InuYasha Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ A Love Story ❯ Chapter 3: Or is it? ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 3:
Or is it?

“WHAT!!” said Sango, confused, and somewhat angry.
“That's not very wise,” said Miroku.
“Well, do you have any better ideas?!” blurted Inu-Yasha.
“Well, if you're going anywhere,” said Sango. “We'll have to go with you.”
“You can't,” said Inu-Yasha selfishly. “Me and Kagome are the only ones who can travel through the well, and besides even if you could, you wouldn't be any help at all. You'd just be a big, fat pain in the ass. I'm going by myself.”
Sango stood there in silence for a moment. She then smirked and said,
“You're in love with her, aren't you?”
Inu-Yasha was easily infuriated.
“What! No way! I ain't in love with her!”
Shippou caught on quickly. “Don't be shy, Inu-Yasha. We all know you're in love with her. Go ahead.
Go and get your woman!”
shrieked the dog demon.
Inu-Yasha was too mad and embarrassed to even speak. I ain't gotta take this, he thought. He couldn't believe the things they were saying. Kagome? His woman? Please!! He never liked Kagome....Well, maybe he did. Deep down inside he really did care for her. Sango was right. He owed her and apology, and that's exactly what he was gonna do.
But he surely wasn't gonna let Sango and Shippou know that!

The next day he hurried off to the old well, ignoring Sango's and Shippou's teases and taunts. “Well,” he said when he got there. “Here goes nothing.” And he jumped in.
The next thing he knew, he found himself inside the Higurashi shrine in Kagome's backyard. The morning-time sun shined brightly as the dog demon climbed out of the well and exited the shrine.
“Hmm,” he thought. “Now where is she?”

Meanwhile Kagome was exiting her house to go to school. Her leg was feeling much better. She didn't even need her bandages anymore. She walked a couple of blocks until she saw Keiko and Yusuke. Keiko turned and greeted her happily. Yusuke just ignored her. “Hey, Kagome!” she said in a friendly tone of voice. “It's nice to see you again. Is your leg feeling better?”
“Yeah,” replied Kagome. “Much better.”
“Great,” said Keiko. “Now why don't we get going before we're late for school?”
Kagome nodded and all three of them set off to school.

Meanwhile, Inu-Yasha snuck into Kagome's house and started looking for her.
She was nowhere to be found.
“Kagome! Kagome! Where are you?!”
“Damn, where could she be? ... I know! She's probably at school. ...Wait, where's her school?”
He raced outside. Just then, he caught the scent of her. Thank goodness for that dog demon nose of his. He ran into the street and jumped on top of a speeding truck. It was going in the direction of her scent, and he figured he could get to her faster. Just then, the truck stopped. Inu-Yasha then looked to see what the holdup was. Other cars and trucks suddenly surrounded the truck he was standing on. Traffic jam!
“DAMN IT!” He yelled, and jumped off the truck and continued following the scent on foot. Little did he know he was in for a big surprise.
Kagome and the others got to school pretty soon. It was starting to get a little cloudy outside, as if it were about to rain. They all rushed inside where they met Kuwabara holding the door open for them. Keiko and Yusuke went off to class while Kagome stopped to chat with Kuwabara. “I assume you leg is feeling better?” said Kuwabara, noticing that Kagome's bandages were gone. “Yup,” Kagome nodded cheerfully. “It's feeling much better now. Hey, why
don't we get to class?”
“Sure,” he replied. Our first class is about five minutes from here,
They continued walking and chatting until they got to class. Kuwabara jumped in front of Kagome and held the door open. “Ladies first,” he said, grinning.
“Thank you,” replied Kagome grinning back.
On her way in, Kagome dropped one of her books.
“I'll get it,” Kuwbara insisted, kneeling down to get it.
“That's ok,” replied Kagome, also kneeling down.
“No, I insist,” said Kuwabara, reaching down to get the book.
“”No, that's ok,” replied Kagome, also reaching for the book. “Don't worry, I...” Kuwabara started to say, but his sentence was cut off. They both noticed that Kagome's hand was on top of Kuwabara's, which was on top of the book.
(Getting' juicy, ain't it? )
Kagome quickly snatched her hand off Kuwabara's. She was blushing...HARD. Her face was a bright cherry color.
“It's ok,” said Kuwabara softly. Kagome tore her face from his. She couldn't face him after what had just happened. “Kagome,” said Kuwabara. “It's all right.” He softly cupped her face with
his hands. “Please look at me.” It took her a while, but Kagome finally obeyed. She stared deep into his eyes, just like the way she stared into his eyes when she first met him.
Kuwabara did the same, looking into Kagome's eyes. The bell rang. They both ignored it. They were too occupied with each other. Their faces got closer and closer. They were about a quarter inch away from a long, passionate kiss when someone yelled,
“Miss Higurashi! Mr. Kuwabara! Just what is the meaning of this?! The class bell rang some time ago!”
It was Mr. Takanaka, one of the head teachers. Kagome quickly grabbed her book and tore her face away from Kuwabara's and
vice versa. They hurried into the classroom, and Kagome was blushing even harder. For some reason, she couldn't help but long for that kiss.
The sky got darker and darker as Inu-Yasha finally got to Kagome's school. He didn't feel like busting in and ruining the moment. He didn't want to be noticed by all the modern day people. He wanted to get Kagome alone by herself and apologize. Yeah, that's what he was gonna do. He just hopped on top of the school's roof and fell asleep. He was tired from all that running and he needed a rest. Thoughts of Kagome ran through his head the
whole time.
About ten minutes later it started raining. Kagome stared out the window, thinking about what had just happened. What had come over her? She could have sworn she wasn't in love with him, but she couldn't stop thinking about him. That smooth orange hair, those sexy brown eyes. Kuwabara, Kuwabara, Kuwabara!! (Ok, I'm exaggerating ;;) No. No! Hell no!! She's NOT in love with him! ... Or is she? Maybe it was just a phase she was going through. After all, she had just met him yesterday. How could she fall in love with him that quickly? Or maybe this was all just a dream and she desperately needed to wake up. Whatever it was, she hoped she would go away soon. For every raindrop that hit the window she thought about all that time she wasted with Inu-Yasha. She thought about all those times, she yelled, “Inu-Yasha, sit boy!” Then she thought about Kuwabara. He was so charming and so nice. She also thought of him as kinda cute, too. Ok, scratch
that. He was gorgeous in her eyes!
(Author's note: I don't care what you haters say, Kuwabara is NOT ugly. I DON'T have problems, and I DON'T need counseling, thank you!)
Kuwabara sat about three rows from Kagome. What was I thinking?! He thought. I almost kissed her! I almost cheated on my one true love, Yukina. I've got be careful not to make that kind of mistake again.
He looked over at Kagome, who was gazing out the window. She's so pretty, so divine and serene. I wish she were mine. he thought. No! No! No, I don't! I have Yukina. But Kagome is so gorgeous, so sexy, that pretty black hair... those gorgeous brown eyes... I could stare into them forever...She's so hot... No! No, she's not!! Darn it, what's wrong with me?! I felt this way when I first saw Yukina's beautiful face. No! I can't be in love. It can't be true! It just can't be!! Oh, God, this is not happening!!!!
Why can't I stop thinking about him?
Thought Kagome.
Someone please tell me I'm not in love, they both thought at the same time.