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Sesshoumaru gave a hearty laugh and swung Tetsusaiga. The four claws raced down the floor towards the group. They scattered, minus Materia. She screamed and fell to her knees. Riku snatched the girl by her shoulder and dragged her off. Materia whimpered and tried to go back for her bow and arrow. Tetsusaiga's claws sliced through the weapons. The bow and quiver shined and upgraded into the 'Youkai Arrow'. Materia gathered the things and went back to her friends.

"Oh, no. Materia do really bad." she said to herself. She looked across the room to were Inuyasha lay motionless, "Inuyasha.."

"Die, all of you!" Sesshoumaru said, swinging Tetsusaiga again. This time, the group scattered.

"Hiraikotsu!" Sango threw her giant boomerang, hoping to knock the sword out of his hand, but Sesshoumaru caught the weapon and threw it back. The demon slayer missed it by inches, her Hiraikotsu crashing into the wall.

"Ah! Kirara!" Materia cried, throwing her arms around Kirara's neck, "Take Materia to Inuyasha and then to safety!"

Kirara nodded and bounded over to the unconscious hanyou. She picked Inuyasha up in her mouth and took him and Materia to a corner away from the fighting. The demon laid Inuyasha on the ground. Materia let go of Kirara's neck and knelt beside the hanyou. She cooed softly and stroked his hair. ::Materia is sorry Inuyasha.::

"Where did that girl go?" Sesshoumaru said, turning on his heel. He spotted Materia and used the Wind Scar again. Materia screamed and dropped her arrows onto the floor. The now Youkai Arrows created a barrier for the girl, demon, and half-breed. The claws from the attack diverted and struck around them, "The hell?"

"Materia?" Riku cried.

"Materia okay!"

"Hmph." Sesshoumaru decided to deal with the girl later. He swung his sword at Miroku and Sora. The brown-haired boy dodged the attack the leapt up to take the fight into his own hands. Sesshoumaru blocked Sora's attack, the very energy of the Tetsusaiga sent Sora flying back into a wall.

"Hiraikotsu!" Sesshoumaru smirked and caught the boomerang, this time snapping it in half. He threw the broken pieces back, just in time to block the monk's staff. Miroku jumped back and Sesshoumaru used the Wind Scar once more. Riku stood off to the side, away from the fight, trying to figure out how the white haired demon was causing so much damage. ::There's something he sees that I can't.:: he thought, watching intently, ::But what?::

Not wanting to wait any longer, Riku entered the battle. His Keyblade and Tetsusaiga clashed together and in the moment that they were touching, Riku could see a small cloud of blue and pink between him and Sesshoumaru. He backed off and saw a faint mist of pink and blue surrounding him and Sesshoumaru. ::What's this?::

"Die." Sesshoumaru cut through a scar in the mist between them, creating the four claws marks that aimed at Riku. The silver-haired boy dodged. ::Is that it?:: he thought, ::I better give that a try.::

Riku smirked, waiting for Sesshoumaru to attack. The demon swung and Riku met his Keyblade in the void with Tetsusaiga. The demon sword returned to its normal size. Sesshoumaru cried out as his newly acquired arm was cut off by the Keyblade. The arm and sword dropped to the ground infront of Riku. Sesshoumaru clenched his shoulder and backed away.

"Damn you." he hissed as he left.

"Shouldn't we go after him?" Miroku asked.

"No." Riku said, "I don't think we have to worry about him for a while."

"Rikunii-san!" Materia ran over from where Inuyasha lay. She wrapped her arms around Riku's neck and pressed her cheek against his. She didn't see Riku turn beet red, "You won!"


"How's Inuyasha?" Sora called as he and Miroku tended to each others wounds. Sango had left with Kirara to mend her Hiraikotsu.

"Sleeping like a puppy!" Materia replied. She and Riku bandaged Inuyasha up really well, but Inuyasha's bare body brought many questions to Materia's innocent mind, "Rikunii-san?"


"Materia and Inuyasha have different bodies."

"Yeah, and?"


"Because Inuyasha is a boy, and you're a girl."

"What is Rikunii-san?"

"A boy."

"But you don't look like Inuyasha." Riku face flushed, this was going to become very difficult.

"Our basic shapes are the same."

"Basic shapes?" Materia tilted her head and looked from the hanyou laying infront of her to the human boy beside her.

"Okay.." Riku hovered his hand over Inuyasha's body, "You see where Inuyasha's body is flat?"


"I'm flat there too."

"Really?" Materia traced a hand against Riku's chest and stomach. His face was burning from embarassment, "Rikunii-san is right!"

"Yes, I am."

"Materia's not flat there, see?" Materia tried to get Riku to put a hand on her chest, but he jumped and pulled his arm back.

"I see, Materia! You're not flat there because you're a girl, like Sango."

"Are Houshinii-san (Miroku) and Soranii-san boys?"

"Yep." Materia cuddled against Riku's chest.

"I like boys, they're cuddly." Riku chuckled softly and stroked her hair, "Do you like girls, Rikunii-san?"

"Um..Yeah, I suppose."

"Why do you like girls?"



Iris: :O AN UPDATE! A really lame update, but an update nonetheless. *licks it*

While I wrote this, I went back to read my earlier chapters. That's when I realized that Shippo was with the group, although he had been kidnapped by Despair in Chap. 5. So, to make up for my mistake, here is how Shippo got away!

Despair: Ah, my first little demon-toy! *unties Shippo* So cute!

Shippo: Uwaaa... *snaps awake* Huh!? Where am I?!

Despair: In my play-room! *cuddles, suffocates, strangles, bites*

Shippo: AGH! *jumps out of her grasp* Multiply!

*The leaf-Shippos appear and the real Shippo escapes*

Despair: *pops the leaf Shippos* Oh, no! My wittle fox toy! *cries*

*~*Omake Fin*~*