InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Cold as you ❯ Chapter 8 ( Chapter 8 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]


Chapter 8: I've never been anywhere cold as you
Kagome had been back in the feudal era for a couple months now and she had been happy. She had finally realized that she could let Inuyasha go and had begun the process immediately. She had taken the beads from around his neck, shocking him. He had begged for her to put them back on but she had refused. Her heart hurt a lot less now.
It was surprising when Inuyasha suddenly stopped before them growling. Kagome frowned and stretched out her senses. A smile appeared as she felt the familiar energy signatures. Then a frown appeared. Where was Sesshomaru?
Suddenly, Inuyasha whirled on her and darted toward her. Kagome froze in shock and fear. Then she felt an arm wrap around her waist and being pulled away. Reaching out, she felt Sesshomaru's aura. It was like a blast of cold air against her skin. She began shivering abruptly. Sesshomaru had never touched her before so she was shocked to realize that his skin was as cold as ice if not colder. `I don't think I've been anywhere as cold as you Sesshomaru…' She could feel the iciness of his very soul as it brushed her own. It made her cringe.