InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Burning ( Chapter 13 )

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Kagome eventually wanted to get up telling Inuyasha it's a Saturday and therefore a great waste to be spending the day in bed.
“Let's call Sango and Miroku and maybe meet them somewhere.” Kagome said as she toweled her hair dry. Inuyasha rummaged his bag for clothes to wear as Kagome passed him her towel.
“Sango nearly killed me yesterday when they couldn't find you, where were you?” Inuyasha asked softly.
“I spent the afternoon with Sesshoumaru.” Kagome replied and Inuyasha snapped his head to face her.
“You what?” He asked in a controlled voice.
“I spent the afternoon with your brother.” Kagome replied and watched as Inuyasha's knuckles turned white as he grabbed the doorknob of the bathroom door tightly.
“Inuyasha….” Kagome said standing up and putting her arms around him.
“You spent your afternoon with him? I almost died wondering where you were.” Inuyasha revealed and Kagome could not help the smile that tugged her lips.
“You almost died?” She teased.
“Yes,” Inuyasha replied blushing furiously.
“I'll bring you back to life if that happens.” Kagome told him quietly. “Although I would probably kill you again when you're revived for leaving without me…”
Inuyasha could not wipe the smile off his face even when Souta gave them one of his lectures about `living in sin' during breakfast. Kagome threw her brother a deadly look but Souta continued.
“Our teacher told us that it's not proper for a lady and a gentleman to sleep in one bed unless they're married…” Souta said as he munched his scrambled egg.
“And it's not proper to talk when your mouth is full.” Mrs. Higurashi remarked smiling at the two teenagers before her who have extreme reactions to Souta's pronouncement - Inuyasha can't seem to stop grinning and Kagome looked like she's aiming to be an only child by killing her brother.
“Are you going out today?” Mrs. Higurashi asked noting Inuyasha and Kagome's attires. Inuyasha was wearing a red shirt beneath a white, unbuttoned polo and black denim pants while Kagome was wearing a spaghetti-strapped pink blouse and denim skirts, her denim jacket lying on top of the kitchen counter.
“Yes, Ma'am.” Inuyasha replied and Mrs. Higurashi smiled.
“Inuyasha, what's with this `Ma'am' business, you can call me Mama like Souta and Kagome.” Kagome promptly choked and coughed violently making Inuyasha scramble to the sink to get water for her.
“Are you okay?” Mrs. Higurashi watched as Inuyasha stroked Kagome's back after handing her the glass of water.
“Yes,” Kagome replied wheezing mildly. Inuyasha grabbed a napkin from the table and wiped Kagome's mouth carefully. The family looked on, quiet amused at the display of affection.
“Better?” Inuyasha asked softly and the teenagers both looked up when Kagome's grandfather coughed and Souta sniggered. The blush that simultaneously stained their cheeks was a joy to watch.
“We're going to meet Sango and Miroku at the mall today. I messaged them earlier” Kagome supplied as Inuyasha straightened his polo.
“Okay.” Mrs. Higurashi said as Kagome and Inuyasha stood up and brought their plates to the sink.
“Enjoy!” Souta called out as Kagome huffed and Inuyasha winked at the younger boy.
“Kagome! Inuyasha!” Miroku called and waved at Inuyasha and Kagome. The two approached the pair smiling.
“You forgave him, Kagome?” Sango huffed out.
“There's nothing to forgive.” Kagome replied as she sat opposite Sango. Inuyasha sat shyly beside her and grasped her hand which lay on top of the table. Miroku and Sango raised their brows but said nothing.
“I'm sorry….” Inuyasha said.
“I'm only going to tell you this once, Inuyasha. Hurt my friend again and I would gladly exterminate you. I've been itching to use my new weapon and I wouldn't think twice about cutting you in half with it.” Sango said coldly.
“That was pretty intense, I love you too, Sango.” Kagome joked as she grabbed Sango's hand with her free hand.
“Okay then, that's settled. Let's have fun, it's a Saturday and it's a great waste if we stay here and issue death threats to each other.” Miroku jovially announced, rubbing his hands together.
“What do you have in mind?” Sango asked.
“You wouldn't want to know, dear Sango.”
“What?” Miroku said rubbing his head.
“How could you twist something as innocent as `what do you have in mind' into a dirty-sounding sentence?!” Sango yelled at Miroku.
“But dear….”
“Don't you dear, dear me! God why did I fall in love with a hentai like ---“ Sango suddenly stopped, her cheeks crimson as Inuyasha and Kagome gawked at the couple.
“I hope I heard wrong, Sango-chan…” Kagome said grinning roguishly.
“You're in love with …..him?” Inuyasha asked as he looked at Sango and fixed his stare at Miroku.
“What can I say, animal magnetism….” Miroku replied grinning.
“Wait, just wait a minute, don't tell me you're really going out?” Kagome asked, her eyes widening.
“Yes,” Miroku replied.
“No,” Sango quickly said.
“Okay, what is it really? Make up your mind.” Kagome said impatiently.
“I think what they mean is yes, they're going out and no, they're not telling you.” Inuyasha interpreted.
“You hid something as monumental as that from me, Sango?” Kagome said, acting hurt.
“Monumental?” Sputtered Sango.
“I mean going out with Miroku is actually a huge leap - a leap of faith and I'm so hurt that I was not part of….” Kagome said as she pretended to turn her face away from Sango and Miroku. Inuyasha looked at Kagome and caught on.
“Hush, baby. don't cry now…” Inuyasha said as he enfolded Kagome in a hug.
“Kagome-chan….” Sango called looking as guilty as ever.
“I thought you're my friend, how could you?” Kagome said, burrowing her face into Inuyasha's neck as she pretended to sob. Inuyasha shook his head at the couple across them and gently patted Kagome's shoulder.
“Look, Kagome…I'm so sorry…I…we…planned on telling you but….” Sango said wringing her hands.
“Kagome, please don't be upset. We'll make it up to you.” Miroku worriedly said as he looked at the `sobbing' girl.
“How could you…?” Inuyasha asked as he tried to prevent from squirming - Kagome's breathing was tickling his neck.
“Kagome, please….I'm sorry, I didn't know it would upset you…” Sango said again and stopped.
“Honey, stop you're tickling me!” Inuyasha burst out laughing as he held Kagome's face away from his neck.
“Argh, baka, we almost got them!” Kagome ground out pouting at Inuyasha.
“Why you……!” Sango stood up, her hand on her hips as she pointed an accusing finger at Kagome and Inuyasha who were holding their stomachs laughing madly.
“What a sight!” Kagome laughed as she banged the table with her fist.
“You thought that was funny?!” Sango fumed as she sat down.
“Have you heard of the story `the boy who cried wolf'? Miroku said looking sternly at the laughing couple. Inuyasha and Kagome looked at Miroku and then at each other and proceeded laughing.
“What?” Inuyasha managed to say.
“The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Kagome answered and they laughed again.
“Oh, wait for payback!” Sango gritted her teeth as she looked at Inuyasha and Kagome. Kagome heaved out a heavy breath and stopped laughing.
“Sango, why didn't you tell me that you're dating Miroku? I mean we see each other everyday so it's not likely that you forgot…” Kagome asked.
“I don't know…may be because I was not sure if I did the right thing…?” Sango answered quietly.
“Hey, that hurt.” Miroku said.
“I'm sorry Miroku but that's how I felt, I mean how would you feel if I grope every man I meet and ask them to let me bear their child?” Sango looked miserable.
“Sango, you know you're the only one for me. I'm sorry to make you feel that way you do. If you're not so sure about us…” Miroku said looking grim.
“What the hell is wrong with you two? Don't tell me you're breaking up in front of us?!” Kagome demanded.
“Oh, come on….Miroku might be a leech but he's a good guy really and you're the only girl he gropes at least ten times a day, doesn't that tell you something?” Inuyasha interjected.
“Gee thanks…?” Miroku replied.
“What we're saying Sango is you guys are made for each other, don't dare go against the fates…it wouldn't be pretty.” Kagome said.
“How do you know we're meant for each other?” Sango asked smiling at Kagome and Inuyasha's faces.
“I just do.” Kagome replied.
“Like you know that you're made for Inuyasha?” Sango grinned.
“What?! I'm not!” Kagome looked flustered and Inuyasha looked away, his face turning into the color of an overcooked lobster.
“What do you mean, are you in denial?” Miroku asked loving how the couple squirmed in their seat. He caught Sango's eyes and they both grinned. Payback.
“How do you feel about Kagome, Inuyasha?” Sango turned her gaze towards Inuyasha.
“Oh, come on, you're not telling me you're still pining over that witch, are you?” Sango asked, her voice slightly rising.
“Okay, enough. Inuyasha and I are friends and believe me we're better off that way. So don't turn the table around. As for me being in love with Inuyasha and likewise, you need a psychiatrist to check your heads because we're not. We're friends. Period. So if you want to waste a beautiful Saturday morning outguessing each other about our so-called relationship then we'll leave you two to your thoughts alone and go ahead to enjoy the sunshine.” Kagome announced as she stood up and gathered her pink shoulder bag.
Miroku looked at Inuyasha's sad face and shook his head. “You guys are funny.” He announced.
“Really? Why so?” Kagome asked.
“Because you're obviously in love with each other and hiding it.” Miroku answered.
“Miroku, believe me, we're not.” Kagome stared at Miroku challenging his observation.
“Fine, fine. I hope you bakas figure it out before you turn sixty or else it would be too late.” Miroku said as he helped Sango to her feet.
Are we? Kagome thought as she looked at Inuyasha's blank expression. Am I?
Sango and Kagome walked ahead of the guys pointing at the display windows they pass by.
“Hey,” Miroku called Inuyasha.
“Hey yourself…” Inuyasha replied.
“You have not told her yet?” Miroku asked.
“Told her about what?”
“Come on Inuyasha, you know what I'm talking about.”
“No,” Inuyasha answered.
“When do you plan to tell her?”
“I can't. She wouldn't believe me. I mean after that speech she gave, telling her is akin to romantic suicide.” Inuyasha said looking at Kagome who was whispering something to Sango.
“Is that really the reason or is there something else?” Miroku asked again.
“There's this other girl…”
“Man….” Miroku started.
“I loved her for so long….” Inuyasha sighed.
“So you can't choose?”
“I don't know…”
“Well, make up your mind because you can't have them both and Kagome is too beautiful to remain single for long. She's not going to wait around for you.” Miroku patted Inuyasha's shoulder as they both looked at the giggling girls ahead of them.
“I know and the thought actually kills me.” Inuyasha replied softly.
Kagome smiled as she looked at Sango and Miroku sing. What Sango asked earlier had not left her mind and she mentally shook her head to drive the thought away. They decided to rent one of the digital videoke rooms and Sango and Miroku has not stopped singing since which left Kagome a lot of time to think - and think she did.
Am I in love with him? Ridiculous. Trust Sango to drive me crazy with her stupid ideas. Kagome thought as she waved at Sango from her seat.
“Hey,” Inuyasha said as he sat close to Kagome.
“Hey, you're here.” Kagome joked.
“I was here the whole time.” Inuyasha replied raising his brow at her.
“I know, but you were too quiet, it almost felt like you were not.” Kagome replied.
“Missed me even when I'm near?” Inuyasha joked.
“What can I do, it's love.” Kagome replied and raised her brow when Inuyasha's expression changed.
“Look, it was a joke, don't beat your head over it.” Kagome replied and squeezed his hand.
“I know…” Inuyasha replied.
“Boy, don't you?” Kagome retorted as she sipped her diet Coke.
“You promised me you'll never leave, right?” Inuyasha asked with uncertainty and Kagome smiled at him.
“Of course I won't leave. But you have to make yourself worth the trouble.” Kagome replied.
“Aw, honey, I'm worth it.” Inuyasha teased as he draped his arm around Kagome.
“That's for me to judge.” Kagome laughed as she turned to tickle Inuyasha.
“Hey, that's cheating!” Inuyasha said as Kagome tackled him to the sofa and tickled him relentlessly.
“Eeepppp!” Kagome yelped as Inuyasha rolled her under him.
“Revenge is sweet.” He said, grinning evilly as he pinned Kagome underneath him and tickled her without mercy.
Kagome didn't know how it happened, one moment she was laughing like crazy trying to wiggle from under Inuyasha and the next moment she was staring at his amber eyes, trapped in their golden gaze, Sango and Miroku melted away and it was just Inuyasha and her - her breathing snagged at her throat as her eyes dropped to his lips. The lips she had kissed in wild abandon in her dream…
Her blood became liquid heat and her body burst to flames…
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