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InuYasha peeked over from the contracts in his hand as Kagome glanced up at him yet again. `She's up to something,' he thought as he hid a smile. Shippou and Inuakamori were spending the night with Miroku and Sango, and InuYasha had a feeling that sneaky wench was up to her old tactics again . . . .
She unfolded her legs and stood, ambling out of the living room with a very definite air of nonchalance-too much nonchalance. InuYasha waited for a few minutes before he followed.
Peeking through the crack in the open door, InuYasha grinned as he spotted her, lying on the bed with his journal in front of her face. Stretched out on the bed, she presented a vision much too enticing to ignore for very long. One leg bent at the knee, the other stretched out with her pretty little toes extended, he took in the sight of her with a very low whine. The soft curves, the rising contours . . . . She was singularly the most devastating creature alive, and she didn't even have a clue. `How does she do that? How can she turn me completely inside out without even looking at me?' He shook his head slowly, considering how long he ought to wait before he pounced.
"Hrumph," she mumbled as her eyebrows drew together. He chuckled to himself. Lately he'd been given to keeping two journals: this one packed with things that he knew would irritate her, and the second, the real one . . . the one hidden in his desk drawer in his study. She wasn't the only one who could be sneaky, was she?
Kagome gasped, her features clouding over even more. "You always said you like my cooking, you baka!" she murmured, indignant color filling her cheeks. InuYasha figured he'd better stop her before she got any more irritated with him.
"Oi, wench!" he bellowed as he smacked open the door. She jumped as the journal went flying. "Trying to read my journal again?"
Very nearly laughing out loud would have betrayed the absolute irritation in his face, and he carefully schooled his features as he leaned his shoulder on the doorframe.
"You shouldn't sneak up on me," she pointed out, her cheeks bright red as she struggled to regain her composure. "It isn't nice."
"Keh! About as nice as you snooping in my journal. I told you, if you'd ask, I'd let you read it."
"That's ridiculous," she pointed out. "I have asked."
"You haven't. You've tried to bribe and barter and wheedle . . . among other things, but you've never asked."
Kagome wrinkled up her nose. "You wouldn't let me if I just asked," she pouted.
Crossing his arms over his chest and unable to hold back the smile any longer, InuYasha grinned. "Try me, wench."
Shifting her gaze to the side, she narrowed her eyes at his show of misplaced humor. "May I read your journal?" she asked, her tone cautious, aloof.
InuYasha stared at her for a long moment before shoving himself out of the doorway and heading back toward his study-the one room in the house he rarely used, which was why it was the perfect place to hide the real journal. Turning his ears back as far as they could rotate, he heard Kagome following him.
Pulling open the bottom drawer on the immense cherry desk, InuYasha moved aside his mother's diary and the scroll of missing pages to find the real journal beneath. Pausing long enough to run hid claws over the cover of the ancient book lovingly, he sighed before lifting out his real journal, closing the drawer and standing up again. "Here."
She stared at the book with her mouth hanging open, an incredulous expression lighting her deep brown eyes with an indignant light. "You tricked me!" she gasped as she stared at the journal he held out to her.
InuYasha rolled his eyes. "Cut the act, wench. I ain't buying."
She sighed and grabbed the journal out of his hand. He caught her wrist and pulled her into his arms as he leaned back on the desk. "I want to go read this," she protested as he nibbled at her bottom lip.
"So read it. I ain't stopping you."
Her eyes drifted closed as she leaned in closer to him. "You . . . are," she argued.
"You're stronger than that, wench," he taunted, mouth moving to the curve of her jaw.
"But . . . we can't . . . ."
"Give me one good reason we can't."
"Full moon," she murmured, fighting against the pull of his body on hers.
"The pups need a sister," he countered as his lips settled against the pulse in her throat.
Kagome shivered as the journal fell from her slack hand. "Oh, kami . . . ."
InuYasha grinned. `I win.'
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Will there be a sequel to Chronicles?
At this point, there isn't one planned. I think they sort of earned their `happily ever after'… Which is not to say that I won't ever change my mind, but for the moment, there's not a scheduled redux . . . though I have had a few ideas for some `Oneshots'… like the catsuit . . . the games box . . . among other stuff . . . .
Do I plan on writing another asslong fic?
Probably. Though I am never certain how long my fics will be to start, Metamorphosis shows the same promise as Chronicles did for being a quite long saga . . . .
Will the others live as long as InuYasha and Kagome?
Uhh… no… Tetsusaiga was only strengthened via Kagome and InuYasha's blood bond. They're the ones who are bonded, and while Blue Tetsusaiga does keep her alive, it wouldn't necessarily do the same for the other humans . . .
Interesting. I don't think anyone was actually OOC at any given time. The main one I would say who COULD have been considered OOC would have been Present-Sesshoumaru . . . but he had good reason (IMO)… As for InuYasha's changes in his actions and emotions? Well . . . To write a story, the point is, to change characters through natural evolution. No one stays the same, anywhere, including him. If he had remained the same from beginning to end, what would have been the point of writing the fic, in the first place? None. As in normal life, experience tempers behavior. InuYasha found the ability to let go of the past in order to facilitate the changes that led to his future with Kagome. Isn't that the happy ending every InuYasha fan is looking for?
Was Chronicles planned out before I wrote it?
Um, parts. I had more of a concept for it than I normally do. Torrent was a wing-it fic . . . meaning I knew what I wanted, TONS of angst . . . Purity was the same, minus TONS of angst (IMO… Purity isn't overly angsty … ) Out of Time was just a quick break between fics . . . and Chronicles? Well, I had `ideas' and I had a rough estimate as to what went where, etc, but as for sitting down and writing it out part by part? Nope . . . The whole backstory of death and Sesshoumaru trying to change it all was developed about halfway through, about the time Katosan crossed over to the `good side' . . . . Which also left me with loose ends that I really hope have been, at this point, completely tied and wrapped up in beautiful silver foil paper with a satin bow on top… LoL!
Final Thought from Kagome:
I won…
Blanket disclaimer for this fanfic (will apply to this and all other chapters in Chronicles): I do not claim any rights to InuYasha or the characters associated with the anime/manga. Those rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi, et al. I do offer my thanks to her for creating such vivid characters for me to terrorize.

Chapter 100
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