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A Hanyou's Little Girl   
    "I still can't believe you would do such a thing!" Kagome scolded to her young son. "And she was already sick as it was!" The young boy looked down at his feet in shame, his ebony hair covering his golden eyes and his small dog ears laying flat on his head. Kagome continued to hunt for a towel until she finally found one and handing it to her youngest child. "Make sure you dry your head now!" Kagome said as her daughter began to dry her wet silver hair. "Yes Mama." Kagome turned to her son, "AS FOR YOU!" Her light blue eyes shone with anger as she glared satanically at her son. "YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL YOUR FATHER HEARS ABOUT THIS!"
"About what?" Inuyasha asked as he casually entered the hut. Kagome faced her husband, "About how your son and Ryu went and threw our daughter into the river this afternoon!" Inuyasha thought for a second "Ryu....isn't that the stupid wolf's youngest son?" Kagome nodded, "Not that it has anything to do with this!" she said knocking the half demon from his thoughts of killing Kouga. "You just love getting into trouble, don't you boy? How many times has your mother and I told you not to be mean to your sister?" The boy continued to look at the ground and mumbled, "It was her own fault." The girl's the appeared from under the towel her mother had given to her, "NO! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO PUSHED ME IN!" The boy's head rose showing his golden eyes that shone in fury. "YEAH BECAUSE YOU WERE FOLLOWING RYU AND ME ALL DAY! I TOLD YOU TO GO AWAY LIKE A HUNDRED TIMES AND YOU WERE STILL THERE! YOU DERSERVED IT!"
"DID NOT!" The girl fought back.
"DID TOO!" Her brother yelled.
"DI-" The girl's yells were silenced by her father's hand covering her mouth, "ENOUGH!" He yelled and both pups silenced. Their eyes grew with the fear of what their father may do to them, not that he ever did before but there's a first time for everything. "Boy, for as long as your sister is sick you're gonna help the villagers with whatever they need, your chores are also gonna be double and whatever else I can think of 'til then. Do you understand?" The boy nodded. "Good. Now go to your room and stay there. I don't wanna see your face until morning." The boy's face was once again hidden from sight as he walked into the small room of the hut that he and his sister shared. Inuyasha turned to his daughter, "Your not off the hook either, pup. Next time, when he tells you to back off you do it. If I hear another story like this again you're both getting blamed not just him." Inuyasha then walked off into a corner and sat down. "Here sweetie, let me set you up by the fire tonight so you don't get pneumonia." Kagome said as she set her daughter to sleep by the warm blaze that resided in the middle of the hut.
Kagome's eyelids felt heavy as she sat next to her daughter, she would occasionally hear her cough in her sleep but other than that the girl seemed to still be as sick as she was before she was thrown into the river. However Kagome still stayed up just incase, her husband as well. He remained stationed at his corner of the hut to make sure nothing happened to his little girl. Kagome smiled, she knew how much Inuyasha adored his pups. She would often see him making them pups laugh and playing with them. Even though Inuyasha sent their son to his room for the night, she saw him sneak the young boy some supper when he thought she wasn't looking. Kagome yawned and suddenly felt Inuyasha's warm arms wrap around her waist from behind, "You should get some sleep." he whispered. "What about-" He cut her off, "I'll watch her tonight. If you stay up all night you'll be sick too. Now go to bed." Kagome smiled and turned around in his arms, kissing him lightly on the nose. "I love you." Inuyasha kissed her forehead and let her go, "I love you too.” She walked into their bedroom.
Inuyasha leaned against the wooden wall, the night air was chilly and he was able to feel a draft blow inside. His demon ears suddenly picked up his daughter having a coughing fit again. He stood up and handed her a small bowl of water in an attempt to calm her coughing. The young pup drank the water quickly and soon her attacked stopped. “Thanks.” She whispered as she handed the bowl to her father and lied back down on the mat. Inuyasha put the bowl down and walked back to his corner and continued to watch over his daughter. He saw the girl begin to toss and turn. “What the hell is wrong with you? Just go to sleep!” he scolded after she turned around for the tenth time. “I can't get back to sleep.” The young girl whispered her light blue eyes glowed brightly in the dark hut. “Well you better or else you'll stay sick!” Inuyasha warned. The girl continued to move.
Inuyasha got up and took the little girl into his arms, rocking her slowly. She snuggled into her father's soft, red fire rat coat and closed her eyes. Inuyasha began to stroke the girl's silver hair when he found a small bump on the back of her head. “What's this from?” he asked, “Was it the river?” The girl shook her head no. “Then from what then?” He sensed the girl's uneasiness. “Were those village boys picking on you again?” he demanded. The girl sighed, “They're just stupid. They hid up in the tree and threw rocks at me and Sanae when we passed.” Inuyasha was surprised Miroku or Sango didn't tell them that their daughter's were ambushed, “What'd you guys do?” The girl yawned, “Well, I threw the rocks right back at them and Sanae climbed up there and kick them out of that tree so fast their heads were spinning.” Sanae was Sango's and Miroku's daughter and was quiet used to boys since she had two older brothers. Inuyasha nodded, “Good job, don't give those bastards the satisfactory of winning.” The girl smiled, while her mother would have scolded her for fighting with the boys her father encourages her. Inuyasha smirked, “Don't tell your mother that I'm telling you to beat the crap out of those boys, she'll sit me `til I die.” The girl nodded, “I know Papa.” He continued to rock his daughter back and fourth before the young girl asked a question, “Papa, why are the boys so mean to me? They can sometimes be mean to brother also but they stop after he yells at them or threatens them.” Inuyasha looked down at his daughter as she continued, “Brother always yells at them when they try to pick on me. They stop then, but I can't be around him forever and when it's just me or me and Sanae they always come back and tease me.”
The hanyou felt his heart fly up into this throat; his little girl was so naïve. She was only five and no parent could expect their child to understand why they were picked on. There really was no reason why she should be bullied in the first place. So what if she had some demon blood in her? Is that so horrible that she should be ridiculed? No it wasn't. He held her closer to him, “They're just bastards that don't know anything and since you're different they think they can control you. But they can't so they get angry at you and tease you. You can't let it ever bother you, because if you let it get to you then they've won. You just need to hold your head high and remember that you don't need them and that there are plenty of people who care about you.” The girl began to fall asleep in her father's arms, “Okay Papa…I wont let them bother me.” She said before falling asleep.
Inuyasha sighed, swallowing the lump in his throat. God how he did not want any of his pups to have to go through what he did when he was younger. At least they had friends and are growing up with both parents. His son had a good head on his shoulders and he was sure his daughter would grow up to be the same. His son was a strong boy and knew better than to let any village boy get to him, though there was something different about his daughter. She was so sensitive, she reminded him so much of Kagome. She was so trusting and he was afraid that the boy's insults would get to her. “I'll just have to find those boys and beat the crap outta them in the morning.” He slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep with his young daughter in his arms.
(AN: Just a little One Shot. I was undecided on whether to use Arasoi and Keishou from my earlier fanfic Shadows from the Future or not so I just didn't use names at all. This isn't my best but I wanted to have a cute little ficcy showing Papa-Inu! Review kindly!)