InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Black Velvet ❯ Chapter 1

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In the manor-house of the family of count Higurashi was very lively. The Lady was preparing the house for big ball for her daughter Kagome who was introducing into the company. Kagome was 17 and she was attractive young lady in high society. That day she was sitting in the library and reading a book about pirates in Caribbean region. In to the library came her oldest brother Sota, young peer, who was well known as a “Devil Peer”. “Look , what just came!” he gave her the letter, and she recognized the type of Inuyasha , the Duke from Mandrake. “It's from him!” she happily said to her brother, “he will come at the ball.” She jumped from the armchair. Sota sat on sofa and took Kagome's book. “I don't know, why we are introducing you into the high company, if you are almost engaged to Inuyasha.” He looked at the book and narrowed eyes. “Kagome, did our grandfather sent you this book?” She smiled, “Yes and he wrote a letter to me, where he wrote that if I don't find a husband, I can go to Caribbean and become a pirate like he is.” She kneeledto him and hugged him. “You know that I have a talent.” Sota pushed her away and looked at her confused. “You know that father wouldn't forgive you if you do that!” She started to laugh, “I'm almost engaged, I'm not going any where, Sota.”
Later at the ball.
Kagome was the most beautiful woman in the dance hall. The first dance she was dancing with her brother. “Did you see who is there?” she smiled at him, “lady Jane is here, aren't you happy, that is she here?” He gave her smile back. “I know, what do you want to say and fine, I'll ask her for a dance.”
Next to them stand Duke from Mandrake. He was handsome hanyou with long silver hair and amazing amber eyes. He looked at Kagome with loving eyes. “May I ask you for next dance, my lady?” She smiled at him and reached her hand to him. He tenderly caught it, attracted her to him and started to dance.
Everybody in dance hall were watching at them. They were the most beautiful couple what was in London.
After the dance, Inuyasha kissed her palm. “I want to talk with you after the ball in the garden, please come.” Kagome looked deep into his eyes and saw the pain. She didn't say anything just nodded. Inuyasha left her and asked for the dance another lady and Kagome was dancing another two dances and then left the hall and entered the library. She sat into the armchair and looked into the fire. “What's happening? Why he was so sad?” she looked at the table where was the book from grandfather. “Did he found it out?”
In the garden.
Inuyasha was sitting at the bench what was hide with trees. He saw Kagome, like she is coming to him. He stood up and reached hand to her. She came to him and gave him hand and he attracted her into his embrace. “This is the last time, when I can hug her” he thought. “What's happening, Inuyasha?” she looked at him and touched his cheek with fingers. He let her from the embrace and took a step from her. In his eyes was still pain. “I came to tell you that I `ll love you forever , but,” Kagome interrupted him. “ I know it, but why you are so sad?” “Please let me explain it to you.” He showed her the bench and she sat down He was standing in front of her. “I really love you, but I can't marry you because I did one big mistake in my life.” She stood up, passed him and stopped behind his back. “So this is farewell, right?” she said. He didn't see her tears but he could felt them. “What mistake did you do?” she asked. He turned to her and caught her by shoulders. “Lady Stratford is pregnant.” She smiled. “Is she? Kikyo will have a child? Your child?” She turned to him. “Congratulation Duke, You will have a heritor.” She turned away and started to walk. “I don't want to see you again.” She ran to the house.
Inuyasha knelt on the ground and incline his head. “I'm sorry, really sorry.” and he felt his own tears.