InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Black Velvet ❯ Chapter 7

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I'm really sorry that you had to wait for another chapter, but I didn't have much time for writing. Enjoy the chapter! And don't forget I don't own Inuyasha, Rumiko Takahashi does.
Kagome, Jake and her garrison were in the dock. Kagome came to one sailor, “Who started alarm? And what's happening?” The sailor gave her a field-glass. “That's the reason, the sentinel saw them few minutes ago. I think that they want to swim in to dock.” “They don't have a flag, but I'm sure that it's not any of my ships.” Kagome gave him field-glass back. “It's just one ship, we can handle this situation, we will attack.” Jake looked at others and like a first officer screamed. “At the ships, prepare for the battle!” In the dock was rush, Kagome was at Ocean Velvet and like first swam from the dock. Behind her another two ships Shadow and Monsoon fully prepared for the battle. Jake came to her. “It doesn't have a sense. Why we are attacking at one ship with full force?” Kagome looked at him. “I don't want anybody to be alive on that ship! I don't know how they came here, but they wouldn't go away.
Ocean Velvet was swimming to the intruder ship. Kagome looked at the ship in shock. ”That's bad, very bad” Jake narrowed eyes. “Inuyasha's ship!” He looked form ship at Kagome. “Why he came and how did he swim over the cliffs?” “I'don't know, Jake, but he came.”
Inuyasha came from the cabin at the left site of ship and saw Kagome at the other ship. “Miroku take the white flag on the mainmast.” Kagome saw the flag. “Don't shoot, it's an order!” Jake looked at her. “Do you still have a hope, don't you?” She looked at him. “I don't know, you know that I loved him and this night, : she looked away, “you know what almost happened. I have a mess in feelings.” “So you don't want to kill them now?” She looked confused at the other ship, than she saw Inuyasha, like he was standing at the deck. He was looking at her.”Jake go at his ship and tell him, that he can swim to the dock. She turned away and walked to the rudder. The second officer came to her. “Aren't we going fight?” “No, they can swim into the dock. Tell to them, that we are going back.” The second officer looked at captain. “Ok, I'll tell it to them.” The ships swam into the dock, Kagome and her garrison assembled at the quay, and Inuyasha's garrison stood in front of them. “It's good to see you again, the last time you beat me and now you want to fight again?” Kagome looked at him with sad look.”No, I let you came because I want to talk with you and wanted to know why you wanted to find me?” Inuyasha took a step to her. “I want to tell you everything. I was dreaming about it every night that I will talk with you.” Kagome looked at the garrison. “There is no danger, you can go back to sleep.” She looked at Inuyasha. “You can go to my house at the hill and your garrison can go to the pub.” Kagome and Jake turned back to Inuyasha and he followed them. Jake looked at Kagome. “So you want to talk with him?” Kagome smiled. “I have to, because I have to tidy up the mess in my heart.” They came to her house, Kagome went to her room and changed her clothes for elegant robe. The maid came into her room and combed her hair into elegant hair-do. After that, Kagome went to the library, where Inuyasha was waiting .When she entered in, Inuyasha stood up and bow down to her. She smiled, “We are not in London and you are not a gentleman like you were,” she said with ironic voice. “I see”, Inuyasha said, ”but you still have a style.” He was looking at her with searching look and then smiled. “You didn't lose your beauty at the sea.” Kagome came to the door of terrace, opened it and looked back at him. “It's five years and you are thinking that with few compliments you can tidy the mess? I'm no more that stupid little naive girl! So what do you want?” Inuyasha came to her, looked at her and walked ot the terrace. `When I came here, I found out that here are more islands.” He stopped, sat on the chair and looked at her. “Actually three. I want one of them, and your secret place will be safe.” “One of them?” she looked back at house, village and back at him. “I can't give you this island, I'm living here and my garrison and friends are in the village.” He smiled at her. “I don't want this island, give one of them,” he showed her the other islands, ”or let me stay here. There is many place to live.” He stood up and went to the garden. Kagome followed him. “I can build my own house and I promise that wouldn't be here any conflicts between your people and my.” He stopped walking and took her hands into his. “We can be more powerful if,” Kagome interrupted him. “If what? You want to have a ally?” She smiled at him. “Ok, I can be your ally at the sea and you can stand here, if you really want. But” she gain her hand and aimed one finger at him, “don't forget that I'm the one, who is a leader at this islands.” He looked at her very seriously. “Fine, it's a deal, but you don't forget that I'll have always want.” Kagome looked at him with scornful look, turned away and went into house. “Kagome, wait, I didn't tell you the main thing.” He followed her. She ran across the library, up the stairs on the gallery. Inuyasha was following her and in the middle of gallery he caught her by hand and turned her to him. “I didn't end with the discussion.”She looked at him angrily. “Oh, really? I don't think so!” she tried to go away from him, but he attracted her into his arms. She found that their faces were very close . He was looking into her eyes. “Kagome, I still love you.” He whispered.