InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Confessions ( Chapter 17 )

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I'm so mad at you! It's bad enough that you distract me in my dreams dancing almost naked every night, you just had to distract me in the land of the breathing and living too!
I did say that, did I? Crap! Kagome groaned as she opened her Japanese Literature book. She was waiting for the rumors to spread knowing that three other freshmen saw her and Inuyasha.
“Kagome, what's wrong?” Sango asked as she looked at her friend. They were studying inside Kagome's bedroom while Miroku took a break and played with Souta.
“What do you mean nothing? It's not like you to be so quiet. You've been like this since your detention with Inuyasha two days ago!” Sango argued.
“I had planned on taking this secret to the grave but you caught me…” Kagome said as she smiled at her friend.
“Hmm…I'm all ears.” Sango said as she leaned closer to Kagome.
“I'm supposed to tell you to not tell Miroku but I know that would be asking the impossible so just bully him into not telling anyone, okay?”
“Okay!” Sango happily replied.
“I like him, Sango.” Kagome said and she wrinkled her nose.
“You're not sure?” Sango asked.
“No, I mean, I don't know. This is weird…”
“Hmmm…when did this start?” Sango asked as she fixed her eyes on Kagome's face.
“I don't know exactly, I just woke up one day and find it impossible to breathe normally when he's near me, I constantly dream of him, my day isn't complete when he's not around and these past weeks have been pure hell because I had to ignore him and it kills me!” Kagome said as she jiggled her foot.
“And remember the last outing, when you and Miroku teased us because we were tickling each other on the couch? Well, for a minute there everything disappeared and it was just him and me…Arrghhhh! I'm losing my mind!”
“I can't eat, I can't think of anything else, I'm screwed…” Kagome continued.
“Girl, that sounds like love to me.” Sango replied.
“Oh come on, I'm fifteen, how could I be in love?”
“Kagome, age has nothing to do with love. Hey, I openly declare I'm in love with Miroku and I'm just six months older than you.” Sango reasoned.
“Gods, this is crazy.”
“Is that the reason why you're running away from him?”
“I'm not running away! Well, I am…but I'm so confused, I wouldn't last a day without staring at him, goodness, I feel like hugging him every time he's near and it's scary because I know he has some serious Kikyo issues.”
“Kagome, who gives a shit about that bitch?”
“Inuyasha does and it kills me.”
“Why because he likes her?”
“No, because I know she does not love him back and my heart breaks at the idea of him getting hurt.”
“OH MY GOD!!!” You're so in love!! Congratulations!!!” Sango shrieked.
“I mean honestly, you should have seen your face when you speak Inuyasha's name, it gets dreamy and longing…”
“Too much Star Bucks for you Sango.” Kagome teased and she smiled uneasily.
“Kagome, welcome to the world of the living, loving and learning.” Sango opened her arms wide and Kagome leaned over to hug her friend.
“You're overly dramatic, my friend.” Kagome said as she leaned back to look at Sango.
“Girl, we only live once, let's enjoy it and Inuyasha is definitely hot!”
“Does Miroku know that you're ogling his friend?” Kagome teased.
“Come on, he's not my type but I had to admit I was slightly drooling when he danced and sang that ignition thing.”
“Oh, that too...” Kagome groaned.
“What?” Sango demanded.
“I'm having dreams of him ever since and they're not friendly…”
“Oh,” Sango replied as she raised her brow.
“Oh.” Kagome nodded.
“Does that explain why you're cranky?”
“I'm not cranky and Gods, you should have seen my dreams, Inuyasha's half naked in all of them, I've kinda developed some sort of sleep phobia!”
“Does that explain the studying spree and the black circles under your eyes?”
“Hey, Inuyasha dancing almost naked? What's so bad about that?” Sango asked, her eyes twinkling with mirth.
“Come on, Sango. I like the guy but I don't like to see him every night almost naked and gyrating in front of me especially since I sit beside him in class! It's….it's….”
“Naughty!” Sango supplied.
“I was about to say unnerving but yup, it's naughty.”
“Well, I've had several dreams of Miroku umm…like …that too!” Sango confessed, her face red.
“Really? Does that mean I'm normal for having those dreams or are you just perverted so it kinda makes me perverted too…” Kagome said thoughtfully.
“Kagome! It's normal to fantasize!” Sango interrupted.
“Fantasize?” Kagome asked and the girls looked at each other.
“Ewww….” They said in unison and laughed.
“Well, I used to have those kinds of dreams but they stopped eventually.” Sango happily stated.
“Oh, what did you do?”
“Come on, spill!”
“Are you sure you want to know?”
“Duh, I'm desperate, I would climb Mt. Everest if that's what it would take to make these `nightmares' stop!”
“I made him do it…”
“I made him act my dream…”
“Ewww….gross!” I'd rather climb Mt. Everest…
“It's not what you think, I was dreaming of kissing him so I let him kiss me for hours.
“It is just me or have you become perverted?” Hours? Whoooaaa…..
“We just kissed, nothing happened!”
“Hmm…” Kagome looked at her friend and narrowed her eyes.
“I'm still a virgin, if that's what you're asking.”
“Okay.” Kagome replied.
“So I say you make Inuyasha act out your dream…” Sango suggested.
“Believe me after that kissing marathon I stopped dreaming of Miroku and I doing that.”
“Gods, you're impossible, I would rather have eye bags the size of a desk than ask Inuyasha to dance half naked in front me!” Kagome blurted out blushing.
“Oh…half-naked, Kagome?” Miroku asked as he lounged casually at the door.
“Argh! Pervert!” Kagome and Sango chorused as they both threw pillows at a grinning Miroku.
It was a normal Wednesday as the friends walked towards their table at the cafeteria chatting endlessly.
“Final exams will be in two days, I'm sweating at the idea.” Sango announced and Miroku gave her shoulder a squeeze.
“Oh, come on. We studied hard, we should make it in one piece but yes, I'm scared too.” Kagome thoughtfully said as they weaved in and out of cafeteria tables and chairs.
“Higurashi, nice catch!” Yuki, one of their classmates teased, she was talking to the other freshmen.
“What?” Kagome asked, puzzled.
“Wow…our little Miko is not so little at all….” A fourth year student remarked.
“Kagome, I thought you're not into men, does that mean you were just pulling my leg?” Kouga asked, clenching and unclenching his fist.
“What the hell is wrong?!” Kagome demanded, looking at Sango and Miroku who both shrugged.
“Don't mind them, Kagome. Let's go.” Miroku announced and pointedly glared at Kouga when he barred their path.
“Is it true?” Kagura asked as Kagome, Sango and Miroku passed by her table on the cafeteria
“What?” Kagome replied, raising her brow. What now?
“That you and Inuyasha were caught doing the nasty?” Kagura inquired, her eyes never leaving Kagome's face.
“WHAT?!” Sango and Miroku both yelled, aghast at the thought. They both looked at Kagome who had grown pale and was breathing harshly.
“Oh come on, that's what everyone's been talking about since this morning. Three freshmen apparently saw you…so, is it?” Kagura asked again.
“Kagome….” Sango called as she held Kagome's hand.
Kagome's head was spinning, her mind sucking her back to hers and Inuyasha's detention. Was that how it looked like? Will Souta be teased for having a `wild' sister? What will Mama say? How will Inuyasha react?
“No, it's not…” Kagome heard a voice behind her as she felt Sango squeeze her hand.
“Oh, the lover boy is here… Kagura drawled.
“It's not true. They interrupted us before it got into that although I had to admit I was disappointed but it could wait…” Inuyasha replied coolly as he stood behind Kagome who looked like hell made itself visible on earth.
“Hmmm….does Kikyo know?” Kagura taunted staring at the pair with curious eyes.
“Know what?” Kikyo asked as she walked towards them with her entourage of cheerleaders and soccer players in tow.
“Oh, there you are, Inuyasha was just telling me what he and Kagome nearly did had they not been interrupted…” Kagura smilingly recited.
“What?!” Kikyo asked, fuming.
Oh Gods, let this nightmare end already. Kagome prayed a she felt Inuyasha stiffen behind her.
“She does now…besides it's not as if we're going out, we're just friends…” Inuyasha unworriedly said flashing his dazzling smile at Kikyo.
“Nothing happened.” Kagome quickly said to avoid further damage. “Inuyasha and I are…”
“In love, so who cares if we're intimate or not…?” Inuyasha finished as he wrapped his arms around Kagome's middle and nuzzled her neck.
“What?!” Kagome, Kikyo, Sango and Miroku all asked at the same time.
“We're in love so if you'll excuse us…” Inuyasha smiled at the crowd. “Come on honey, let's go.” Inuyasha murmured and made a big show of licking Kagome's ear.
Oh, this is worst than a nightmare. Kagome thought as she looked meaningfully at Sango, asking for her friend to rescue her.
“Oh, don't tire yourselves out, exams will be in two days. See you!!” Sango smiled and waved at Kagome whose eyes bulged at Sango's reaction.
“Oh, they look so in love it's cute!” Kanna, one of the new cheerleaders squealed. She was bopped on the head by Kikyo.
“Idiot! What's so cute about them?!” Kikyo yelled.
“I….I…umm….” Kanna stammered and the pale, petite girl blushed.
Kagome let Inuyasha pull her and they stopped and sat on a bench near the Math building, the same place where he brought her to listen to his proposition months ago. Kagome sat stiffly, unsure of what to say.
“So….” Inuyasha started and Kagome looked at his eyes for the first time in three weeks. She winced at the sadness in his eyes. Oh, he had to tell Kikyo we're together to save me. This is bad.
“Inuyasha, I'm sorry.” Kagome said as she turned her face away.
“I know what you did, you had to lie in front of her to save me and I'm sorry that I was not able to deliver my part of the bargain.”
“Kagome, look…”
“And I'm sorry I don't have ten million yen to pay for damages either, although you can have my laptop if you like…” Kagome offered and Inuyasha laughed.
“I'm sorry, I'll go tell her everything.” Kagome said as she started to get up.
“Sit down!” Inuyasha commanded and Kagome sat down raising her brow at Inuyasha.
“My, we're getting forceful, are we?” Kagome said as she turned to face Inuyasha fully.
“Kagome, look…”
“I'm looking.” Kagome replied blandly as she tried to calm her racing heart. Argh, too near for comfort!” She thought and she hastily leaned back a little.
“Why are you nervous?” Inuyasha asked smiling.
“I'm not! Do I sound nervous?” Kagome replied.
“I can smell you.”
“Yes, oh…”
“Hmmm…okay, in that case, can you smell that I'm eager to leave too?” Kagome asked smiling at Inuyasha.
“I can smell more than that…”
“Are you sure your nose is working well, you should have smelled that Kikyo was toying with you…Oh Christ, sorry!” Kagome hurriedly apologized and covered her mouth with both her hands. Oh crap, go Kagome, this guy jeopardized his love life for you and you just had to INSULT him.
“I'm sorry.” Kagome repeated as she stared at her lap.
“Don't worry, you'll find someone worthy.” Kagome said, her heart breaking when Inuyasha preferred to stare at her and say nothing.
No response.
“Okay, let's go, home room's about to start.” Kagome smiled as she held her hand out to Inuyasha. Inuyasha looked at Kagome's outstretched hand and stood up. Kagome withdrew her hand and sighed. He's angry. Kagome said as she smiled quietly at Inuyasha and turned to leave.
“I missed you…” Inuyasha whispered and Kagome stopped walking. She closed her eyes to prevent the tears from escaping.
“I missed you…” Inuyasha said again but he did not make a move towards her. Kagome turned to face Inuyasha, tears trekking down her face.
“I missed you too.” She quietly said as she ran towards him. Inuyasha smiled as he opened his arms and pulled her close.
“I know, you're stupid for ignoring me for so long…” He whispered in her ear.
“And you're stupid for pissing me off that we had to do detention…” Kagome replied.
“Ah, that was the highlight of my life. You straddling me, half-naked telling me I've been visiting your dreams not exactly fully-clothed…” Inuyasha whispered dreamily and tightened his grip on Kagome when she struggled to be free from him
Baka!” Kagome replied as she tried in vain to push Inuyasha away.
“Don't worry, I dream of you too….” Inuyasha whispered again and kissed her hair. Kagome stopped moving. Every night, you visit me in my dreams and let me do things to you that we'd both be embarrassed to talk about…Inuyasha thought.
“Ummm…let's not talk about it,” Kagome said feeling her face burst into flames. Enough, baka!
“You have nothing to be ashamed of, Kagome.”
“Umm…can we not talk about it, please?” Kagome asked as she tilted her head to look at Inuyasha's grinning face.
“Okay, although I admit I really was stupid…” Inuyasah grinned wider as he wiped Kagome's tears off with his thumb. I was stupid for not seeing what was in front of me.
“Okay, now that we agreed on that…” Kagome sniffed. “Let's go or we'll be late.” Kagome said as she pulled Inuyasha with her.
“Do you still love me?” Inuyasha suddenly asked and Kagome stopped in her tracks. Oh-kay, what the hell is this?
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, your feelings have not changed, I hope…”
“We're friends of course I love you.” Kagome replied slowly as she looked at Inuyasha.
“I'm glad…”
“Me too…come on, we'll be late!”
“Kagome…” Inuyasha called her name again.
“Okay, what now?” Kagome replied rolling her eyes.
“I love you too.” Inuyasha said and Kagome stared at him.
“Don't do this to me, Inuyasha…” Kagome said as she turned and walked ahead of him.
“Do what?”
“Don't make me fall, I'm falling hard as it is…” Kagome whispered more to herself.
“Good,” Inuyasha replied as he caught up with her steps. “That makes us even…” he whispered and took her hand in his.
Author's Note:
Ah, it's a relief they've confided their feelings…well…more or less…the next chapter is sweet and revealing…hehehe!