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They had waited long enough, or so Riku believed, for ^5 to snap out of his romantic daydream of his DDR chick. The silver haired boy went up and struck ^5 with his sword (which had changed back during their return to ^5's realm). After a quick scolding from Riku, the goth sighed heavily and began to lead them to the next world gate, but not before he had a rather disturbing vision.
"d00d, that wasn't even kewl." he mumbled, running his hand through his blue and green hair, "I've played the game before, no one died in the first one."
"What do you mean?" asked Sora. ^5 explained that he had seen a part of their last battle, he saw someone's attack backfiring on them and ultimately killing someone they loved. The frightening news caused Materia to tumble over Donald and into Goofy's arms. Sora looked around at his friends. He couldn't believe what ^5 told them. Losing any of them would create such a hole in his heart.
"Well." Donald finally said, "We better make sure that our attacks don't go AWOL on us."
"Is someone going to be killed, Goofynii-san?" whimpered Materia, looking up to find the over-grown dog with a OOC serious look on his face.
"Don't worry, Materia, no one's going to die."
Brushing the dark premonition aside, the group continued on to a lower level of the ShiShi Mall, a basement to precise. It was dark and cold. Of what little they could see, shining cobwebs stretched from corner to corner creating paths for various spiders to catch flies or any other unlucky creature that happened to get itself caught in the silver tangles. The smell was hideous, a disturbing mixture of death and mold. Materia stepped on a festering rat carcass and leapt into Sora's arms, almost throwing him into an ant hill. ^5's voice echoed through the black room. He talked calmly and allowed them to follow his voice to the edge of a dried well. At the bottom of the well laid the bones of prisoners from before the mall was built. Materia began crying. The thought of dying in a well terrified her. Riku patted her head and commented that death by well was 'well beyond dead'. The crude humor was met by Materia crying more.
"There used to be a monster at the bottom of the well that would eat the bodies and leave the bones, stop crying Arrow-chick, the monster is long gone. This is the gateway to the IY World. InuYasha. Your weapons will stay as they are, which will allow you to upgrade them in battle. Good luck."
Sora-gumi stared down the well for about 2 minutes before Riku became frustrated and pushed them in. Again they found themselves traveling through some kind of abysmal tunnel, the colors less fruitful than the last, but enough to keep Materia amused. This trip took alittle longer than before which gave them some time to catch up a bit more.
"Sora." Riku began "You're quiet. Is there something bothering you?"
"I asked Death why he did what he did."
"Easy, because he wants to."
"Because he has to."
"Death said that who ever controls their essence, controls who they are. And that he thought I should have figured that out by now."
"You mean, since Death and Despair are working for Marik or who ever is behind this, they are evil?"
"And because the four of us have Materia's essence, she is innocent?"
"No, we don't control her. We taught her how to be like this, we never told her to be nice. She learned that from us."
"Maybe she didn't learn at all. Perhaps being nice is a default personality."
Before Riku could continue explaining, Materia cried out that someone was fighting at the top of the well. Indeed there was. Two boys were arguing over an earlier incident. The five of them peeked over the edge of the well to see a boy with long white hair, dog ears, and a red kimono on, he had his arms crossed over his chest while he barked (haha) at a Japanese monk with short black hair, wearing purple and black, and carrying a staff.
"I can't believe you let them take Kagome, Miroku!"
"I let them take Kagome!?!? I had poison insects in my hand! You need to start being rational, Inuyasha."
"Inu...yasha..." The white haired boy jumped in surprise. A girl was looking up at him from the well; she had black cat ears, gold eyes, and claws. She looked like a cat version of himself, "...Doggienii-san!"
"Eh... who are you?" growled Inuyasha, not at all pleased with his new 'pet' name (lol).
"Materia!" cried Sora "Get down!" But his efforts were in vain. The little cat-girl crawled out of the well and stumbled over her changed clothing. Her outfit had become a blue version of Inuyasha, except the sleeves were cut off and the pant legs weren't closed at the bottom. She got to her feet and began to reach for his ears, "Doggienii-san!"
"Stop that, you little whelp!" Materia's eyes filled with tears and she bawled, but there was something different this time. A ring of energy formed around her and shot out violently, knocking Inuyasha clear off his feet, and leaving a rather large gash across his chest, "Argh! You!"
He stood and ran his fingers through the cut, "Blades of Blood!" Four red slash marks raced through the air on a beeline for the feline female. Four bodies leapt out of the well. Four weapons were raised in her protection. Four direct hits, but the red blades wrapped themselves around their according weapons. The weapon holders stared in shock as the weapons changed.
'Pwik. Upgrade one; BloodBlade.' called a voice in Sora's head.
'Pwik. CrimsonBlade.'
'Pwik. Rod of Blood'
'Pwik. Crimson Shield.'
"Hey, did anyone else her that?" asked Goofy.
"I did" answered Riku, sheathing his new sword, "I believe that's an upgrade."
"Inuyasha, don't do anything rash, they may be working for Naraku or Despair." Sora's attention immediately shot over to them.
"You know Despair?" he asked.
"Yeah, what's it to ya?" Inuyasha growled, picking himself up off the ground.
"You see..." (and they go into explaining their situation)
"I see.. and who is this one?" Miroku said, pointing at Materia. She had risen to her feet, the absent but sweet expression across her face had returned.
"That's Materia-"
"Will you bare my child?" Materia stared up blankly at Miroku, not quite sure what the pervert was proposing.
"Um... Mr. Monk, she's not all quite there." Riku stated. Inuyasha didn't wait for Materia to get there; he stomped over, struck Miroku, and led them all back to Kaede's village.
"Hm.. Despair."
"Yes, Naraku-bishie?" Despair draped herself over Naraku, nuzzling his hair and biting his ear; she loved the way he tasted. All posiony and morbid.
"It seems that they have found their way here... this time, if you don't kill them, at least find out who is leading them to us."
"Alrighty, Naraku-bishie.."