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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The Father and His Sons
Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father noticed how much the two young boys quarreled and one day decided to teach them a lesson. He took them out into the woods where he had them gather a pile of sticks. He shook his head as Sesshomaru forced Inuyasha to do so alone by brute force but took the pile of sticks from the older of the two anyways. He placed them back in Inuyasha's hands and ordered him to snap them in half. The small hanyou attempted to do so but failed where-upon their father had him pass the sticks on to his laughing brother. Unfortunately Sesshomaru was unable to break the sticks as well so their father took the sticks from them and seperated them. He then told them to break the individual sticks. Sesshomaru looked at the few sticks in his hands then looked at Inuyasha who broke his in half easily with a grin. Instead of attempting to best his younger sibling Sesshomaru took the remaining sticks at his feet and whacked him upside the head. Their father only threw his hands up in defeat and walked away as the two engaged in a fight.
Lesson - "Never try to teach two young pups an old trick."
Hercules and the Wagoner
A man was driving a cart along the road in the countryside when one of his wheels hit a rut and he was unable to move on. He sat there for a few moments, not wanting to have to get out and push it himself. So he decided to call upon the gods for help. He prayed that they would send him an angel to help him in his plight. So a bright light exploded from the heavens and a man fell from the sky. When he landed in front of him he found that he didn't look much like an angel but shrugged his shoulders and asked for his assistance anyways. The pointy-haired, halo adorned man's face became much more agitated.
"They sent me down here for that!? Community service my ass! Get off your lazy ass and push the damn thing yourself! What the hell do you think I am?! A servant?! I died saving the world you ungrateful son of a bitch! How dare you expect the Prince of Sayia-jin to push your pathetic little cart! I'm goin' back up there and demanding I get a more advanced planet to tend to." he grumbled heading back into the sky, calling down. "Get a car dumbass!"
Lesson - "Never ask Vegeta for a favor. Dead or Alive."
The Ants and the Grasshopper
All through their travels, while Ed stuffed himself with as much food as he could get his hands on Al stored the non-perishible portions of his meal in his chest. They were traveling through a town once where no one trusted the military and Ed was unable to get any food or shelter. As his stomach grumbled a piece of bread tumbled out of Al's chest. Ed's eyes became wide and he instantly dove for it but Al gathered it back into his chest and withheld the food from his brother. When asked why he replied,
"You should have saved some food for the future. You need to learn to think ahead, Oniichan."
"But you don't eat...." Ed whimpered in protest.
Lesson - "It doesn't have to make sense for you to learn from it."
The Mole and His Mother
Haruko and Naota sat around in his room, Naota with his back to Haruko. She sat on the bed, strumming at her guitar lazily as he buried his face in his arms. He made sure that his nose hit the cold surface of his desk so he was certain that Haruko couldn't see his face. She waited patiently until he sat up and turned to see if she had left, eyesight blurred and distorted by the thin scarf tied around his eyes like a blindfold.
"Still there?"
"There's nothing there." he snapped.
"Prove it."
"...I don't have to cause there's nothing there."
"Prove it!" she screamed, lunging at him.
He screamed as she tackled him and pulled the scarf from his eyes. He gasped and tried to cover them with his hands but she pinned them to the floor. Two large spikes jutted out of his eye sockets and she laughed as another came down his nose.
Lesson - "When you try to keep things from coming out of your forehead they find another way out."
Also "Haruko is sadistic. But I love her. She's fucking hillarious man." XD
The Tortoise and the Hare
Toboe, getting tired of being treated like the runt, one day challenged Hige to a race to find out who was fastest. Hige found this to be the easiest challenge he had ever been presented with but accepted the bet anyways, adding that the loser should have to find the winner's food for the rest of their journey to Paradise. Toboe agreed to this and they had Kiba and Tsume decide on a course, planning to start the next morning. Hige approached the starting line, yawning as Toboe sprinted ahead of him. They waited until Kiba said go and Toboe started off at his normal pace. Hige started to run but slowed and finally fell face foreward a few feet from the starting line, dead asleep. Toboe, not noticing at all, kept his normal speed and crossed the finish line, grinning in triumph when Hige didn't even show for another hour.
Lesson - "Hige is not a morning person."
The Pomegranate, Apple Tree and Bramble
Ryoko and Ayeka had been arguing over who was prettier for many hours while Washu and Sasami watched calmly, peeking around them to see the TV. When Washu finally got tired of it she left to study something or other in her lab. Sasami watched her sister argue a bit more before interrupting with a heavy sigh.
"You two should atleast be grateful you're both full grown beautiful women. I still have a long time to go before I can even think about that kind of stuff."
The image of Sasami's older state came back to the two bickering women's minds and they both turned green with envy. They turned from her and marched out of the room angrily, leaving Sasami in bewildered silence.
Lesson - "....What? Oh! The Lesson is.....Don't fight about trivial things in front of little girls who're gonna grow up to be more beautiful than you and steal the guy you're both after? I dunno! Give me a break here. These things are hard to come up with...*throws Aesop's Fables book across the room* Damn you Aesop!
The Farmer and the Cranes
All day long Kuabara followed Hiei and Kurama around the city. He explained that with Yusuke off on a solo mission and his sister constantly beating him up he had gotten bored. He was also hoping that the two of them might meet up with Yukina eventually. He talked about her non-stop causing Hiei great annoyance. He would warn him that if he didn't shut his mouth he'd find a sword sticking out of his eye or flames down his throat. Kuabara didn't pay him any attention since they were in public so he continued on and on about their endless love and informed them how their wedding was going to be and as he moved onto his wedding night Hiei turned and knocked Kuabara into the next city where he landed on Yusuke.
Lesson - "Don't talk about having sex with a fire demon's little sister."
The Fox and the Goat
The bladebreaker team had gotten lost in the woods on their way to what was suppose to be a secret training camp and they decided to split into groups to find a way out. Kai and Tyson had gone off in one direction but Kai had left Tyson far behind and he had to run just to keep him in sight. He started wondering if Kai was some kind of alien or government experiment when he suddenly vanished from sight. He ran even faster and suddenly fell into a very deep hole.
"Nice going genius."
"You fell in first." Tyson replied.
"Let me stand on your shoulders then I'll help you up."
"Alright." he grumbled, steadying himself as Kai climbed onto his shoulders and pulled himself up. "Now help me."
Kai grinned down at him and the color left Tyson's face.
"I'm sure Max or Rei will get you out later."
Lesson - "Don't trust Kai. EVER!"
The Bear and the Two Travellers
Spike and Feye were wandering along the streets of a town on one of the moons of Jupiter, looking for a mechanics shop that might sell the parts Jet needed to fix his Swordfish when suddenly a hand popped out of the alley they were passing, pressing a gun to Spike's temple.
"Spike Spiegal. You killed my brother."he said simply then turned his eyes on Feye. "You a friend of this bastard?"
"Me?" she asked laughing. "No. I was on my way to get a pedicure and he was just in my way. He's a real slow walker whoever he is. And he looked so dangerous that I was afraid to pass him."
"That was a smart move, ma'm. Why don't you go ahead. What I'm about to do ain't for a lady's eyes."
"Oh, right. Don't mind me." she said, hurrying along.
Spike sighed and quickly dispensed of the man before continuing on his way. He stopped by the next alley he passed and looked in at Feye who grinned.
"Don't look at me like that. I knew you could handle him. I would've gotten in your way."
He just shook his head and headed down the street at a quick pace making Feye have to run to keep up.
Lesson - "Don't travel with Spike if you value your head." ^_^ And "Feye is smart. Run, Feye, RUN!"
The Thirsty Pigeon
One day after a recording session Schuichi hurried home, eager to be with the blonde author of his dreams. He waited impatiently at stoplights and was almost hit twice for running across before they changed. He threw the door open and ran in, spotting Yuki in the kitchen, snagging a beer. He immediately ran to him and threw his arms around his neck as he gave him a very passionate kiss. When he pulled away and looked up he was surprised to see that Yuki's eyes were black rather than their usual deep blue. And the grin that was spread over his face....
"Tatsuha!" he cried, leaping away and pointing at the young monk accusingly. "What're you doing here?!"
"Stealing beer from my brother. Looks like I stole a little more though. Wait'll I tell him how anxious you were to have me alone."
Schuichi's whole face went blue and he fell to his knees to beg Tatsuha not to mention it but stopped shortly afterwards, a thoughtful expression overtaking his face.
"Wait a minute. Why is your hair blonde?!" he cried, leaping up and pointing again.
"I just felt like a change. I thought you'd notice the eyes but apprently you're too busy looking at everything else on Eiri to care about his eye color."
Schuichi sweatdropped and hung his head as Tatsuha laughed at him.
Lesson - "Look into your lover's eyes now and then! Stupid men. No! I am not sexist! Why would anyone ever think that?! I like men....with...other men. ^___^; *smacks Schuichi in the back of the end* Stop being stupid. There's your lesson."