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"Yo, Yug!", Joey Wheeler ran up behind his shorter friend. Yugi was looking down at his Millennium puzzle with concern, "HEY! YUGIIIIII!!!!"
"Don't do that!", Yugi jumped off the sidewalk and was almost run over by Tristan who stopped a few feet down the street. The blond laughed stupidly at Yugi.
"Hey, I'm sorry Yug. It's just you've been so mousy today."
"Gomen, I just keep getting this bad feeling that something is going to happen to Yami.", Yugi held up his puzzle so Joey could see.
"Like..", Tristan started, snatching the puzzle off Yugi's neck, "Us throwing it back into the school pool?"
"Tristan!", Joey grabbed it back, "I don't even see why your even here! Don't you have something to do?"
"You're right! I don't have to hang around you bunch of game freaks!"
Tristan rode away on his bike. (I hate Tristan)
"Say, Yugi. This is really creepy. There's all this energy pulsin' from it."
"I know, maybe Ishizu knows what's happening."
"I understand what you're talking about. Bakura and I have been relieving the same odd vibes.", Ishizu placed her hand over her Millennium necklace.
"Bakura's here?!", Joey became alert and scanned the area.
"Don't fret, Wheeler."
"AH! Kaiba!", the blonde leapt behind Ishizu as Seto Kaiba and his baby brother sneaked up behind them, "Sic 'em, Ishizu! Put some kinda Egyptian hex on 'im! AGH!!"
"Joey..", Bakura had returned from... (where ever he had been ¬.¬ ) and was ready to explain what his Yami had explained to him.
"But first", said Mokuba, "I want my big brother to explain his new discovery!"
Unable to fight against the undying cuteness of the younger Kaiba, Yugi, Joey, Ishizu, and Bakura watched Seto. The elder brother reached in his pocket and pulled out his deck. He flipped through the many cards, took out his BEWD, and dropped it to the ground.
"Blue Eyes White Dragon.", he said.
"Uh, Kaiba... nothin's happenin'."
"Shut it, Wheeler." Then the duel card began to spin and shine, and ghostly figure rose from it to stand beside its master. The ghost solidified and became...
"Uh... It's Blue Eyes!", cried Yugi, amazed by the silver dragon, draping itself over Kaiba's shoulder.
"Surprised? Of course. It's only natural that now that the evil is spreading across our realm, the magic sealed within the cards are unleashed."
"I don't believe any a-dat hocus pocus mumbo jumbo blah-blah.. AH! Pegasus!", Joey lurched behind his Egyptian shield. Pegasus chuckled evilly and moved his hair back. Underneath was the gold Millennium Eye. Yugi gasped and Bakura sighed beneath his breath.
"I had my Yami give it back after a while. Do you know how disgusting it is to wake up one morning and taste rich guy blood on your tongue?" Yugi stifled a laugh as Pegasus gave a short, but gruesome glare at him.
"Are you saying that you've heard about this?", Yugi asked between fits of laughter with Bakura.
"Of course he does.", another person walked up behind the rich man. It was Shadi, a man Yugi and Pegasus had met under previous conditions, "All those with an Item knows."
"Do not feel left out, little one." Shadi was addressing Yugi, "Your Yami has confided himself to his puzzle to protect you."
"I am terribly sorry, Yugi." Yami had appeared next to his abiou, "I feared that if you knew what was happening..."
"No sweat, Big Yugi! The shrimp and youse got nothing ta worry about wit Joey Da Magnificent around!"
"Really, Joey?", Bakura said, 'intrigued', "I'd love to meet him some day."
"Watch, tea-boy!"
"Stop fighting now!", Ishizu's limitless patience was running dry, "We have to investigate where this evil is coming from."
"Splendid idea!", Pegasus said, stuffing his manga he had been reaching for back into his pocket, "This is bound to be very exciting"
-after an argument over whose plane to ride-
Everyone sat happily in Ishizu's plane, with the exception of a very peeved Kaiba and Pegasus, and anticipated their arrival to Egypt. Bakura was watching his Millennium Ring. It hadn't been active since that morning in which it went AWOL and flung itself across his room.
"Big brother! Look!", Mokuba pointed out the window near Seto at the ocean below, "It looks really cool from this distance doesn't it?"
"Yeah, it does."
"Hahaha... Kaiba-boy, you should really lighten up. Here-", Pegasus handed Seto his 'Wish' comic. Kaiba flipped through the pages with his eyebrows shoved together in anger.
"This is stupid, who are these ridiculous looking characters? And what are these big block letters?"
"Lighten up, it's called English. A bunch of girls get together and draw, it's a translated comic."
"Feh.", Kaiba tossed the book into the aisle, where it was immediately picked up his baby brother. Mokuba read it and was quiet for the rest of the trip.
"Say, Bakura, why ain't Tea and Tristan wit us?"
"Oh, the author doesn't like them."
"Um... look! A bird!"
"Where!?!?!", the blonde shoved his face against the window in search of the bird. Bakura sighed and slouched back in his chair. Yugi and his Yami sat together. Yami had fallen asleep and Yugi watched out the window for any sign of their landing space. The little one sighed longingly. He did want to be so far away from home but he also wanted to protect his Yami from any harm.
-somewhere in Egypt-
"I can sense it, they're coming. Are you ready, Despair?", the white haired girl sat on a platform behind Marik, examining her nails out of boredom. She sprung alive and glomped her superior.
"Of course I am! You made me who I am... ooohhh...", she said in a playful voice, "You made me a women."
"Get off."
"Yessir", she purred.
"You have a job to do and a new toy to play with." Despair gasped inwardly. She hadn't had a new toy in a while. Marik held up a black sphere that shone the Heartless sign on it, "Within this orb is a new Heartless. Have fun."
-back to Yugi and co.-
Yugi shielded his eyes to the bright sun. It was high noon and the giant star was beating down on them harder than ever. Ishizu, however, inhaled heavily. Joey made a smart remarked, but Bakura, Yugi, and Pegasus didn't hear. The three of them were watching sand blow across the barren land.
"How does it feel, Yamis?", asked Pegasus.
"How does what feel?", Y. Bakura said bitterly, "I was put to my death here."
"You shouldn't steal then.", Yami stepped forward, walking ahead of the group.
"Why did we bring the Kaiba brothers and Joey?", Yugi whispered to Bakura.
"The author and her friends like them."
"Umm... say! Is that our ride? Simple marvelous, Ishizu-san!", Bakura stiffly jogged over to Ishizu's tan colored limo. They all got in and had an awkwardly quiet drive, minus Mokuba reading the 2nd Wish book aloud to himself. Bakura felt stupid about the 'author' bit, Y. Bakura was sick of seeing the constant sand, Yugi was busy shuffling his deck. 'The Dark Magican was his guardian' Yami had mentioned earlier. 'I wonder if anyone can interpret DM cards?' Yami stared out the window, Joey had fallen asleep on Kaiba's shoulder (Mwahaha Jasmine, I did it anyways XD~Iris) who was to busy listening to Mokuba read to care, leaving Ishizu and Pegasus to discuss what evil was sprouting in and around the Item holders.
"We're all in danger."
"I understand that, Ishizu.", Pegasus had never sounded so serious before.
"We shouldn't be dragging the innocent into this."
"They came of their own free will.", They scanned over the group, stifling a snort as they glanced over at Joey and Kaiba, "And now that they are here, we must protect them."
"And their hearts."
&&&&&&& &&&&

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