InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Aftermath of a Nightmare ❯ Chapter 1

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]
On a full mooned night Inuyasha laid in the grassy field beside the old well waiting for he only girl he would ever wait for, Kagome. As the silver haired half demon lay there thinking about all the adventures they had been on together, how their gang defeated Naraku, how he was always looking at how beautiful she had been. Her long, raven black hair and cute little green school uniform. He only now realized how much he has become to like, maybe even love her, no matter how sarcastic he could be toward her. He knew that she loved him for the inu hanyo that he was.

"Why can't I just tell her 'Kagome I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you.' it couldn't be that hard to just walk up to her and say it, why can't I just do it!!!" As the half demon laid on the grass, but back in the modern times Kagome was in the process of packing her big yellow back pack with ramen for Inuyasha, candy for Shippo, girly magazines for Sango, pop for Miroku and tones of school books she would probably have no time to study. As she was on her way out the door her mom yelled.

"Make sure when you come back from the feudal era to bring back that cute guy with the puppy dog ears!"

"His name is Inuyasha and he is a dog demon!!!" Kagome yelled blushing furiously as she slipped away from her family's shrine. On the way to the well she often used, she let her mind wonder to the handsome dog demon that would be waiting her arrival on the other side.

"Inuyasha, such a sarcastic person but sweet." he was sweet enough to wait for her at the well so he and Kagome could give each other company on the long walk to kaeda's hut in the village.

"What is taking her so long?? She said she would be here by now!" Inuyasha growled as he stood up to pace back and forth in front of the well. As soon he decided to leave Kagome popped out of the well, exhausted from the climb up the well wall.

“Hey don't leave a poor girl in this well, its impolite you know?” Kagome said sarcastically.

“If you didn't take so long to pack that huge bag of yours with school books you wouldn't be so late and I wouldn't of started to leave!” Inuyasha said as Kagome's large and quite heavy yellow back pack plopped on the ground beside the well.

“Well there isn't just school books in my yellow back pack, I also packed treats for everyone.”

“RAMEN!!!” Inuyasha hollered as he started to jump around as if in his own joyful world. As the two friends started to walk toward their destination the space between them became very silent and awkward. Kagome also noticed that Inuyasha looked tense.

“So Inuyasha, how have you been, and what have you been doing while i was away?” Kagome asked shyly and cautiously.

“I'VE BEEN WORRIED SICK!!” Inuyasha practically screamed.

“Well you don’t have to yell like I'm forty feet away, I'm standing right here!! And you didn't have to worry.”

"You told me that you would only be gone a few hours; I've been sitting here for over a day! How am I not supposed to worry about you if you aren't on time to start with. I almost went to your time to search for you!” Inuyasha said as his ears started to flick furiously on top of his head.

“Well I'm sorry. I got caught up in my studies. I do need to go to school you know.”

“Well school, whatever that may be, is a waste of your time, there's no point you could learn as much as you do there at school than if you were on the battle field, maybe even more”

“Well you have a point but that isn't what I'm trying to explain to you!” Kagome said starting to get frustrated.

“Okay what ever, but can we change the subject now? This topic is starting to get on nerves.”


“Fine.” As the tension started to grow once more all Kagome could think of is why Inuyasha was being such a jerk to her, yes she may have stayed longer then she said she would but it wasn't that big of a deal. As Kagome finished her thought she heard the faint and low growl of her friends stomach.


“Yes? What is it Kagome?”

“Did you eat anything while waiting for me at the well?” Kagome asked feeling a bit guilty for not asking beforehand.”

“No because I didn't want to go and find food and have you come back with no one to walk back with, and I also said that I would be there when you got back.”

“YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!!!” Kagome said while starting to freak out about her inconsiderateness.

“Inuyasha do you mind making a fire so i can cook some food for you and I?” As Inuyasha started to collect logs and materials to start a fire, Kagome started to rummage around in her back pack. As soon a her hand touched the bowl of instant noodles Inuyasha was right beside her, waiting patiently for her to get the rest of the stuff she needed to make his ninja food.

"Do you think we should set up camp here tonight? I know we aren't far from the village but it's getting really late and I'm tired." Kagome wined and let out a really long yawn.

"Yeah, we can do that. Do you need help with anything?"

"No thank you." Kagome said as she pulled out a rolled up navy blue sleeping bag and laid it beside the fire so she could cook and be on something soft at the same time. While Kagome was preparing the food Inuyasha decided to go for a walk into the slightly wooded area they were by.

“Kagome I'm going into the woods call me when the food is done.”

“Kay.” In one large jump Inuyasha was gone. As the sound of the crickets started to surround the young priestess she was letting her thoughts engulf her. 'All of a sudden Inuyasha went from being worried about me to being a jerk to letting me know where he was going, that is kind of odd for him. Oh I wonder if he is okay? Maybe something has been occupying him mind.' As Kagome sat there pondering about the workings of the half demon, in the woods Inuyasha was having a war with himself.

"Should I tell her how I truly feel about her? NO! I can't, I don't know if she feels the same. God why can't I just take the answer even if it may be a no I don't feel the same way, it may very well be a yes I feel exactly the same. It's a fifty-fifty chance. This is so frustrating!" Inuyasha argued to himself and paced back and forth in the dimly lit forest.

"INUYASHA!! THE FOOD IS READY!!!!" With that in a matter of seconds after saying that Inuyasha was right beside the food serving himself. Of course Kagome got some before the hungry dog demon was called just to make sure that she got some, but as she laid there on her sleeping bag she could feel sleep wash over her body, her eyes started to get heavy and her fork she was eating with found its way back to the bowl. In no time the priestess was fast asleep with her bowl of ramen in front of her.

"Kagome have you ever felt..." Inuyasha trialed off as he realized he was talking to himself and started to watch the beautiful girl across from him sleep. Not long after Kagome fell asleep sparks started to shoot up and land really close to where she was fast asleep.

"You're such an air head sometimes Kagome. Why would you put your sleeping-thing so close to the fire?" Inuyasha said aloud as he moved her bowl from on her sleeping bag, made sure she was tucked in the warmth of the blanket and picked her up bridal style, brought her over to where he was eating his dinner. Not long after Inuyasha moved Kagome she started to talk in her sleep. Although it was very low Inuyasha heard each little noise she made. He was minding his own business when a word caught his attention.

"Inuyasha...." Kagome whispered in her sleep.

"What the hell!?!? Is she dreaming of me? Why would she be dreaming of me?" The silver haired half demon said aloud. He sat there eating his instant ramen while he watched and studied Kagome as she slept. As the time went on a few other things were said by the young priestess, but only a few caught the curious half demon' s attention. After a few hours of Kagome talking in her sleep, Inuyasha was trying to figure out what she was dreaming about and why she was dreaming about it.

“What is so important the Kagome would have to worry about it when she is sleeping?” While Inuyasha was thinking about his question, a quiet crying sound started to fill his ears. As he noticed it was not his mind playing tricks on him he started to search for the noise. Eventually he found out that the soft crying was coming from a sleeping Kagome. Puzzled to why Kagome was crying in her sleep he waited a few seconds to see if she would say anything. As the seconds finished up he gently picked up the sleeping girl and put her in his lap. Kagome was softly crying in Inuyasha's arms as he began to rock back and forth to try and calm the priestess without waking her up. Inuyasha realized that Kagome was not going to stop crying in her sleep, so he gently woke her up.

"Kagome, come on wake up."

"Wh-a-t is i-t Inu-yasha?" Kagome managed to sniffle out

"You were crying in your sleep and it didn't look like you were stopping anytime soon so I woke you up. Are you okay? What were you dreaming about?"

"Where am I?" Kagome asked a little confused.

"Um well your sitting in my lap."

"Why am I in your lap?!"

"Well you see you started to cry while you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you because you were sleeping so peacefully, so I lifted you up and set you in my lap to rock you back and forth to see if you would stop crying. Do you want off?"

"Um not really. Is it okay if I stay in your lap?"

"Yeah you can I don't mind. I just thought that you'd be more comfortable on your own. What made you stay in my lap anyway?"

"Um..." Kagome trailed off, blushing furiously.

"Okay forget I asked the question, but are you gonna answer why you were crying in your sleep?" Inuyasha asked curiously as he held onto Kagome like she was the only important thing in the world.

"Do I have to answer that question?"

"Yeah you have to."

"But why it's not like it is important or anything."

"It is important thought. Please please tell me." Inuyasha begged as he began to give Kagome his puppy-dog eyes that the poor girl couldn't resist.

"Okay, gosh put those away before you start to think of anything else to con me into." Kagome said while giggling in the half demons arms.

"You really want to know what I was dreaming about?"

"Yeah I do."

"I was dreaming about a time in combat with Naraku, where we were having a hard time because of the jewel shards he possessed. As Sango, Miroku, Shippo and I were very tired you were the only one that had enough energy left to keep the battle going on. You just about had enough when I chose to pick up my bow and arrow and shoot at Naraku, but with his reflexes he shot the arrow back at me and hit me in the leg, causing you to turn around to see if I was okay. As you were not paying attention, Naraku sneakily shot you with one of his tentacles right through the heart. And as soon as it went through your heart you collapsed on the ground in front of us. As you went down and laid there lifeless, I started to cry, and I couldn't stop crying. As I made my way over to you I started to think of all the things I had said to you, all the things I wanted to tell you.” Kagome told her story and started to get teary eyed again.

“Why are you getting so worked up Kagome?” Inuyasha said.

“Nothing, its nothing.” she said as tears streamed down her cheeks at a really fast rate. As Inuyasha began to rock her back and forth hoping to clam her down again.

“Kagome you do know you can share anything with me, right?”

“Yes, I know that.” the teary eyed priestess said just above a whisper.

“Okay, and you know I won't tell anyone about what you and I talk about.”

“Yeah, Inuyasha you really what to know why I got so worked up about that dream don't you??”

“Yes I do because I don't want anything to worry or upset you.”

“I,got,upset,because.......I,really,likE,you,and ,I,would,miss,you,terribly,if......anything,like,that,were,to,happen,to,you !!” Kagome said it so fast that it turned out to be one long breathless sentence with two breaks for a breath, but with Inuyasha's incredible hearing he heard every word without fault.

“Is that honestly the reason you got so worked up over you dream is because I got hurt??” He said with both worry and joy showing in his big amber eyes.

“Yes that is the honest answer of why I got upset.” As soon as Kagome finished her small sentence Inuyasha couldn't help but hug the girl as if she was the only thing that mattered in the world at that very moment. As she felt his embrace become tighter she wondered, 'why is he holding so tightly' her thought finished and a few seconds afterwards Inuyasha began to speak.

“Kagome, what are your feelings toward me?” The nervous half demon asked with a huge blush occupying his nose and cheeks.

“My feelings toward you, the feeling of having the most wonderful person next to me almost all the time, to have someone I feel the safest with, that I can tell anything to no matter what type of mood he's in, who can hug me when I'm sad or mad or even when I've had a bad dream, the person's arms I want to be in all the time. The one and only person my heart fully belongs to.” As her sentence finished she snuggled close to Inuyasha's chest, wrapping her arms around his back and listening to the fast beat of the half demon's heart.

“Inuyasha are you alright??”

“Am I alright? Damn I'm excited to hear that the way you feel about is exactly same way I feel about you!!! God and I've been sooo worried that you didn't like me that way and my feelings were, were just wasted, but they aren't. They aren't at all!!!!” the silver haired half demon was so ecstatic that it looked like he was basically about to jump for joy if it were not for Kagome still in his arms.

“Inuyasha, can i ask you a question??” Kagome asked

“Yes, you can ask me anything you want.”

“Do you want a girlfriend??”

“Hell yes I want one, though I don't really know what one would do but if you're asking me if I want one then it has to mean something!”

“A girlfriend in my time is a person that you can go to for anything; as well she can go to you for anything. A girlfriend is some one that you love dearly and want to cherish and to be together because they make you happy, stuff like that.”

“Oh that sounds kinda like me towards you.”

“Yes it does very much. So my question is would you like it if I became your girlfriend??” Kagome asked with a really shy look on her face with the small hope of not getting rejected by the man she loved so much.

“Do you even have to ask that! After what you just told me I wouldn't want anyone else to be with me, nor would I want anyone else to be with you! I would be very honoured to have you as my girlfriend!!” As Inuyasha finished his sentence he ducked down and captured Kagome's lips on his. As they broke away to adjust their positioning, Kagome moved so that she was straddling Inuyasha's waist.

Hugging the raven haired girl, Inuyasha again stole another kiss from the girl in his lap, but this time making their kiss more passionate. As the moment heated up Inuyasha ran his tongue across Kagome's bottom lip begging for entrance to her mouth, at his request she allowed him to explore her mouth with his tongue. Not long after, they were fighting for dominance with each other. As Inuyasha won the battle he could smell a particularly sweet and addictive sent. He recognized the faint hint of Kagome's sent mixed with the new smell. As it accrued to the half demon that it the sent of Kagome's arousal. The thought made a light go on in his head and he wanted to test his theory out, so Inuyasha squeezed her butt.

“Inuyasha!” Kagome said and couldn't help but let out a small moan as the sent became stronger then before. As the smell became a drug to Inuyasha's nose, red flecks flicked in Inuyasha's eyes, his demon wanted to come out and play. A little time went by and they started to get rougher, he pulled at the t-shirt that was now very much in his way. Inuyasha was in too much of a fluster that he was unsuccessful in getting Kagome's shirt off so he used his claws to shred it.

“Hey?!” Kagome said surprised.

“I will get you a new one.” As they were taking their time, making out seemed like the best way to get each other out of their clothes without destroying them. Kagome was able to get Inuyasha out of his red fire rat robe and the white shirt he wore underneath. As the rode and shirt were tossed to the side the girl ran her fingers up from his abdomen to his neck feeling his well-toned stomach and chest.

It was now Inuyasha's turn to have a feel on Kagome. Unclasping her bra he threw it to the side and began massaging her breasts. In response to his sudden action all Kagome could to was let out the sexiest moan Inuyasha has herd from her that night, in turn making him harder then he already was and causing him to move his mouth down to suck and nibble on her perfect breast while the other was still being massaged by his hand.

“Oh shit!!” Kagome moaned loudly, surprised at the amount of pleasure she felt. Pushing Kagome back so she was laying on her back, Inuyasha treated her other breast with the same attention. From there he moved back to her mouth and kissed along her jaw line, her neck and began making marks on her neck. Kagome moved her hands into Inuyasha's long silver mane as he made her moan over and over again. As she was paying close attention to Inuyasha's kisses, he slowly undid her shorts and slid them off, showing a pair of cute crimson red lace underwear, at this sight it caused Inuyasha's pants to tighten more than he could possibly imagine. Leaving a trail of open mouth kissed down her neck, between her breasts, down the centre of her stomach to the spot that he knew she would get the most pleasure from. Just as he was about to have his way with her she sat up.

“Is there something wrong Kagome?” He asked with worry that he might have gone to far.

“No, nothing is wrong I'm just a bit um...shy about down there...” She trailed off embarrassed.

“Oh Kagome there is absolutely no reason to be shy with me, I swear I'll be gentle and careful. I will make you scream my name with the amount of pleasure you'll feel.” As Kagome blushed and allowed Inuyasha to lay her on her back again and proceed with what he was doing. He took off her lace panties an threw them aside the well, he then began to run his tongue over her core, Kagome moaned loud and involuntarily bucked her hips toward his mouth.

“Holy shit!! Ahh!!Holy shit!!” She continued moaning as he pushed and removed his tongue from her sweet taste.

“Inuyasha!!” she screamed as he growled while sucking on her clit causing vibrations, bringing her closer to her climax. As he added two of his fingers he began to pump in and out of her at a fast rate causing Kagome to almost go over the edge.

“I can't hold back for much longer!! AHHH!!”

“Then don't.” Inuyasha said licking and pushing his tongue onto her clit as gently hard as he could while moving his fingers against her g-spot.

“Fuck!! Inuyasha I'MMM CUM...” Kagome was cut off by her huge climax. As she came down from her high Inuyasha was wiping his mouth and licking his fingers.

“Damn you taste amazing!” Inuyasha said excitedly.

“Let's do it again?!”

“Maybe it's time for me to return the favour Inuyasha, before you go again on me.” Kagome said with a smirk. She pushed him up so that they were standing on their knees. She had put one of her hands down his pants to lightly grip Inuyasha's long, hard member and move her hand back and forth.

“Holy fuck!!” He yelled and growled at the same time.

“What Inuyasha? Did I hit a sensitive spot?” Kagome asked with a sexy smile across her face.

“Fuck yeah you did, Holy..God damn!” He moaned as she pumped her hand back and forth. As Inuyasha was busy enjoying his length being attended to, Kagome had undone his pants and they fell to the ground. All he had up was his boxers, which were easy to take off. As she took them off and tossed them somewhere, she told him to stand so she could get in a better position. As he stood there she took his head into her mouth and moved her hands down his shaft. While this occurred Inuyasha was having a really hard time holding back. Just as Inuyasha was about to explode he stopped Kagome's mouth and hands.

“How come you made me stop?”

“Because I need to fucking be inside you now, please Kagome?” He begged.

“Just one moment okay?”

“Okay.” Kagome went over to her back pack and pulled out a blanket and blue, green, red and black packages. With those in her hand and the blanket she walked back over to her lover and set out the blanket, inviting him to come sit on it and to pick one of the four packages.

“What are these things?” Inuyasha asked with a curious look on his face.

“It's a condom.”

“What's the use for it?”

“It's so when you do things, like we are going to do now, you don't get the girl you're doing it with pregnant. Now can you please pick a damn colour I want to get back to what we were doing and fast!”

“Oh horny much, and that is a good thing right? And I want the red coloured package.”

“Yeah it's your fault I'm like this. Yes it's a good thing so that you don't have kids or pups before you're ready.”


“Here let me help you put it on okay?”

“Okay being as I don't know how to use one, it is coloured red!! Cool!!” As the half demon was fascinated by the colour it wasn't hard to get the condom on being as he was still hard as rock. As soon as Kagome had it on she pulled the silver haired demon down into a very passionate and very long kiss.

“Well someone wants it really bad.”

“Shut up and hurry up.” Just as that was said Inuyasha began pumping his fingers in and out of her very wet core, teasing her.

“You have to tell me what it is you want first and then I'll give it to you.”

"Stop teasing me, just hurry up!" She said impatiently.

"Nope you have to say what it is you want so badly." Inuyasha said with a huge smirk on his face.

“I want you, right here, right now, in me!!!” Kagome moaned out as she felt another climax coming up. Inuyasha started to move his hand faster hitting her g-spot causing her to scream his name.

“You have to be more specific.” He teased with a small laugh.

“Inuyasha! I want you to give it to me hard!” As she became very close to climaxing.

“Okay as you wish my dear.” On that note he lined himself up with her entrance and started to push in. He soon came to a small barrier. So he bent over and whispered in Kagome's ear.

“This will hurt but only for a little bit and I promise after this I will never hurt you ever again.” Inuyasha said in the sweetest voice he could. Kagome gave him a nod and he pushed in as fast as he could causing Kagome to yelp. A few tears fell from her eyes, Inuyasha moved to lick them off her cheeks and kiss her.

After a few minutes she had adjusted enough to give another nod for Inuyasha to start moving slowly. The first time he pulled out it hurt a lot but when he pushed in the pain disappeared, after a few thrusts the pain was replaced with pleasure.

“Inuyasha faster.” Kagome said into his ear while moaning. This aroused the demon within Inuyasha and he wanted to come out and play. Just as he felt the demon take a bit of control he stopped.

“Kagome, he wants out to make you his mate.”

“Yeah and I accept that.”

“But I don't want to hurt you.” Inuyasha said with worry.

“Don't worry baby he won't hurt me, you can let him out.” As that sentence finished Inuyasha's eyes became almost fully red as he turned full demon.

“Bitch want to play?” he growled out

“Yes she wants to play.” As he took over as dominant, flipping Kagome over so that she on her hands and knees, leaned over her back and began to go at outrageous speeds causing Kagome to become really close to finishing really fast.

“Typical.” she moaned rolling her eyes. As the position him and her were in made it so that every time he pushed in it hit her g-spot straight on, causing her to go over the edge in a matter of no time, squeezing Inuyasha's manhood and causing him to cum at the same time as Kagome. When they climaxed Kagome could feel something shooting inside her but payed no mind to it, but what she really payed attention to was when he bit down in the middle back side of her neck and shoulder leaving a mate mark. Just as blood trickled down her neck Inuyasha licked it off and healed the mark, Kagome could tell it was him when he licked her neck because he was very gentle with her.


“Yes my love?”

“Can you feel anything of what goes on when you're full demon?” she asked in a huff as she came down from he high.

“Um no, why?”

“Well if you can't, then let's go another try. What do you say?”

“Fuck yes please!!” Inuyasha almost screamed.

“Well what do I do with that thing you put on me earlier?”

“Just pull out while holding the base, tie it and I'll throw it out, okay?”

“Okay.” As Inuyasha noticed that there was nothing to hold onto while pulling out so he pulled out and told Kagome.

“Hey Kags there wasn't anything to hold onto while pulling out like you told me??”

“What why not? There should have been.” Kagome said as she started freaking out about where the condom could have went to. Just as she was going to check if it might have gone inside, Inuyasha spotted something red on the edge of the blanket and picked it up. Noticing Inuyasha had something Kagome asked what it was.

“Well what was supposed to be there but wasn't and what colour did I pick out?” Inuyasha said while giggling.


“No not me, my demon side must have, knowing he couldn't pup you with it on. Anyway can we get to that round with me as normal and no demon screwing it up this time?”

“Yes we can, but first pick a colour, blue, green or black?”