InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Against The Wind ❯ Awakened From Death ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter 6: Awakened From Death

InuYasha clashed with Kagura again; It was Wind Scar versus Dance of the Dragon. The hanyou was surprised at how long he has been fighting Kagura, for he never really faught her for a long period of time. InuYasha had to admit that the Wind Witch was stronger from the jewel shards embedded in her fan, and the battle was not going well. InuYasha had several scars and wounds across his face and his arms. Kagura, on the other hand, looked as though she hadn't been touched at all. Unfortunantly, it was true. The only hit she had gotten was from the one Koga had launched at her in their battle. Since then, InuYasha was unable to even come close to her.

"Bastard!" InuYasha shouted at Kagura, before coming at her and swinging his blade. Kagura dodged it with ease, and sent wind blades soaring at the hanyou, who was struck down painfully. InuYasha shifted his blade into the ground when the attack had ended, and leaned on it for support as he breathed heavily.

"Are you giving up already, half breed?" Kagura sneered, as she approached the hanyou slowly.

"InuYasha..." Kagome whispered with concern, from her spot next to Koga. "Will you be all right?"


Kagome suddenly looked back down at Koga, and her stomach flipped over with joy. Koga was finally stirring, and his eyes opened a little so that they were azure slits. His vision was quite blurry, and he couldn't move at all from the burning pain from his injuries.

"He's alive!" Shippo exclaimed from his seat on Kagome's shoulder.

"Koga! Are you okay? Say something!" Kagome said quickly.

"Kagome...What are you...Doing here...?" Koga asked slowly and quietly.

"InuYasha smelled your blood, so we came to help you." Kagome explained. "That's not important right now. Your injuries are serious. You could have died from blood loss or something...We need to get them treated." She added.

"You have to...Get to some place...Safe..." Koga muttered silently.

"No! We are not leaving you alone with deep wounds!" Kagome said sternly.

"......." Koga didn't answer. It was no use fighting with such a determined miko. All he did was close his eyes, and only the sound of his breathing could be heard from him. Kagome sighed, and looked back towards Miroku and Sango.

'They seem all right...Except, now Miroku has two red hand marks on his face.' Kagome thought, and shook her head with dissapointment. 'I can't beleive he would do that in a time like this...'

"WIND SCAR!" InuYasha yelled out suddenly, breaking Kagome's thoughts and causing her to look up at the battle field. Miroku and Sango had also looked up, a hopeful expression was across their faces.

The surge of bright yellow electricity shot through the ground, making cracks through the muddy floors of the forest. A blinding yellow light erupted over the forest, as it clashed with Kagura's body, sending her falling to the ground with a fearful expression on her face when the light had cleared.

"No...This can't be happening...I've...Failed..." Kagura whispered her last words, as her wounds, caused by Tetsusaiga's ultimate attack, bled heavily and littered the wet floors with blood.

InuYasha imeadietly dropped to his knees with a splash of rain water, and panted. Tetsusaiga had transformed back to it's original rusty old self, as its' handle rested in InuYasha's right hand.

"It's over..." Miroku said quietly from a distance away; Sango was the only one who could hear it.

Kagome rose to her feet, and ran over to InuYasha, leaving her bow and quiver of arrows beside Koga. She knealt down on his left side, and put a hand on his shoulder. "InuYasha, are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine..." The hanyou muttered.

"Okay...Well, I know your wounded, but we need to get back to the well so I can get my medicle supplies, alright?"

"Fine. Let's go now."

The two of them walked slowly across the blood stained muddy grounds towards Miroku and Sango; Kagome guiding InuYasha carefully. Kagome suddenly stopped, and looked to her right, at the unmoving wolf demon. InuYasha followed her gaze and narrowed his eyes.

"Kagome just--" He began.

"No." Kagome answered firmly, and walked towards the ookami prince. She then turned to Sango and Miroku.

"Sango, do you think Kirara could carry Koga?" She asked.

"I think so..She doesn't look so bad anymore." The demon slayer replied, as she still held her injured shoulder. Kirara jumped from Sango's hands, already understanding the message, and ran forwards to Kagome. She transformed into her larger saber-toothed tiger form, and slowed her pace to a walk, stopping at Kagome's side when she got there.

"Kirara, try to pick up Koga. Be careful, though." The miko said.

Kirara slowly walked to the wolf demons side, and nudged Koga's right side, trying to get him up and onto her back. Koga flinched and winced at the sudden movement of his body, but didn't say anything. He knew they were only trying to help. Koga gripped the fur of Kirara's back, and helped her pull himself up. Finally, he was lying on the neko; His head rested on her neck.

InuYasha had been watching all of this, and was angered that they were helping a pathetic wolf demon. He turned away from the three figures, and began to walk towards Kagura's dead body. He grabbed the fan from her hand when he got to her, and plucked out the four jewel shards one by one.

Kirara and Kagome reached Sango and Miroku, and InuYasha soon caught up with them. He gave Kagome the jewel shards from Kagura's fan, but didn't say a word. Kagome simply nodded, and tucked the jewel fragments into the small glass jar that was hung loosly on a string around her neck. The group set out through the forest in silence, leaving Kagura's dead body and the battle field behind.

---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

The pouring rain, lightening, and thunder had stopped completely by the time the group had finally reached the Bone Eaters Well, and they all settled down to rest beside it. Koga was sitting down at the base of the well with his back against the wooden surface of it, and his eyes were now opened. He had regained complete conciousness when they reached the well. Koga had white bandages on all of his wounds, and red blotchs could be seen through each of them, indicating that his injuries were probably still serious. Kagome was finishing with bandaging up her last patiant, Sango. Each of them, even Kirara, were covered in bandaids, bandages, or ointments. She, however, was the only one uninjured. It was still awkwardly and unusually silent in the clearing. Nobody had spoken a word since they left the battle, not even a bickering fight between Koga and InuYasha broke out.

Kagome sat back, and looked at each of their faces; They were all seated in a circle around a fire Miroku had started. She studied every face, and wondered why nobody had spoken in a long time.

Finally, she broke the extreme awkward silence. "Hey, what's every body's problem? We beat Kagura, and Koga's still alive."

Koga looked up at Kagome. In a flash, he held her hands in his. "Kagome, I’m glad you didn’t get hurt. I'm touched by how much you care about me."

He then turned to look at InuYasha, still holding Kagome's hands. "Mutt face, how could you bring Kagome to a dangerous fight like that?!" He demanded.

Kagome blinked, trying to find words to say. InuYasha's eyes had started to show emense anger in them. He suddenly punched the wolf demon in the head, leaving a bump there.

"You let go of Kagome's hands right now!" The hanyou growled with rage, ignoring Koga's question.

"Back off, dog breath!" Koga yelled angrily, letting go of Kagome's hands and pointed at InuYasha. "So why did you help me?!"

"I had no choice, mangy wolf!"

"Every one has choices, stupid!"

Kagome opened her mouth to explain what happened, since the hanyou was doing a good job of ticking off Koga, but InuYasha cut her off.

"You see Kagome? I told you we didn't have to help him. He could have just been killed and solved all of our problems!" InuYasha answered stubbornly.

"This isn't about me, it's about Kagome's safety!" Koga muttered.

"Where's this coming from?!"

"I'm saying that it's your fault for putting Kagome in danger!"

"Why you....I never put Kagome in danger!" InuYasha replied angrily.

"Then why was she at the battle, idiot?" Koga retorted, folding his arms across his chest.

"Shut up, you scrawny wolf!"

"No you shut up, stuuuuuupid!"

"I'm not stupid, moooooron!" InuYasha growled at Koga.

"Are too!" Koga grunted loudly.

"Are not!"





Kagome shook her head with an annoyed expression on her face. "All I wanted was to break the silence with a nice conversation, and then Koga and InuYasha have to be at each others necks..." She muttered to herself, as the bickering continued between the Inu and ookami. Miroku, Sango, and Shippo just ignored the pair of them.

"Well, as long as we're all alive and well, that's all that matters, right?" Miroku said loudly over the yells from InuYasha and Koga.

"That's right. That's the only important thing." Sango replied.

"I agree. If we hadn't come to help Koga, he would have been a goner." Shippo added in the conversation.

The bickering suddenly stopped, and Koga turned to look at the small kitsune, who was sitting in front of the fire.

"What'd you say, fox?" Koga growled.

"Nothing; I didn't say anything." Shippo answered quickly.

Sango, Miroku, Kagome, and Shippo all laughed, while InuYasha and Koga exchanged confused expressions.