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~~Chapter 97~~
~Norimitsu's Revenge~
Staring defiantly at the imposing youkai, willing her heart to be calm as she fought against the magnitude of worry that threatened her perceived calm, Kagome didn't give an inch as she lifted her chin and let her distaste show in her eyes. “What do you want with me?” she asked quietly, buying time for something, anything, her miracle.
“How long do you think it should take for your beloved lapdog to come after you?” Norimitsu countered, ignoring her question.
“He'll kill you for this . . . and for what you did to his mother.”
A sinister smile surfaced on his face. “Izayoi . . . I'll never forget darling Izayoi . . . .”
“But you hate humans . . . why did you want her?”
“Did I? How could I hate a creature such as her? No, she chose what she chose . . . and that was enough. I didn't need her love. That is a pitiful emotion reserved for humans and worthless youkai. I still possessed her. Did it matter? Her hero was dead, cut down by his own lack of vision, and his sin, his half-breed son, lived on.”
She didn't try to hide the absolute loathing in her expression, in her glare. “You'll never hurt him.”
“That's where you're wrong, my dear. I will crush him completely, totally, and I'll laugh . . . I hold all the cards, don't I, so long as I hold you?”
“You'll never have me,” Kagome assured him.
Deliberately stepping toward her, reaching out, stroking her cheek, Norimitsu grinned down at her. “Ah, but I will have you, too, as soon as I kill your precious InuYasha, and his vermin spawn.”
Eyes flashing wide as she couldn't contain the sudden panic that rolled in her belly at the mention of her baby . . . . “Inuakamori . . . .”
“Yes, and the kitsune . . . though I could have sworn I've already killed him . . . twice now?”
“What do you mean?”
“I am not as foolish as Sesshoumaru would have InuYasha believe . . . or did they not tell you? Sesshoumaru has been playing Kami . . . seeking to alter the course of destiny. A stupid mistake on his part. You cannot change time to suit your own jaded wishes. You'll all die, one by one . . . just as you all died in the past.”
Kagome frowned, shaking her head in confusion. “What are you saying?”
Norimitsu's laugh was sinister, vile. “Are you so simple, miko? I say that every one of your pack should have died five hundred years go. It has been Sesshoumaru's self-appointed mission to change this . . . . Too bad he will fail.”
What he said didn't make sense. Kagome brushed it aside. She wasn't sure what he was trying to do, but she wanted to believe that he was just trying to scare her. The glints in his eyes were enough to make her already ragged nerves fray even more, and she balled her hands into fists to keep from screaming in the silence of the room. His fingers stroking her cheek repulsed her. She bit her cheek to keep herself from spitting at him.
“Sometimes I think you may be Izayoi reborn . . . you have her eyes.”
Unable to stand his touch any longer, Kagome jerked her head to the side. “Don't touch me!”
“Will you make a deal for your helpless pup, like Izayoi did?”
“I'd rather die.”
His grin widened. “That could be arranged.”
Glancing down, she noticed the blue sheen forming around her . . . the beginnings of the Aoirotoku. “Do what you want, Norimitsu. InuYasha will come, and he'll kill you.”
“On the contrary, miko. He's already here.”
Kagome's eyes widened just a little as the comforting touch of InuYasha's youki came to her. Still far away but at least in the building, she drew strength from his proximity. “Why do you hate Sesshoumaru?” she questioned, biding her time, trying to keep him at bay. “Isn't he your nephew?”
“He is no blood kin of mine!” Norimitsu spat angrily, eyes flashing with irritation. “He is no better than his father! Too proud, too unworthy! The Inu no Taisho didn't deserve one such as my sister! He killed her with his tainted blood. She wanted to be his mate, and he used her to bear him a son then let her perish when he could have saved her.”
Kagome frowned. “How did she die?”
“She was cut down while the Inu no Taisho was elsewhere. He left her unprotected, and for that, she died.”
“But what does that have to do with Sesshoumaru?”
Norimitsu's violent gaze locked with Kagome's, his expression daunting, challenging. “He looks exactly like his father . . . he doesn't acknowledge his mother's lineage in the least.”
Kagome wisely kept her thoughts to herself as she wondered if Sesshoumaru weren't better off for that. “But you bear the same crescent moon crest on your head as Sesshoumaru,” Kagome reasoned. “Surely—”
“That means nothing! It simply marks him a poison-bearing youkai . . . .”
The man with the gun gasped and backed away a step.
Norimitsu chuckled. “Do you fear youkai? You should . . . . We are far superior to you worthless humans.”
“No, sir,” the man mumbled weakly. “N-not at all.”
The chuckle escalated into a sinister laugh. “Good . . . because if you try to run, I will cut you down.”
“After all those years . . . why did you give up InuYasha's mother's diary?” Kagome asked, deliberately redirecting Norimitsu's attention. The last thing she wanted was for the guy with the gun to decide to go postal . . . .
Norimitsu threw his head back and laughed. “What a simplistic question, miko! Because! Don't you see? I already won . . . I have you here now . . . what else do I need? InuYasha will come to me and die . . . and then Sesshoumaru will seek to avenge him if only to honor their ignoble father! The beauty of it all is that a gun, while ugly and clumsy, does have its uses . . . and the end result is the same. It kills indiscriminately, whether it be human or youkai . . . or disgusting half-breed abominations.”
“The only abomination I see is you,” she said, unable to repress the absolute rage in her voice.
He raised his hand to strike her. Kagome didn't flinch as the back of his hand snapped her head to the side. She felt blood trickle from the corner of her mouth as she slowly turned back to face him again. He grinned. “You've got spirit . . . I'll enjoy you.”
“I won't let you hurt anyone,” she countered. “Not now, not ever.”
“I don't think you're in a position to threaten.”
“I'm not threatening,” Kagome said quietly. “I won't have to. InuYasha will come for me.”
“I'm counting on that.”
“And you've threatened his sons as well as me . . . do you think he'll let you live?”
“Do you think I fear him?”
“I think you ought to.”
“And I think you should hold your tongue, miko.”
Kagome glanced down. The barrier was nearly complete. `InuYasha . . . be careful . . . .'
“We'll have to do something about that barrier,” Norimitsu commented as he jerked his hand away from her skin, hand burned slightly from the blue shield that guarded her. Norimitsu's gaze flashed to the man with the gun. “Take her over there. Kill her if she tries anything.
Pushed forward by the cold, hard barrel of the gun between her shoulder blades, Kagome obeyed as both stairwell doors flew open. She wasn't sure who was behind the one, but the other gave to a snarled bellow of, “Kaze no Kizu!” Seconds later, she gasped as one of the waves of flame shot past her across the floor. Bathed in the blue light of the Aoirotoku, Kagome instantly felt InuYasha's strength lending her an extra measure of calm. “Kagome!
“InuYasha . . . Sesshoumaru . . . how nice . . . . I can destroy the both of you, in one sweep.”
“Still suffering your delusions of grandeur, I see,” Sesshoumaru remarked coldly. “However . . . this is not my battle.”
“Keh! Damn right, bastards.”
Despite the anxiety knotting her stomach, Kagome rolled her eyes as she finally dared a peek back at InuYasha. The sight of him holding Tetsusaiga and wrapped in the protection of the Aoirotoku brought the sting of tears to her eyes. Miroku stood just behind InuYasha looking entirely serious and like he'd seen better days. Kagome reined in the desire to run to InuYasha. She didn't dare. The barrel of the gun nudged her forward again. InuYasha growled when she gasped.
“That's hardly sporting of you, InuYasha. Let me level the field. Put away your sword. If you dare use it, my man will kill your mate. Fair enough?” InuYasha's growl grew louder as he slowly dropped Tetsusaiga into the scabbard. The Aoirotoku blinked and dimmed then vanished.
“I don't need nothin' but my claws to cut down the likes of you,” InuYasha scoffed as he cracked his knuckles.
Norimitsu shook his head slowly. “Impetuous till the end . . . I'll cut you down . . . I should have done it when you were a pup . . . .”
InuYasha's chin lifted suddenly, as if he smelled something, and he suddenly lunged at Norimitsu. Bringing his claws down as Norimitsu stepped aside, InuYasha managed to catch his arm as the torn flesh sent a fine crimson mist spraying through the air. “How dare you fucking hurt her!” InuYasha snarled as he leapt again.
“Does the scent of her blood bother you, hanyou? It'll be much worse in the end.”
“InuYasha! Your haori!” Miroku hollered.
InuYasha didn't look down but from where she stood by the window, Kagome could see the steam rising off the haori as it dissolved under Norimitsu's acid blood. `InuYasha . . . .'
Sankon-tetsusou!” InuYasha bellowed as he sprang forward again, claws descending. Norimitsu tried to step aside again but InuYasha's claws caught him on the shoulder. With a sharp hiss of pain, the youkai shoved InuYasha, sending him sliding back over the polished marble floor. Miroku caught him before he slid into the wall. “Thanks, monk.”
“Don't mention it.”
Slight movement caught the corner of Kagome's eye as InuYasha lunged toward Norimitsu again. Glancing over, she saw that Sesshoumaru was very slowly, very casually inching in her direction. He caught her eye and shook his head once. She forced her eyes back onto InuYasha.
Norimitsu shot off the floor to meet InuYasha in the air. She winced as InuYasha hollered in pain as the youkai slashed across InuYasha's chest with his claws. Landing on the floor in a crouch, the hanyou held his hand against his bleeding chest and extended his arm, flicking his wrist with a hollered, “Hijin-ketsusou!” as Norimitsu landed. The Blades of Blood shot out, ripping through Norimitsu's jacket and shirt, leaving him torn and bleeding.
Norimitsu's laughter filled the room. Kagome gritted her teeth against the sound. “Give up, hanyou! You've never been a match for me.”
Slowly getting back to his feet, InuYasha snorted. “Keh! You really are a stupid bastard if you think I'd ever give up on Kagome.” Golden eyes shifting to meet hers just for a moment, Kagome smiled her encouragement at him before he nodded slightly and looked back at Norimitsu.
“You place too much stock in your weak human side, InuYasha. Aren't you proud of your youkai heritage, tainted though it may be?”
“There ain't a damn tainted thing about me, bastard . . . and my human side is what makes me even more determined to kill you.”
`InuYasha . . . .' Kagome blinked back sudden tears as he stood so proudly, redefining himself to everyone in the room in that second. The complete acceptance, the total calm was so far removed from the boy she'd fallen in love with so long ago, and yet so telling about the man he'd become . . . and she loved him more for it.
“You'll never be powerful enough to kill me . . . .”
InuYasha shot forward, drawing his claws back as he swung at Norimitsu again. The youkai gasped as InuYasha's claws raked across his cheek, down over his chest. Growling as more of the youkai's blood ate away at his clothing, InuYasha shoved Norimitsu back into the desk. The force of the hit coupled with the youkai's weight broke the mahogany surface as though it were made of matchsticks. InuYasha stalked forward, stare fixed on the sprawled body of the inu-youkai.
A deafening crash like thunder rang through her head, the singe of a white hot burn across her cheek forced Kagome to scream as she fell to the side. InuYasha's voice bellowing her name permeated her mind even as something hot, heavy, soaked her blouse as the weight came down on her. Miroku's voice came to her as though from a great distance, and it took a moment for her to realize that the man behind her had fired the gun.
She fought back the hazy blackness that threatened to overcome her, fought against the welcoming arms of oblivion. Her ears were ringing, echoing the thunder of the gun fired at such close proximity to her. As her slowed mind came back into distorted focus, she realized that the stuff soaking into her blouse was blood . . . and yet not her own blood . . . .
“Get up . . . miko . . .” the voice called to her, soft yet muted, the sound lost in the echoes of time. A tug at the ropes, and her hands were freed.
Kagome opened her eyes as Sesshoumaru shoved the gunman's body off of her before he staggered away. She got up, steadying herself against the wall for a moment, staring at the floor as InuYasha's curses filled the air. “Get the fuck up, bastard!” She shook her head and glanced over. InuYasha stood over Norimitsu, his haori hanging off him in tattered bits, blood soaking the front of his white undershirt. Norimitsu pushed himself to his feet.
Eyes dropping back to the marble floor, Kagome gasped as she noticed something she hadn't before. A thick trail of blood led away from her . . . . “Sesshoumaru!” Leaning against the wall by the door where he'd entered the room, Sesshoumaru's face was pale, ashen, eyes closed, expression blank. Blood saturated the front of his shirt, the front of his pants, pooling on the floor under his feet. Without thinking, Kagome broke into a sprint as Miroku closed in from the other side.
InuYasha glanced back at Sesshoumaru and then stared. Sesshoumaru opened his eyes and nodded once at InuYasha. InuYasha swallowed hard. “Oh, hell no,” he growled as he slowly turned back to face Norimitsu again.
“Stay . . . back,” Sesshoumaru commanded, sweat trickling down his cheek. “My blood . . . is like . . . his . . . .”
Kagome whimpered softly, eyes locking with Miroku's for something they could do. From where the wound was—she could see it now since his shirt was dissolving away—she could tell. Sesshoumaru had been shot in the heart.
With a hearty laugh that filled the chamber like a macabre song, Norimitsu spoke. “That's what happens when one seeks to change destiny, Sesshoumaru . . .” he taunted. “Surely you didn't think that even you, oh Great Inu no Taisho, could escape it?”
“This Sesshoumaru . . . seeks to escape nothing . . . .”
“Don't you fucking die, bastard,” InuYasha snarled. “Damn it! I ain't telling your mate and pups a damn thing, you hear me?”
Sesshoumaru slid down against the wall and smiled wanly, flinching just a little as he swallowed, breathing labored, shallow. Kagome knelt down beside him. “InuYasha . . . no . . . baka . . . .” Gaze cloudy, hazed with pain that he didn't voice, Sesshoumaru blinked slowly and shifted his eyes to meet Kagome's watery stare. She blinked them away so she could read his lips. “He must . . . kill Norimitsu . . . with Tetsusaiga . . . with the combined power . . . of the inu-youkai . . . .”
And with a soft gasp, a stuttered exhalation of breath, he closed his eyes.
The entire building shuddered, a mournful wail groaning from the very foundation. The earth knew, and the earth marked it as Kagome broke down in silent sobs, as Miroku closed his eyes against the bitter truth. InuYasha unleashed a savage howl, the sound of the inu-youkai, the wail of mourning. The fang suspended on the chain around his neck pulsed, throbbed, reverberated with a sudden power.
Cracking his knuckles as he straightened his back as a sudden wind blew through the enclosed chamber, InuYasha lifted his glare to lock on Norimitsu as Miroku hugged Kagome—the only thing he could do.
“This ends now,” InuYasha said, his voice even, calm . . . cold. “For Kagome . . . for Mother . . . and for Sesshoumaru.”
~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~ *~=~*~=~*~=~*~=~
Sankon-tetsuso: Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer.
Hijin-ketsusou, Blades of Blood.
== == == == == == == == == ==
Final Thought from Sesshoumaru:
Sexxhoumaru was deplorable. Having me help my addled brother was disgusting. Killing me off? You shall be hearing from my agent for this outrage . . . .
Blanket disclaimer for this fanfic (will apply to this and all other chapters in Chronicles): I do not claim any rights to InuYasha or the characters associated with the anime/manga. Those rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi, et al. I do offer my thanks to her for creating such vivid characters for me to terrorize.

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