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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Disclaimer: I really don't care what the hell you think; I DON'T own any of the characters in this story unless I say so! That means that I own any characters that you don't know, except for my friends; they own themselves, respectfully.

A/N: Here's what I think is a really good story, as there are so many ways to go, I'll never stall. I'm just writing this as it comes to me, so be patient. And BEGIN!!!

My Life Gets Ever-more Complicated

Chapter 1: Wishful Thinking is Bad for Your Friends

Note from the Main Character to YOU: Just think: You have to do something that you don't want to do, all while wishing upon a star that anything you've ever liked, that could never, EVER come true, would. Well, that's just what happened to me.

Actual Story (first person POV):

Another boring day at school. I wonder if I can pretend to be sick tomorrow…Nope! My mom bases staying at home on fevers. Not whether you're feeling really crappy or not. Oh well! I just need to actually get sick and I can stay home for…a day. Wow! I spent an entire bus ride home thinking only six sentences. I'm walking to my house from where the bus stop is…why the hell am I even telling you this? Who knows? At least, since it's Friday, I can chant 'Dieu merci c'est vendredi!' The entire way home.

~ (^_^) Skipping time so the authoress won't bore you to death. (^_^) ~

I wish upon that dot of light;

The first star I see tonight;

That my constant wish will come true;

So I won't have to bother you. (A/N: You can tell I'm really trying to rhyme this, right?)

"Good night, little star." With that, I fall asleep. Only to wake in the morning to a surprise.

~ (^_^) MORNING!!! (^_^) ~

A blinding light splits through my eyes and I notice that what all of my senses are screaming at me is 'This is not your room, you freak! Get up now!' I immediately responded with a jolt from my bed, or whatever I was laying on, as if I had just been electrocuted.

A sarcastic voice reached my ears. "Well, she's awake now." I responded quickly with the obvious "I sure as hell am awake! This isn't my room, my state, my country, or even my own dimension! I look like a god-damned cartoon!"

Suddenly, I stopped my ranting when I recognized the voice. "You…You're InuYasha! Why the hell am I in this dimension? Was it because of that silly, little wish I-" I got a very nice chastising for being a chatterbox. "Would you SHUT-UP?!!" He got a chastising for being rude. "SIT! InuYasha! Don't be so rude to everyone!" She turned to me, words on her tongue, but I drowned her out, just like I do to everyone back home.

"KAGOME! Wow! You're so cool! You get to 'sit' InuYasha, here! And you're brave with monsters and so very patient with InuYasha and that dolt, Hojo! And…I've run out of things to say at the moment." Kagome looked a little shocked and I decided that maybe I should have acted like I didn't know who they were. "Anooo…How do you know about my life?" I tried valiantly to form an explanation, but I couldn't really form a coherent thought at the moment. "Heh heh…Well, ya see, there's this show about you and your hunt for the shards where I live." Hey, look at me, the bumbling imbecile!

"Oh. What is your name, since you know mine?" Really bad question to ask me. "Well, my real name is Eileen Margaret *blip* (A/N: edited for authoress's safety). Or you could use one of my numerous nicknames. Let's see…There's the ever-popular Leenie, and Loonie, Tootsie, Margarette, Maggie, Peg, Peggy, Noelle, Hikari, Lumiere, and any other variation you might happen to come across." Kagome looked a little shocked and InuYasha looked a little…blank, to say the least. I wonder if any of my other favorite characters are here… Maybe I should have brought my friends with me, so I won't be the only one here that knows everyone's names.

~ ^_^ Back in the Real World ^_^ ~

"I wonder where she went, Rebecca," said the ever-demanding Sara. "I really don't know. Let's go ask everyone else if they've seen her. Who are they again? (A/N: Becca-chan has only met some of my friends twice)" "Well, there's Kelly, Haana, Nidhi, Neha, Nicki, Jessica, Ashley, and ANTHY! (A/N: Anthony is his real name. He sat by the rest of us while they assigned seats in the cafeteria, so now, his assigned seat is at a table FULL of girls; in order to make him feel like one of us, we've nick-named him Anthy, but he doesn't like it and says he hates us. Sorry to keep you waiting. On with the story!) EVERYONE, get over here!" The rest of Eileen's friends go to Becca-chan and Sara-chan and they start walking towards her house before they disappear into thin air…

A/N: Hope you liked it! Sorry for the cliffie, but I HAD to put it there. Just click that cute, little button down there and all will be good in my world. Some Japanese and French words might pop up every now and then, so I'll give you translations. Hopefully, I'll get good replies to this and I can update quicker when I don't have my mother hovering over my shoulder like a hawk.


Anooo…=(Japanese) Ummmm…

-chan=(Japanese) a good friend

ciao=(Italian) Bye!

au revoir=(French) Bye!

I'm going to rant about my school schedule now. If you don't wanna hear about it, just skip.

My school starts at 7:35am; meaning that I have to get up at 6am to catch the bus at 7 and start civics at 7:35 with an evil teacher. Then French gets my happiness level up much, much more. We get extra points every time we answer a question correctly, whether it is in French or not. Then, algebra. It may sound foreboding, but my teacher could work as a stand-up comedian. Plus, he lives only a short walk away from both of my homes. Early lunch should be a crime! I have lunch at 10am and I don't get home until 3pm. That's five whole hours to go without food and having to be conscious the entire time! Next up is language. I really don't need to take it, as I already know enough about good spelling and grammar to write a rule book on it. The only reason I do put some odd spellings in here is because that is the way I talk; that and I'm picking up a bit of a Texan accent from my step-family every time I go down to visit them. Science: Yaaayyy…NOT!!! As Haana has said once before, "If we stick Mr. Sodie in a jail, he'll talk everyone to death." It's amazing how simple school children can stand up to such torture. Literature is slightly boring with a hint of excitement, like with that debate we had the other day between which is harsher; life imprisonment or capital punishment. Writing non-fiction essays is not good for my health or my happiness, so 'creative writing' is a misleading name. I wish I could have advanced art for the rest of the year, but I don't want to keep drawing Oscar, the skeleton, over and over again. Well, I've got to go. Don't forget to click that little button down there and say ANYTHING AT ALL!!!! Ciao! Au revoir! Hikari-chan!