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~_~ chapter 3 ~_~

Koema looked frustrated 'how am I supposed to get reed of that bitch. If I don't soon either her or Boton will take the throne. Dad always picks the strongest of his children which is Kagome'

King Emma(?) looked at his son in distast at his thoughts over the throun. He was going to give it to Boton for her kind heart.

"Koema sir, Sesshoumaru, Inu-yasha, Youko Karama, Shippo, Hiei, Yuske, Kuwabara, Kekio, Yukina, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Koga, Ayame, lady Kikiou, And most important of all, King Emma, is at the door." Said Boton with a glint in her eyes.

As they entered the room it was King Emma first, Hiei and Kagome followed by sesshoumaru, Kikiou, Inu-yasha,next was the spirt detectives, then Miroku and koga then the rest of the girls.

"Your place on the thron has been taken away" sated Kikiou.

"By u, ha only a hair to the throne can do that" Stated Koema

"No i did" said Kagome "And i give it to 'The pure angle'"

Botons Eyes went wide "Me!"

"yes my dother"said Emma-sama

" you mean.."said Boton still in shock

"How else can you be grim reper" said Inu-yasha with a shrug.

Boton leaped with her dream had come true now she can help people more productively and easily. She ran to Sesshoumaru and hugged him around the neck, to all but Yukina's Emma's and Kagome's shock.

"How can she have the title I worked hard for that position and she didn't. And why is she hugging Sesshoumaru?" Yelled Koema in shock and rage

A loud growl entered after Koema's speech made by Sesshoumaru's, Inu- yasha's, Youko Karama's, Shippo's, Hiei's, Yuske's, Yukina's, and Kagome's throats. But before Sesshoumaru could speak Kagome and Yukina did.

"U have no right to talk of Sesshoumaru as if U were at his status and not below it" Kagome started.

"And she has every right as his mate!" Yelled Yukina with so much rage she was at the verge of losing focus of her control over her powers. But this caused all but the chosen three to gasp at her rage, the fact that Sesshoumaru and Boton mated, and her loss of control.

"If U insult Your new boss U will have to face her punishment, which by the way Sesshoumaru taught her his best where not event I could survive." Bluffed Kagome Who turned and winked at Boton with a scary grin on her face.


"She isn't." said Sesshoumaru going with her bluff.

"I guess it's good to read your diary, huh? By the way do you really like Boton's ass that much I thank you've been around Miroku to long" stated Kagome casing Boton and Sesshoumaru toblush and everyone else to laugh (Koema passed out in fear)

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