InuYasha Fan Fiction / Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Burning Love ❯ Infomation and Shippo to the reascue ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

^_^ ~~~~ chapter 1 ~~~~

"KAGOME, please come here there is something I need to tell you." Kagome's mother stated "Your turning into a demon."

"How!?" Kagome asked "Wait ...What kind of demon."

"Well... your father was a kitsue (Fox) demon and I'm a fire appreciation. "Her mother replied.

"Thinks for telling me mom I'm going to bed tomorrow's a big day."

Kagome left to take a shower and go to bed. But the whole time red eyes where watching her. ~~

The next day Kagome was coming home from school and she took a wrong turn into youkai high turf.

"well it looks like we have a shikon high student" A male voice said.

"Lord Hiei would love a new play thing." said a female voice.

"you can't defeat me." Said Kagome.

"And if you touch her I'll burn you all to hell!" said a voice behind her said.

They all turned to see Shippo (A/N Thought at was Hiei *Laughs*) with a stick on fire.

"A runt like you could stop us. Ha Ha Ha." Kevin (The leader)laughed.

"Okaa-san, their being mean to me" cried Shippo. Kevin went up to Shippo and picked him up.

"A kitsue pup huh? Well there is no other kitsue here."

"But Okaa-san is A fire appreciation not a kitsue" Stated Shippo happily "And she is In charge of koema's spirit detectives"

Hiei finally came out of the shadows "and if you don't put her kit down her and Kurama will kill you for touching his little brother. But she is mad that her pup is getting hurt"

"Ja NE.(see YA )This is my problem Love" Suddenly Shippo , Kagome and Hiei was gone.