InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Against The Wind ❯ A Wolf Demon's Life ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 5: A Wolf Demon's Life

Kagura raised her closed fan high into the still air, as she neared the unmoving wolf demon and stopped in front of him, her fan hovering above his neck. All was silent, as if waiting for for the fallen wolf leader to enter the after life.

"This is the end of your pitiful life, Koga..." Kagura muttered quietly, as she raised her fan an inch higher, the tip of it slightly glowing light blue. She brought down the fan quick and swift, aiming at Koga's unprotected neck. But suddenly, an arrow that had a light blue aura surrounding it, shot out of the trees at her left side, making Kagura withdraw her attack as the arrow grazed her right cheek, leaving a small cut. If the arrow hadn't been let loose at the right time, Koga could have been beheaded by the Wind Witch.

Kagura narrowed her eyes with anger and frustration, and turned to the direction where the arrow had been released in. "Who has interrupted our battle?" She demanded.

InuYasha walked out from the protection of the forest, his hand clutched on the sheathed Tetsusaiga's handle, followed by Kagome, Shippo, and Miroku, who had jumped off Kirara before leaving the forest; Sango still upon Kirara's back as they also exited the misted woods. Kagome gasped, looking past Kagura and at the unconscious Koga, who was still lying on the ground. She looked up at Kagura, suddenly angered. But she was not angry for long, for her fury shifted to surprise.

"InuYasha....Kagura has four jewel shards embedded in her fan!" Kagome said urgently, as she noticed the dim pink glows of the jewel fragments.

"Hey Kagura, where'd you get those jewel shards, eh? Didn't steal them from Naraku, did you?" InuYasha asked harshly.

"I obtained these jewel shards on my own, half breed." Kagura snapped. "And if you will excuse me, I have unfinished business to attend to..." She added, looking back down at the wounded Koga.

Kagome nudged the hanyou roughly, urging him on to help Koga. "I'm going already..." He mumbled with annoyance, as he withdrew Tetsusaiga, the rusted blade suddenly turning into a massive fang-shaped sword with a yellow blaze.

InuYasha ran at Kagura, gaining speed while she simply moved in front of Koga, using him as a sheild. InuYasha smirked, and his blade started to glow a bright yellow.

"WIND SC--" He began to yell, but didn't even get to swing his blade at all, as he heard an aggravated yell come from behind him.

"No, InuYasha! If you kill Kagura with the Wind Scar, you'll kill Koga too!" Kagome snapped angrily.

"Isn't that the point?" InuYasha asked flatly, turning to look at her.

"NO! We came to help Koga, not kill him!" Kagome shouted at him

"Okay! Geez..." InuYasha muttered silently, followed by a sigh.

"Enough of this!" Kagura yelled over the bickering pair. "Dance of the Dragon!" She shouted out clearly, as she swung her fan open and brought it down in one sweep, making cycles of tornados shoot out of the fan, kicking up debris from the forest ground. Imeadiatly, Sango grabbed Miroku by his houshi kimono collar, and jerked him up to sit behind her on Kirara. The cat demon jumped high into the air, avoiding the wind attacks.

"Kagome!" InuYasha yelled towards her, as he ran back to Kagome and picked her up quickly, jumping out of range from the attacks, but nearly getting hit. InuYasha landed softly on the ground that had not been torn up by the wind attacks, several feet away from Kagura, and put down Kagome gently.

As the winds started to die down, Miroku unwrapped the rosary beads around his right hand. "Wind Tunnel!" He shouted, as the void in his hand began to suck up anything in it's path. Feirce winds threatened to pull Kagura within the Hell Hole. Just as things seemed to be going perfectly, a buzzing sound suddenly could be heard over Miroku's Kazanna. He looked towards his right and saw a swarm of Naraku's poisonous insects, the Saimyoushou, zipping through the sky, heading towards him.

"Seal the Wind Tunnel Miroku, or you'll get poisoned from their venom!" Sango called back to him urgently. Miroku quickly wrapped the rosary beads around his right hand; The winds formed from his void completly vanished.

"Damn..." The houshi cursed, as he looked away from the Saimyoushou, and back at Kagura. Sango looked down at Kagura from her seat on Kirara, and gripped the handle on her boomerang.

"Hiraikotsu!" She shouted, as she launched her weapon as hard and swift as she could. The boomerang flew to the right of Kagura, becoming farther away, but suddenly started to turn around, coming at Kagura's left side. Kagura quickly slashed her fan out with one quick motion of her hand before Sango's weapon could reach her, a single tornado escaping Kagura's fan. The whirlwind knocked head on the Hiraikotsu, sending it spiraling back at Sango and Miroku. The huge heapon hit Kirara's right side, the impact making the cat demon fall out from the sky with a painful roar.

"Kirara!" Sango yelled out desperatly, as she and Miroku hung onto her for dear life, and crashed into the forest ground.

"Sango! Miroku!" Shippo shouted with concern from his seat on Kagome's right shoulder. Without a word, Kagome ran towards them, falling on her knees when she got there to help Sango and Miroku to a sitting position.

"Are you guys okay?" Kagome asked worriedly.

"Yes...We're fine." Sango replied wearily, as Kirara tranformed to her smaller cat demon form. Sango picked up Kirara and she held her in her arms, stroking her soft head gently. The three of them looked up at the battle field once more.

"Indeed, Kagura's demonic aura has become stronger from the jewel shards..." Miroku pointed out.

"We have to get them out of her fan quickly, or Koga may not make it." Sango replied. She surprisingly winced, from a pain that had surged up her shoulder. Kagome looked back at her with concern.

"Your arm is wounded from the crash." Kagome warned Sango, when she saw that blood had started to seep through her Demon Slayer's outfit. She then looked back at Miroku. "Stay with her, Miroku. And I'll get my--" She suddenly paused, a horrible feeling suddenly surging in the pit of her stomach. "Oh, no! I left my bag by the well!" Kagome said to them.

"It's okay, Kagome. I'll be fine." Sango assured her, while putting her right hand over her wounded shoulder.

"Okay, if you're sure..." Kagome started, as she pushed her drentched bangs that clung to her forehead from the pouring rain aside.

"Don't worry Kagome, I'll stay with her." Miroku said. Kagome nodded, and stood up. She walked back over to InuYasha, keeping an eye on Kagura with a distasteful look upon her face.

"Oh...How touching. It won't matter, you know. You'll all be dead!" Kagura said as Kagome reached InuYasha, and she brought down her fan again, releasing ten light blue wind blades soaring towards them. InuYasha stood in front of Kagome, as he blocked each attack with Tetsusaiga.

"Not very impressing." He said to Kagura, as the last blade hit his father's fang.

"Hmph.." Kagura muttered, and jumped into the air. "Dance of the Dragon!" She shouted, as more cycles threatened to run through InuYasha. The hanyou jumped from the left and the right, dodging the attacks as best he could, while Kagome ran off to the side, trying to avoid the winds. But InuYasha did have to admit, her wind attacks were faster, but also bigger too. Kagura had landed from her jump, a few yards from Koga. When she had realized that she had no sheild to protect her like before, InuYasha was already charging at her, his blade risen in the air. Kagura took a small step back, thinking with slight fear, that it was all over.

Tetsusaiga glowed bright yellow, as InuYasha spotted the part in which two demonic auras collided. "WIND SCAR!" He yelled clearly, bringing down his blade with ease at the swirling demonic auras' line. A rush of yellow electicity surged through the ground, making it's way towards Kagura.

The large swarm of Naraku's poisonous wasps instantly buzzed it's way in front of Kagura, forming a yellow and black sheild of insects. As the Wind Scar finally drew near, each wasp was zapped by the electric attack, and had fallen on the ground when all had cleared. Kagura remained where she was, and wasn't too amazed at what Naraku had ordered Saimyoushou to do. He had done this once before, except with hundreds of demons.

"Damnit." InuYasha muttered with dissapointment.

He charged at Kagura again, slashing his blade at her, while she dodged each attempted blow. It had occured to InuYasha that his Wind Scar probably would fail again, seeing that Naraku had sent another swarm of Saimyoushou to the battle field, waiting for the Wind Witch to be threatened to be killed. The two fought blade to fan non-stop, determined to kill one another, as they began to draw farther away from the wolf demon. As this battle went on, Kagome had snuck up quickly towards Koga, to see if he was alright.

"Koga?" Kagome said quietly to the wolf demon as she kneeled down beside him, his eyes still closed and his body unmoving. She knew he was still alive; She could tell by the weak and steady breaths he took in and released out of him. Although, he was still bleeding heavily from the many gashes that littered his skin.

The rain was still coming down hard, as lightening slitted the blackened sky, and thunder rumbled in the distance. For once in a long while, Kagome had no clue what to do. She was helpless for the wolf demon, and had made it worse when she forgot her overly large yellow bag by the well. Kagome sighed, feeling miserable that she could not help Koga without her medicle supplies, while his life could be hanging on to a single thread. She looked up at the clashing opponents, InuYasha and Kagura, before looking back down at Koga. InuYasha had had a glimpse of Kagome with Koga for a moment with narrowed eyes, and was just about to yell out at Kagome to stay away from him, but was distracted as Kagura released her 'Dance of Blades' attack at him.

'What should I do?' Kagome suddenly thought desperatly, as she looked down at Koga with concern.