InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Black Velvet ❯ Prologue

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Black Velvet.
Somewhere in Caribbean se, the ship was cutting the waves and behind the rudder was standing young woman, who was wearing man's clothes consist from white shirt what was sewed in the way to hide woman figure with lace on the sleeves, black trousers and black over blouse.
She was smiling and breathing the fresh ocean air. “Captain” said sailor behind her” you didn't tell us, where we are actually going.” She turned to him and gave him a cold look. “Didn't I tell you, that we are trying to find the island where we can live peacefully, where no one can find us? Didn't I tell you and to the garrison, Mr. Smitt?” The sailor looked at the ground. “Yes, you told it,” he looked back at his captain,” but how can we know that we have the right course?” The captain smiled at him. “Trust to me, please. Try to trust in to me just as you and garrison do when we are in battle. If someone find that island, what my grandfather describes in his diary, that will be me.”