, and get them back to base? I’ll talk to everyone back at there once I’m done here.” Kagome smiled slightly at the sight of the man who had just gotten up.


When Lin nodded she turned her attention back to Ayami as she heard his footsteps retreat down the hall. Kagome had to stop herself from smiling as what had become a familiar weight settled around her. It seemed Shippo was not too happy to leave her alone in this house. Anytime she was around Lin the presence of Shippo and Sesshomaru’s demonic ki was a comfort. Lin, himself, had taken his Shiki's attachment to her with little more than a glance. It made her wonder sometimes if one of them had told the man something about their past, and just how much he knew. He was a lot more sociable with her than he was anyone else with the exception of Naru.


“Now, did you get hurt when you fell in? Anything else that I can do to help you Ayami?” She asked the girl who nodded before showing Kagome her leg.


“Oh, that’s not a nice looking scratch. Let’s get it cleaned up. It might sting a bit, but I’ll have to disinfect it, okay?” Kagome asked before she pulled some antibacterial ointment, an alcohol swab, and a tin that held bandaids out of her bag.


“Okay.” Ayami’s whispered as she watched Kagome treat the small cut she had gotten from a rock when she fell in.


“All done. Now I’ll let you pick out which band-aid you want. I have plain ones, and I have ones that have little animals on them.” Kagome said after the ointment had been applied, and felt Shippo snicker in delight as the girl picked on that had little foxes on it.


“Thank you, Miss Kagome.” Ayami smiled up at her, and so she smiled softly back at her as she stood.


“Be careful, alright? I know things are kind of scary right now, but you have to try to hold on for just a little bit. We’ll figure this out.” Kagome said picking up her bag as she got ready to leave the room.


“Promise?” She felt her heart wrench at both the fear, and hope in the girl's eyes.


“I promise.” Kagome said as her face truly softened for the first time that Mai had seen.


“Thank you, Kagome.” Noriko said, and Kagome nodded before looking at Mai.


“I’m going to need you to tell me what, exactly, happened. I’ll let the others know. You have to stay here with Ayami and Noriko.” She said looking at the teen as she waited for an explanation.




Once Kagome had made it back to the base she seen that everyone was gathered and waiting. She quickly briefed them on what had happened outside, and what Mai had witnessed. While Ayami was not majorly hurt she was very scared. Monk revealed that his attempt at destroying the doll had failed. It had survived burning without any damage at all.


Soon, Naru and Monk left to go and speak with Noriko while Ayako returned to cleaning the walls. Kagome joined Lin and the monitors as she called John and Masako as she had been asked. Once she knew they were on their way she waited until Naru and Monk had returned while she though over all the events of this case. The look in Ayami’s eyes came to mind, and Kagome knew she had to do something to take that look from them. No child should have that kind of fear. The feeling of Shippo shifting drew her attention as sudden;y Lin was looking at her.


“Bié.” He said as he looked at her.



“Bùyào shénme? Wǒ méiyǒu zuò rènhé shìqíng.” Kagome replied with a slight huff as she looked away.


(Don't what? I haven't done anything.)


“Tā shuō, dāng nǐ yào zuò yīxiē yúchǔn de shì shí, nǐ huì kàn dào nǐ de yǎnjīng.” Lin said with a meaningful look at his Shiki that was wrapped protectively around her


(He says you have that look in your eye when you're going to do something foolish.)


“Traitor.” Kagome mumbled under her breath at Shippo before sighing.


“Nǐ xiāngxìn tāmen, bùshì ma?” He asked her as he referred to the rest of the SPR team.


(You trust them, don't you?)


“Dāng shèjí dào gōngzuò shí, wǒ zhèyàng zuò.” Kagome answered firmly as she looked back over at him.


(When it comes to work, I do.)


“Nàme bùyào zuò rènhé yúchǔn de shìqíng.” He said simply, and slowly Kagome felt herself smiling at him.


(Then don’t do anything foolish.)


He was right. She shouldn’t do anything stupid that could put her or others at risk. Instead, she should trust that with the help of the others they would solve this. Maybe Shippo had made the right call in telling Lin after all. He knew just what to say to pull her back from her own recklessness.


“Nǐ shì duì de. Xièxiè.” She replied as she patted Shippo gently to let him know that she would listen to Lin.


(You’re right. Thank you.)


Naru, Mai, and Monk came back not too long after that followed shortly by Ayako who had finished with the hallway. They began discussing the case as they waited for their backup to arrive. Mai went to the door while they waited, and soon the door opened to reveal the three they were waiting for. Kagome stood as she seen Masako come in and clung onto Naru. The girl was looking pale, and she started to understand why as she approached the two.


“This house is surrounded by the spirits of children. They’re all suffering terribly. They just keep crying. Saying they want to be with their mothers over and over again. I’ve never seen so many spirits in one house, and they’re all innocent children.” Masako said looking up and Naru before she was too overwhelmed that she fell back against Mai as she fainted.


“Calm down. Panicking will not help her.” Kagome spoke up as Mai, John and Ayako fretted.


“Will she be alright?” Mai asked her as she checked the dark haired girls breathing and pulse.


“She’s fine. Her senses are just a little overwhelmed. John, Houshou, will you two help her to the bedroom? She needs to rest.” Kagome asked looking between the two.


“Yeah. Monk, you know where it is, right?” John asked as he came around Mai to support Masako’s weight.


“Of course. This way, John.” Monk replied before helping John keep Masako up while they did as Kagome asked.


This was shaping up to be a long day, and Kagome knew sleep wasn’t going to be a part of it.




Kagome spent her time between the base as she helped Lin, and the bedroom tending to Masako, who was still out of it. It was late by the time Kagome had left Masako to her rest, and returned to the base. When she arrived it was to find Lin, Ayako, and Monk looking around the room. It didn’t take her long to figure out what that something was.


The four of the searched through the room before moving on to the rest of the house. Still, there was no sign of the doll. Monk went to go inform John and Naru who were with Noriko and Ayami. Ayako and Mai had both chosen to keep looking around the house. Kagome sat down in her chair with a sigh as the weight of Shippo’s form settled around her. She felt Sesshomaru give out a pulse of ki that was oddly comforting. It relaxed her as she leaned back in her chair and blinked slowed with how tired she was.


“Nǐ yīnggāi xiūxí.” Lin said as he glanced over at her from his own chair.


(You should rest.)


“Wǒ bùnéng. Bùshì zài xiǎohái shòushāng de shíhòu.” Kagome mumbled tiredly as she fought the weight pulling at her eyelids.


(I can't. Not while a child could get hurt.)


“Tuīdòng zìjǐ bù huì yǒu hǎochù.” Lin responded as his fingers flew over the keyboard as she wrote additional notes in the case report.


(It'll do no good to push yourself.)


“Wǒ zhīdào nǐ shì duì de, zàicì. Zhǐshì...... Tā ràng wǒ xiǎngqǐle mǒu gèrén.” Kagome replied as she relaxed further at Lin’s stead and deep voice.


(I know you're right, again. It's just... she reminds me of someone.)

“Tā shìfǒu?” Lin continued as he could see that the conversation was relaxing her into the sleep he knew she needed.


(Does she?)


“Tā hěn hàipà tā bù zhīdào rúhé zǔzhǐ fāshēng de shìqíng. Tā shì wúnéngwéilì de, dàn tā réngrán zài zuò tā rènwéi kěyǐ bǎohù duì tā zhēnguì de rén de dōngxī.” Kagome replied as they weight on her eyes finally won out, and the warmth from the contact Shippo warmed her.


(She's scared. She doesn't know how to stop what's happening. She's powerless, but still, she's been doing what she thought she could to protect someone precious to her.)


“Nǐ zài xiǎng shéi?” Lin asked a bit out of curiosity as her breathing slowed.


(Who is it your thinking of?)


Kagome had always been silent on anything that she didn’t consider important for them to know. She was a mystery to Lin since the beginning. The woman was not the easiest to read, but his own Shiki had said that she was trustworthy. How they had known that he was very curious to know himself. Shippo and Sesshomaru had been with him since he was young. He had never met Kagome before that time in his hotel room, and so there should have been no way for them to know her either. The fact that they trusted a born Miko who could purify them from existence was odd in itself. Demons were known for their preservation instincts.


“Wǒ. Hěnjiǔ hěnjiǔ yǐqián…” The response came slowly as Lin could tell from her breathing that the exhaustion had finally claimed her.


(Me. A long long time ago...)


Kagome fell into the darkness of sleep comfortable in the company around her. She didn’t feel as she was gently lifted from the chair and carried over to the couch in the corner of the room with strong arms. She didn’t feel as she was laid down into a better sleeping position on soft cushions, and she didn’t feel as the blanket was laid over her. Kagome had no way of knowing that she had just given the man looking down at her a hint about her past. Though he didn’t fully realize this either as he went back to work.




A couple hours passed as Kagome slept. Naru, John, and Monk were the first ones to return. Seeing Kagome the three of them spoke quietly so she could continue to rest. They had all seen the darkness under her eyes earlier. Ayako and Mai were next to come back but didn’t see Kagome at first. Ayako spoke in her usual loud tone as she complained about not finding the doll. She was quickly quieted by the looks she was getting from Lin, Naru, and Monk. It was only when Mai pointed at the couch did she notice Kagome was there.


Now it was just a waiting game until either Minnie showed up, or something else happened. Ayako left to go keep watch over Ayami with Noriko while the other stayed in the base keeping an eye on the camera screens. The tension was thick in the room as they waited. As the clock struck two, Kagome shot up gasping from the couch as the overwhelming feeling of spiritual ki flooded the house.


“We’re picking up some noise from the audio feed.” Mai said with some fear as the sound of many voices moaning, and wood clattering started.


“Patch it in.” Naru told Lin who did so quickly.


Monk looked over to see Kagome awake but grew concerned as she looked pale.


“Kagome!” He called as he rushed over to her; grabbing the attention of the others.


“They’re searching. What they want has been hidden from them.” Kagome gasped as she shivered at the spiritual pressure.


“Are you alright?” Naru looked over at her, and Kagome nodded for him not to worry.


“Sounds like children. Dear god. There’s so many of them.” John said softly as the groaning continued.


“Do you think they’re looking for Ayami?” Mai asked from Kagome’s chair as she glanced at the woman to see her nod in answer.


“John’s prayer is having some effect. Perhaps a Kakai barrier would help as well.” Monk spoke his thought aloud as his hand held onto Kagome’s trembling arm.


“It just might.” Kagome agreed with him as she loosened her grip on his arm when the waves of spiritual ki stopped.


“A Kekai?” Mai asked them, and Monk explained.


“It’s a special charm that’s used to thwart any spirits from entering.” He said just before the moaning stopped, and Kagome felt herself relax further now that it was over.


“It stopped all of a sudden.” Mai said as she looked up only to turn toward the door as it was opened quickly, and Ayako rushed in with a bundle in her arms.


“Naru, I found Minnie! Look!” The redhead thrust the bundle into Naru’s arms.


“I noticed a bulge under the covers at the foot of Ayami’s bed, and sure enough the doll had found its way in there.” Ayako continued to explain where exactly she had found her.


“Is Ayami alright?” John asked as Kagome moved to stand, and Monk moved back to give her some room.


“She’s fine.” Ayako confirmed with a nod.


“We need to take care of the doll before something like this happens again.” Kagome spoke softly looking at Naru.


“What happened?” Naru asked looking at her for an answer to her still slightly trembling arms.


“The spirits were searching for Ayami, and the waves of spiritual ki hit me. I wasn’t prepared for it.” Kagome answered while Monk hovered behind her as she wasn’t the most steady on her feet.


“John, would you mind performing an exorcism on Minnie?” Naru asked after hearing what she had to say.


“Of course.” John agreed as he too looked at Kagome with some concern.


“Ayako, I want you to go back to Ayami. Lin take Kagome out of here. We don’t know what effect it could have on her while the spirit is being exorcised.” Naru said when it looked like Kagome was ready to object.


“I was just unprepared for it that time. I’ll be fine.” Kagome said stubbornly as she shook her head.


“You’re still shaking. This is a precaution for your safety.” Naru replied, and Kagome could tell that he really was doing this for her own well being.


“Okay. I’ll go, but I’m coming back once it’s over.” Kagome said softly as she placed her hand on the back of his neck to strengthen the connection as she gave him a look that said he wouldn’t be able to keep her away for long.


Kagome smiled softly when he nodded before looking over at Lin as he stood. She turned to pick up her purse and keys only to find Monk holding them out for her. He soft a questioning glance between her and Naru over the contact, but seemed to shrug it off.


“Get something to eat while your out. You’re still looking pretty pale.” Monk said as she took the items from him.


“You're just worried Mama will think it’s your fault.” She teased him, and he smiled back.


“Of course. What would I do without Aunt Maki’s cooking? I’d wither away.” He said, and Kagome shook her head as she turned to walk out the door.


“Well, I guess we could pick up some take-out and head to the office. Check to see if there are any new potential cases, and get some work done while we eat. What do you think?” Kagome said with a glance at Lin as they headed to her car.


Lin simply nodded his agreement.




Lin and Kagome had spent most of the morning in the office. There had been a few calls with case requests left on the machine that they had made callbacks on as they set up a few files or Naru’s review later. They had eaten a light breakfast as they did, and they worked in a comfortable silence before returning to the house around noon.


Minnie had been exorcised and destroyed by the time they had arrived. The two of them entered the house to find everyone standing in the entryway. Masako was even there, and she was looking better than she had been. Ayami and Noriko stood in the center of the group with a duffle by their feet, and it was then that Kagome knew they would be leaving as a safety measure. Naru’s gaze shifted to them before he continued speaking.


“Just to be safe I’m sending Father Brown, Ms. Matsuzaki, and Kagome to stay with you.” He finished as Noriko accepted the talisman he’d held out for her.


“Thank you.” Noriko said gratefully as Kagome strode up to stand in front of Naru.


“Mai, are you gonna come with us?” She could hear Ayami ask the teen, but Kagome’s attention was focused on the one with deep blue eyes.


“I dearly hope you do not really think that I will be leaving again.” Her voice held a slight growl as she stared him down, and she knew that everyone’s attention had shifted to them.


“You will be going as well. After the events of this morning, it is better for you to go with them.” Naru said evenly, and Kagome felt her temper flare.


“The events of this morning have no bearing on my purpose here.” Kagome said as she raised her hand to hold his chin to keep eye contact.


“As long as you remain in this house then I will not be going anywhere, Kazuya Shibuya! I allowed it this morning only because your reasoning was sound. I have had the time needed to recover, and I will not be caught so off guard again.” She continued as she allowed he ki to flow to him before solidifying into a barrier just under her skin.


Everyone watched the interaction with varying amounts of surprise. Ever since they had started working together they had all started turning to Naru as the boss figure for how things would be done. They had all noticed how Kagome had become close to both Naru and Lin, but she had always followed his orders until now. Those three had seemingly closed ranks around each other, and they were the only ones who understood everything that was going on as Kagome refused to back down. Monk took in the stubborn stance Kagome had taken as they faced off, and knew that there was no way of changing her mind. Not when she got like that, and it made him wonder even more about why.


Why would she go so far? Why was she the one to have become so close to them. Mai worked with them every day as an employee, but as far as any of them knew Kagome had no reason for being at the office. She was there every day, and she was the only one other than Lin who touched Naru so casually. As far as any of them could tell there was no reason for it. Monk, on the other hand, knew something more had to be happening than any of them knew. Kagome had not allowed herself to form close bonds outside of her family in years.


“You can stay, but I want you with Lin at all times.” Naru finally conceded knowing that Lin and himself were the only ones that could stop her from doing something stupid.


They were the ones who knew what could happen to her, and what she was capable of. He wasn’t happy with it, but he knew that Kagome wouldn’t listen to him if she didn’t want to. At the same time; she was right. Solving cases was secondary to her. His health and safety was her main priority. It was only one of the reasons he knew Lin had come to accept her company. They were both looking out for him, but for different reasons.


“That I can do.” She replied before saying her goodbyes to Noriko, Ayami, Ayako, and John.


She followed Lin back to base as the others walked out the door.




The day passed quickly as Kagome and Lin got back to work once they’d returned to base. There had been a few readings on the equipment while they were gone that they had to compile and debunk before they could file them in the case report. They did so as Sesshomaru and Shippo both kept some distance from Kagome. With her ki so close to the surface it was not safe for Shippo to curl around her as he normally would have. She found she missed the slight weight that she had grown accustomed to whenever she was near Lin.


Naru, Mai, and Monk had returned after a while, and Masako had gone back to lie down. While she was feeling better she was not fully recovered from the oppression of the spirits in the house that was still having an effect on her. There was some discussion of what the plans were for the night before Monk went to prepare for his exorcism attempt. Once things were in place Kagome and Lin sat next to each other to monitor the readings while Mai and Naru watched Monk through the camera.


It was as Monk was performing his exorcism that both Lin and Kagome took note of the changes in the readings. Lin reported to Naru as Kagome recorded what they were finding. She felt the stirrings of heavy spiritual pressure after Monk had moved into the living room. It only increased as he continued his chanting, and they could hear the cries of the children. Kagome put more ki into her shield and tried to block out the cries.


Kagome gasped as a darker presence in the house made itself known to her. Her hand shot out to grasp Lin’s arm unconsciously as the pressure increased. He looked over at the feeling of her hand clasping near his elbow to see she was shivering. The voices of his Shiki explained that the appearance of the darker energy was the cause. Her eyes connected with his as she gasped slightly.


“Shì tā. Tā shì bèi kùn de rén.”


(It's her. She's the one who has trapped them.)




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