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"Where'd that idiot get to?" Riku grumbled. He walked ahead of Sora and Materia, who had again become entranced by the many items about the mall. They came across the arcade they had pasted the last time they were there. Inside, ^5 and the girl from earlier were playing Dance Dance Revolution. Riku turned away, hiding his nosebleed. The girl's purple panties could just barely be seen from above the waist of her large black and green pants. Sora and Materia laughed and tried to mimic their steps. As the song ended, ^5 and the girl hopped off the machine and went over to the three.

"Hey, ya'll are the three from before, huh?" she smiled, "I'm XD, remember?"

"Yeah." Sora nodded, pulling Riku back over to them, "I'm Sora, this is Riku, and this is Materia.... Materia!"

"XD-aneki is a girl too!" Materia giggled, tugging on XD's shirt, "See? Her chest isn't flat!"

"That's nice, Materia." Sora said, gesturing for the girl to come back.

"Smart kid." XD said. She took her earrings and choker off and handed them to Sora, "These are for ya'll."

"What are they for?" Sora asked.

"D3yzz are keychains! The earringz R-4 j00z and Heart-man and the choker is for Arrow-chick!" ^5 explained, "j00z can attach the earringz to the endz of the Keybladez to turn them into the weapon d3y were in whichever world the keychain represents. Same for Arrow-chick, only she needs to put the choker around the top of her quiver."

"That made sense." Riku said, nodding in approvement.

"j00z 7|-|!|\||( 500?"

*~*Elsewhere, f00*~*

"You are both useless! I should have trashed you with the other failed experiments!" Naraku growled. Despair cowarded behind her brother, "You can't even capture a girl with a third the intelligence of the other girls I've sent you to kidnap!"

"Master Naraku." Death stared down at the dent in his armor (yes, he's wearing it in the Sengoku Jidai XD), "They become more powerful when faced with a life-threatening situation, especially when they have to protect each other."

"That's true!" Despair cried.

"Then do something about it!"

"I have a plan."

"You do, big brother?"

"Yes, come along." Death and Despair stood and left the dark hanyou to his musings. Naraku leaned back against the walls of his room and sighed. ::This is more difficult than I originally thought. And there is something in Death's aura that bothers me.::


"What are we doing, Death?" Despair asked, following her brother into a realm that seemed like only an island, "this doesn't seem like a place those twerps would be in."

"This is where Sora and Riku originated." Death walked across the sand to a shack. He knocked on the door and waited a moment, "I'm enlisting some help."

"Ooh, help?" Despair cooed, "I bet he's evil and sexy and gorgeous and evil and..."

"Hello?" a girl with shoulder-length red-brown hair answered the door. She only looked about 15, "May I help you?"

"Actually, we're here to help you."

"The fuck?"

"Shut up, Despair. You are Miss Kairi, right?"

"Yes. Who are you?"

"I am Peace, and this is my sister Harmony." Despair's eye twitched, "We are here to see if you would like to see some of your old friends."

"I dunno...."

"One has spiky brown hair, right?" Despair finally jumped into the act, "And the other has sliver hair?"


"Well, they have been missing you for sometime and now is your chance to see them!" Death said.

"Really!? Oh, thank you!" Kairi cried. Death and Despair lead the excited girl to the rift that they had come through. They told her where to find them and let her go on her way. She made it to the place she was suppose to be and immiediately went looking for them. It didn't take her long, "Sora! Riku!"

The two boys turned their heads quickly and couldn't believe who was running up to them, "Kairi?" She wrapped her arms around both the boys, tears racing down her cheeks.

"d00d! Izh Kairi!"

"Who's that?" XD asked.

"D4 chick from da first Kingdom Heartz!"


"^5, your housemate has to clean up sometime." Riku said as he and Sora helped Kairi through the trash.

"What housemate? d4 1337-m4n liv3s h33r by himself."

"Eek!" Materia tripped into a pile of old Ramen bowls, "Yucky!"

"Watch where you're stepping, Materia." Riku said, still guiding Kairi over to partially visible couch.

"Lemme h3lp j00z t3r3, Arrow-chick."

"Rikunii-san is acting weird." ^5 lifted Materia out of the junk and took her to the kitchen, "Kairi is making him umm...."

"One minded?" ^5 finished, pulling out a tea set, "Don't worry, It's been a while since they've seen each other. Riku will be your boyfriend again soon enough."


"Eh, n3v3rmind."


The day went by slowly for Materia and ^5, Riku and Sora spent the whole day telling Kairi what had happened between the incident on Destiny Island to then. ^5 was bored to death and Materia could feel something welling up in her stomach.

"I feel bad, ^5nii-san."

"Ah, j00z izh jealous."


"It's when you feel like someone is paying less attention to you."

"Materia doesn't want to feel like this."

"It's normal don't freak."

^5 lead Materia to a room where she could sleep, but rest didn't come easy for the little girl. She tossed and turn as the voice died down in the living room. ::Is Materia really jealous?:: She thought ::Because of Kairi?:: The girl sat up and went down the hall to find everyone asleep. Riku and Sora had fallen asleep on Kairi's shoulders. Materia's hands clenched into fists.

".... Rikunii-san?" she whispered, nudging his shoulder gently, "Materia is scared."

"Huh?" Riku blinked sleepily, "Eh... not now, Materia."

"But, Rikunii-san."

"Go to bed, Materia."

Materia looked down at her feet and went to ^5's room.


"Yeah?" ^5 was sitting in the middle of an ocean of anime and games. He was playing some game online on his PS2.

"Why does Rikunii-san like Kairi so much?"

"Well, she'z cute, nice, and uh... they've known each since, like, foreverz." the spaz tilted and swung as he tried to manuver around the obstacles.

"Is Materia cute?"

"Yeah, I mean. You look kind of stereotypical, but other than that, yeah."

"Is Materia nice?"

"'Course j00z are, but ya don't know any better."

"I've known Rikunii-san since I was born."

"That's true, but you never had a childhood, you just can't beat good ol' binding childhood friendships." Materia mulled over those words for a moment, then left, "Oyasumi, Arrow-chick."

Materia went back to her room and opened up her dictionary. 'stereotypical: adj : lacking spontaneity or originality or individuality.'

"Materia is not original?" she closed her book and fell back on the bed, "How can Materia be original?"

That's when an idea struck her. The mall was always open, so she snuck out to become original.


Iris: Materia's jealousy is somewhat adoreable.

Siri: ...