InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ The Beginning ( Chapter 7 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

“YOU What?!” Sango yelled and Kagome covered both her ears with her hands.
“Look, it works both ways, I get a tutor and he gets -“
“Are you out of your mind?!”
“I will be if you keep on yelling at me like that.” Kagome replied and smiled weakly at her red-faced friend.
“Explain yourself, Kagome.” Sango quietly commanded. The girls were both inside the school bus and Kagome smiled at the other students as they craned their necks to take a look at a yelling Sango.
“Later?” Kagome said hopefully.
“Later. Hello, demon hearing.” Kagome rolled her eyes and Sango looked at the youkai and hanyou students aboard their bus and sighed.
“Okay. Lunch time.”
“Gee, thanks, mom.” Kagome replied sarcastically.
“Hon!” Inuyasha called and Kagome rolled her eyes.
“Duh, you're taking this too far. Kikyo's not even here.”
“Practice makes perfect.” Inuyasha replied as he took Kagome's bag. Sango watched suspiciously.
“Hello, Sango!” Inuyasha greeted.
“Hello, Inuyasha.” Sango greeted back and she smiled when Inuyasha helped Kagome up the stairs.
“Duh! I can climb these stairs on my own.” Kagome protested but took the hand that Inuyasha offered.
“You two are so sweet!” Sango teased.
“You think?” Kagome replied.
“Hello, Sango, Kagome…Inuyasha?” Miroku looked confused as he stared at Inuyasha carrying Kagome's bag.
“I'll explain later.” Sango whispered.
Classes came and went and before they knew it. The four classmates headed towards the cafeteria.
“Souta, you're leaving early again?” Kagome called her brother.
“AnimeX released a new manga, Kohaku and I are checking it out!” Souta called as he looked at Inuyasha with mild curiosity.
“I'll explain it to you later.” Kagome whispered in her brother's ear.”
“Okay. Bye, nee-chan.”
“Wait!” Kagome yelled and Souta and Kohaku pivoted back to their table. “Give me your cell phone.” Kagome commanded.
“Here, what are you going to do with it?” Souta asked as he watched his sister press some button.
“I'm speed dial 1, if you're in trouble just press 1 and I'll fly to you.” Kagome smiled as she kissed her brother's forehead.
“Oh, I thought you were checking my inbox for girls' messages.” Souta grinned.
“Bye, nee-chan!”
“Hey, you're nine, you're not suppose to have a lovelife yet!” Kagome called after her brother and Souta and Kohaku laughed loudly.
“That brat!” Kagome sat fuming.
“So….” Miroku started as he watched Inuyasha watch Kagome.
“So?” Kagome said as she covered Inuyasha's face with her palm. “Quit staring already, if I don't know any better, I would say you're in love with me!”
“Keh! You wish…”
“Keh yourself!” Kagome replied as she leaned back.
“You're the one who's in love with me.” Inuyasha taunted.
“But of course, it's written in the stars isn't it? Me loving you and longing for you and you drooling over and chasing after me…” Kagome sighed as she clasped both her hands to her chest.
“Aww, honey, don't be too vocal, you're embarrassing me.” Inuyasha laughed as Kagome turned and batted her eyelashes at him.
“It's alright baby. You love me and I love you, let the world know.” Kagome replied as she scooted near Inuyasha.”
“Charming.” Inuyasha said as he hugged Kagome.
“Not without my permission.” Kagome raised her brow at Inuyasha
“Come on, I know you want me…”
“But you want me more…” Kagome replied.
“No you want me more…”
“YOU want me more than I want you.” Kagome announced.
“Okay, enough. I want both of you to quit it.” Miroku interrupted and both Inuyasha and Kagome cracked, laughing like lunatics.
“What's the deal with you two?” Sango asked the laughing couple.
“We're in a pseudo-relationship.” Kagome answered as she pulled Inuyasha's hair.
“What did you do that for?” Inuyasha replied as he tickled Kagome.
“Ahemmm…” Sango cleared her throat loudly.
“Yes?” Kagome replied.
“Pseudo-relationship, what's that?” Miroku asked.
“It's what Inuyasha and I share.”
“The witticism is too much for mere humans like us, Kagome.” Sango replied sarcastically.
“Wait, are you saying that you guys are going out?” Miroku asked unbelievingly.
“Do you have a problem with that?” Inuyasha stopped tickling Kagome and looked at Miroku sternly.
“Duh, Inuyasha.” Kagome rolled her eyes.
“We're going out as friends helping each other.” Kagome explained briefly as Sango smiled knowingly and Miroku acted like he swallowed a fly.
“Really?” Sango smiled snidely.
“We are…” Kagome said and rolled her eyes when Sango and Miroku raised their brows at her.
“Whatever…” Kagome replied ignoring her friends.
“I still don't understand why we have to learn all these, I am not going to defeat demons by calculating the valence electrons of germanium in front of them!” Kagome moaned as she stretched her legs. They were in one of the school's student kiosks reviewing for the upcoming achievement exams.
“Hon, you need to learn it to pass school. Don't tell me you would like to purify demons all your life, I mean it's not healthy for the kids.” Inuyasha joked as he watched Kagome lay her head on the table.
“Inuyasha quit calling me honey, one week of being in a pseudo-couple and we have not seen hair nor hide of her bitchiness…” Kagome complained.
“They're in another city, cheering for the soccer team.” Inuyasha replied dryly.
“Okay, can we take a break from this pseudo relationship then, it's making me feel like I'm married and expecting kids anytime soon instead of being a high school freshman cramming for the achievement exams!”
“Do you want to have kids, Kagome?”
“Duh, I'm fifteen!”
“So? I'm fifteen, I should be making out in parked cars instead of changing diapers.” Kagome answered.
“Hmmm…good idea, come on let's make out.”
“That hurt.” Inuyasha complained as he rubbed his head. Kagome sat up and stretched deliciously.
“It should.” Kagome replied as she picked her thick Chemistry book up.
“Are you a virgin, Inuyasha?” Kagome suddenly asked.
“Why are you asking me something that is purely sexual?”
“It's just a question.” Kagome replied.
“Yes, I'm fifteen too, remember?”
“Oh, interesting…” Kagome replied.
“Just interesting…two virgins trying to get an oversexed cheerleader jealous.”
“Kikyo is not oversexed!” Inuyasha replied.
“Come on, I don't have youkai senses but I can smell the men on her.” Kagome replied.
“Don't insult her Kagome!” Inuyasha uttered loudly.
“Telling the truth is not insulting Inuyasha. You may not know it but I consider you my friend and friends are supposed to look after each other.”
“Then quit being my friend if that would stop you from insulting Kikyo.”
“Whatever, you know what I'll let you be. I really don't give a shit about this whole Kikyo business.” Kagome said as she stood up to gather her things.
“Where do you think you're going?” Inuyasha asked.
“But we have to study!”
“I would rather study alone!”
“Your stupidity is draining me of my miko powers!” Kagome replied as she stuffed her books inside her bag.
“But Kagome…”
“Practice makes perfect, try to lose that virginity soon, Kikyo might find you attractive by then.” Kagome glared at the hanyou as she stalked off.
“Kagome!” Sango waved excitedly at her friend.
“Excited to see me, huh?” Kagome smiled and kissed Sango on the cheek.
“Guess, what!!!”
“Miroku asked me to The Corrs' concert!” Sango squealed.
“Wow, you're lucky!”
“Yes, am I not? Oh, I so love Miroku now…” Sango sighed dreamily.
“You're very cheap my friend, you love Miroku now that he bought you a free ticket to the The Corrs' concert? Where's your pride?” Kagome asked jokingly.
“Well, you're going out with that hunk of a hanyou just to pass Chemistry, at least I get popcorn and drinks too…” Sango countered smiling.
“You're right, I'm cheaper.” Kagome conceded.
“See…” Sango smiled happily but stopped when she saw the expression on Kagome's face. “Okay Souta and Kohaku, sit somewhere else. Your sisters are going into some serious girl talk.” Sango commanded as the boys rolled their eyes heavenwards.
“It's okay, let them stay. Let's just write it down. I'm sure everyone is eager to hear the details.” Kagome announced loudly and a few squirmed in their seats. Damn youkai senses. Kagome thought as she tore a page from her notebook out.
Inuyasha waited patiently for Kagome's bus to arrive. He stood up when he saw the familiar purple bus pull into a stop. He craned his neck as he tried to locate Kagome. He smelled her even before he saw her. Kagome was busy talking to Sango and both girls were giggling, they did not even notice him standing there.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha called and Kagome looked up to see Inuyasha in his dark blue and red uniform.
“Yes?” Kagome replied but kept on walking.
“About yesterday…”
“Let's forget about this `relationship' Inuyasha, I'm sure I'll pass this achievement exam if I try hard enough.”
“I'm sorry for insulting her. What makes this set-up difficult is that we don't feel the same way towards the girl. You love her and I absolutely don't give a shit about her so there's some conflict of interest.” Kagome continued as Inuyasha fell into a step beside her.”
“I'm sorry I'm not going to help you now. Please find someone else to take my place. Even if it would really make my day to make that bitch mad, the effort is too much.”
“I'm sorry.” Inuyasha said genuinely.
“I know.”
“Are we friends again?”
“Sure but I'm not going to do that pseudo relationship thing again even if you roll over and fetch…” Kagome joked and Inuyasha growled.
“Kidding….” Kagome grinned naughtily as she took Sango's hand and both girls ran towards their classroom.
“Bye, Inuyasha!” Sango called.
“Do hurry Inuyasha, the bell will ring anytime soon.” Kagome yelled and sauntered off towards their classroom with Sango. Inuyasha sighed as he followed the girls.
Kagome watch Inuyasha sit alone during lunch break. She sighed as she looked at her hanyou friend.
“He looks miserable.” Sango commented.
“He'll perk up soon the soccer team and the cheer leaders arrived this morning.” Kagome said and as soon as the words were out of Kagome's mouth the cafeteria doors burst open revealing Kikyo and the soccer team's captain, Bankoutsu Ryota.
“Oh shit.” Kagome said as she watched Inuyasha's shoulders droop. She jiggled her foot impatiently as she watched Kikyo flirt with Bankoutsu blatantly. Damn bitch, he cried for you. Kagome thought as Inuyasha's tear-stained face gnawed at her senses. He cried for you while I sang.
“Nee-chan?” Souta asked seeing his sister stood up bringing her tray with her.
“I hate hanyous in distress.” Kagome announced as she walked towards Inuyasha's table.
“Hi, baby. How are you holding up?” Kagome asked, smiling softly at Inuyasha.
“Hi, hon. Miss me?” Inuyasha smiled weakly at her as she put her tray down.
“Nah, but I can't stand to see you sad.” Kagome said as she sat beside Inuyasha. She took his hand in hers and smiled gently at her friend.
“Thanks.” Inuyasha replied as he looked at Kikyo and her boyfriend kissed.
“Inuyasha, I'm here if you want someone to talk to.”
“I know, thank you.”
“Oh, come on, what are friends for?”
“Will you be girlfriend?” Inuyasha asked.
“I'm so hard to forget, huh?” Kagome sighed as she looked at Inuyasha's sad face. “Fine, I'll be you PGF (pseudo-girlfriend)!” She declared as she twirled her spaghetti with her fork.
“I'll take care of you.” Inuyasha suddenly said.
“I know…” Kagome replied smiling gently.
“Aw, you love me already and I'm not even trying.” Inuyasha retorted as he scooted closer to Kagome and squeezed the girl's hand.
“You know you're irresistible and I absolutely can't keep my hands off you.” Kagome smiled enjoying their banter. If there's one thing between her and Inuyasha it is their never-boring exchanges.
“Oh, same here. Will you marry me then?” Inuyasha asked as he watched Kagome chew on her spaghetti.
“Baby, I'm only fifteen, wait for three more years…” Kagome teased winking at Inuyasha mischievously.
“I'll hold you to your word.” Inuyasha replied and his heart felt light at the thought even though he knew Kagome was only trying to keep his mind off Kikyo and everything was just a game. He took out a napkin and wiped Kagome's spaghetti-stained mouth.
“Don't…” Kagome protested as she took the napkin from Inuyasha and wiped her mouth herself.
“You're making me fall as it is…” Kagome replied teasingly and winked.
Inuyasha's breathing hitched.