InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ 50 Years ❯ Poem ( Chapter 1 )

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50 Years


By: Ryu Katanna


Beta: Miyu Suzuki


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50 years have passed since that day.

Yet it only seems like yesterday.


50 years ago I died...

Pinned to a tree by your arrow so sacred.


The pain of your betrayal did hurt me so, but it wasn't your fault nor mine.

50 years ago he tricked us, you and I.

Putting a veil of deceit over our eyes, it broke our bond so frail.


Was it really loved to be so frail?

I truly do not know.


50 years ago you wanted me to change, and I would have done so just for you.

Yet here today I stand, Looking onto that same old tree that you pinned me to so long ago.


50 years have passed and I am now freed from your spell.

Only now I think of another.


The bond between us, her and I, is very strong and unlike the bond I shared with you.


She doesn't wish for me to change, she is the one who released me from the tree.


Our bond grows stronger with each passing day, and I realize, I love her more than anything, and will not leave her.


My Kagome.



50 Years End



Tell me what you think. I wrote this of the top of my head after not being able to sleep for almost two days. I don't know why I wrote it I felt like writing something and this is what it said. Tell me what you think, and remember this is around 6:50 AM without two days of sleep. I seem to write better like that.


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