InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ The Transferee ( Chapter 1 )

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Kagome Higurashi adjusted her newly-pressed, checkered red and white uniform, she's been awake since five that morning, all dressed up for school since six and hyperventilating since six thirty.
“Kagome….” Mrs. Higurashi peered inside her daughter's bedroom half-expecting the fifteen-year old to be still sleeping. She smiled gently when she saw her daughter looking out of the window, all dressed up.
“Kagome…” Mrs. Higurashi called again and Kagome turned around facing her mother.
“Good morning, Mama.”
“I see you're ready for school.” Mrs. Higurashi smoothed her daughter's bangs when she saw Kagome stiffen.
“I'm not so sure about the ready for school thing…” Kagome replied, calming at her mother's touch.
“Come on. It's not that bad…”
“But, I'm new and I've never been to a school where demons and humans go. This is making me nervous.” Kagome stammered as she tugged at the red neck tie. She's been home-schooled all her life and though she never understood why, she accepted her mother's explanation that she's different. How different she does not know.
“Kagome, we've talked about this…” Mrs. Higurashi sighed.
“Yes, Mama…but…”
“Kagome, it's time to train your Miko powers. We can't have you blasting everything in your path when you're angry or upset.” Mrs. Higurashi explained.
“But I'm okay, Mama. Meditating and Grandpa's training has helped me.” Kagome replied.
“Yes but it's not enough. Besides, Souta is starting school too. He's been so happy to know that you're going to the same school.” Mrs. Higurashi reasoned as she picked Kagome's bag.
“But I'm scared.” Kagome reasoned.
“You're from a long line of powerful Mikos, you don't have to be scared.” Mrs. Higurashi smiled. In truth she's been up earlier than her daughter, worried at the prospect of letting her eldest child go to that special school. She had prepared herself for this since she married Kagome's father. Her husband had explained that all the women in the Higurashi family inherits the Miko powers of his ancestors and she never truly understood his meaning until Kagome turned five and blasted their television off because her favorite cartoon show ended. They were scared to let Kagome mingle with the other children afraid she'd end up hurting them so they kept her at the shrine and had her home-schooled. Until they received a letter from Kaede Obacha, that letter had changed everything and had given them hope.
“Come down for breakfast,” Mrs. Higurashi smiled at her daughter softly as Kagome's eyes lingered on her wide collection of music cd's. Music is her daughter's way of escaping and she bought all the new and recent cd's that Kagome wanted and supported her daughter's love for playing the piano and violin. Everything for her daughter, everything for her daughter to feel `normal,'
“Can I bring my mp3 player with me? I mean the school has nothing against electronic stuff and….” Kagome started and stopped.
“Of course, darling. Ms. Obacha told me that Midoriko High is like any other normal school except that they accept human, youkai and hanyou students.
“Mama, I've never been to any school least a school that accepts youkai, hanyou and human.” Kagome groaned as she followed her mother down the stairs. She positively brightened when she saw her baby brother, Souta. Like her, Souta was home-schooled too but when the letter arrived, Souta was given the same privilege as Kagome to attend the special school.
“Good morning, nee-chan!” Souta called as Kagome sat down across his brother on the dining table.
“Good morning, Souta, Ji-chan.” Kagome greeted.
“Ready for school, Kagome?” Kagome's grandfather greeted the teenager.
“Yes, I just hope that school's ready for me.” Kagome smiled as she popped a toast into her mouth.
“That's my girl.” Mrs. Higurashi patted her daughter's head.
Kagome looked at her brother's excited face as they waited for the bus. Midoriko High has a special bus for its students. She squeezed her brother's hand gently and Souta looked up at his sister's worried face.
“What is it, nee-chan?” Souta asked.
“Nothing, I'm just a little nervous that's all.” Kagome replied.
“Don't worry, nee-chan. I'll take care of you.” Souta's serious face made Kagome laugh.
“No, brother, I'm suppose to take care of you.” Kagome replied. She and her brother are close and Kagome promised their father before he died that she'll take care of her baby brother. They both looked up when they heard a bus screeched.
“Higurashi Kagome? Higurashi Souta?” The bus driver asked when the door opened with a hiss.
“Yes, that's us.” Kagome replied showing their school i.d.s.
“Hop in, then. We don't have all day.” The balding man smiled as Kagome helped her brother climb the bus.
They looked around for seats and Kagome pulled Souta towards the very end of the bus where two seats were vacant. She shyly smiled at a tall, brown-haired girl who was one of the long seat's occupants.
“Good morning.” Kagome greeted.
“Good morning. Are you new too?” The girl replied.
“Yes, how did you know?” Kagome asked, mildly surprised.
“Well, you looked lost when you climbed in.” The girl's brown eyes smiled merrily when she spoke.
“Don't worry, I'm new too. My name's Sango and this little tick here is my brother Kohaku.”
“Glad to meet you, Sango, Kohaku. My name's Kagome and this is my brother, Souta.” Kagome introduced as she grasped the hand Sango extended. The young boys smiled shyly at each other.
“Hello, Souta.” Sango greeted Kagome's younger brother as they settled in their seats.
“I'm nervous.” Kagome confided a few minutes later.
“I am too.” Sango replied and they looked at each other and smiled.
“I was home-schooled.” Kagome said feeling like she owed her new friend an explanation about her nervousness.
“Ah, you're lucky. I used to go to Shikon High and believe me when I tell you that you did not miss much.” Sango smiled at the girl.
“The boys drive me crazy. There was one who had a habit of groping my back. I've lost count of the times he lost consciousness when I smacked his head with anything I could get my hands on.” Sango frowned at the memory.
“Boys?” Kagome stupidly asked. Of course there will be boys, Midoriko is not an all-girls school, is it? Kagome thought and her heart skipped a beat. Her only experience with boys was not pretty - he was her mother's friend's son and she had blasted him unconscious when he cornered her inside her bedroom.
“But I heard the guys here in Midoriko are too, how you call it, animalistic. I mean Youkais go by instincts and hanyous are half demons and they abide by the youkai courtship rule.” Sango happily told Kagome who was growing paler by the second.
“Youkai cou - courtship?” Kagome asked.
“Yes, you know blood marks and all…” Sango cheerfully replied as Kagome turned green.
“Blood marks?” Kagome asked not really sure if she wants to hear the answer.
“Yes, they bite their….Kagome, Kagome!” Sango screamed as Kagome fainted.
Kaede looked at the young girl lying on one of the clinic's bed. The girl has enormous untamed power which is now ensconcing the girl in a barrier.
“Hmmm….” Kagome stirred and Kaede sat up.
“Higurashi.” Kaede called and Kagome's eyes flutter and the barrier quivered. From what they saw earlier, a barrier automatically erects itself when the girl feels threatened or afraid.
Very strong aura. The rumors were true. Kaede smiled gently at the girl and watched the barrier receded.
“Where am I?” Kagome asked as she sat up.
“You're inside the clinic.”
“What? Where's Souta, where's my brother?” Kagome panicked as her eyes roamed the white room looking for her brother. Automatically her body glowed pink and pulsed.
“Calm down, child. You brother was escorted to his classes. He's alright.” Kaede's eyes watched again as the pink glow grew faint, “You're very powerful, Kagome but you don't know how to control your powers.”
“I know, that's the reason I'm here, is it not?” Kagome asked as she smiled at the kind-faced old woman.
“Hai, I hand-picked you,” Kaede smiled at the girl's confusion. “I knew the Higurashis, Kagome. I personally knew your grandfather and I've given the old man a piece of my mind for hiding you for so long.”
“Because he's going against the fates.”
“Fates?” Kagome asked, her head spinning.
“You were not fated to stay hidden with your powers untamed. You were destined to be a powerful Miko.” Kaede replied as she held her hand towards the girl.
“I'm scared.” Kagome confessed.
“You don't have to be scared child, this school is not all about power and magic. When you go out there, you'll realize that everything is like what you're used to -- boys chasing girl, girls chasing boys. Kids making out almost anywhere making their teachers blush…teenagers.” Kaede sighed.
“That's my problem, that's not exactly the environment I'm used to.”
“You will get used to it.”
“I hope so too.”
“Now, if you're feeling better, I'll escort you to your class.” Kaede said as she smiled at the young girl.
Inuyasha watched as a very pretty girl was thrown high up in the air and gracefully landed on her feet waving her pompoms up.
“Loving from afar again, Inuyasha?” Kouga taunted as he sat beside the inu-hanyou.
“None of your business, Kouga.” Inuyasha replied as he pinned the wolf demon with an icy stare.
“Go back to your seats!” Kaede watched as the students scrambled to their chairs. Kagome stood beside her, her head bowed.
“Okay, we have a new student. Her name is Kagome Higurashi. I want all of you to be friendly and welcoming. Any hocus pocus behind my back and you get detention faster that you can say gomen.” Kaede smiled as she watched the students look at Kagome with interest.
“Thank you, Mr. Guriko.” Kaede smiled and spoke to the teacher as she excused herself leaving Kagome in his care.”
“You're welcome, Ma'am.” Mr. Guriko bowed as the principal exited. He looked at the beautiful, young girl standing tensely beside him and smiled.
“Introduce yourself to your new classmates, Higurashi.” Mr. Guriko prodded and the young girl shyly complied.
“My name is Kagome Higurashi. I have a brother named Souta who goes to this school too. I'm happy to meet you all.” Kagome bowed and smiled when she saw Sango waving from the back of the class.
“Welcome, Kagome!” The class chorused. Inuyasha looked up when the girl spoke. He stared at her slightly-wavy black hair that was held in a low ponytail and her deep, blue eyes. He smirked when the girl smiled. Another one of those nuns. He thought. The girl has innocent written all over her. Too bad she's not my type.
“What a beauty.” Kouga whispered from behind and Inuyasha rolled his eyes.
“You find anyone or anything in a skirt beautiful.” Inuyasha remarked.
“Hirohito!” Inuyasha nearly toppled off his chair.
“Raise your hand.” The teacher commanded and Inuyasha watched as Kagome inched towards his chair. He raised his brow when he smelled fear and anxiety in the girl who kept her eyes averted.
What the hell is wrong with this chick? Inuyasha thought as Kagome settled in the chair next to his. Kouga wasted no time in introducing himself and the girl blushed painfully.
Tsk. Too tamed for me. He thought as his gaze followed a certain Miko's movements. Kikyo. Inuyasha sighed loudly.
Kagome was amazed to learn that they have `normal' subjects like Math, Science, History and Literature. The only difference is that they have special classes depending on what your powers and specialties are. Kagome smiled and waved as she saw Sango sitting in one of the cafeteria seats with Souta and Kohaku.
“Nee-chan!” Souta eagerly called and she bent to kiss the top of her brother's head.
“Hello Kohaku, Sango.” Kagome greeted the other two occupants as she sat beside her brother.
“Hello, Kagome! Are you okay now?” Sango asked warily eyeing the girl.
“Yes, too much information.” Kagome replied in explanation to her sudden fainting when they were on the bus.
“Ohhh...why is he here?” Sango's eyes widened and Kagome followed her gaze. Confusion marred her face when her eyes fell upon a tall, handsome young man with violet eyes and raven-black hair.
“Hello, Sango!” Kagome watched as the boy sat beside her new friend.
“What the hell are you doing here, monk?!” Sango asked as she inched away from the boy.
“What a greeting and to think I followed you here.” The boy replied as he smiled engagingly at Sango. “Hey, who's your beautiful friend?” Kagome blushed at the boldness in the boy's look.
“Sango…?” Kagome asked.
“Kagome, this is the jerk I told you about when we were on the bus. Beware of his hands though for he claimed them to be cursed and they grope women on their own.” Sango replied and laughed as Kagome stared at Miroku's hands suspiciously.
“Hey, that's not fair!” Miroku replied as he smiled at Kagome. He reached for Kagome's hand and his eyes widened when the girl glowed pink.
“You're a Miko?” Miroku asked in amazement.
“Yes and please don't go near me if you don't want to be blasted off.” Kagome replied.
“I'm Miroku and don't worry, I'm a monk.” Miroku explained as Sango snorted. Kagome looked at the boy and smiled.
“In that case, hello Miroku. I'm sorry for being rude earlier, I'm not used to be around boys, see I was home schooled so I'm not so used to this whole boys-meets-girl thing. This is my younger brother Souta.” Kagome replied as she extended her hand to shake Miroku's.
“Hello, Kagome! Do you want to be my wo -- ?” The students stared in amazement as Kouga flew across the room.
“Cool…” Kohaku followed the wolf demon's descent.
“That's my nee-chan.” Souta proudly stated as he looked at the boy who dared drape his arm around his sister.
“Ooommffffffff………” Kouga's breath left him for an instant as he was blasted to the other end of the cafeteria.
Kagome stared in horror as she saw Kouga `flew.' She hurried to her feet to help the boy up.
“Man, you're feisty.” Kouga grinned as if nothing happened.
“Don't catch me off-guard I might purify you unintentionally.” Kagome smiled tentatively as she helped the wolf demon up.
“Nah, I like my woman feisty.” Kouga grinned, melting at the Miko's smile.
“First off, the name's Kagome and second I'm nobody's woman, third keep that hand off me if you don't want to die a sizzling death.” Kagome stood up and walked away, unaware of the admiring looks that the male students were giving her - youkai, hanyou and human alike.
“Who's that?” Kikyo asked her friend Kagura.
“That's the transfer student.” Kagura replied as she followed the young girl to her seat with her eyes.
“Interesting.” Kikyo smirked as she ran a comb through her long, black hair.
“Yeah, interesting…” Kagura remarked as she watched Inuyasha followed the girl with his gaze.
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